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Sunday, January 28 2024

6 Homes Were Acquired in 11 1/2 Months Using NONE of My Own Credit...and They Currently Give Me OVER $28K Per Month in NET Cash Flow

Even more incredible, the $144K it cost to acquire these properties was NOT my money.

I explain how I did it in a power-packed training...likely my best training yet.

In a nutshell, the strategy I now use is called "subto" or "subject to" and it's the best way to acquire cash flowing properties.

Why?  Because banks and lenders have gotten EVEN MORE STRICT on their lending requirements in the past few months.  What was "doable" to get financing for last year is IMPOSSIBLE right now.  Banks and lenders know the numbers (even if foolish Americans and politicians don't see it yet) and that is this...our economy is about to fall off a cliff.  Precautions have to be made.  And those without a solid credit rating (800+ FICO) and two years of a REALLY GOOD INCOME (hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in net income), you don't have a chance in hell in qualifying for a mortgage with this tightened up criterion.

So, what do you do when trying to invest in property for cash flow?

Here are your options right now:

Option A:  Get a loan from a bridge or hard money lender.  (This is ONLY acceptable for non-owner occupied properties.)  The interest is high but at least you'll be able to buy your cash flowing property.  You will have to have 20% cash down and a solid mid-FICO score to pull this off.

Option B:  "Subto."  This is when you take over an existing mortgage, likely with a much lower interest rate than what you can get today.  You'll be able to help someone get out of a mortgage that they may not be able to afford anymore and they're struggling to sell their house in this softer real estate market.  It's a win-win for everyone.

I talk all about how this works in my power-packed training.

CLICK HERE to watch the training now.  This WILL change your entire perspective on cash flowing real estate, how to acquire properties, and how to finally make your real estate investing dream a reality.


See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Monday, January 01 2024

I'm not gonna lie.

2023 was kind of a rough year for me.

In January of last year, little did I know that I was sitting on the threshold of a tsunami of change that I would have never anticipated in my wildest dreams.

February rolled around.  I had this odd dream about my deceased mother.  She was showing me a map of the panhandle of Florida...a map I knew well due to my many years of real estate investing.  She showed me a brand-new house, told me to choose the one closest to the ocean, told me the price, said escrow would be rocky in the beginning but not to worry because we'd close...and that we'd definitely be moving to Florida.


Moving out of state was kind of always a distant fantasy of mine, being that I had gotten to the point where I hated Southern California with a passion over my 35+ years I had lived there.

California, in my opinion, had only gotten worse in the past decade, only greatly enhanced by the pandemic with an explosion of crime and homelessness at levels I had never seen before.

Leaving my house each day felt less like an adventure and more like a life-risking ordeal.  My life could have ended at any point between my house and my office, only a few miles away, among the many perils from a car jacking, road rage incident, robbery at gunpoint at my corner gas station, or by a hopped up crack addict who'd light me afire if I didn't give him enough pocket change for his next hit.

Think I'm exaggerating?

Take a trip to LA.  Then we can compare notes when you get back...

IF you get back.

But for me, it was the classic "Boiling Frog Syndrome."  You've heard of that, right?

It's when you get used to something getting so bad that you don't notice over time...because you become immune to it.  You get used to the way things are.  So when things get fractionally worse, you hardly notice.  Then they get worse and worse and worse...even by single digit percentages, so seemingly small, but over time it's a monumental that you don't seem to notice because you've been sitting in the pot since the water was warm.  Now it's 200 degrees and you don't even notice because the temperature went up only one degree at a time over a long time...until you're cooked and it's too late!

So, I was "okay" with being in California.  I was just...used to it.  And I think I lost such a huge chunk of my soul at that point, I barely noticed whether I was content or discontent.  I just...flatlined.  And I accepted that maybe that's just the way things are supposed to be.  And that I'd be okay until I'd die, I guess.

That's when I had "the dream" with my mom.

But it wasn't enough for me.

Until it snowed.

Yes, it snowed in Stevenson Ranch where I lived.

I immediately went to, looked at new houses in the panhandle of Florida, and chose the one closest to the ocean.  I called the builder's office and as the phone rang, I told myself, If this is meant to be, I'll get a hustler sales person and it'll happen like greased lightning.

Guess what?  No surprise.  I got a hustler real estate agent who worked for the builder.  And it all happened like greased lightning.

I got the house for the price my mom said it would be.  To the penny.

The rest of the spring and summer was all about packing, sending Pods, packing some more, sending more Pods...just packing, moving in a seemingly never-ending way until it was over.

To cap it all off, we went to Paris on a trip we had planned pre-pandemic.  I thought... What a great way to end the move than to take a relaxing trip to France.  Not realizing that I simply was not prepared for a trip of any kind and I would have been better off sitting at the beach for 2 weeks instead.  After all, I live in Panama City Beach right now.  Why would I need to take a vacation?  I'm already on vacation 24/7.

Now here I sit one year later, thinking about where I was in early January 2023, and realizing that I was on the threshold of something really big and incredibly fantastic...and I didn't even know it yet.

What great threshold are YOU sitting on right now?  And where might you be one year from now?

Only time will tell.  But I will say this:  YOU have to have a hand in the change.  YOU have to dare to do something different.  Because if you don't, I can tell you where you'll be in one year from now.  Exactly where you are now.  And if you don't like it, oh well. It'll be all your fault with nobody else to blame.

Think about this:  What if I didn't listen to my mom's dream?  What if I didn't go on Zillow to look at listings in the area I believed my mom was describing in the dream?  What if I didn't pick up the phone make the call to the real estate agent in Florida?  What if I never put in an offer or followed through on any of the other MANY steps required to make this massive positive change happen in my life?

Exactly.  NOTHING would have happened.

And how many times have YOU not did the research, made the phone calls, or followed through on the dreams you had for yourself and your life?

Isn't it time to CHANGE that?

(I think so.)

It starts by CLICKING HERE.  This is that ONE THING that can change everything for you.  And it's not something you should take lightly.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Wednesday, December 27 2023

For those of you who have been following my "father debacle," you'd know that there's been A LOT going on with him.

And what I'm about to tell you will freaking SHOCK your socks off.

But for those of you who don't know, let me give you the "short" version of the story.

My dad lived with me for 3 years.  On December 31st of last year, I sent him back home to work things out with his estranged wife.  I wouldn't allow him to bury his head in the sand anymore and made him "face the music" with her, whether that meant filing for divorce, patching things up, or whatever.

Little did I know that the decision I made to send him back almost killed him.  Literally.

You see, I didn't know it but while my dad was living with me, he continued to support his wife's household.  In other words, he kept paying all the bills on his house while she lived there.


The part he DIDN'T tell me was that he started going into debt to continue supporting her.  Mind you, this is the same woman who was living in his house that's solely titled to him and...didn't want him to live there.

But, she didn't mind him paying all the bills because she hadn't worked since the late 90s so she lived a pretty posh freeloading lifestyle.  For decades.

My dad is quite a bit older than she is.  And as he got older, his body started to give out.  He couldn't work as hard or as long as he used to.  Which is why he wasn't able to maintain the household as well as he did before.

I kept telling my dad, "Sell that f****** house!"  He refused.

And then push came to shove.

I was busy moving my entire household from California to Florida over a very long spring/summer of this year.  I didn't notice much of what was going on with my dad.  He lived about 90 minutes south of me in a little town in South Orange County called San Clemente.  We hardly ever saw each other.  Then I moved.  And that was that.  I thought everything was fine.

Then I came back to California in August because my daughter had Taylor Swift tickets for one of the LA shows.

I saw my dad while we were there.  He wasn't looking so hot.  I asked him if he was okay.  He seemed fine...just depressed.  I thought maybe the stress of the estranged marriage was finally starting to break him.  I told him that I thought it was time for him to sell that house.  He said he started talking to his wife about selling but the "talks" weren't going all that well.  My dad seemed...slower.  Kind of confused.  Maybe a bit delusional.  I just chalked it off as stress related and called it a day.

In November my daughter and I went back to California so she could visit with her dad for a week.  I saw my dad while I was there and that's when things started to take a dark turn.  He was NOT the same person anymore.  He barely shuffled into the breakfast restaurant we agreed to meet at.  His face was a chalky white-gray color.  His eyes were sunken in his head.  He seemed confused, completely out of if someone gave him a strong dose of morphine.  He was definitely weeks away from death, if that.  Maybe days away.  And I panicked.

I excused myself from the table and went to the lobby area of the restaurant where I called Ron Espinoza in a panic, asking him what I should do.  I knew I needed to get my dad OUT of the situation he was in and I had to do it right away.  I quickly formulated a plan, made arrangements to get my dad OUT of California ASAP, had my real estate agent bring a listing agreement for my dad to sign on the spot, and called the plan Operation Military Extraction.

Because that's what I felt like we were going to do: snatch him from his house in San Clemente and take him to Panama City Beach, Florida.

It would be more than two weeks after that day when we agreed to pick him up and drive him across the country.  I silently wondered if he'd stay alive that long.  Or if he's perish in that time frame before we could rescue him out of that situation.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving was his "extraction" date.  Ron flew to John Wayne Airport in Orange County and drove him out of California to Vegas that day.  My dad wanted to see his lifelong friend Patrick one last time before (presumably) his death.

The moment the two hit the road to Vegas, my dad called his soon-to-be-ex-wife Catherine and the first thing out of her mouth was...

"I'm still on your life insurance policy, right?"


Ron looked at my dad with disgust...not believing that this wretched woman had said such a thing.  No mention about his health, how he was feeling, etc.  Just... "Am I still on the insurance policy?"

At that moment, Ron mentioned that he thought maybe my dad was poisoned.  My dad was confused, disoriented, could barely walk, couldn't remember anything...was just a shell of a person.  People in hospice care generally have more cognitive skills than my dad had at that time.

A few days later, Ron and my dad arrived in Panama City Beach.  I immediately visited this "supplement wiz" in the local area who gave me a hardcore regimen of vitamins to help my dad flush out his system.

We had his blood drawn.

In the meantime, his bitch of a wife kept calling and texting, asking about the insurance policy.  Over and over and over again...asking about whether she was still a beneficiary on the policy.

The blood results came back.

Turns out he WAS poisoned with cyanide...found in some brands of ant poison.

I asked my dad how she could have poisoned him.  He said that she kept insisting there was an ant problem -- even though he never saw any ants in his house -- so she had him CONSTANTLY go out to buy different ant poisons to remedy the phantom ant "problem."  She even had him buy several different brands because she said most of them didn't work.

Evidently she was using this poison...mixing it into his protein powder.  Here he was having a daily protein shake, thinking it was making him healthier, and it turns out that it was killing him.

I've never been in a situation like this...a live unraveling episode of Dateline.  And I have NO IDEA what to do.

I was so upset at her that I texted her...telling her that we know that she tried to poison him.  Maybe I shouldn't have said anything and just sent the Sheriff to her doorstep.

As it stands now, they don't seem to take "attempted murder" all that seriously.  Apparently someone actually has to get killed for the cops to care.  She got rid of all the evidence, no doubt.  The blood test just shows poison in his system.  We have that.  We have her text messages about the insurance money.  But that's about it.

As of now, my dad is still healing.  He's gaining his memory back slowly but surely.  And I do believe that if it wasn't for those supplements, he'd likely not be alive right now.  So, if I get to keep my dad and not have the bitch hag prosecuted for attempted murder, it's definitely the better scenario.

Plus...karma is always a bitch.

And as for the insurance policy?  She was removed as the beneficiary the moment he hit Florida.  So much for trying to kill him off for the money.

The moral of the story: enjoy life as much as you can.  You never know if or when your last moments are.

See you at the top!

Your mentor

Monica Main

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Thursday, December 21 2023

Let me be blunt.

Most of the time, the idea of "no cash no credit" real estate is a fallacy. 

A unicorn.

Or dare I say...

A fraud.

Even though I started off in my real estate investing career with "no cash no credit" real estate.

I started off in 1995.

And things were different back then.  Way different.

The idea of "no cash no credit" transactions slowly fell to the wayside over the decades.

Until now, that is.

Something different is happening in the economy.  You know it.  I know it.

And it's bringing back an old technique coupled with a "new way" of legally implementing this strategy.

I'll be explaining all this and more in an upcoming power-packed event that I DO NOT want you to miss out on.

It's the first, only, and LAST event of its kind.

Even better, I'm offering a killer kick-ass deal for you to join me.

Exciting stuff!

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Listen, reality is, not many people have the money to get into cash flowing real estate. 

The down payment requirement is 20% plus closing costs.  Prices haven't crashed yet.  (They're slowly going down like a deflating balloon.)

And if you want to make money using my cutting-edge highly profitable real estate investing strategy (which I'll also be explaining at the event), you MUST know this "no cash no credit" secret to go along with it.

CLICK HERE and I'll explain to you exactly what this is all about and what you'll be getting in bonuses.  (It's pretty freaking phenomenal!)

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main


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Thursday, November 23 2023

Years ago I started sharing this story with my students around Thanksgiving about why I hate pumpkin pie; how my mom used to make pumpkin pies from scratch and she's make so many of them that she's force-feed the remaining balance (usually upwards of 6 or 7 pies) of what she couldn't give away to friends and family to both me and my brother.

And how, to this day, I absolutely refuse to eat pumpkin pie.  In fact, I really don't like any pie at all.  My brother Jason also feels the same way.  I sent him a chocolate cake for Thanksgiving instead.

Interestingly enough, my daughter had her first "Thanksgiving feast" years ago when she was in elementary school where she got to eat pumpkin pie.  She told me that it was so disgusting that she spit it out in a trash can.

And I laughed.  I thought it was funny as hell.  Could she have gotten the anti-pumpkin pie gene from me?  (Nice thought, although I believe that would be considered scientifically impossible considering that my experience with pumpkin pie was entirely "environmental," if you know what I mean.)

I went on to say that the problem with the pie she ate was that it was store-bought.  And the baked goods they sell in a store isn't nearly as good as the real thing.  But I couldn't help myself in telling her my experience with real homemade pumpkin pie and why both me and her Uncle Jay refuse to eat any pie at all.  She didn't say much other than to boldly state that she loves apple pie, as it's the greatest pie in the world, according to her.

It's interesting how life works, isn't it?  I've come to understand so much about life in having a child's eyes to see the world through.  And it's made me so grateful for all the good and even the challenges I face on a week-to-week basis.

If you think about it, no matter how hard things get, we really do have it good.  Don't we?  At least that's the way I see it.  So many people are sitting in war-torn countries right now as we speak while praying they don't get shredded by a bomb, some are homeless in the cold, and some are even missing limbs.

We are blessed in so many ways and it's pretty easy to forget about all these daily miracles we get to reap.  But maybe today, just once, we can see it for what it is and feel that deep sense of gratitude for everything we have and for everything we are.

If you're one of those people who actually believes you have nothing right now to be grateful for (hey, maybe it was a tough year for you) then at least feel grateful for what can manifest in your life in the months to come.

What a lot of people don't realize about me is that I don't care about any loss that may happen in my life (except for what's not replaceable).  Why?  Because I can create it again and again and again.  I've taken a few major financial hits in my life.  And with each time, I've gotten it all back plus some because I have the tools necessary to do it; these "tools" are nothing more than what I have stored in my brain.

When you're the goose that lays the golden egg and you know that you can create everything you want, it really does make a huge difference.

So, if this was a challenging year for you, be grateful for the amazing things that are coming up for you because you've done a few things that are pivotal in your life:  (1) you've decided that you're not going to settle for less anymore, (2) you're going to get your ass out there and finally do this, and (3) you know that you can make this happen because you now have the tools to do this.

And that's all you need.

Be grateful and the seas will part for you.

I will be sharing more about what that means in the days to come.

Happy Thanksgiving!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Sunday, November 12 2023
Last Picture...Ever! by Monica Main

Brie, Me, and My Dad in San Clemente, California

I had some unfinished business that I had to take care of in California.  So, my daughter and I took a quick trip out.

Little did I know that my dad's health has been slipping in a major way.

I met with him last Monday with my real estate agent to list his house in San Clemente.  We both agreed that it's time for him to also exit California like I had over the summer.  But when I saw him, he looked different, could barely walk, and was slurring his words.

My real estate agent, Rebecca, suggested he get an MRI.  I think he's getting dementia or has had a mini stroke.  He's been under a lot of stress lately and I realized just how quickly I need to get him out of California.

While in San Clemente last Wednesday, I helped him deal with some of his personal affairs.  My daughter wanted to go to the beach (as usual) and my dad went down with us.  We snapped this picture (above) and I realized in that moment that we'd never be back to San Clemente ever least not with my dad.  It was kind of a sad moment when I made that realization.

There is a "last time" for everything in our lives.  My daughter pointed this out to me several months ago when we were leaving California.  And many times we're not aware of when that "last time" is.

When we are aware, sometimes it's bittersweet.

As I left my dad, I told him that I'll next see him in Panama City Beach in a couple of weeks.  Ron is going to fly out and drive him across the country for me.  I'll take care of the sale of his house and other personal affairs.

I decided to stop being so strong-willed and hard-headed.  And with that said, I'm retiring my dad out.  I'm buying him a beachfront condo.  And he won't have to worry about anything ever again.

What allows me the ability to make these kinds of decisions and moves in my life is because I've been able to have ultimate financial freedom, namely through a couple of secrets.

And I'm going to share those secrets with you in a 3-day online seminar...which starts soon.

If you didn't register yet, you still can.  You'll be getting two powerful trainings (one starts after Thanksgiving).  You'll also be getting a ticket to attend my next two in-person events.

I packed in a ton of incredible bonuses.

CLICK HERE and check it out.

Remember, the 3-day online seminar starts soon so you don't want to wait too long to check it out.


See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Friday, November 10 2023

I had it out with my daughter's teacher the other day.


I had a Zoom meeting with this woman and I started off expressing my disappointment in her boss not getting back to me on the false "plagiarism" accusation by one of her colleagues.

She kept shutting me down by saying that she has nothing to do with the "admin" and blah, blah, blah.

I kept talking anyway, letting her know what a disappointment these so-called "instructors" are turning out to be and what a joke school has become.

All of a sudden, she starts breathing heavily and then holds her heart.  I stopped talking.  She told me, "My heart is beating so fast, I have to catch my breath."

In other words, what I was telling her was "insulting" her so much, her heart was racing.

And there I was thinking, Bitch, I haven't even warmed up yet!

I went on to tell her that her boss had promised to call me over a week ago.  She never called when she said she would.  Then she tried to call me a week late at a time that was more "convenient" for her with NO notice, NO confirmation, NO heads up...nothing.

None of these people would make it in the real world.  Not a single one.

Yet they're teaching OUR KIDS to somehow be able to make it in the the real world with their B.S. curriculum.  Then they clutch their pearls the very moment any parent calls them out on their B.S.

We are DOOMED.

And it's now very difficult for me to take ANY of this school sh** seriously anymore.  Education -- if that's what you want to call it -- has gotten WAY worse since I attended school.  And I truly believe they are changing the curriculum in a way to make kids dumber than ever before.  It's being done ON PURPOSE in the most radical and obvious way imaginable.  Yet most parents are too busy trying to make a living (to keep up with hyperinflation) to notice that their children are being mentally corrupted ON PURPOSE.  I shudder at how dumb people will be in 10 years.

(If you've never seen the movie Idiocrasy with Luke it.  It's no longer a comedy.  It's a crystal ball into our future.)

And this brings me back to YOU.  If you've been running on "survival autopilot," it's time to look up and get off the treadmill.  Things are changing so rapidly (and NOT in a good way) that it's doubtful that many people will be able to survive a year from now.

Bringing me to my point...

You MUST do something different if you're going to survive these rough waters ahead.

And I have just the opportunity to help you do that.

I have a quick 8-minute video to show you a cutting-edge real estate investing strategy that very few serious real estate investors have ever heard of.

I ran this special training last week.  Many of you couldn't make it because it was in the middle of the week.  So, I decided to do the training again this weekend.

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But here's a word to the wise: if this isn't for you, FIND SOMETHING THAT yesterday!  The economy WILL collapse any day now and you have a choice: do something about it or be a victim in ways you can't even imagine right now.  Why be a victim to the upcoming economic disaster when you can thrive instead?

CLICK HERE jump on this...while you still can.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Wednesday, November 08 2023

Right now I'm back in California on business.  And I'm hating every second I'm me.

Even more annoying, the cost of living has continued to climb, even since I left 3 months ago.

So, I started getting used to the lower cost of living in Florida, namely with food.

Three containers of strawberries in Florida: $10

When I came back here to California.  I went to the store.  My daughter wanted strawberries.

$9.99 for ONE container of the same freaking strawberries.


I asked my California real estate agent about the economy in Southern California.  She told me prices have continued to go up A LOT since I left.

Gas, of course, is still high.  Hovering around $7 per gallon.  I got used to being in the $3 range.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

But forget about all that.  There's something else about California that I noticed.

The attitude.

It changed.

It went from anger, piss, and something else that's perhaps much worse.

Fear, worry, depression, and despondency.

That's the energy here in California now.

I'm so glad I don't live here anymore...and I hate this trip.  I just wish I could go home.  (Saturday can't come soon enough.)

Which brings me to what I'm doing this weekend.

I am rerunning my 2-day crash course for those of you who (1) tried signing up too late and missed out, or (2) couldn't attend because it was in the middle of the week.

What's this 2-day event about?

In a quick 8-minute video, I'll explain everything to you.  CLICK HERE to watch it right now!

Things are changing FAST in the economy.  If people in California went from angry bastards to full of fear and worry in 90 days, you can probably imagine just how fast everything is slipping in the economy.

You'll have to make some tough choices if you don't line yourself up with the right opportunity at the right time.

CLICK HERE and I'll explain what I have in mind for you.  It's actually quite mind-blowing.

If you missed last week's training, you DO NOT have to miss it again.

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See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Tuesday, October 31 2023

One of my biggest motivators in selling my house in California was THIN MAN.

I named him promptly after I saw a tall thin black broomstick-looking shadow wiz past me on hundreds of occasions in my California home.

He was a demonic spirit who hated men and sucked all their energy dry.

I'm not sure where he came from but I remember him showing up sometime after my brother spent the night at my house.  I'm not sure if it was a demon my brother attracted in.  Or if he came from the neighbor's house.  But after he showed up, he never left.

There was a portal between my house and the neighbor's house.

And without going into too much detail, one man next door went batsh** crazy (like Amityville Horror style) and the other completely changed personalities before he died of a massive heart attack.

A new neighbor moved in.  He was really cool.  And I was hoping Thin Man wouldn't bleed him dry too, taking his soul in the process.

My dad lived with me for almost 3 years before I kicked him out on December 31st last year.  I needed to start 2023 fresh and new without any heavy toxic energy around me.  So, I sent my dad back home to San Clemente.

Evidently Thin Man was sucking off my dad's soul because after he left, he started making his presence seen and known throughout my house.  He became loud and dangerous. 

He locked my cat in the shower.

He started breaking things in the house.  Things were disappearing.  Small things.  It was irritating.

The straw for me was when started scratching my daughter's back.  She told me there was a burning on her back.  I'd look and I'd see red scratches appear.  Then they'd disappear about 5 minutes later.  It was crazy.  This was the WORST Thin Man had ever been in the entire 12 years I had lived there.  It was my sign that it was time to go.  I couldn't deal with the demon in my house anymore, getting heavier and more obvious with each passing day.

I had dealt with ghosts before.  Normally they'd scare the crap out of me.  But with Thin Man, it was different.  I was aggressive with him.  I'd seek him out and yell at him.

One day my daughter was visiting her dad.  I was alone in the house, packing up one of my two master bedroom closets.  I decided to sit down and have a rest for a moment after all the packing.  All of a sudden I hear a knocking in the closet.  It was coming from the other side of my closet where the guest room closet was.  That was one of the Thin Man's entry points or portals from my house to the neighbor's house.  In the guest room closet.  (The other was in my master bathroom.)  I heard him knocking very loudly, very pronounced, and in some kind of pattern.  It was no mistake.  Someone was knocking on the other side of that wall.

I got up and quickly went to the guest room.  "Where are you, motherf*****."  And I threw the closet door open.  Nothing there.  I don't know what I expected...or what I'd do if there WAS a dark demon standing there.  (I guess I didn't think it through all that well.)

I started spraying this Florida water around.  It's supposed to get rid of ghosts.  It didn't work.  But it made me feel better.

The house itself was draining me.  And I started to think, Maybe this was the reason why California started weighing so heavily on me.  Maybe a big part of it was Thin Man.

Of course, this was only partially true.  Thin Man wasn't responsible for explosion of crime, homelessness, and rudeness I had been dealing with in my area for years.  But he was taking my sanctuary.  My home.  And I didn't have anywhere to escape to anymore since he took over my home with his dark presence.

With each passing year, I noticed Thin Man got heavier, uglier, and stronger.  I don't know if it's because the area was becoming more negative.  Or if he could sense that I was getting weaker.  Maybe a little bit of both.

I feel so blessed to have sold my home and moved away.

But right before I left, I had to tell my neighbor, Eric, about Thin Man.  At first, I thought he'd think I was crazy.  But as the man of the house next door with two girls and a wife, I knew he had to warn him.  I didn't want him to go all Amityville Horror on his family one day once Thin Man got into his soul.

Eric listened patiently as I told him about the "portal" between my house and his.  I was waiting for him to tell me I was crazy.

Finally he said, "That's why the dog refuses to go into my office.  That's the room right next to your master bathroom.  And he hates going into my daughter's room.  That's the room right next to your guest room."

Hmmm.  So he did believe me.

"I smudge my house," he said. "All the time."

I didn't want to tell him but...smudging only made Thin Man angry and stronger.

He didn't seem worried about Thin Man.  At least he was aware.  So, I had to let it go. 

On the last night of our walk through before we left for good, I could feel Thin Man peering at me through the dark.  He knew we were leaving.  He knew we'd never return.  And I could feel his quiet frustration of not knowing what was going on, where all the furniture went, and where we were going...or what was next.  I actually felt scared about walking down the stairs one last time.  I thought he'd push us or something.  I couldn't get out of there fast enough.

The new man of my house...his name is Peter.  I left a ceramic angel in the guest room closet facing my neighbor's house in an attempt to ward off Thin Man.  (I doubt it helped.)  But I often think about Peter and what he thought about the angel in the closet.  Did he leave it there?  Did he throw it away?

Is he going to figure out why one day...why I put it there...when he meets Thin Man himself?

My daughter asks me if I miss that house at least once a week.  I don't miss that house.  I miss my koi pond and my koi fish.  I don't miss anything else about that house.  Like literally nothing at all.

I love change.  I love adventure.  I love NEWNESS.

I love new opportunity.

And I have just that for you.

If you haven't watched my quick video yet, CLICK HERE.  It's only 8 minutes long and it describes this cutting-edge real estate profit opportunity that you've probably never seen before.

Sometimes you just have to walk away from something that is draining you dry, sucking your soul, and killing you.  If that's your current job, career, or profession then it's time to get into something new.

CLICK HERE to do this now!

The training starts 24 hours to be exact.  You DO NOT want to miss out on this one-time-only live training.


See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Monday, October 30 2023

A couple of weeks ago, I got this notice from the state of California.

Demanding I file a state tax return for one of my corporations.

And then offering to "settle" for around $1,200 since I didn't file.


First of all, the corporation in question was a FLORIDA corporation and had been since Day One (formed in 2020).

Second, I never did business in California with this corporation. can they ask for a filing AND a "settlement" all at the same time?

Wouldn't they need to see tax return first to then determine how much I supposedly owe?

This is what we call classic "mail fraud."  Send people letters and demand money even though you know damn well they don't owe anything.

The idea is that there will be some suckers who will pay the money.  I think that's what they're banking on.  Some suckers paying the money they don't legally owe.

They stated that if I didn't want to pay, I'd need to show proof of why I didn't need to pay.

So I sent them PROOF that the corporation is (1) a Florida corporation, (2) has a Florida address, and (3) a letter basically saying f*** off.

I had a friend of mine -- also a former California resident -- tell me that the state of California is worse than the IRS when it comes to trying to collect money they think they owe.

All of this makes me glad that I left California.  I'll never move back there.  The place is a disaster, getting worse by the day.

Their next big disaster: upping minimum wage to $25/hour.  Yes, it's happening.

Now, you might be does increasing the minimum wage hurt the state?

Because companies can't afford to pay every worker minimum wage.

Imagine paying a burger flipper at McDonald's minimum wage.  As a fast food chain, you'd have to cut everyone's hours back and stay on a skeleton crew.

You'd also have to increase your food costs.  Pretty soon a cheeseburger and fries will be $25 just to pay their workers.  (Think I'm kidding?  Just wait!)  Then people won't be able to afford to eat there anymore.  Down the tubes fast food (and other businesses) will go.

Companies that cannot survive WILL move out.  They will have to...for survival.  Kind of like how it was for me.  And for millions of people over the past few years.

Places like fast food restaurants WILL adopt automation technology and robots.  They will have robots flipping burgers, taking orders through the drive-through, and serving customers.  No more wages, insurances, vacation time, legal liabilities, theft, and laziness.  No more calling in sick, sexual harassment, spitting in the fries, or stealing company property.  They will have one human who will watch the machinery, call a repair person if anything breaks, and to deal with any customer service issues.  And that's it!  This one person will get paid a nice hefty salary while mostly watching Netflix in the back office.  What will the owners care?  They're saving millions per year on payroll even paying that one person double what he or she would normally get as a fast food manager.  Employee costs would be reduced to ONE person per shift, software and equipment upgrades/repairs...and that's about it!

Think this isn't happening?  Think again.  You'll start seeing it -- especially in California -- because these business owners will be FORCED to think outside of the box to survive.  And one of these changes will be automation, robotics, and A.I. technology.

If I owned a bunch of McDonald's, I'd be OBSESSED with finding robots to do all the work in my fast food restaurants.  I'd go into debt for the next 10 years buying up this kind of technology from places like China to AVOID paying a bunch of minimum wage workers $25/hour.  After all, a fast food job is NOT a career path.  It's an after school job in high school.  That's about it.  It's NEVER been designed to support a family of four.  It's just not a serious career.  Sorry.  It's not.

Yet people are treating these lower minimum wage jobs as if they are career paths because they're too lazy and apathetic to get any kind of skillset needed to get a better job.  How about taking a few computer software night classes at the local college?  Or nurse training?  Or how about learning sales?  Learn a skill that will pay you a lot of money!

Even better, become an entrepreneur!  That's the ticket to financial freedom.  A job will never do it.  Certainly making minimum wage -- even at $25 per hour -- isn't going to cut it anymore.

If you haven't checked out the most incredible investing opportunity yet, CLICK HERE.  I shot a quick 8-minute video to explain everything to you.

Listen, things are changing fast.  Consumer debt is in the trillions now...the highest it's ever been.  The housing marketing is cooling off and actually crashing in some areas of the country.  Things are shifting quick.

What do you plan on doing to stay ahead of these changes?  Or are you going to "watch and wait" and then probably get sucked up in the undertow, drowning in economic disaster, as the tsunami sweeps you away?

You have more control than you think but ONLY if you act fast and ACT NOW.


See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main


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