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Wednesday, May 29 2013
Have you ever watched the show Shark Tank?
I watch it religiously and I suggest you start watching it too.  (It's on Friday nights.)
What is the Shark Tank?
It is composed of 5 multi-millionaires and multi-billionaires.
Average Joes walk in there and "pitch" their business idea to see if one of the sharks will invest in their business for a certain percentage of the company.
The majority of the sharks have made their millions (and billions, in some cases) by one "type" of business strategy: product distribution.
Further, the majority of the business ideas that come through are about putting new products out into the multi-billion-dollar retail consumer marketplace...through wholesalers and distributors, mostly.
Think about it: "Big" products are in thousands of retail stores throughout the country and even throughout the world.  They're not sold via a single online "store" that some mom-and-pop home-based company operates.  They're not sold door-to-door.  They're sold through a massive wholesale movement that ultimately gets these products on retail store shelves and in the homes of end-users or consumers.
This applies to Big Boys like Coke or Pepsi, RJ Reynolds, and even 5-Hour Energy Shot.
Imagine coming up with a low-cost simple consumer item, creating a multi-million-dollar company starting from a few thousand dollars (or less), and "selling out" to a Big Boy corporation for tens of millions of dollars in just a few years from now.
That's how multi-millionaires are made.
As you profit from your company (with monthly aggressive cash flow), you shovel your extra funds into passive income real estate so that when you don't want to work anymore in a few years, you have passive income coming in to sustain the lifestyle you desire.
That's how multi-millionaires remain multi-millionaires.
As I get closer and closer to the end of this year, I'm sharing more and more of my intimate money-making secrets as I'm making money with those precise strategies myself.  And I'm choosing to share something out of this world with you.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main


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Wednesday, May 29 2013

Would you believe you could make a lot of money if you were selling something at $50 a pop?
What if you were selling 1,000 units a month?  Times 2 different products?
And what if I told you that you'd never even have to touch any of these units including never receiving a shipment or pallet of these wiz-bangs nor would you have to ship any of them out to anyone either?
Dream come true, right?  Or "bullsh**" is what you're really probably thinking...!
Except everything I'm telling you is 1000% true.
Even more exciting, this is only one of the many opportunities for Aggressive Income Strategies on Steroids that I'll be presenting in Los Angeles on September 27th and 28th.
What's Aggressive Income Strategies on Steroids?  Not "regular" Aggressive Income as I've taught before with my New Wealth Ninja techniques or with my real estate Aggressive Income secrets on SFR flipping.
This is like nothing I've ever presented before...yet it's something that I've personally been doing for the past couple of years and have really exploded with it about 9 months ago.
You have to appreciate the fact that I give bona-fide techniques and strategies that apply to today's economic conditions that you can use to get immediate cash flow.
And yes, our economy has shifted again.
Here's what you're up against now:
High competition with wealthy investors who are snatching up all of your residential income properties out there including apartment buildings, mobile home parks, and single-family residences.  There's barely any passive income property inventory left.  Sellers aren't doing much seller financing since there are way too many investors out there who have the cash to buy their why work with someone who needs seller financing?
Things have changed...again.
If you're going to compete in the real estate marketplace, you need cash.  And fast!  Why?  Because all the inventory is being eaten up left and right by wealthy well-funded investors, even as I write this email.
The good news is that we're on the ride up to a super hot economy.  And you're about to cash in...big time!  All you need is a hot product and a means to market it.
Our economy is ramping up for what will be equivalent to the Roaring 20s.  Or even better.  And if all you have is a job or some small service business, you're not going to cash in.  In fact, you'll be missing out on all the money.
I have a way for you to cash in since it'll be almost criminal if you enter into our New Economy without a means of collecting on the huge windfall that's coming up quick.
Since I'm stepping out of training by the end of this year, I'm giving my students a lasting legacy of as much valuable money-making information I possibly can based on my own experience.
Many of you know about the other company I have that's fairly new yet has become extremely successful selling a very low-cost, simple line of products.
And I'm finally ready to reveal the exact step-by-step details to show you how you can do the same thing.
No, this is not New Wealth Ninja stuff.  This is way beyond that.  New Wealth Ninja has limited my students to "max out" at about $20,000 a month in income.  This is Aggressive Income on Steroids.  You're looking at around $100,000 a month or more in income by following my simple step-by-step business action plan.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main

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Monday, May 27 2013

I was watching the news last night and they had a veteran talk about what it was like being a POW in the Korean War.  I was amazed at how positive this guy's outlook on life is and what incredible energy he had emitting from his being.
He had said something very poignant yet simple when referring to the severe circumstances he had to survive being a prisoner for more than a handful of years in the worst of conditions:
"Yesterday's but a memory; tomorrow's but a vision."
Pretty intense if you think about it, isn't it?
I thought about it a great deal after he had said it.  I even wrote it down.
To me, it means that no matter where you are in life right now, none of your past really makes a difference at all.  Each day, you can choose to start from scratch and turn over a new leaf, if you will, because the past is nothing more than a memory and means nothing else.
The future is a vision...and really nothing more; that is, unless you actually do something more than just dream about having a different future.
It's not enough to merely wish you had something different.  It's required to inject strong intensions in changing your life along with implementing some type of viable action plan to pull it off.
Am I reading too much into his simple words?
I don't think so.
You can choose to let go of bad things that have happened in the past including failures, rejections, and anything else that didn't work out as planned in your life.  And you can let go of all this at any time by simply focusing on a new vision for how you'd like your future to become.
Turning to your future, it's nothing more than how you envision it.  A vision, of course, is nothing by itself without a plan and action to go along with it.  But the powerful thing about the future is that it truly can be whatever you want it to be.
Two things you need to figure out right now:
1)  What "bad things" of your past do you need to let go of right now?
2)  What is your future vision for yourself?
Just food for thought.

Happy Memorial Day!
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main

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Monday, May 13 2013

Something strange happened to me yesterday on Mother's Day...
My dad called me to wish me a Happy Mother's Day.
But he sounded...different.  More uplifted.  More positive!
Just to be clear, my dad is disconnected from most everything I do in my life including the work that I do with my students.  And I've learned a very important lesson many years ago that you can't force your beliefs down other people's throats -- even if they are family -- if they're not ready to better their lives.
This is why both my dad and brother live their lives in the "trenches" both in mindset (where it starts) and physically (where your thoughts ultimately manifest).
Strangely, my dad's mindset was different when I talked to him yesterday.
Remember, I had his front teeth fixed.  One day after that dental appointment (which was a couple of weeks ago now), he called me to thank me profusely for paying for the entire dental procedure and then went on and on about how such a seemingly small improvement really makes a difference in self-esteem and ultimately how you project yourself out into the world.
Which I already knew.  Which is why I wanted to have his teeth fixed in the first place.  ("Way ahead of you, dad, on that one..." is what I was thinking.)
When you're not swimming in the "mud hole" of life, you get the benefit of seeing what's going on with others and how/why their lives aren't working.  Some things you can help change (like teeth for better self-esteem, for instance).  Other things you cannot change (like entire mindsets and belief systems, for instance).
When I saw my dad letting himself go like that, I knew there was something devastatingly wrong with his mindset and he was in a free fall downward spiral at that point.  And I felt I could do something very small to make a significant shift.
And I did.
Because when I talked to him last night, he was like a new person.  He was positive, uplifted, had new goals, and seemed like the "old dad" I knew years ago.
He was also talking to me about "attraction" and how it all first changing your state of mind and what you focus on.
"Hmmm, dad, I didn't know that!  Tell me more!"  (I had to let him keep talking so he could stay on his train of new thought!)
He was telling me about his discoveries with wealth attraction, that he had been working on some techniques he picked up from some website, and he was already noticing a huge shift and change in his life because of it.
And within just one week he was already seeing new opportunities he could participate in to further change his life.
What a difference a couple of weeks, a new set of front teeth, and a complete mind shift makes when you consciously decide that it's time to get out of the "muck" of life and experience the life you really want.
Do you even realize what type of mud hole pond you're swimming in right now?
Did you know that some of your conscious (and subconscious) choices are actually hurting you?
Did you know that being stubborn and inflexible about things you "think" you want is actually giving you a life that...well, just plain sucks?
Here's an example for you:
My ex-husband was offered (by me) a house in Michigan in a nice area.  This house was to be bought in 100% cash.  He would be solely on title.  Furthermore, his BMW payments would continue to be made and he would also get somewhere around $4,000 in support payments monthly until my daughter is 18.  That's another 13 years!!
What was Option B?
Getting absolutely nothing.  That's right.  Option B was to get none of the above including no more support payments if he chose to stay here in California.
He chose Option B.  He ended up losing his BMW and he couldn't afford to pay for his rented townhouse anymore so he moved in with his mom last fall.  He took a $12/hour job where his daily commute is an hour out and an hour back.
Option A is off the table.  However, I've presented Option A again to him last summer.  He still said no.  He consciously chose to struggle.
Now, you are probably looking at the situation going..."What the hell is wrong with that dude??"  I know.  Everybody says that.  Everybody says they would have taken Option A.  Everybody, of course, except my ex-husband.
What is his ulterior motive?  I don't know.  Being stubborn.  Making a "point."  Making sure I don't get what I want.  Who knows?!
Let's give you another example of this clear and obvious self-sabotage:
Ronnie's ex-girlfriend (and the mother of his 3 kids) is basically a struggling waitress with 3 jobs.  She was offered the same thing here in California.  She was offered a house, a car, and a job (since she was so "worried" about the job).  She would have no rent to pay.  No car payment.  And she'd have an income.  (Unlike my ex, she actually wants to earn her money and I respect that which is why a job was offered.)
She refused.
Currently she's homeless.  She bounces between an aunt's couch and a male friend's couch back and forth like a Ping-Pong ball.  She has no residence of her own.
And yet she still refuses to take my offer.
Now, you're probably thinking I'm making this all up.  I guarantee that I'm not making any of this up.  This is the reason that I live in California, Ronnie lives in Michigan and we see each other periodically throughout the year.  Neither ex will take an offer.  Both would rather suffer consciously and subconsciously for the remainder of their lifetimes.
And that's exactly what will happen to both.
I see what both of their lives will be like in 10, 15, 20...until the end of their lifetimes on this planet.  I can clearly see their "mud hole" that their swimming in.  They will literally have their same exact life that they have now in a decade from now.
And that's pretty sad, isn't it?  Especially since they were given literally a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity (that neither really deserved to begin with).
You're probably thinking that if you were either one of them, you'd take the offer...right?  Everything who is "clear headed" about the situation and can see it from above all says the same thing.
But they can't see the situation from the inside of their mud hole.
Now, you have to think about yourself for one minute.  What things are you not seeing from inside your mud hole?  What things would someone else say you had an opportunity to do or atalent to become that you could follow through with and yet you're not or haven't been?
The first step to have the successful life you deserve is to figure out: (1) what you don't want, and (2) what you do want.  Simple, isn't it?
Yet why are you not living the life you truly want to live??  Why aren't you making the type of money you really want to be making??
It's time to change all of that!
I've created The Magic Course which will help you with all of your missing pieces in your life.
To listen to an incredible audio seminar, to go and I'll explain to you how this can change your life within a matter of mere weeks!
If you're tired of doing all the work and seeing no results, this is exactly what you've been missing!
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main 

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Saturday, May 11 2013

I think a lot of you know the story about my dad.
He's sort of been in a downward spiral for the past couple of years, even going so far as to embezzle money from me.
And that broke my heart.
I found that, for my own sake, I had to completely disconnect from him over the summer of 2011 and ever since then I've had very little contact with him.
Then this past January or February (don't remember which), I went down to Orange County with Ronnie and met my dad at my favorite Chinese place in Laguna Beach called Mandarin King.  (If you live around Laguna Beach or ever visit, you can't miss visiting that restaurant!)
And for many of you who read all my emails, you know what happened that night.  I noticed my dad's teeth were broken.  And we're not talking about just any teeth.  They were his front teeth!
And this bothered me quite a bit!
How can anyone function in business with broken front teeth??
I fought paying for his dental requirements until I finally caved a couple of weeks ago.  I've found that sometimes you have to break your own rules when it becomes clear that you're being inflexible.
People walk their own paths as they lead their own lives.  They select their destiny based on a set of choices given to them in the beginning, middle, and even the end of their lives.
And he's chosen, for some reason, to have little contact with me and my daughter.
So what?
Apparently he thinks that there are more important things to attend to.  Or maybe he's never learned to fully appreciate family.  Or maybe he thinks he's being an attentive parent and grandparent.
Or maybe he doesn't even think at all.
Who knows and who cares?!  It's not for me to figure out.
I enjoy giving.  I always have.  And I believe that's one of the reasons I'm as successful as I've been in my lifetime.  Giving really does tie you into receiving when it comes to the universe.
And no, it's not just about giving to a church or other religious organization.  Giving/tithing is disguised in many different ways.
It can be giving money to a bum on a street corner because he's down on his luck.
It can be giving to your child's school so they can afford new computers to further all of the children's educational quest in that school or classroom.
It can even be giving to a family member who literally has nowhere else to turn.
When the universe gives back is only when the giving comes from a specific state of mind.  Did you give because you felt like you had to give and now you feel remorseful for doing so?  Because if that's the case, you've given from the wrong place in your heart.
But if you give because you truly want to help and you expect absolutely nothing in return, that's the place you should be giving from.
The guy who is pissed off and throwing money into the church tithing basket because he feels obligated isn't giving from the right place and he's no better off a "giver" just because he's giving in a church.
So, you have to be careful in how you give no matter where you are giving and to whom.
Giving is one of the ways to get the universe to automatically open doors for you.  It's always worked for me.  It can work for you, too.
Years ago, a good friend of mine (who is no longer a friend), used to reprimand me for giving to bums on street corners.  He would always moan about how they all used the money for drugs or alcohol and that I'm just funding their abuse.
One day, I was in my car in a fast food drive-through.  My friend was with me in the passenger side.  All of a sudden, while I was in the drive-through, a guy came up to my window asking for money.  He had some lengthy story about how he needed the money for food for himself and his family.  I didn't care what the story was because I always gave.  He got $20 from me.
My friend started bitching at me immediately saying that the guy was on his way to go buy liquor at some store down the street.  I didn't care.  It's not my job to regulate what people do with the funds I give to them because the place in which I gave the funds is always pure.
The guy who had just taken the $20 from me ended up going into the fast food place next door (an El Pollo Loco), buying a huge bag of food, and bringing it out to his family which was composed of his wife and 2 small kids waiting for him in a car.
Not only did my heart swell with joy for helping this family out but I was also able to say..."Told ya so!"
Did I make a difference?  For that meal that evening for that family I did.
And this is when you get the universe to open up for you.
Consider it like the Butterfly Effect.  If you know anything about the Butterfly Effect, you'd know that there is this theory that a butterfly could land on a flower in South America somewhere, flap its wings, and eventually that "movement" throughout the world can cause a massive hurricane in Africa, or some other such place far away.
Not only do I believe...but I absolutely know, without a doubt, that the same thing happens when you give unconditionally.
That same theory of the Butterfly Effect happens when you give; the benefit of that giving will ripple through the universe.  If anything is "blocked" for you, that ripple will quickly start shaking things loose like an earthquake.
Of course, you know all this right?
But what about the stuff you don't know about getting what you want by using the universe to work for you?
Like how to "command" the universe do stuff for you and get you the things you want in life.
Or how there are "attraction" secrets that books and DVDs like The Secret won't ever tell you about.  (Probably because they don't even know about these strategies.)
The basic problem with many of these "wealth attraction" new-age types of books, courses, and DVDs out there is that they don't tell you the reality of what it takes to manifest what you want in the real world, especially the business world.
They talk about "visualizing" and "affirming."
But did you know that neither one works at all?  In fact, did you know that it actually does the opposite of manifesting?
Even worse, many of these sources of "attracting" won't give you 100% of the elements needed to get what you want in life.  They'll talk about a small portion of what you need then leave out the most critical parts.
It's like outlining to someone how to build a house but leaving out the part about pouring the concrete foundation, wiring it for electricity, and putting on a roof.  Without any of those 3 elements, you won't have a functioning home regardless of how well you do the rest of the stuff.
And this is what I talk about in The Magic latest release.
For more about it, go to
In the very least, go there and listen to my 10-minute audio seminar.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main

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Thursday, May 09 2013

The economic changes that are being thrown in my direction everyday is happening at such a break-neck speed that it's like being in a 3-D OmniMax Theater wizzing through the colorful universe at 10,000 miles per hour.
The Mayan Indians could have been right about the world ending last year.  I think what really happened was that the world as we knew it ended in December 2012.
And thank God!
I read somewhere years ago (and I don't remember what exactly I read or where) about how the "end of the world" was really an end of a phase.  All ends mean new beginnings.
And that's what I'm excited about.
So what "ended" exactly?
The never-ending phase of shysters, snake oil salesmen, and shifty-eyed cons have lost footing.  Now they're all sliding down a mountain, preparing for their rapid demise.

Can you imagine a country with an honest lawyer who really wants to help you and your cause/fight (rather than helping their bank account get bigger)?  Can you imagine an end to frivolous lawsuits like the McDonald's hot pickle debacle where people use big companies as a selfish means of cha-ching for themselves?
Can you imagine living in a world where doctors want to see you get healthy, especially using well-intended (and possibly "alternative") medicines in an effort for you to have optimal health rather than pushing Big Pharma drugs that, in the long term, could hurt you?
Can you imagine living in a place that matches the picturesque way of what we wanted to pretend we were in the 1950s...yet we really become that wholesome, honorable, respectable, and innocent as we wished we were at that time?

I know it's hard to imagine now, especially with everything happening in the news from the New Haven, CT horror to that psycho that held a 5-year-old hostage in a bunker for a week to the most recent news of 3 men that held 3 young women captive for 10 years and no one had the slightest idea that anything was wrong.
Yet now...everything is seemingly coming apart at the seams.  You're probably wondering why there's so much disastrous news.
Sometimes you have to pull everything apart, creating a mess, before you can put everything in some kind of perfect order.  I think that's what's happening in the universe right now.
Over the years of mentoring and teaching students, I've found that many of them want to skip over the spiritual aspects of creating wealth and just get to the creating wealth part.  Yet many do not realize that the spiritual aspects are just as important as the action steps needed in the wealth-building process.
It's like baking a cake.
If you have to choose between two cake-baking necessities -- ingredients or the oven --which would you choose?
Well, let's see...
If you have 100% of the ingredients to bake a cake but no oven, you'll have no cake in the end.
If you have an oven and no cake ingredients, you'll still have no cake.
The success action steps would be like having the cake ingredients with the full instructions on how the "process" of making your cake goes.
The oven is the "unseen" spiritual part of the success process that "heats" things up and actually makes the process work.
Again, as you can see, both are required if you're going to become a multi-millionaire.
Since you know this, why skip the spiritual part?  Do you feel like it's a waste of time?  Does it "trip you up" because you don't quite understand the mechanics of it?
One of the things I've been getting a huge amount of emails about is this basic premise from my students:
"I'm doing all the steps to invest and build a business yet I feel like I'm beating my head against the wall because nothing is happening for me."
And there's a reason for that.
It's not enough to have the knowledge, create the action plan, and do the steps.  It's like having the ingredients but no oven to bake with.
And we both know that, in the end, you won't get your "cake" that way.
With so much going on in the universe, things are changing at a warp speed.  The good news is that, unlike the old days when it took lengthy periods of time to "move" the universe in your direction, now things are happening in mere days and sometimes in mere hours.
But you have to know what you want, you have to know the order in which all the "things" that are needed for your want have to occur, and you have to be focused in a specific process to make that happen.
Last year I did a multi-day email blast series over Thanksgiving that thousands of you were instantly drawn to and wanted to know more about.
Here we are more than 6 months later and I've been finally able to put all the details down on paper for you.
I want you to read this mind-blowing report that can tell you exactly how to change your life and get what you want in ways that no one...and I mean no one...has ever told you about before.
Here's the link:
I think you'll start to understand: (1) why things haven't been "working out" in your life as planned lately, and most importantly (2) exactly what you need to be doing to finally catapult yourself into the successful dream-like life that you've always been after.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main

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