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Tuesday, January 19 2021

A few years ago during one of my many pre-Covid business trips, I started watching this movie called Idiocracy (2006) with Luke Wilson.  It's basically about a Pentagon experiment that had gone wrong and left this "average intelligence" guy shoved into the future via a time machine.  There (500 years from now) he discovers that he is, in fact, highly intelligent since the average intelligence of the average American had slipped well below even where most mentally challenged people are now on the IQ scale.  While this was a comedy, I couldn't help but to see the truth in how this future could be our possibility...but in much less than 500 years.  

Try about 50 years.

I'm not one to place a myriad of blame on any specific source of why I think people are mentally going down the tubes like this.  I figure there has to be many factors involved including these possibilities:

1)  The EASY button mentality.  Kids these days seem to think that anything and everything is merely a click away.  Any physical exertion beyond the point of a computer mouse, video game controller, or swipe of an iPad means that they simply have no interest in doing it.  Plus...what's the worst that can happen when you "die"?  I think you just hit "respawn" or "restart" and everything starts from scratch.  There are no consequences to any actions with the EASY and RESTART buttons involved.  There is also no need to get off their asses at all since everything is at their fingertips.  I believe that all this iPad/video game/computer activity numbs the brain more than we think.

2)  Skewed media hype coupled with being barraged with internet disinformation/misinformation.  Did you know that almost nobody in Europe even knows who the hell the Kardashians are?  Yet Yahoo! "News" jumps on every little thing those useless people do. And this whole deal with Meghan Markel?  What the f***?  (Need I say more??) Isn't there anything ELSE in the news to talk about?  By the way, most of these blog online news stories are churned out as fast as possible by "writers" who barely graduated college, have absolutely no life experience, and base their "research" on the rest of the bogus blogger crap they find online, thus giving out even more misinformation with each "news article" that they write.  Add this to just adding fuel to the fire by purposely omitting essential details to a story and adding a writer's "opinion" and this is where things can get dangerous for malleable minds reading any given article.  Unfortunately, our kids (and many others, believe it or not) who don't have the basic common sense mechanism in their brains needed to sniff out bullshit versus reality will believe anything and everything they read.  Sad really.  It's almost better to know nothing at all than have a load of baseless useless nonsense wasting valuable space within your brain cells.  Even worse, much of the news you think is valid and true likely isn't at all.  It's best to just pull the plug on the TV or computer and read a book instead.

3)  A global attack on our personal health.  This can include all the clouds of gas that the U.S. Airforce is generously spraying in the sky on a daily basis along with the chemicals they put in the water because it's "good" for us (including the use of fluoride which is actually NOT good for us AT ALL). These are known as "chem trails."  Look up in the sky once in awhile and when you see a giant tic-tac-toe grid, that's a chem trail.  (We see them ALL the time in California.)  And if you're a meat eater (including consuming dead cows, pigs, and birds), you're getting it even worse with the vast collection of hormones and pesticides that come in your meat, all complimentary of course.  This is why girls are developing at a much earlier age.  This is why cancer is becoming rampant and uncontrollable, happening in larger numbers than ever before.  Did you ever think that maybe it's from all the crap in the air, all the hormones from our food...and now from GMOs??  All of this, of course, affects our brain function and whether we can think clearly...or at all.  And if you have ANY of the disadvantages I've outlined in #1 and/or #2 then you're definitely going to see an impact on your thinking process.  In fact, if you are guilty of #1 and #2 then I'm fairly certain that you didn't even read down this far, as I would have lost you in the first sentence of this email.

4)  Being on the cusp of a possible civil war.  I'm not going to get into a political discussion but I'll just say this:  there are A LOT of distrust of the media (rightfully so), politicians (rightfully so), and the government system itself (rightfully so).  As the classes separate further and further apart -- pushing the upper-middle and higher class in higher financial ranks while shoving DOWN the rest of the 85% to lower-middle or low class -- you're automatically going to see a bunch of pissed off people who feel left behind by the powers that be with NOTHING to lose.  Then add the pandemic in the mix where a lot of these people are losing everything and you then have a huge disaster on your hands; a ton of armed pissed off people running around with NOTHING LEFT TO LOSE is a dangerous proposition.  With this perfect storm, we now are faced with the inevitable: a home-grown unofficial civil war.  At first it may be "us" vs. "them" and then later it may turn out to be the "have nots" vs. the "haves."  More to come on this as things unfold.

5)  Social media is "rewiring" your brain.  I watched a powerful documentary a couple of weeks ago called The Social Dilemma.  (This is highly recommended, especially if you are addicted to social media.)  In a nutshell, if you're on Facebook or Twitter or anything else a lot then somebody else is controlling your brain.  YOU are the product of their platform.  YOU are nothing more than a commodity to make their platforms work.  YOU are the sucker in the equation.  So...stop being the f****** sucker then and delete all of your apps.  What I found to be so disturbing about the documentary is that they interviewed a lot of top level programmers who helped START Google, Facebook, and others and the people who helped build these platforms have said over and over again that these platforms ARE DANGEROUS to your brain, your health and well-being, and your life overall!  Social media is manipulating you, changing your biochemistry, and altering how you think.  They have taken you over and you don't even know it yet.  Watch the documentary.  It'll make you sick!

You're not going to be able to do something about everything I've listed above but you can do something for yourself!

First, start with your health.  Cut your meat consumption.  Drastically, if possible.  Add organic vegetable juice each day, mostly with greens.  Clean up your diet as much as you can.  Eat a lot of organic fruits and veggies.  Get on a regular exercise program even if it's only brisk walking for 20 minutes daily.  Clean out your colon with a 3-day cleanse.  Do what YOU can. 

You can't change the world but you can change yourself.

This is NOT an "all or nothing" type of deal.  You can't breathe different air unless you plan on carrying an oxygen tank on your back at all hours of the day and night.  You're not going to avoid every hormone or pesticide in your food.  But you CAN cut some of the damage down by a significant percentage of consuming this junk and this alone will make a big impact.

Then you'll start to THINK CLEARER.  Once you think clearer, you can start rising above the rest of the dummies that grace this planet and realize success like you've never imagined.

I have another theory and that is this: Do only 7% better and you'll be happier, healthier, and wealthier than you've ever dreamed of!

And doing 7% better only means doing better than what you are doing now.  It really has nothing to do with what everybody else is doing out there because, well...who really cares what everyone else is doing?  Right?

This means getting healthier, educating yourself, create meaningful goals for yourself in all areas of your life, generate a doable action plan to achieve those goals and, most importantly, get off your ass and start working the plan.  Don't let the noise and chatter of what everyone else is doing, thinking, and talking about become a distraction because, as we've established, they're mostly dopes anyway.

It also means CONNECTING with power players who can get you to where you want to go.  And I have a way you can do that. 

CLICK HERE to see my secret to getting anything and everything you've ever wanted!

And by the way, stop watching the news.  Stop reading stupid Yahoo! News articles.  They're written by a bunch of uneducated dummies who don't have a job (or don't excel at one they have).  Focus on yourself and what you need to do to reach your goals.  That's all you have to do.  

And, finally, realize that there isn't an EASY button.  Be willing to roll up your sleeves and do what it takes to achieve whatever you want in life.  If you're willing to do that then...the world is your oyster.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Friday, January 15 2021

Awhile ago I gave you a short list of 3 of my most powerful success strategies.  Then yesterday I thought about something.  I'm perhaps missing one of the most powerful of them all.


Not tithing exactly, even though that counts.  But I'm referring to giving to others.

Now, the issue I have with tithing to an organized sect or church is that, for many people, it feels like an "obligatory" type of deal.  When anything feels like you're obligated in doing it, immediately it loses all power.  Period.  No exceptions.  Again, I'm not saying tithing is bad.  Not at all.  But do an "inner check" with yourself to make sure that you feel like you're providing a great service to your church and that the act makes you feel great to the pit of your stomach...or not.  The second it doesn't feel anything more than an obligation means that you need to change it up.

There's only one place I've ever felt I've received pure blessings in return for the money I give and that is giving to someone who has nothing but the shirt on his back.  Yes, I'm one of those people who routinely gives to the people who stand on street corners with cardboard signs.  Yes, some of them are scammers, alcoholics, and drug addicts.  So what?  That has nothing to do with MY intentions, only theirs.  My intention is to help another human being who is in need and that is where the universal power comes in.  It matters not in what they do with the money afterward as long as my feelings toward it (to help them out) is there 100%.  (To be clear, I don't help absolutely everyone standing around with a cardboard sign.  I "feel them out" with my gut to see if I want to give to them or not.  I trust my intuition in that way.)

Whenever I give to someone who has nothing to their name, I get the greatest blessings from them starting with the first words from their mouth and their first reaction in getting the money.  Usually they sit there with nobody helping out or, even worse, when people feel the need to insult them for asking for money.  So, when a kind face comes with a hand full of money, it surprises them.  Then, almost always, I get a "God bless you" from them.  And it's genuine from the base of their being.  And I receive that energy, making me feel great.  Then I'm blessed in so many ways because of that energy flow.

This is why I don't like traditional "tithing."  The word itself means a tenth...or a tenth of your income.  So, it almost seems like a forced payment plan in a way when donating precisely 10% of what you make (gross) to a specific church organization.  When things are that structured, the magic begins to dwindle just in the habit part alone.  But when you donate money with your best intent and heart in the gift, you are blessed much, much more than any other format out there.

If you're not sure about what I'm talking about, the next person that you see standing there with a sign and nothing to his name, reach into your pocket and pull out a five or ten...or a twenty dollar bill, if you feel so inclined.  And pay attention to what is happening within yourself when you do it.  Pay attention to the blessing that you feel from the person receiving the money.  And most importantly, revel in the feelings you have when you receive that blessing from the recipient of the money.  They are always most grateful and the feelings within you send you to the mood with happiness and elation.

Here's what happens:

When all of these energies start flying around -- starting from your desire to give the gift to the deep sense of gratitude from the recipient to your feelings of elation from being able to help someone -- the universe responds with gifts to you.  It all works like a big giant vacuum.  Nothing can go "empty" for long in the universe.  So, technically, your giving money to someone in great need causes this sense of "empty" as far as the energy goes in the universe.  You're $20 lighter...or whatever you gave to the recipient.  This allows for the universe to "rush in" to replace it, usually at least 10 fold but many times much, much more depending on the levels of energy flow between you and the recipient.  I've seen returns of 100 fold or higher in some cases.  The good news is that it's pretty immediate.

Here's the slippery slope though.  You can't give with the sole intent to get something without any other intentions otherwise this doesn't work.  You can't say to yourself, "I'm gonna give twenty bucks to that bum over there so I'll win the lottery tonight."  Not gonna happen!  But if you're intent is to truly help that person (and it's not only money that helps, you know), the energy intention behind it is absolutely everything in this universal equation.

Don't believe what I'm saying?  Test it out.  The next person you see holding a sign asking for money, IF you feel inclined to help this person then dig into your pocket and come up with some dough.  Give it to him (or her) and feel the energy that comes from the transaction.  As you walk away, you'll feel lighter and happier.  This, in and of itself, creates more energy and this positive energy pulls to you everything that is in alignment with your soul, your needs, and your life's path.

If you want to start the New Year right, I recommend that you discover ALL of my most highly coveted success secrets including how you can turn yourself into a Magic Magician when it comes to MANIFESTING YOU WANT ON STEROIDS!

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See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main 

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Thursday, January 07 2021

I was reading an entrepreneur blog post this morning about a guy who decided that he needed to make $7 million before he could retire.  So, he built a company, sold it, and made his net $7 million.

Then retired.

His name is Brenton Hayden.

What bothered me wasn't the poorly written blog post with holes in the story of how he had made the money.  What was even worse was that they start out the article making the assumption that he's "lazy."


You can't be freaking lazy to built a company to $20 million and then to sell a company, netting $7 million.  Lazy?  No.  Not by a long shot.

What further bothered me was the slew of negative comments about the guy underneath the blog article, written by a bunch of losers hiding behind their keyboards from their parents houses, destined to accomplish exactly nothing before they finally sink to their pitiful deaths between now and the next handful of decades.  They either assumed that he had made money in a "negative way" because he "profited from the loss of people who lost their homes" to "he must've had a lot of money to start his business and nobody revealed that part."

Typical loser thinking.

I can't believe how stupid the American population has gotten.  They talk about the "dumbing down of America" and those of us who have even a "normal" IQ wonder from which mental hospital all of this idiots suddenly escaped from to quickly figure out how to procreate and thus creating even more dummies among us over the years.

Including, unfortunately, a lot of people in political positions with some very "unique" opinions on a lot of things concerning our direct future.

What bothered me most about the blog comments is how a lot of these dopes assumed that you had to have a lot of money to make the $7 million he made.

I built a $4.3 million per year company inside of 24 months starting with less than $1,000.

I was about his age, too.

Since then I've built many companies from the ground up, using nothing more than a few grand to start each enterprise.

Here's how it works, folks!  (And I talk about this in a recent training I did which you can watch the replay of by CLICKING HERE NOW!)

You start with a little money, let the business generate some sales, use that additional money to build up the company, and you keep doing this until one day you wake up and you're a millionaire.

The more you do this, the better you get at it, and the quicker you can build a company from the ground up with next to nothing to start with.

Meanwhile, you have a Paycheck Charlie who will borrow $300,000 out of his house equity to start a company and will lose every cent of it plus some and will have to file bankruptcy inside of a year because of his very poor investment decision.

Ask the former owner of my house, Jim, because he'll tell you all about how this works!

Just because you have money to start with doesn't mean you will make money with it.

In fact, quite the opposite.

The more money you have to start, the more you squander it on useless stuff like logo t-shirts, 4-color brochures, hiring a web designer for $5,000 and a variety of other useless non-profit driven activities.

When you have barely any money to start a company, every cent is well accounted for, stretched to the max, and put to the best possible use.

Every company I've started where I've had money to work with, I've ended up not making any money.

Every company I've started on a shoestring has made me a fortune ranging from a "paltry" high five-figures to seven figures.

But the dummies reading the blog post and even having the balls to make a comment about something they clearly don't know anything about have no clue about how all this works.

Instead of putting a couple grand aside from their burger flipping job over the course of a year and investing that slowly into a small home-based business, giving up their daily dose of mindless TV shows ranging from American Idol to CSI to work on their business, they'd instead prefer to waste their time reading poorly written Yahoo! articles and putting in their two-cents.

Because after all, a burger flipper living in his mom's basement knows everything about becoming a multi-millionaire.

Let's listen to him everybody!

My first business was a mail order business that I started at home.  I was a teenager, about 19 I think.  I printed up small amounts of mailers at a local printer and spent every evening stuffing envelopes, licking stamps, and affixing mailing labels to thousands of mailers per week.

I did 100% of the work myself.  I spent 12 hours a day, sometimes longer, to build my business.

And each time I started with a small amount of money.

And each time I ended up making an untold fortune because I wasn't afraid of the process, I wasn't afraid to do all the work, and I was willing to take the risk.

Most people are afraid of risk.

Instead, they'd rather fill up comment boards on blogs with their useless derogatory comments while recessing into an even deeper useless and pitiful life.

Meanwhile, they could be starting a profitable home-based business with this valuable time they're wasting.  They could be building a simple website that could eventually be responsible for millions of dollars in revenue for them.

But they won't.

And that's great!

Why?  More money for you and me!  That's why!!

One of the things I plan on talking in my 100K Max Mentorship Group (starting on Wednesday, January 13th) is how I am KILLING IT on YouTube selling high ticket products to the "mass wealthy" customer demographic, how the process works each and every time without fail, and how you can copy the same steps I've used time and time again to build your own home-based business fortune.

And I've never discussed these strategies ever before!!

CLICK HERE to watch the training where I spell out exactly how this powerful money-making secret works.

Changing your financial future starts with only one thing: a decision to change it.  That's it, until you get sick of your life the way it is and you want something else, maybe you're simply not ready.  When you get sick of the way things are and you want something else, it's time to get out of the rut and do something.

Attending this training starts the ball rolling!

CLICK HERE to watch it now and to sign up for my upcoming 100K Max Mentorship Group which begins on Wednesday, January 13th.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Friday, January 01 2021
Happy 2021...What Will the New Year Bring You?

Happy New Year!

Do you feel completely wiped out after finally leaving that smoking train wreck called 2020 in the rearview mirror?

While we still have some battles ahead, there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel, I believe.  It'll probably take until late spring or summer for us to begin to see some resemblance of normalcy in our lives but I do believe 2021 will be our year to "break" the horrendous 2020 "curse," if that's what you want to call it.

So, what do YOU plan on doing for 2021?  How will this year be different for you?

Most people have New Year's Resolutions.  Do you have any?  Or did you just throw up your hands and skip it altogether this time around?

I don't really have a list of New Year's Resolutions but I do have quarterly and annual goals.  Does that count?  I guess it does.  I have the same 20 lbs. to lose every year.  And it's not like I don't meet my goals; I do.  I just lose the weight then gain it back later in the year so...I seem to have some of the same Resolutions year after year because of it.

I read an interesting book a few years back called One Word That Will Change Your Life by Jon Gordon.  And the short book basically describes one thing: choose one word that you'd like to see "unfold" for a solid year and just focus on that one word as your "theme" for the year.  So, in years prior, I'd have different words like "Power," "Focus," "Love," and "Joy."

But, for 2021, I have a completely different word in mind.

My 2021 word?  Surrender.

Yes, that's right.  "Surrender" is my word for 2021 because it means, to me, to LET GO.  Let go...and let God!

This year is my year to stop pushing, forcing, striving, worrying, fretting, stressing, and wondering.  It's my year to SURRENDER.

What will YOUR word be for 2021?  You can choose today.  Right now.  Choose a word that you want to represent your 2021. 

Here are some ideas:  Happiness, peace, love, prosperity, tranquility, serenity, adventure, spirituality, bliss, focus, energy, gratitude, power, truth, purpose, destiny, beauty, health, etc.  Those are some ideas for you.  Just take a moment to choose a word that you want to be the main theme for 2021.  It'll only take a short moment.  Choose one word.  And think of it often each day throughout 2021 to remember what you want this New Year to be for you.

And by focusing on this one word throughout the year, it will definitely enhance 2021 in a way that you may find life-changing for yourself.  You won't know until you try it, right?

I wish you all the peace, prosperity, love, and happiness that your life can hold.


See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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