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Thursday, March 31 2016

I can't help but to notice that the government form I-9 expires today.  This is the form that allows (and requires) employers to ask for identification and verification to be able to work in the United States.  Except that I was reading som-ewhere a few months back that the reason they are "retiring" this form is because it's considered "discriminatory" to enforce certain types of ID.


So...I can't ask someone to verify their residency status here in the United States because I'm "discriminating" but yet if I hire an "illegal alien" then I get fined $10,000 by the government?


This is, yet again, another reason why you should want to own a traditional business with employees, lots of forms to fill out, endless rules and regulations, and the chronic headache you'll be getting from ALL of it...all while it sucks your profit margins dry for the "honor" of dealing with it all.

If I could start all over again (and secretly...I actually am, with a brand new money funnel business I just launched), I would do it without employees and run the operation out of my spare den downstairs. Then I wouldn't have to worry about these new government regulations and other issues that put me in a "damned-if-I-do-damned-if-I-don't" situation.

Like what my new Money Funnel Mentorship can do for you.

This group starts on Tuesday, April 5th.  And as long as you have a computer with an Internet connection, you can AND SHOULD participate in this group.  Over 8 weeks I will show you everything you'll need to do to start a highly profitable online business from scratch...and have it fully up and running in 8 weeks provided that you give me your full participation (which is mandatory) in the group.

I have a deal on this group...for a short time only.  In fact, it's coming to an end soon.  I suggest you check it out by going to or CLICKING HERE.

Questions?  Call my office at 66-295-5050.

This is a life-changing group that I probably won't have time to run again for this year...and if I do, it won't be until August or September.  Why wait that long to start generating a solid Aggressive Income Cash Flow when you don't have to?

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

​​​​​​​Monica Main

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Sunday, March 27 2016
Happy Easter!
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Friday, March 25 2016

Last year I did a very rare seminar where I talked about 20 years of my marketing experience and painfully squeezed into 2 days.  One of my seminar attendees -- let's just call him Billy since many of you know who he is and I don't want to "out" him in any way -- came up to me after the event.  He had started with me back in the summer of 2012 when he got a hold of the videos I had done over 2 very in-depth in-office trainings I did for something called New Wealth online business building strategy for those who were interested in starting their own highly profitable home-based business using exclusive online marketing strategies.

Anyway, long story short...he started a small online business but was actually COMPLAINING because he couldn't scale it up in profitability from the $3,200 a month he was profiting.  Yes, PROFITING.  I asked him what the problem was.  After all, it shouldn't take but a little more elbow grease and time into the business to double or triple his business activities.  So...herein lied the problem:  I instantly uncovered his unwillingness to put in more than the 5 to 6 hours a week he was willing (or rather able) to sink into the business.  You see, he had a pretty intense job in what we used to refer to as "middle management" back in the 80s and the first part of the 90s before it basically disappeared. 

I dug a little bit more into Billy's life to see where he could find more time to triple his business so that when things fell apart at the office, he would be financially okay.  Because -- spoiler alert -- the end was coming for Billy.  This is when I discovered that he was wasting his time -- yeah, I'll say it, WASTING his time AND money -- going back to school online to get an MBA degree. Because "they" told him that all he needed to do was get a master's degree and they could move him up the ladder.  So, this is what Billy was wasting his time on...on this stupid degree so he could further secure his position at this too-big-for-their-britches multi-billion-dollar company that could care less about Billy's future.

I already revealed the ending if you were paying attention.  Billy got his MBA degree.  They gave him his pink slip shortly thereafter.  And they didn't tell him that it was because he was too old and not technologically sharp enough to compete with the "kids" of the Millennial generation but that's what it was.  They could hire 3 college graduates who could create code in circles around him for the same amount of money it cost them to watch him slowly sip coffee for the first couple hours of the day until he could get to the water cooler by noon.  In other words..."Nothing personal, Billy, but here's your severance package, Old Geezer of luck to you.  Oh, and that gold watch?  We don't offer that for 'retirement' anymore because, in all due reality, we're actually sh** canning your ass.  We're not retiring you out."

And that's how it is in our New Economy.  In fact, that's how it's been for the past solid decade or so, at least!

So, what happened to Billy?  Sad news.  After all the complaining with his back-and-forth email exchanges, I felt like had to try to disconnect Billy from his psychological attachment to feeling like he needed to get another job (with his MBA) for that elusive sense of "security" and work on building up his Internet business.  He was, after all, able to replace the income he had from his job but...sometimes you can't teach an "old dog new tricks," if you will.  He was so adamant about that empty and unpredictable "job security" thing that was pounded into his head (probably since birth), that after about 6 months he ran out to get another job.  Thinking that he had an MBA (making him feel like he was special or something), he assumed that he could just get any job that would pay him a lot more than what he had in his last job position.  Apparently he doesn't realize that anyone can get a degree from some online school. They dish these diplomas out like they do at an automatic candy-dispenser machine...only it costs A LOT and gets people into A LOT of debt for something that turns out to be next to worthless when everything is said and done.

He got a job doing something with film archiving...which pays about 1/3 of what he got in his "secure middle-management" position.  Since then he's let go of his Internet business, not willing to keep up with the changes in technology here and there. (No wonder the middle-management job in technology disappeared for him.  He got to old to change with the tied and they didn't see the value in paying him anymore!)  Poor Billy.  What he DOESN'T realize is that the technology keeps changing to make things EASIER for us...not harder!

This is what I revealed to my students at my last event in Beverly Hills is that there is a brand new platform to build what I call your "money funnels" on.  This platform is outstanding, easy to use, and is so freaking AMAZING that you have to see it to believe it.  And no, it's not my platform.  Come on, people.  I'm just like you.  I'm an entrepreneur...not a "techie" person by any stretch of the imagination.  So, I use the full benefit of other platforms that give me the elements I need for success.  Why re-invent the wheel?  Makes no sense to do that and it's a complete waste of time.

Unfortunately for Billy, he decided to let his entrepreneurial spirit die while recessing into a deep depression over working in a soul-sucking cubicle and probably wondering what went wrong in his life (even though HE was what "went wrong" with everything).  His wife had to go out and get a job just to fill in the lack of income that they were used to seeing coming in.  Strangely enough, the reason I know everything that's been happening with Billy is because it was HIS WIFE who reached out to me via email giving me the scoop on what's been happening with him...and wondering if I can help HER get started with her own online business because she saw how much money Billy was making when he was serious about it.  So, yes, I'm helping the wife now.  (Interestingly enough, she mentioned that she doesn't want me to tell Billy about what she's doing.  I'm thinking that maybe things aren't going so well with them and perhaps divorce court is in their near future?  Just a prediction.)

So...she already took a slot in my upcoming Money Funnel Mentorship Group (which starts on April 5th).  These are 8 weeks of weekly live mentorship trainings followed by an Action Sheet of every step that you MUST complete before the following week's training.  Yes, these are VERY different than the mentorship groups that I ran between 2009 and up through then end of last year.  I promised myself and my students that I'd do a major technological upgrade with my mentorship trainings from 2016 and beyond.  This means I'll be doing weekly live trainings and presentations where you'll be able to understand every step you're supposed to be doing with every element to build your business.  And the first mentorship of its kind is the Money Funnel Mentorship Group.

Yes, you'll understand from beginning to end how to create your entire money funnel from scratch, even having your first completed money funnel (with a marketing plan) after this 8-week session.  But I'm only allowing for a certain number of students to sign up and, unfortunately for you, a lot of those slots were taken by the students who came to my Beverly Hills Event.  They had the first crack at signing up for this.

CLICK HERE or go to for a mini-audio seminar on why this is so life-changing and powerful!

Who should do this?  Those of you who need to be taken by the hand and shown every step in how to do this PLUS who need my direct attention and assistance in getting this done.  THAT is who should register for this!

One more thing...

After the beginning part of this year comes to a close, I'll be swinging hard back into Passive Income Strategies after I emerge from my partial summer hiatus.  So...I may run only one more of these Money Funnel Mentorships...MAYBE.  I don't know yet. Time is limited if you want to learn and, more importantly, wildly profit from these strategies.  Because, after all, you don't want to be a you?  (I didn't think so.)

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  What to expect from me in the lateral part of 2016...everything having to do with Passive Income Strategies including multifamily and residential-commercial real estate investing, business credit strategies, and raising capital among other things. Aggressive Income teaching are rapidly coming to a close for a couple of reasons.  (1)  I'm creating too much competition with my own highly successful Aggressive Income Businesses by teaching exactly what I do to my students (and competition sucks), and (2) I have some tested-and-proven Passive Income Strategies that I FINALLY ironed out that can be used in our New Economy, even though the majority of our opportunities are gone.  These strategies are...freaking awesome.  More to come...later.  ;-)

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Wednesday, March 23 2016

This month we've been hit with 2 major and powerful eclipses The first was a solar eclipse on March 8th.  The second is a lunar eclipse...TODAY!

So, what happens during an eclipse? 

I'm sure this is different for everyone but with me, I've found that the "bad" will be brought to light and then immediately discarded (usually on its own) while the good new things are also brought to light with opportunities on bringing them to fruition.  Again, this can differ for everyone.  The key is to pay attention to what is happening in your life this month because it'll usually be tied to some other part of the year (later on). What may be immediately perceived as being "bad" is, in all actually, good in some way.  (You can't clean out your house unless you see the dirt.  Get it?)

What usually happens for me is that I'll discover an employee not performing up to par and I have to fire her...or they automatically walk off the job without notice and I don't have to do anything at all.  Or I'm warned one way or another about some person or threat to whereas I can counteract or ignore it.  Usually these things have a funny way of taking care of themselves through the karmic balances of the universe.  For you, just look for signs, pay attention to what's happening around you, and listen to the "whispers" of new opportunity that you can take advantage of right now.

Yes, unfortunately negativity does come to surface because otherwise you can't clean it out if you can't see it.  People around you who are already negative individuals will rare up with their ugly head, like a dormant serpent that suddenly decided that it wanted to be pissed off because his tail got singed by a flame or something.  This allows you to clearly identify the issues that need to be addressed and ultimately cleaned out of your closet, if you will.

You can't take ANY of this personally even though many times it will seem personal.  When people choose to lash out at you, it's because they have a low self-esteem or personal hatred within themselves.  They might look in the mirror and see someone who is ugly, unattractive, old, grossly overweight or maybe feeling that their time of usefulness on this earth plane is long gone.  

So, instead of finding a positive new outlet for themselves to be productive and powerful members of society, many times they'll decide to hurt others, mostly out of anger and fear within themselves, especially when they know that their future is so damned uncertain AND particularly when they're jealous of you or your success.  (Yes, being successful in and of itself will turn people against you, believe it or not.  You'll see!  But, guess what?  These are the losers that you don't want around you anyway.)  

This coming-to-the-surface happens a lot during eclipses like these and usually with the weakest and most pitiful individuals out there who believe their power is in hurting others.  This is much like why a rapist rapes...for the power to hurt others and not for any personal sexual gratification.  Remember, you can't control others but you CAN (and should) control how you feel about what's happening to you and in your life.

What's even stranger about this time is that the very same people who seemed "normal" before will start acting "out of character" during this time...but, in actuality, they were just wearing a mask before and the eclipse made them take it off.  These people remind of me of robots who start electrically shorting out.  One second they are acting like good people then something...weird...starts to happen with their behavior, almost seemingly uncharacteristic but it's really not.  It's who they really were all along.  Their true colors start coming out and they can't hide their demonic behavior anymore, at least not during an eclipse.  Again, this is something to be thankful for because right after it's over, they put that mask back on to hide from the world who they really are.

Use this as a time of strength and awareness for you.  Instead of getting sucked into the nonsense, use these moments of "flare-ups" with these people as, again, warnings of the bad people with bad intentions out there who you need to avoid while paying attention to those who reach out to you in a positive way as your true allies and friends.  There's nothing better than those who truly suck as having bright red blinking warning lights on them while those who are awesome glow with a steady white light, ready to reach out and help you in any way they can.  This ONLY happens during eclipse season and it takes a powerful person to rise above the negative swirling cesspool of devil-like creatures to fly high above and see this experience for the awesomeness that it really is.  After all, you can't play with the lower-level energies otherwise you will rack up double your negative karmic points (by doing things in retribution that you probably wouldn't otherwise do when thinking more clearly) that you'll ultimately have to pay back...and karma is always a bitch. Think about it: seeing everyone for who they really are...can you see how freaking awesome and powerful that is??  THAT is what happens during eclipse season, my friend. You get to see everything/everyone for what/who it is!

Here's the positive flip-side to these eclipses: if you listen to those "whispers" I eluded to, you'll be given some tremendous business ideas and profit opportunities like no other time of the year.  Many of you know about this mind-blowing opportunity that came about this past September which, coincidentally was, in the middle of three very powerful eclipses that took place in the lateral third of last year.  (I talked about this in my October Detroit Event last year.) But over the holiday season, I decided to put it on the back-burner for a short time.  I knew that the plan wasn't 100% right and I wasn't going to force it until it became clearer in what I was supposed to do.  So, during this very strong eclipse season, I got the new "reboot" of ideas that I had been waiting for to move this business project forward in the precise direction I had originally wanted.  (I'll be talking about what this is in my Vegas Event on May 13th & 14th so I hope you're coming!  CLICK HERE for a 10-minute audio seminar on Vegas!)

So, today on this special lunar eclipse day, I have an opportunity to help YOU with!  It took me awhile to get all my "ducks in a row" on this one but I finally have it all together now.  Just in time for the success in your life to take off in full force!

What is it that I have for you?

I'm starting my first Money Funnel Mentorship Group on Tuesday, April 5th.  As I stated here and there before, all of my new groups for 2016 and beyond will be webinar-based.  For this group, you'll get 8 weeks of webinar trainings.  I'm going to be doing LIVE trainings at the same time each week.  (If you miss them, no big deal.  They'll all be recorded so you'll be able to view them later on.)  After each webinar segment, you'll receive an "Action Sheet" of things you MUST complete before the next week's training session.  All easy stuff.  Just a lot of steps.  You'll also receive email "tips" during your week to give deeper clarification on the items in your Action Sheet.

I'll admit that my mentorship groups have the HIGHEST success rate over any of the other educational platforms I have including my courses and seminars.  Don't get me wrong.  My courses are great because they give you a thorough understanding in how to do something.  Seminars area also fantastic because it allows you to get the most cutting-edge information on building up your biggest and most successful business and investing model possible.

But my mentorship groups...they're in a class in and of themselves.  They literally TAKE YOU BY THE HAND and force you to do the tasks over an extended time.  You get help, you get attention, you are told exactly what to do, and there's no second-guessing anything.

What's most exciting about the NEW mentorship groups is that they are all Webinar Training and Action Sheet based.  This is a completely NEW model that I've never done before.  This will allow you to have an even DEEPER understanding of how every "part" of doing something works.  In this case, the group is all about creating a Money Funnel.  In 8 weeks, you'll be able to set up your complete business AND your first money funnel.  By the end, not only will you have a fully functioning money funnel, you'll also have an exact marketing plan in which to take off with so you can start making money with that funnel.

CLICK HERE to get into this group!

Now, here's the deal.  I'm doing an Easter Blow Out on this where I'm offering a discounted rate.  BUT...I can only accept another 18 students.  The group is getting kind of full because the students who attended my Beverly Hills Event filled a lot of slots.  So...once this group fills up, you'll have to wait until I run another one which probably won't be until late August or sometime in September.  (Sorry!)  So, even though there's a date deadline on this opportunity, unfortunately I'll sell out way before that date and you'll be left with only one of two options:  (1) get the Money Funnel System and figure it all out by yourself, or (2) come to the Money Funnel Event in Las Vegas on May 13th & 14 (which you probably want to do anyway).

CLICK HERE to register now.

If you have any questions, call my office at 661-295-5050.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  I'm offering some pre-made money funnel templates that I've never offered to ANY of my students.  For those who sign up, when it's time to start putting together your funnels (about mid-way through), you'll be getting these funnels from me.  And these are some AWESOME funnels!  CLICK HERE to register now!

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Saturday, March 19 2016

I was talking to the guy who sold me on yet another camera system at my house.  Yes, more cameras were installed.  That brings it up to 18 cameras now.  I know...I'm a little twisted on this camera thing but let's just say this is the type of thing that happens when you're a neighbor scorned, if you will.  After all, I trust absolutely no one anymore, and rightfully so.

So, back to the security guy, he was asking me small-talk questions about if I had plans for spring break and other nonsense that nobody really cares how you answer.  In fact, most people aren't even listening when they ask you stuff.  I know...what a shocker, right?  And I hate talking about myself anyway so I was asking him about himself.  Come to find out that the guy owns a couple of small dealerships and he's working with the security service as a higher-level sales rep just a little longer until he can move on when he's able to add another couple of dealerships.

He went on to tell me that he has 3 sons, all of whom are working at the dealerships now and that in 9 months "max," he'd be joining them and working within his own businesses rather than for someone else. I was so impressed with his precise plan that I had to tell him this:

"I've been teaching students for years through seminars and mentorship groups; most don't make it because they don't have a PRECISE PLAN.  They're floundering about through life, not having any idea where they want to go, who they want to be, and what they want to do.  Some of them actually ask ME to choose their future for them.  And how preposterous is that??"

But I kept thinking about it long after he left.  People are so distracted, busy, tired, and not enthused about life anymore that they just never do anything significant.  They lose their greatness by losing themselves somewhere along the way, perhaps early on in life.  Perhaps much later.  Who knows?  Who cares?  It almost doesn't matter really.  They just lose themselves in the mix somewhere and many just never get themselves back.

There have been different times in my life where I felt lost, maybe even found myself adrift and confused among trying different things but failing to launch anything.  Some projects I'd launch but they'd never fully get off the ground.  Others were highly successful yet I pulled the plug because I realized, after all, that it wasn't my true calling.  But how do you know really if something's for you or not unless you try it?  Life is a smorgasbord or a buffet table.  You always have to dive right in, try as many things as possible, and only then will you really know what is for you and what totally sucks.

Unfortunately for you, my friend, is that you've been too wrapped up in doing things for everybody else that you forgot about yourself.  Do you even remember the last time you were able to do something for yourself?  When was the last time you engrossed yourself in a good fiction novel?  When was the last time you had a massage?  When was the last time you went on a trip to a place where YOU really wanted to somewhere on your Bucket List?  I'll bet it's been a long time.  For some of you, it's been never.  That's when.

You can't blame anyone else for stealing your freedom but yourself.  And the reason you can blame yourself is because you have options.  You're just not DOING the options.  And when you don't DO the options, you get exactly nowhere!

And for students of mine like this, I can't help you.  You can't even help yourself.  And I'm not sure anyone can help you either until you DECIDE to get off your ass and actually start WORKING some type of realistic plan that can get you the life of financial freedom that you've been seeking all of these years...or decades.

I'm doing my LAST EVER Money Funnel Event in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 13th & 14th (and the 15th is a bonus workshop day for Platinum VIP only).  The deal for this event is ending on Monday.  Then you'll get to pay a higher price PLUS lose out on the $497 Beverly Hills Event Videos that I'll be sending to you for F*R*E*E for those who register for Vegas by the close of business on Monday.  CLICK HERE or visit to get the deal before it's too late.

What's so weird to me is that I have a cross-section of students who whine and complain about how they really want to start making some significant dollar amounts but yet they're not willing to learn how.  They're just waiting for that Publisher's Clearing House van to come whipping around the corner to bring them their $7,000-a-Week-for-Life check.  Outside of waiting around, they're willing to do nothing.  And when you're willing to do nothing, you'll get exactly that.  Nothing!

Why is this my last Money Funnel Event?  Because these events are very difficult for me to pull off.  They require a lot of energy on my part.  But here's the REAL reason:  I create too much competition by sharing too many of my exact business plans and blueprints because some of my students actually get out there and start doing the stuff I teach.  Then I make less money and have to find another cutting-edge money-making opportunity.  And I'm kind of tired of doing that.

What's cool about the Money Funnels I've created for myself is that they're working.  And very well at that!  So, my own strategies that I teach are working so well to the point where I can really slow down on some of the parts of my business that is draining my energy including trainings and some of the investments I've been working on that I really don't care for too much.  This Money Funnel Business stuff gives me options where I can work less, think less, and scale up to make MUCH MORE MONEY.  So...why do anything else, right?

CLICK HERE to register.  Stop making excuses already and see me in Vegas in May.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  By registering for this last-ever Money Funnel event in Vegas, you'll be getting the Beverly Hills Event Videos for F*R*E*E.  This is a $497 value which could be worth millions to you just in the strategies that were taught during that event from Total Success Transformation Strategies to a very unique online money-making strategy that I've NEVER talked about before...that will BLOW YOUR MIND!  Don't miss out on this.  The deadline for this offer is on Monday, March 21st at 5pm Pacific Time.  CLICK HERE NOW!

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Wednesday, March 16 2016

When my mom passed away (it'll be 11 years in July), I was beyond irritated that she decided I wasn't worthy to leave half of her life insurance policy to.  She left most of the money to my brother.  Of course, he pissed it away in less than 8 months.  Then he was back exactly where he started...penniless and living off government welfare where he was up until my mom's death and since the money burned a hole in his pocket...10 years later.  In fact, his last text to me about 2 months ago was asking me to buy him a house because...well, you know how it is with deadbeat family members.  I somehow "owe" him since I'm successful and he's not.  I'm sure he thinks it's purely by "luck" and having nothing to do with aggressively getting off my ass each and every day to propel myself forward into success but rather that money must float down into my backyard in the middle of the night while I'm sleeping or something.  It's amazing how idiots actually think.

My mom used to call me "the goose that lays the golden egg."  Since her death and the disbursement of her assets (namely a couple of life insurance policies), I've speculated as to why she didn't leave me more and I always came back to the same thought: she always knew I could take care of myself.  And on the flip side, she knew that my brother couldn't (or rather wouldn't) take care of himself.

Truth be told, I'd rather be the goose that lays the golden egg than reliant on a check from anyone, whether that would be freebies from the government system or being a Paycheck Charlie in some life-robbing, soul-sucking job somewhere.

I have a way you can be that goose...and not the kind that gets cooked either.  We're talking about creating a "scale-able" operation from super small (as in the corner of your basement or spare room on a card table with a laptop) to a huge multi-million-dollar company with multiple loading docs doing worldwide product distribution.  The cool thing is that YOU get to choose how small or large you want your business to be.  Small, as in $20,000 a month in profits? Or large $2,000,000 a month in profits?  Or somewhere in between.  Your choice.

So, how does this work?  How do you learn how to do all of this?

I have a set of videos to show you.  I also want you to attend my last Money Funnel Event in Las Vegas on May 13th & 14th (with a half-day bonus workshop on May 15th for Platinum VIP).  And there's a reason this is my last money funnel event...and my last large-venue event for awhile.  You see, I'm doing the money funnel "stuff" and it's a pretty brainless activity for the amount of money that's made.  So...why continue over-straining my brain cells doing larger events when I don't have to and don't want to anymore?  (Exactly.)  I'd rather focus on highly profitable money funnel stuff selling products than writing courses, speaking at events, doing trainings, and all of the other laborious elements that go along with running a success training empire.

This means that in the future I'm going to concentrate on very small events with only a max of couple dozen people and less (in many cases) who want more one-on-one training.  This would be on more of a "mastermind" level and only for the truly serious who have well moved beyond the tire-kicker category.  These are my students who are actively purchasing real estate (and have at least one building under their belt) and who have active Aggressive Income Businesses (even if it's a small basement money funnel enterprise).  It's easier for me to direct and focus those who are already doing aggressive and passive income businesses rather than trying to get a newbie on track from scratch. It's equivalent to the difference between teaching someone how to change the DNS of their domain versus trying to teach someone how to turn on their laptop and connect to wireless Internet service.  You can probably guess which I'd rather NOT be working with.

In preparation of all of this, I'm acquiring more office/warehouse space so I can work with larger training groups in my office.  I was so impressed with the high quality and sharpness of the students that I was working with in my in-office events that I quickly became addicted to wanting to do more of these smaller workshop-type trainings.  I'm hoping you'll be a part of these soon.

So, what does this mean for you?  This means that since I'm doing my last money funnel event in Vegas in May, you absolutely need to be part of this rare cutting-edge training.  This will get you into a very profitable and highly successful money funnel business within just a couple of weeks after you fully understand what to do.

CLICK HERE or got to to register right now.  I still have the offer on the table where you can get my Beverly Hills Event videos for F*R*E*E when you register for the Vegas event.

If you have any questions, call my office at 661-295-5050.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Monday, March 14 2016

I get so sick of these newscasts that focus on the "poor white American" (usually some old man in a remote border city) who can't get a job because the illegals are stealing all the decent means of employment.


As far as I can tell living in a region of the country that has A LOT of immigrants here (a little-known place called southern may have heard of it), most of these "sought-after jobs" are those of strawberry-picking, lawn-mowing, toilet-scrubbing, and a variety of other jobs that many of these complaining Americans would never soil their precious hands to do in the first place.  It's so much easier to blame somebody else for being apathetic, lazy and pitiful but...IT SUCKS.  And I get tired of hearing it.

If you have a life you don't like, change it already.  Stop blaming everybody else.  YOU are the one to blame.  Yeah, that sucks to hear it.  Hard pill to swallow sometimes but there's good news in it.  It means that since YOU are to blame, YOU can easily turn it around.  You can completely turn your financial life around in 24 hours just by understanding a business idea and doing a "quick implementation" of it.

Let me give you an example...

On the lateral part of Day One of my recent Beverly Hills Money Funnel Seminar Event, I jumped right in to showing my students a VERY SIMPLE and easy-to-implement money-making strategy that, I have to admit, almost didn't make the cut on presentations for this event.  But...I have to also admit that out of ALL of the Aggressive Income Strategies I've EVER presented, this has to be the EASIEST money-making strategy I've ever shown my students.  It requires NO product, NO product fulfillment, NO customer service, NO legal liability and technically you don't even need a website at all (even though it's not recommended you do it this way but it's definitely doable AND profitable even if you don't).

So...what IS it?

You'll have to get the videos to check it out.  Yes, the videos of the Beverly Hills Money Funnel Event have JUST ARRIVED in my office and are ready to go for shipment (for those of you who have been waiting patiently).  And my St. Paddy's Day Blow Out is on and crackin'.

Here's the deal:

For those of you who want to register for my LAST EVER and VERY DIFFERENT Vegas Money Funnel Event for May 13th & 14th (and the 15th for Platinum ONLY), you can get the Beverly Hills Event videos for F*R*E*E!! can just get the Beverly Hills Event videos for a discount until this promotion is over with.

Completely up to you.  CLICK HERE or go to to get the deal NOW before it ends!

The cool thing about all of this is that it allows YOU to be in control of your financial future.  How awesome is THAT??

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Saturday, March 12 2016

A long-time student of mine, Paul S., was telling me and my recent Beverly Hills event group of students about how he was able to get rid of a drug dealer out of his new MHP (mobile home park) property he recently acquired.  And he did it in less than a week.  Long story short, he vetted the drug dealer out by asking everyone on the property who the "problem child" tenant was, quickly found out that it was this drug dealer (and bad tenants MUST be removed if you are to keep your tenants while attracting good tenants), and offered him $200 if he'd move out by the weekend.  He agreed.  And moved out a few days later!

Everybody has a price, apparently.  This guy's price was only $200.  Amazing what you can do with the leverage of MONEY.

No, money doesn't buy happiness but it's a whole hell of a lot easier to have money than to be broke.

And I hope you have a higher price tag on yourself than $200.

One other thing that Paul and I briefly discussed is how he's really doing it.  He's doing the business.  Many of my students show up event to event, almost as "groupies" in a way.  And then they end up doing nothing.  They use me as a crutch, never want me to retire because they know I always delivery the goods, but what about THEM delivering the goods?  To themselves?  In the form of actually getting off their asses and working the business??

Not that hard to do, folks!!

Paul was a little surprised that more people aren't doing the stuff I teach because he knows how easy it is.  And we're talking real estate stuff which is MUCH HARDER to do than the money funnel stuff.    Paul came to my money funnel event in Beverly Hills because he is now understanding, as a successful real estate investor himself, how much more difficult it's getting to do creative financing deals anymore.  So, he'll be starting a money funnel business for that Aggressive Income he needs to inject some cash into these properties as down payments so he can acquire these cash flowing properties now.

The coolest thing about the Beverly Hills event (aside from the puffer fish in the saltwater tank by the elevators) is what I presented at the end of Day One.  And I did this on purpose, too.  I had a few students who didn't see the value in learning about all that "success transformation" stuff I was teaching on Day One so they thought they'd float in on the second day to just get to the money-making stuff.  Little did they know that they had missed THE most profitable strategy that I ended up presenting during the entire event.

And it won't be repeated.  (Sorry!)

You can order the videos though.  For my St. Paddy's Day Blow Out deal, I have 2 options for you:

1)  Sign up to attend the Vegas event on May 13th & 14th (and the 15th for Platinum ONLY) and you'll get these Beverly Hills videos for F*R*E*E.  CLICK HERE for the deal.


2)  Just get the videos without signing up for the Vegas event.  CLICK HERE.

Now, with Vegas, this event will be different.  First of all, it'll be my LAST EVER Money Funnel event.  But Vegas will be about using the money funnels for BOTH consumer-direct AND distribution profits...for those of you interested in making millions of dollars by seeing your products in stores nationwide.  (And using the ease of the money funnel to get wholesalers and distributors to carry your product INSTEAD of cold-calling, going to trade shows, and doing the "typical" groundwork to get your products out there.)  This is where the big money is, folks!

I'll also be talking about very PRODUCT SPECIFIC money funnels for the consumer-direct side by using online-only marketing strategies.  (You can always expand out to use offline-to-online marketing strategies later on.)  In the Beverly Hills event, I combined both online and offline strategies.  This time, we'll be concentrating almost exclusively on online strategies with only a brief mention of the types of offline strategies available to you.  About 99% of the time, we'll be focusing on the very-easy-to-implement online marketing strategies to drive prospects into your funnels.

CLICK HERE or go to to get the deal.  This is a LIMITED TIME ONLY offer then the price goes up.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  All Money Funnel Systems HAVE BEEN SHIPPED.  If you didn't get yours yet and you ordered one, you'll get it lickety-split.  Just wait.  Be patient.  I worked hard on this course and it's my best one yet, by far.  So, it's well worth the wait.  ;-)

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Thursday, March 10 2016
I Miss My Buddy!

It's rare that I have a real connection with any type of animal except for the ones that live in my immediate household.  And a fish, well...that doesn't even fall into the "animal" category at all. Yet during each of my breaks at the Beverly Hills event, I would wearily walk up to the elevators, find myself waiting and staring into this massively large and gorgeous saltwater fish tank that was right there, and began to fixate on this one fish in there.

He's a puffer fish of some kind, as I was told by the guy feeding the fish one day. This dude loves shrimp and almost took the guy's fingers off when he was eating it.  Yes, this puffer dude has some heavy-duty teeth, enough to do some major damage. 

Look at those teeth!  Intense.
So, this was my buddy during the entire event at the Beverly Hilton.  I'm sure he still there, swimming around.  Hopefully happy and content.  I really do miss this little guy. It's amazing what we connect with.
It was an excellent event for those of you who missed it.  CLICK HERE for a 10-minute audio seminar on what's next on my plate and how to get the videos from the entire 2 1/2 days of my Beverly Hills Money Funnel Event!
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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Tuesday, March 08 2016

I've been a faithful subscriber of since around 2007 or so.  And it seems that with each passing year, their fees get higher and higher while offering the same crappy service, even changing their platform altogether a few weeks back to make it more difficult to use.

So, about 2 weeks ago they sent me a little notice saying that they were jacking up my quarterly fees.  Again.  This would be the third time in the last couple of years.  "But don't worry," they went on.  "There will be no interruption of your service.  We'll just automatically (screw) bill you at the higher rate on your renewal date."

Nope.  I went into the system and canceled my renewal.  So, effective on the 26th of March, I'll no longer be a Premium LoopNet subscriber.  Somehow it doesn't seem worth the $400 plus per month for their less-than-helpful platform.

Further, when talking to an ad rep at LoopNet recently, I was told that they're no longer allowing for national and international advertisers to place header banners on their websites.  They're going more with "regional" and "local" brokers now.  Hmmm.  Wonder how that's going to work out for them in the long haul?

So, if you have stock in (who also owns, maybe now is the time to dump it.  After all, I'm pretty certain that they're quickly becoming the next DotCom horror story in the making.  When you're losing your Premium subscribers left and right while disallowing larger companies to advertise...this would be a recipe for bankruptcy if I've ever seen it.  All they'll have left to pay their Premium Service fees are a bunch of brokers and listing agents.  And if subscribers (investors) can't see ALL of the listings (because they're only "standard" subscribers), they'll just go elsewhere...

Like  Yes, that's right.  A completely FR*EE website that you don't have to pay over $400 a month to see all the good listings.  Of course, there's a lot you can't do with this service but here's why I don't care anymore...

I started to think about this Premium thing.  Truth be told, I haven't really been using it at all.  I generally hook up with a listing agent in any specific farming area I'm focusing on for my real estate transactions and investments so...they then start bringing me deals and I don't do my own online MLS property research anymore.  I use my agent to get me all the property details and even do title pulls when needed.  I guess I've kept LoopNet all of these years "just in case" I needed to look for something as some type of false and useless (and EXPENSIVE) crutch.

But as it stands now, f*** them.  Not only is their pricing outrageous (a monthly car payment per month) but their customer service is rude every time you call.  They think they're God's gift to the MLS world.  So let them sink in the quicksand abyss of destitution and devastation they created for themselves and STOP USING THEIR SERVICE.  It's not worth it.

One more thing, years ago they used to give my students discounts for me sending them there.  Then they got to big for their britches.  Probably thinking...who is this Monica Main bitch anyway?!  Well, big enough to tell over 100,000 students of mine that they should cancel their LoopNet service.  Immediately.  Like today.  The last payment you made to LoopNet should be your last payment to them...FOREVER.

There you go,  Screwballs.  Keep sinking.  Then someone will be able to buy your company for pennies on the dollar.  Hopefully by Christmas.  Maybe then they'll be put back together as the "grass roots" mom-and-pop company they USED to be while coming back down to reality-land on their subscriber fees.

Basic Business 101, folks.  You can't bite BOTH the hands that feed you and expect to stay in business.  They're screwing their subscribers AND their advertisers.  So...basic math says that can only last so long before the empire inevitably comes crashing down.

Here's another reason why I don't care about  When you are putting cash into deals, you're not concerned about "creative financing" methods.  This means that I no longer care about finding the seller's LLC name and mailing address to send a proposal.  The deal is cut-and-dried.  I put 20% cash into an apartment building.  And...that's it.  The real estate agent executes most of the deal.  I just write a freaking check and do some due diligence. Neither of which assists me with.

This is where YOU need to be with all this.  Another reality of today's real estate market, you need CASH to compete with your other investors now.  You need CASH for your down payment of at least 20% to be able to make your deal cash flow since performing properties are commanding top dollar.  That's the cold hard reality of investing in passive income real estate in 2016.  Told ya it would end up this way IF you were listening to me for the past few years.

So, what do you do now?

You get that cash rolling in.  That's what you do.  And you do it as fast as humanly possible.

Most of you know that I just got back from my Beverly Hills event.  My voice is still hoarse and I'm tired as hell right now.  I'm seconds away from lying on my desk and taking a 5-hour nap.  But before I tell you all that, I have to tell you how freaking awesome the event turned out to be.  So...hours before I was supposed to start driving down to the Beverly Hilton, I decided to do one more presentation on this amazing, incredibly profitable method of money funnel marketing that you can do without a product, without doing any product fulfillment, without dealing with product liability factors (including legal issues), and without doing a lick of customer service for the product.  You don't even need a website.

So, for all of you who have been waiting for the Money Funnel System, THIS is what the hold up is.  I briefly explain this new strategy on page 45 (and on) on this killer, kick-ass, game-changing new strategy.  And then I was thinking..."Well, why not present it at Beverly Hills?"  Except I had NO SLIDES and NO TIME to do the slides and NO SLOT in which to present this new information.

But...I shortened my Success Transformation and started presenting this absolutely AMAZING strategy at the end of Day One of the event.

All on video, of course.  And this strategy ALONE is worth anywhere from $100 to $5,000 A DAY to you, depending on how small or large you'd like this "operation" to be because, remember, this isn't selling your own product AT ALL.  So there's no "nothin'" to make this strategy work EXCEPT FOR ONE THING you must do.  And this is thoroughly outlined in my last presentation of the day on Day One of my Beverly Hills Event.

Even more awesome yet, I'm doing ONE LAST Money Funnel Event EVER in Las Vegas on May 13th and 14th (and the 15th if you're Platinum) to include both consumer-direct AND distribution money funnel stuff.  This is if you want the BIG TIME, people.  If you're looking to hit it big with a multi-million-dollar product line to hit stores nationwide with distributors and wholesalers, you CANNOT miss this event.  It will NOT be repeated.

Okay, so what's the DEAL then?  For St. Paddy's Day...I'll be offering you these kick-ass Beverly Hills event videos for F*R*E*E if you register for the Vegas event at the lowest early-bird discount price I'll be offering for this event (before it goes up, soon!).

Why is it imperative that you get these Beverly Hills videos?  Because that opportunity I was just talking about that was presented on Day One of the event...that precise money-making opportunity WON'T be discussed in Vegas.  So, if you want to know what it is, you MUST get the videos of the event I just finished.

And if you don't want to register for Vegas but you want the videos, you can do that too.  I'll get you the videos, the event materials, and 3 money funnel template clones.  Because that's how awesome I am.

CLICK HERE or go to to take me up on this offer.  Yes, this is a kick-ass offer.  No, I've never offered anything REMOTELY close to how powerful this is.  This can and will change your life if you let it.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  Just to give you an idea of just how awesome this strategy is...never mind.  You'll just have to see the videos.  Remember, it's the presentation at the end of Day One.

P.P.S.  For those who ordered the Money Funnel System, we have them in our office now.  They're being packaged up as I type this and they're all going out this week.  Sorry for the delay but there's an entire section (starting on page 45) that I did NOT want to miss out on giving you because it's a game-changer.  So, forgive me for being late on this but it WILL be worth your wait.  Trust me!!  ;-)

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