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Monday, January 15 2018

Happy MLK Day!  I hope you're having a splendid day off.

And if you're not taking the day off, YOU SHOULD BE!

Just last week I was watching a movie fave of mine called The Bucket List with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.  Good movie, by the way, if you haven't seen it.

There's one line in the movie that gets me every time. 

Morgan Freeman (as Carter) is talking about his life and why he didn't do some of the things he though he'd do by that point:  "Forty-five years goes by pretty fast."

And Jack Nicholson's character (Edward Cole) says in response:  "Like smoke through a keyhole."

Like smoke through a keyhole.

That's how fast life goes by, folks.  Like smoke through a keyhole.

Last week I was making a brief personal life assessment and started thinking about the dreams I've given up.  Dreams that, perhaps, someone along the way (including that "inner someone") who convinced me that aren't "possible" for me to accomplish.  These are things that I've somehow come to "automatically" believe without much (or any) substantiation as to WHY these things aren't "possible" for me.

I went down my dream "impossibility" list and analyzed each item:

Dream #1:  To become a best-selling novelist.  Hmmm.  Why did I resign to believe that THIS wasn't possible for me?  Let's think back:  I decided at some point that I didn't want to be the "struggling artist" and thought that all (or most, anyway) novelists never make a dime.  Those who do make money still have to have second jobs.  Why have 2 jobs when I can only have one?  So, I gave up THAT dream many years ago.

Rebuttal:  A positive monthly cash flow in passive income buy-and-hold (forever) properties allows me to literally sit on a beach with a laptop (and ideally with some type of alcoholic umbrella beverage) to write...whatever.  Would it ever matter if ANYTHING sold?  (Guess not.)  And instantly THAT dream was revived again.

Dream #2:  To become a successful screenwriter.  When did I believe that THIS wasn't possible for me?  Oh, yes.  It's when I decided that Hollywood was a total pile of sh** and that I didn't want to have anything to do with it.  And also, see part of dream #1 above.

Rebuttal:  As one of my MFA professors explained to me in the last leg of my degree journey, I have the ability to RAISE MY OWN MONEY using the techniques and strategies I've been using for buying property...and simply GET FUNDING for MY OWN FILM rather than dealing with Holly-Weird and their many disgusting and ego-driven intricacies.  So...what kind of film would I do knowing I could do ANY type of film?  (Actually, the answer would surprise you.  I have very little interest in doing a movie but I have tossed back and forth the idea of doing a documentary.  More to come on that...later on...since YOU may actually be IN that documentary!)

Dream #3:  To move OUT of California.  Why did I want this?  Oh, that's right!  It's because I freaking HATE living in California because of so many back-stabbing phony baloney plastic people I have to deal with on a daily basis here.  So, why don't I just MOVE then?  Well, this one is a little more complicated than items #1 and #2 above because this one includes someone else.  It includes my 9-year-old daughter and she wants to be close to her dad.  So, this one is kind of on hold for a little while.  And even when she turns 18, it may be on hold for longer than that still...probably until she finishes college.  (She's already wants to attend Cal Arts.)  But that doesn't mean I'm not scoping out where I'll be living AFTER all that happens.  (I have my eye on either Destin Beach or Fort Walton Beach, Florida...climate change, be damned.  I don't care anymore.)

Rebuttal:  None.  I kind of included it above already.

So...what the hell is the POINT in all of this?

When you have a CASH FLOW from PROPERTY that gives you a MONTHLY STEADY INCOME month after month, year after year, this allows you several freedoms that can completely change your life:

Freedom #1:  You follow a "foolish" dream like becoming an artist, sculptor, writer or even a world traveler and never have to worry about having that JOB to pay the bills because your property cash flows pay the bills FOR you.  All while you follow whatever "whim" you have at the moment.

Freedom #2:  You can do BIG THINGS like make a movie, fund a huge important project, or start a "legacy" kind of business with money FROM SOMEBODY ELSE.  You don't have to scrimp, save, and scrape sofa change together to try to make your dreams happen.  You can GET FUNDING for all of this INCLUDING the real estate that's going to be getting you that monthly cash flow that is outlined above.

Freedom #3:  You can LIVE WHEREVER YOU WANT in the ENTIRE WORLD and you'll still get that monthly cash flow from either the business you built (using OPM) or the real estate empire you built (using OPM) or doing BOTH (ideally...using OPM).

Remember, ALL of those dreams that you gave up all BECOME POSSIBLE when you gain access to MONEY?

Why am I bringing all of this up?

Because I started thinking about how FAST life slips by -- like smoke through a keyhole -- and how many things I threw on the back-burner because I thought I couldn't pull off those dreams or I figured I'd get around to them later.  And here I am, at age 43 (still pretty young), and now having some SERIOUS conversations with myself about NOT giving up my dreams anymore only because of HOW FAST life goes by.  And that maybe "later" is really NOW.

How many times in the past couple of years, months, or even weeks have you been thinking about how FAST it's all going by you better start doing something about the things you want to do NOW?  Before it's too late??!!

I'm here to tell you that it's NOT too late.  You just have to understand some tools that are available to you.  You have to understand how to build wealth.  And mostly you need to understand how to GET THE MONEY for the wealth you want to build to be able to get the freedoms you are looking for.

Listen, when it comes down to it, there is only ONE thing that tends to hold my students back from getting a business off the ground or investing in their first piece of cash flowing real estate.  It's the LACK OF MONEY that stops all progress in this department.

But it doesn't have to be anymore.

For the FIRST TIME EVER, I'm doing a VERY RARE NEVER-TO-BE-REPEATED Mentorship Group (which starts TOMORROW) called the Get Money for Deals Mentorship Group.  (CLICK HERE for more info.)  This is an 8-week 100% online group with weekly live webinar trainings (which are all recorded in case you cannot make the session).  This rare and unique group will show you the easiest tested-and-proven strategies on getting money for anything and everything from making a film to investing in real estate to starting a business.  ANYTHING you need money for, you CAN get and I'll show you every trick in the book on how to do that.

This IS the most VALUABLE skill you could ever learn: GETTING MONEY.  Just think about it: it removes EVERY other obstacle you thought you ever had to success because, after all, the #1 obstacle is GETTING THE MONEY to build wealth.   For the first time ever, I'm removing that obstacle for you.

But, this group STARTS TOMORROW.  So, you MUST enroll today if you want in.  CLICK HERE or call (661) 295-5050 after 9am PST to register.  Before it's too late!

You know, most of us are running around ragged, overwhelmed, and on the verge of a complete breakdown...more so than ever before because of the current demands that life has for us in this day and age.  At what point are you going to sit yourself down and ask yourself, "Does this madness of a life make any sense to me anymore?  Or do I want to go for something BETTER for me and for my family?"

Yes, it's time.  It's time to do something BETTER now.


See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  Platinum VIP for the 3-Day Real Estate Cash Flow Boot Camp Seminar in Detroit, Michigan on March 8th, 9th, and 10th is SOLD OUT!  I do have Gold VIP available with an upgrade option to were you can still take the SPECIAL 1-day Get Money for Deals Workshop (on March 10th).  CLICK HERE to register now before we're completely sold out!

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Saturday, January 13 2018

Have you ever thought to yourself:  what is the BEST way to get funding for a new start-up business or to get a down payment on a nice cash flowing apartment building deal?

Did you ever think... "Hey, maybe I should go to a bank?"

If you've ever thought that, STOP thinking that right now.  Banks are NOT where you get money, quite contrary to popular belief.

Most successful business owners and real estate investors KNOW that banks and mainstream lenders is NOT where you get money for your deals. 

Especially now. 

Why especially now? 

Because banks are now tightening up on lending because they're bracing themselves for a replay of 2008.  Now, I don't think it'll be as bad as 2008 but we're definitely going into a recession as we have yet ANOTHER sub-prime credit bubble burst coming our way.  (Yes, ANOTHER one, believe it or not.  You'd think we would have learned our lesson the first time but evidently we didn't.  Greed makes people forget a lot of things relatively quickly!  Ask any of the CEOs who walked away with millions while people lost their life savings back in 2008.  They'll say, "What happened in 2008?  I don't remember anything happening in 2008.  What did I miss?")

There is a VERY UNIQUE set of ways in getting funding for just about ANYTHING you want funding for.

Want to make a movie?  I can show you how to get the money for it.

Want to start a new internet business?  I can show you how to get the money for it.

Want to get money for a down payment on a nice profitable cash flowing property?  I can show you how to get the money for it.

And each way -- depending on WHICH you'd choose above -- would require a DIFFERENT way of getting the money.

And NONE of those ways include filling out a loan application at a bank or with your run-of-the-miller money lender/broker.

I have an 8-week 100% online mentorship group coming up which starts on Tuesday, January 16th.  This is a group that I've NEVER done before and -- after it's completion on Tuesday, March 6th -- I won't be repeating this group ever again.

Each week we will cover tested-and-proven ways for you to GET MONEY FOR DEALS regardless of that that "deal" would be.  These strategies will RANGE from tapping into personal and business credit to more advanced methods of getting multi-millionaire and billionaire investors to invest in your deals including business start-ups and real estate transactions.  And, of course, there's everything in between.  I will only be covering GET MONEY FOR DEALS strategies that are (a) easy to do...easy enough for ANYONE to successfully pull off, and (b) that have been tested-and-proven to work time and time again provided that all the very basic steps are followed.

Because think about it, you CANNOT and SHOULD NOT go to a bank or mainstream lender for ANY type of money you need, whether it's a signature loan or a commercial mortgage on a property deal.  You simply cannot and should not use these sources because it's so hard to qualify, even during a GOOD economy.  Imagine how hard it'll be when all the sh** hits the fan with the sub-prime bubble officially bursting all over the place.  This is when it'll go from "very difficult" to "impossible" to qualify for these types of loans.  (And if you don't remember what it was like to get rejected by mainstream lenders and banks, just remember what it was like trying to even get an unsecured credit card while having a 750+ FICO back in 2009.  Yeah...THAT difficult!)

CLICK HERE to register for this VERY RARE and ONE-TIME-ONLY 8-week online mentorship group now before we fill up!

Now, remember, this is conducted 100% online.  Even though we do weekly live trainings which will happen in the afternoon every Tuesday (for 8 weeks, starting January 16th), you don't have to be present for the live training.  I record each training and I post it on a Member's Only access page (that you'll have a user name and password to access).  This is where you can see the training, download any applicable materials, and download your Action Sheet which MUST be completed AFTER you watch the training but BEFORE the following week's webinar training takes place.  This way everybody stays completely on track with everything.

Again, this Get Money For Deals Mentorship Group will ONLY be run ONE TIME and that's it.  This is for ALL of you who want to be able to continue investing and building a business during our upcoming financial crisis by having constant access to cash while everybody else simply WON'T.

CLICK HERE to register now!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  We've filled up with Platinum VIP for the Detroit Real Estate Cash Flow Boot Camp Seminar on March 8th, 9th, and 10th.  However, you can register as a Gold VIP and pay an extra fee to attend all 3 days since the 3rd day (March 10th) will be a SPECIAL Get Money for Deals Workshop!  CLICK HERE to get registered NOW!


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Thursday, January 11 2018

I'm pretty sure I started warning everyone that this was coming...back in late summer of 2016.  Then the "reports" came out after the close of the 3rd and 4th quarters of 2016 substantiating everything I said: that the "sub-prime" credit bubble was set to burst.  Again.

And now the numbers are worse than ever before, even to the point where Warren Buffet decided to sell off his stake in Wells Fargo, a noted sub-prime lender of all kinds of sub-prime debt including car loans, signature loans, home mortgages, etc.

Apparently nobody learned ANYTHING from pre-2008.  And if they did learn any lessons, they've certainly forgotten them already.

As of the close of the last fiscal quarter (4th quarter 2017), approximately 6 million people (all with credit scores below 620) were 3 or more months late on their car payments.  Even worse, car loans are STILL being made to people with FICO scores of around 520.  These people shouldn't be given a loan for ANYTHING let alone a new (or used) car.

And yes, banks have already restricted lending on -- you guessed it -- REAL ESTATE because they have to start hedging their bets against the astronomical losses on all kinds of loans that they're already taking.

This would be REASON #1 as to why and how our economic conditions will suddenly show signs for the worse.

So...what would be the second reason?

Remember that "trickle down" economics theory?  You know, the one that NEVER works the way anyone tries to "sell" it to the American public that it will?  Well, your large corporations like Carrier are laying people off because, well...they would like to keep EVEN MORE of their newfound profits.  Why stop at just paying LESS in corporate taxes?  Why not lay unneeded workers OFF to keep EVEN MORE money?  As Homer Simpson would say, "Duuooh!"  Yes, after the fact, it kind of IS that obvious to those of us who actually have a few working brain cells in our skulls.

The final reason is -- as something I've been talking about for YEARS now -- plants, manufacturers, and even RETAIL businesses are starting to AUTOMATE anything and everything they can.

Case in point, Amazon has been promising jobs left and right to be able to get local tax breaks AND promised incentives to park their new distribution centers in a wide variety of areas including economically-stressed places like Detroit.  What they'll generally do is make a load of promises on jobs, get in there, and every-so-slowly hire people in...probably with no intent on keeping up with the promised job numbers.  At least not any time soon.  For example, they have a new 1-million-square-foot warehouse in the Midwest in which they promised 1,000 new jobs.  First of all, a warehouse THAT size should command many more than just 1,000 jobs.  But even still, they didn't hit the mark on hiring all these people.  Not yet.  Will they?  Who knows?!

Walmart and many other companies are cutting back staff and employees for automated technology.  And I've been sending out this warning for a long time now.

In fact, if I owned a bunch of fast food restaurants -- say McDonald's -- and I was suddenly hit with this new $15-an-hour minimum wage requirement, I'd GO INTO DEBT for the next 10 years buying new automation equipment than to cheerfully give a bunch of career-burger-flippers a full-time position at $15/hour for...flipping burgers.  Ridiculous.  If anyone ever thought that kind of job was supposed to be a career giving them a "livable" wage, think again...and maybe go back to college while you're thinking.

Back in my day, getting a McDonald's job was supposed to be for those of us still living with our parents.  It was supposed to be a side thing that we did after school and on the weekends while we were in high school for some pocket cash.  It was NEVER meant to be a "career" by any stretch of the imagination.  So, all these dim-wits who think that a job like flipping burgers at McDonald's IS supposed to be a long-term career...well, those people are all in for a very rude earth-shattering awakening when these business owners start thinking like I do and that is to AUTOMATE and REPLACE as many human workers as possible.

After all, why deal with the employee liability when you don't have to with a robot?  No more calling in sick (and taking sick pay), being rude to customers (including spitting in the food), dealing with sexual harassment charges or other possible bogus claims, having to shell out on unemployment if they are "not rightfully" terminated or laid off, paying for insurances (health and Worker's Comp)...and on and on it goes with human workers.  With robots, all you need is an independent contractor to service the equipment once in awhile and...there you go!  No inconsistencies in performance, no liability, no additional nothin'!

TREND ALERT:  If you're paying attention to what I'm saying, you'll realize that being in the "robot biz" is where it's going to be at now and in the future.

If you recall -- post 2008 years -- our economy shifted in such a dramatic way, even eliminating certain industries altogether AND IT'S ABOUT TO HAPPEN AGAIN!

Are you prepared?

The BEST way to prepare is to get started investing in buy-and-hold assets like small apartment buildings.  But, herein lies a new upcoming problem: getting money for your deals.  I had a student send me a lengthy email about how she didn't understand why a property she is in the middle of escrow with (right now as we speak) just got the funding completely pulled by underwriters this week.  "Why?" she asked.  Completely bewildered.

Because this is what ALL banks and lenders are going to be doing until this recession is over which, I'm calculating, will be around 2020 or 2021. do you get money to start a business or to invest in real estate or to do ANYTHING for wealth-building activities?

I have an answer for you.  CLICK HERE for the answer that will LITERALLY be the answer to your prayers when the sh** hits the fan (which is happening NOW if you're paying attention).

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  We still have some Gold VIP seats left for the Real Estate Cash Flow Boot Camp Seminar WITH the Bird-Dog Opportunity on March 8th and 9th.  CLICK HERE to register now!


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Monday, January 01 2018
Happy New Year!!


We made it to 2018 and I wanted to be the very first to tell you...HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Yes, 2017 was a rough one for many of us (yours truly included) but we made it to a brand new year and I have a feeling that this one is going to be for the books, for sure!

Don't you just feel...different...already?

I know I do! 

I feel refreshed, brimming full of positive optimism, and really ready to start taking on 2018 with fresh eyes, a full heart, and loads of energy and enthusiasm like never before.

And I'm very glad that you will be a part of my life through this awesome New Year of 2018!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

Some "housekeeping" notices as we enter 2018:
1)  The new broker who is getting loans for my students between $20,000 and $200,000 is part of the NEW Million-Dollar Resource Directory for my newly released No-Cash-No-Credit System for 2018.  He can offer unsecured personal loans for personal reasons, business start-ups and real estate deals.  There is NO income verification, NO collateral (hence the use of the word "unsecured" above), NO verification of employment, NO upfront fees and NO application fees.  Shaky personal credit is okay.  The special pricing AND broker bonus for the $20,000 to $200,000 is ending Wednesday, January 3rd at 5pm Pacific Time.  CLICK HERE to get it now.

2)  I've already gotten quite a few applications for my
Apprenticeship Group 2018 (starting in mid-March) in which I'm only accepting 12 people.  This is a VERY RARE group that I've only done ONCE before (back in 2010) and the likelihood that I'll be doing it somewhere between 0% and 5%.  So not very likely.  If you're interested in more information about this highly exclusive and very rare group, CLICK HERE NOW!

3)  You only have until January 2nd to get the early-bird pricing discount deal for the Detroit Real Estate Cash Flow Boot Camp Seminar (March 8th-10th) and the option of putting down only $100 to lock in your spot and price savings.  CLICK HERE if you haven't locked in your spot at this incredible never-again-to-be-repeated event this coming March in the Motor City.  This is the event where I'll be revealing a rare opportunity to work as a bird-dog for one of my newest investors where you can make up to 3% in referral fees off any deal that is 100 apartment units or more at a seasoned 90%+ occupancy with a current CAP of 8.5% or higher.  NO MAX PURCHASE PRICE!  Do the math to see what type of money figures are possible!  It's HUGE!  And only those who attend this event will get to participate.  No exceptions.

4)  Monica Bucks is ending soon...on Friday to be exact.  CLICK HERE to claim your Monica Bucks now...which can be used for heavy discounts on my stuff.  The last time I gave away Monica Bucks was over 2 years ago so this is a RARE deal.  Take advantage while you still can!
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