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Monday, July 30 2018

Things are changing RAPIDLY in our post Great Recession economy.  In fact, if you've noticed, things are actually pretty good now for most, aren't they?


The winds of change are blowing around again and, well...we all know what happens next when we've been riding high for so long (too long) in a "Roaring 20s" kind of way.

Yep, you've guessed it.  Turbulent economic times ahead.

But who cares about all that for right now!  I'm not here to rain on your parade.

What I am here to do is to help you stay ahead of the curve ahead and to put you in the very unique and fortunate position of NEVER caring about what ever happens in the economy EVER AGAIN.

Now, how is that possible?

Because when you put yourself in a "recession-proof" type of business or investing situation, it literally NEVER matters what happens -- present and future -- in the economy.

There are actually TWO (2) POWERFUL Business Models that I want you to take a look at.

The first one is all about non-real estate AGGRESSIVE INCOME.  CLICK HERE to listen to my audio seminar that's all about that opportunity.

The second one is all about REAL ESTATE.  CLICK HERE to find out more about that.

Yes, pretty exciting stuff.

I should mention for my POWER PLAYERS (and you probably are one of them), you can actually DO BOTH!  CLICK HERE to see ALL of your options.

Yes, there are exciting times ahead.  But "exciting" doesn't necessary have to be a miserably turbulent "sucky" type of exciting but, in your case, this can TRULY be exciting in more ways than one.  Meaning MORE OPPORTUNITY than you ever imagined possible.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Saturday, July 07 2018

My beginning years in investing and business were humble at best.  I think it was because I was in a very unique situation.

I had been sued, bankrupt, and had to deal with a variety of other challenges, especially when it came to being a young and fairly new investor on the real estate flipping scene.

And the ONLY reason I was able to become successful (both then and now) was my ability to access OPM or Other People's Money.  And my access -- at least back then -- was nothing more than pure luck.  In fact, I shutter at how much more successful I'd be right now if I had the access to the resources that I have RIGHT NOW...

The very same resources that YOU are able to access simply by getting my Motherload Resource Directory...just updated for 2019!

And, I have a BRAND NEW list of investors who want to give you down payment cash for your deals!

CLICK HERE to see what I'm talking about.

Right now I have a promotional deal on the BRAND NEW Motherload Resource Directory in celebration of the new 2019 version.

CLICK HERE to get it now!

It has all of my best money resources and investor partners in this directory!

Remember, it takes money to make money.  And if you don't have the money, it's difficult (and mostly impossible) to make money without capital.  And how valuable is it TO YOU for me to give you ALL OF MY highly-coveted and exclusive contacts and resources?

Only you know the answer to that question.


See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Thursday, July 05 2018

There are actually TWO reasons the rich get richer while the poor get poorer:

Reason #1:  Financial education.  The rich know what to do with money; the poor don't.  It's that simple.  The rich will take a wad of cash and invest it or put it somewhere where the money can make more money.  The poor will run out and buy a big screen TV or whatever other foolish purchase they can make to squander the money as quickly as possible.  Because this is where their mindset is.  I once knew a lady who always lived hand-to-mouth.  She got a sizable tax refund one year so she ran out and bought a brand new drum set.  She later admitted that she had no idea what she was thinking.  I knew what happened.  Her mind is wired to piss away money as fast as possible because it was out of her "norm" to have a few bucks to her name.  So she had to get rid of it quickly to get back to her "norm" zone.  If you're one of these people, start to consciously act fiscally responsibly, first by getting a FINANCIAL EDUCATION to understand ways of using MONEY TO MAKE MONEY rather than taking money to piss it away on frivolous stuff that you just don't need.

Reason #2:  Financial resources.  The rich know how to get and use OPM or Other People's Money.  They use this OPM to make more spreading this money around by buying investments and other instruments to watch this money grow and grow.  Poor people don't know how to access OPM or don't have the network of these resources to tap into this cash to use to make money.  And if they did have access somehow, they'd probably piss it away on nonsense rather than building wealth, quickly finding themselves in debt that they cannot dig out of, and burning their OPM bridges, guaranteeing that nobody else will ever give them another business or investment loan again.  (See Reason #1 again as to why this is.)  The reality is, most businesses FAIL because of ONE MAIN REASON: they are UNDERFUNDED and don't have enough seed capital to get started.  So they crash and burn before they make it off the ground.

But what if I told you that I can "cure" Reasons #1 AND #2 for ALL of you with one simple thing that I have for you?

CLICK HERE NOW to find out what it is!

Remember, being poor is a CHOICE...especially since there are so many resources all around us at all times.  You can choose to do very well...or not.

CLICK HERE if you want to FINALLY be the one who is getting richer instead of getting poorer.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Wednesday, July 04 2018
Happy July 4th!

Have a Happy, Fun, and FABULOUS Independence Day!

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