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Tuesday, November 29 2016

I think I've safely clocked in more than my fair share of hearing from idiots, screwballs, and outright wack-jobs in my career so far.  And to say that this "entertains" me in some Eminem would say, "That's just whacked."  (If you don't know what it means, just pretend that you do.  Roll with it, baby.)

So this latest ball of nonsense came from a non-student.  Yes, I actually interact with the outside world every once in awhile.  (Surprising, isn't it?)

I was in a restaurant talking to someone in my party at my table when, apparently, the person at the table next to us decided to chime in...because after all, he felt "invited" in some way. What was I talking about?  My take on what we can expect for our upcoming economic changes, of course.  (What else do I talk about?)  I was going into detail about the things that bothered me and realizing that, unlike what I previously predicted a few weeks back about a "soft" recession, I'm probably dead wrong about that and it's going to hit harder than I expected.

Much like the Titanic hitting the iceberg...remember that part in the movie?  The ship hit the iceberg.  There was shaking.  Then dead silence...before the ship started sinking.

We're in that "dead silence" part right now.

One particular thing has really caught my attention about our new president-elect.  Forget about all the stuff that has everybody up in arms from immigration to abortion rights.  I'm not even zeroed in on that stuff.  I pay very close attention to other things...the things that really affect the playing field for business.  And there's one particular thing that has indicated, to me, that we're probably looking at a replay of 2008...or something pretty damn close to it.

Here's what it is:

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will be stripped out of the picture as if it never existed.

What does that mean?

It means that we can go back to the days where predatory mortgage lending existed, as there will soon no longer be an agency to protect consumers.  This also means that the predatory lenders, knowing that there is no longer a watch-dog regulatory agency to monitor what they do at all times, will fall quickly back into predatory lending practices.

Welcome back to the no-doc loans, adjustable ARMs, and all the other bullshit that put us into the foreclosure calamity to begin with.

For somebody like me, an investor who knows what the f*** time it is, this is freaking AWESOME!  I'll get loans just by filling out paperwork without showing a lick of anything.  But, unlike most of the sheep and the dopes out there, I know HOW to work these loans for profit.  Most of the idiots out there never read contracts, don't read the paperwork, and get into properties they know damn well they cannot afford because they're greedy or they are sold the idea by some greedy broker.  And sheep ALWAYS get sheered, don't they?

Get ready for the sheering to begin.  And get ready for the foreclosures.

For me?  This is FREAKING AWESOME because of the loans I can get and because of the windfall of foreclosures in the years to come.  For idiots?  It will be a replay of 2006, 2008, 2008, 2009, and 2010 for them.  They'll get suckered into the EXACT same scenario they just got out of because, for many of them, they've had 10 years between now and their last foreclosure (or they're pretty close) so...get into another stupid loan, why don't they?!

As I'm going on and on about all of this, the f*** head sitting at the table next to me leans over and tells me I have no idea what I'm talking about.  Then goes on and on with his own mis-matched no-sense-making tirade about Donald Trump and the economy.  I looked at him like he lost his mind then asked... "What do you do for a living?"  He hesitated, then said...

"I deliver pizzas."

I burst into laughter, probably much more exaggerated than anticipated just to make a point.  In other words, What the hell do you know about the opportunities in any economy when you deliver pizzas for somebody else's company?

Nothing.  Somebody like that knows not a freaking thing.

Then I ignored him as if he wasn't if he never existed which, perhaps, was quite possibly the icing on the cake as he got redder and madder by me continuing my conversation with MY party at MY table ABOUT him and his stupidity.

None of us know everything.  Believe me, there is A LOT I want to learn about so many more things in my lifetime.  But guess what?  When I'm in "learning mode" because of areas in which I'm inferior, I shut the hell up and I LISTEN to those who know shit.  Period.  I don't step in (especially uninvited) and start spewing the life and times about why I'm so smart or why I know it all.  I LISTEN.  I PAY ATTENTION.  I LEARN STUFF.  Otherwise you can never improve.

Now, does that mean I'm right about the upcoming trials and tribulations of the economy, especially with the housing market?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  I've already told you about the upcoming recession that we were destined to hit because of the economic cycles and historic charts pointing us in that direction.  And now there are other things I'm uncovering to indicate that things just may be worse than anticipated.

Regardless, the recession is coming "hard" or "soft," there is MONEY TO BE MADE if you know how to do it, and you MUST be prepared for it.  As I learned throughout this year, living in denial about something doesn't make it go away.  So, instead, EMBRACE it and learn how to make money with it.  Fighting with people over politics or acting like a know-it-all in a restaurant -- especially if your "career" is that of something like a pizza delivery dude -- is NOT a great way to prepare when you can be learning from those who have done, are doing, and will continue to do things that will make us MASSIVE amounts of money.

Trust me...if I were sitting at a table next to Warren Buffett, under NO circumstances would I begin to argue with the guy about anything even if I disagreed with every word that came out of his mouth.  Instead I would be LISTENING and quite possibly hitting the RECORD button on my phone to make sure I don't miss anything, especially when making future predictions about the economy.  And ESPECIALLY if he was talking about HOW to make money in the economy.  I'd so much as bite my tongue off before I'd let myself utter a single word before I heard him out.

But that's me.  And that's the difference between those who are successful and those who want to walk about as a know-it-all whose life is a living pity-party.  Apparently arguing gives these people a sense of importance because their lifestyle and career choices certainly don't.  Don't choose to be one of THOSE people, okay?  Open your ears.  Listen.  Learn.  Implement.

And get very rich in the process!

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See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Saturday, November 26 2016

I've made some changes from what I originally thought I'd be doing to what it looks like I'll actually be doing in 2017.

These changes are, of course, thanks to our recession (and other reasons, explained in a minute).  As with all smart business people, I have to be flexible with the times.  I suggest you do the same.

After my Real Estate Cash Flow Underground Secret Event in February 2017 (CLICK HERE to register if you haven't already to still get the early-bird pricing and $100 hold-deposit option), I'll be focusing solely and exclusively on AGGRESSIVE Income Strategies for the remainder of the year.

And that's pretty weird considering that your upcoming opportunities are going to be in Passive Income Strategies.  Don't you think?

Well, there's a distinct reason for this.  First of all, everything you'll need to know for investing in Passive Income Strategies WILL be covered in great detail during the Real Estate Cash Flow Underground Secret Event.  They are also covered in my newly released Apartment Riches Modules (which you can STILL get for a pre-order discount INCLUDING my last chance DIRECT investor-partner access; CLICK HERE to get them now!).  So, between the seminar and the modules, you won't need anything else for Passive Income Strategies...probably until 2019.  Yep, you'll be covered.  Completely and thoroughly.

That brings us BACK to Aggressive Income Strategies.  This is two-fold and DOES include real estate, believe it or not.  (I'll bet you thought it was only about online money-making stuff.  But it's not.) Starting the beginning of March 2017 and throughout the entire year of 2017, we'll be covering ONLY Aggressive Income Strategies including BOTH real estate AND non-real estate.

And I can't wait!  This is the stuff I THRIVE off of because this is the stuff that can make the most money when you play your cards right.

And yes, this means we'll be doing more Money Funnel Strategies.  I have a brand new mentorship planned for the spring for the Money Funnel that will include taking already-done clones and will focus almost exclusively on marketing those funnels on Facebook, Adwords, Yahoo! and even offline.  Remember, the key to making money with a Money Funnel is the marketing.  And THAT is the component we'll be covering in my cutting-edge Money Funnel Mentorship coming up in the spring.

I'd also like to do a 3-day one-on-one in-house training sometime in the spring as well for Money Funnel Strategies just because some (and in some respects, many) of these business-building aspects have CHANGED.

One of these huge changes came down to my mailing list broker -- Macromark Inc. -- who I've used since the 1990s.  They are one of the largest mailing list brokerages houses in the country...and they were just raided by the feds a couple of months ago.  My broker told me all about it: how 25 federal agents came swooping in and demanding all of these files, making everyone stay into the wee hours of the morning as each person from the lowest secretary to the CEO were individually questioned at great length.

And I knew something was wrong even before that.  Call it my "Spidey" senses...but they lost their merchant account in August or September.  They quite suddenly sent everyone an email saying that they don't accept credit cards anymore for payment on rented lists.  Only checks and wire transfers were to be accepted from that point on.  No future date.  No notice.  Just "effective immediately."  This started the alarm bells for me.

I stopped mailing in the late spring.  I had issues with Macromark getting watered down lists and old names.  So, I just stopped mailing altogether while preparing to get names from other much larger "compiling" bureaus like NextMark or Exact Data for my new mailing projects for my skin care business.  Because something smelled rotten in the Macromark camp.

Then the raid came.  I still didn't know about it.  But the next day I had someone (other than my regular broker) email me to demand my current mailing piece.  I told them to pound sand because I didn't have a CURRENT piece due to my stopping my mailings earlier in the year.  Come to find out that they were just collecting people's mailing pieces...for the feds.

Macromark is on the verge of bankruptcy now.  My broker quit the same week of the fed raid.  Others walked out as well.  But the worst part is that none of their clients want to do business with them anymore.  They're making it harder to get approval on mailing lists and probably sending everybody's pieces (which many are already borderline legal) to the FBI.  Mailing list orders are taking forever to get approved and sent out...if they're approved at all.  For mailers, it's just much easier to use somebody else and not deal with the hassle and federal government exposure by using Macromark anymore.

This is kind of a game-changer, folks.  How so?  Well, I already knew (since the summer) that mailing on business opportunity types of lists wasn't a good idea anymore.  If you want to make money in "mail order" then the money is in what they call the "health" lists where companies are selling all kinds of supplements, health products, and even health-related newsletters, courses, and books.  This is where you make money in "mail order" these days, especially if you want to negate legal risk.  Yes, you can make money with business opportunity lists, especially with those that are about stock trading it worth the legal risk?  Is it worth being singled out by the FBI?  Because after all, if they want to find one teeny-weeny little thing that they don't like about your company, they will.  And they do.  It's best not to bother with taking those types of risks when there's a lot of money to be made elsewhere in other types of product lines.

This is what I want the focal point of 2017 to be: focusing on Aggressive Income Strategies with online and offline business strategies.


Because it's fairly easy to invest in real estate once you have the money to do it.  And getting the money using Aggressive Income Strategies is really the way to go.  It's easy to do if you can follow instructions.  It's extremely gratifying to start making thousands of dollars a week.  Then more.  Then even more.  Until you go from dead broke to building your first house...just in a matter of months.

This has happened for me, many times over.  This has happened for many of my students as well.  And I love seeing that type of financial transformation.  As a teacher, nothing excites me more than seeing people achieve success in ways that before weren't possible because they didn't have the right success blueprint.

So, let's just say that 2017 is gearing up to be a great year, especially for those of you interested in my most successful, profitable, and mind-blowing Aggressive Income Strategies.

For now, though, you have one last chance to be a part of my Passive Income Strategies.  This is with my newly released Apartment Riches Modules (CLICK HERE) and my Detroit Real Estate Underground Secret Event (CLICK HERE).  This is ALL I'll be doing for Passive Income Real Estate Strategies for a good long take advantage while you can.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Thursday, November 24 2016
Happy Thanksgiving!
This is the time of year when I find myself the saddest.  I miss my mom more than the rest of the year.  Thanksgiving was her favorite holiday and I feel her around more than other times.
It's been 11 years since her untimely death and it doesn't seem to get easier as the years roll on.  Maybe the pain gets duller.  I don't know.  Does it matter?  When you miss a loved one that is gone from this earth, I don't think any kind of justification or reasoning can make one feel better.
I know a few of my students lost people who were near and dear to them.  And this makes the holidays even harder.  It makes Thanksgiving in particular a time when some of us may feel that there's nothing to be thankful for.  And maybe it's okay to not be thankful this year...or even the next.  Sometimes you have to let yourself feel sad in order for the healing to begin.
For the rest of us, we have a lot to be thankful for even if it's for the people that we'll be sitting next to at the dinner table.  The people that are still here, with us.  Remember, for some, certain very close and important people are gone.  If you have those loved ones still with you, even if they are a globe-distance away from you, be grateful that they're still here.  With us.
I know, I know...It's easy to choose to complain about what we don't have or where we should be while making an inventory sheet of every place we've failed in life.  But why do that anymore?  It's zapping away all of your energy and self worth. What a waste!
Today is a reminder that we have so much to be grateful for.  I know, it's become a cliche.  Hasn't it?  But I am prompting you to at least take a REAL moment to think about how awesome things are for you even if, by comparison, you still think your life sucks compared to others.  Stop comparing your life to others.  When you do that, your life suddenly can become awesome.  Just like that, in one fraction of a second.
Remember, life is nothing more than perspective.  That's it.  Nothing more.  As hard as it may be sometimes, maybe we just need to change that perspective.  Even if it's for one day.  Or for a couple of hours anyway.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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Tuesday, November 22 2016
Everything You Want...Is on the Other Side of Fear

How to Overcome Fear to Experience Great Power...All in Under One Minute!

The other day I found myself a tad jet-lagged from flying into the Midwest for the holidays (since I didn't want to be alone this particular Thanksgiving).  My daughter Brie wanted to go to some type of "jumpy house" so we ended up an indoor trampoline park where she could jump to her little heart's content.
Within about an hour she wanted a drink so I handed her a $20 bill and gestured her toward a concession window that was about 20 feet away.  I didn't want to move.  My head hurt from the blasting music of the joint and I didn't feel like getting up.
At first she was hesitant.  She didn't want to order anything by herself.  But then I told her to get anything she wanted...anything $20 could buy, that is. Otherwise, she would get nothing because I refused to get up.
Hesitantly, she went up to the window but seamlessly ordered an Icee, threw the change on the table and after a couple of guzzles went off to go jumping again.  She quickly overcame her fear of doing something so "adult" on her own like that.  My motto is that the earlier these kids get to do these mundane things -- ordering, buying stuff, paying bills, taking care of business, etc. -- the better off they'll be.  Ideally she'll become a little more self-reliant than the rest of her Millennial counterparts running around on the planet.
She came back to the table about 30 minutes later, stated that she was hungry, and then asked if she could go get something at the concession window again.  By herself.  I said, "Sure."  And gave her some money again.
This time, instead of bringing back one single thing, she brought back several things (most of which I wouldn't have approved of such as cookies and the like) because she had just realized something: power.  She had the power of independence, even for that short moment.  And instead of being fearful of it as she started off, she now embraced the full power of it.  
And ended up buying everything she wanted.
Now she'll never be afraid again to take some cash to go buy something on her own.  For an 8-year-old, this is a pretty empowering and liberating moment that does, in fact, define a huge sense of independence.  Perhaps for her for the first time in her short life so far.
I think of the things that we, as adults, are fearful of.  Small things that still seem so large and insurmountable that, in some cases, are no more difficult than overcoming the fear in a way that I described above.
How long have many of us sat around, talking ourselves OUT of the things we've always wanted to do, for a variety of reasons that are really invalid if we further analyzed these reasons?  Probably many of us much of the time. Only you and I have the power to decide that we're simply not going to choose to allow these minimal fears to control what we don't do from this point further.
Because look at the facts here.  We have another year barreling down upon us and, if you're like me, you're wondering where the hell most of this year went.  I feel like I vaguely remember the spring, some stuff I did in the summer, and now it's Thanksgiving and I'm wondering... "What the hell happened to the rest of this year?"
Yes, my friend, it's gone.  Another year on the books.  Another year down. And I can bet that this is another year that you didn't accomplish what you intended or wanted.  You feel like you've wasted a lot of time.  But now we have 2017 to be another year that, perhaps, we can make as OUR year to finally do it.  To finally get that fire under our asses and to become the successes we've been talking about, right?
But how many years have gone by where you've been making this SAME EXACT promise?  Yet nothing has ever changed year after year!
Time to put a stop to the fear, the madness, the procrastination and the excuses.  You either have to man (or woman) up and just admit that you don't want X dream anymore...whatever your dream or dreams may be.  And just resolve to be happy in the life you are in now...until you die.  (If this is good for you then maybe letting go of your dreams is the best thing.)
Or the alternative...
Finally say, "Enough is enough.  Let's stop making excuses and let's do this f****** thing already!"
The choice, as always, is YOURS to make.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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Sunday, November 20 2016

We all fall for it.  The well-meaning unsolicited "advice" we get to pretend we're listening to.  Until it gets too ridiculous to entertain, that is.

As it was in my case.

I mentioned recently that my dad kind of moved into my house.  He sort of showed up at my doorstep with a suitcase and I couldn't very well tell him to beat it (even though I wanted to). He's going through some very unique challenges with his wife (who I refuse to call my step-mother).  She's very ill and in recent months, because of the drastic changes in her medications, has become violent.  So he had to leave or risk having an ice pick plummeted into his skull in the middle of the night.  Hence, on my doorstep he ended up.

My dad and I never really had a decent relationship.  He was non-existent through most of my adult life.  I always got the sense (probably starting with my mother telling me from childhood that my dad never wanted kids) that I was more of an inconvenience being around so I made myself scarce.  This is why we barely ever saw one another until recently when he, of course, had no other choice but to find a safe haven from the cataclysmic destruction of his marriage. of the things I have to deal with now is his self-loathing "I don't know what to do" (which sucks) and different pieces of "advice" he wants to throw out there (which also sucks).  And I can't even choose which sucks more.

Especially after he gave me a bit of advice that caused me to completely come unhinged.  It was the first (of several) episodes where I found myself actually yelling at him.

And this piece of well-meaning "advice" he gave me that was the cause of my becoming unhinged?

He told me to never express how I felt about religion or politics in the business world to anyone, especially my customers and clients.  And that if anyone ever said anything about religion or politics, I should just go along in agreement with everything they had to say about it.  Really?

Even worse (yes, it keeps going), he told me that it was his dad who gave him this bit of advice, stemming from when my dad was about 5 years old and a local restaurant owner was telling a patron that he goes to the same church his customer goes to, knowing damn well that it was a lie.  His dad explained that it was "good business" to just go along with everything your customers tell you, even lying about important things like religion, because it's all about just getting their money and nothing else.  Just agree and take their money was the motto of the day.


First of all, neither does my dad have a business (anymore) nor did his dad have a business (ever).  And yet here we have 2 people (one of which is dead) dispensing business advice that (a) is completely negligent of any honesty and ethics, (b) isn't part of today's business world here in 2016, and (c) from people who have never had a massively successful business...or any business at all.

I'm NOT here to "say anything" just to "take people's money," as was apparently my grandfather's business advice.  For someone to stand for everything and say anything and do anything just to get on a customer's good to stand for nothing at all.  To agree with everything means you represent nothing.  You must stand for something, especially in this day and age, otherwise people will lose respect for you.  And you'll also lose respect for yourself as well.

But where did all of this stem from?

It was my emails about certain political subjects around the time of the election that set my dad off.  Apparently I was supposed to "agree" with everyone.  Trump?  Fantastic choice for president.  Clinton?  Fantastic choice as well.  No matter what anyone was to say, I apparently was supposed to go along with it.  Same with religion, I suppose.  Am I Catholic?  Sure. Christian? Yep, that too.  Buddhist?  Of course!

Come on!

One of my mentors had some pretty heavy things to say about his political choice during this recent election.  And guess what?  I didn't agree with him AT ALL.  In fact, I don't think it's possible for us to be further divided on this topic.  But...being the smart common-sense kind of gal that I am, I realize that his political beliefs have nothing to do with the things I'm learning from him in the capacity of marketing and business success.  Nothing at all.  He can believe with 1000% conviction that the moon is made of cheese.  So freaking what if he does? And if I happen to disagree with this "fact" especially having nothing to do with what I'm learning?  Maybe I do.  Again, that's NOT why I'm learning from him.  And only a flim-flam spineless loser would disconnect from someone they're learning a lot from that has a lot to offer their future because they disagree with where they go to church on Sunday or who they voted for on November 8th.

I had to painstakingly explain this to my dad, further explaining that I have a lot of followers who love my no-holds-barred style because I'm honest and about no bullshit.  And they know I'm not going to lie to them.  For the spineless losers who need to be "agreed with" on their political stances and religious preferences at all times, they can go across the aisle to the waiting snake oil salesman who will agree with everything they have to say provided that they whip out their credit cards so they can be sold every load of unusable crap there is on the market which will make them poorer instead of richer.  For people who want to be coddled, agreed with, and pandered to at all times...they've already lost because they'll be hard-up to ever find the "right" person to agree with everything they believe in unless it's someone willing to lie about their beliefs just to take their money.  For anyone who actually believes everyone should agree with everything they believe in...find another planet to live on because you're in the wrong place.

Part of the beauty in all of us is that we're all different.  We all have different perspectives and opinions.  We all have gone through different things which result in different likes and dislikes.  And that should be excellent because it allows us to have diversity within our societies.  How boring would it be if we were all exactly alike thinking all of the exact same things and formulating all of the exact opinions and beliefs?  It's certainly NOT a place I'd want to live or be part of.

Here's something else I'm not going to bullshit you about.

Real estate investing.  Our 2017 recession coming up.  And how there are several things of economic uncertainty that we are about to face but...if you know how to play your cards right, you'll make out like a bandit.

Truth be told, I made the vast majority of my money in recent real estate years between 2008 and 2010.  Then it began to taper down after about the middle of 2011.  It's been slowing down steadily since to the point of near-nonexistence in the past 2 years.  You see, opportunities in a good economy aren't that great when it comes to getting deals on real estate.  Foreclosures cease to exist.  Negotiating a lower price becomes impossible.  And everybody (sellers) want top dollar for their properties.

This sucks when you want to make money as a real estate investor.

But right now we're about to enter into a period where you can get some of those 2008 through 2010 deals again and you need to be prepared for it.  No, you're not going to start investing yet.  But what you WILL be doing is understanding how to do it front to back, step by step, from A to Z so that you can hit the ground running in a few months when the market starts to fall apart.

This is what I have for you from my first and only Apartment Riches Mentorship Group modules.  I just completed an 8-week online mentorship group where we did 8 trainings (on video) that run between 60 and 90 minutes.  After each training, there is something called an Action Sheet where you'll be working through each of the items that were discussed in the training that are on your Action Sheet list.  Before you are allowed to watch the next video in the series, you MUST complete the Action Sheet for that video.

And this goes on for 8 solid weeks.  Of course, you can work the entire process in half the time...or double the time.  Take your time.  Learn the materials well.  Watch the training videos over and over again until you get it.  You have about 3 months to really learn and understand this stuff.  And if you do, it'll be well worth it to help you succeed as a profitable cash flowing investor for multi-family and residential-commercial apartment building properties.

But even more powerful: you'll be trained on how to create a very simple business plan that my investors can approve and do a partnership with you on.  (Many of my students don't understand how to create these business plans yet you will be trained on exactly what to do.)

Plus, you'll have the LAST ACCESS to my investor partner who, so far, has done partnerships on 32 deals with students since this past August.  Yes, 32...and counting!  But I was told that I'm no longer allowed to have anymore students join this special partnership arrangement after November 30th.  So...this is it!  This is the LAST TIME to join this exclusive direct partnership opportunity because it cannot be and will not be offered ever again.  And you'll get it when you get the Apartment Riches Modules.

CLICK HERE to check it out now.  Get all of the Apartment Riches Mentorship Modules PLUS the Direct Partnership.  This is the last opportunity for this.  Seriously.  If you haven't been able to participate in the partnership opportunity by now, this is it for good!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

​​​​​​​Monica Main

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Tuesday, November 15 2016

Over the summer I did quite a powerful 8-week mentorship group on my Distribution Profit Aggressive Income Business Model. This is, by far, the most AGGRESSIVE form of income I teach.

But as stated before...this is NOT for everybody.  In fact, it's probably not for most of you.

So, what IS the Distribution Profit Business Model exactly?

It's for those of you who want to start a product line -- which can be anything from clothing to health supplements to food products and/or snacks -- and to get that product line out to retailers and wholesalers nationwide.  Ultimately you'll see your product on store shelves nationwide and, quite possibly in a few years, worldwide.

This is where the BIG money comes in.  This is when you can get that huge mansion overlooking the ocean.  This is when you can get obscenely filthy rich.

Now, the reason this opportunity is NOT for everyone is for 2 reasons:

1)  It takes work.  This isn't a business plan for someone who is lazy and wants to put in minimal hours while expecting a business to grow by itself to multi-million-dollar proportions.  You have to be willing to roll up your sleeves and get your business off the ground and ultimately soaring high into the million-dollar plus income range.

2)  You have to get the RIGHT product from the beginning.  Of course, in the Distribution Profit Mentorship Modules, I show you in GREAT DETAIL how to find the best, most marketable, and profitable products but you MUST get this right if you plan on getting into that multi-million-dollar profit threshold.

This is BEYOND my profitable home-based money funnel stuff.  Sure, you can (and should) start your business really small but it will grow into a huge business within a short time, especially following my well laid out plan including choosing the right product from the start.  You'll learn from the pitfalls that I had gone through to get you from A to Z with the least resistance possible.

As I mentioned in the beginning, I did an 8-week mentorship group for the Distribution Profit Business and now these modules are available to you.  The cool thing about this is that you can do the mentorship group in half the time if you wish.  Or you can take your time with it and spread it out slowly through a 12- to 18-week time frame.  It's up to you how fast or slow you want to work through these modules.

I will warn you, though.  Each video training (which was recorded from a live webinar) is about 60 to 90 minutes long EACH ONE.  So, I don't really recommend that you binge watch all 8 training videos in one day.  This is because after watching each training video in chronological order, you will need to work through the items on the accompanying Action Sheet BEFORE advancing to the next video otherwise you won't get the tasks done that are needed to build your business.

CLICK HERE to see this deal including listening to a power-packed audio seminar explaining exactly who this opportunity is tailored for.

Remember, the deal ends TODAY's now or never on this one.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Friday, November 11 2016
Warning:  This is NOT for Everyone!
Can You Imagine Seeing YOUR Product on Store Shelves Nationwide?
Over the summer I had completed an 8-week online Distribution Profit Mentorship Group that was pretty intense.  It was the first, only, and last training of its kind.  I decided that because of the intensity of this type of training and the small percentage of students interested in this form of Aggressive Income on Steroids, I'd no longer be doing these trainings anymore.
When I first started to build my multi-million-dollar supplement business working the Distribution Profit Business Model, I had NO information or training or books or seminars to attend.  This information and training simply doesn't exist out there.
Unfortunately, I made a lot of mistakes and fell into many pitfalls because I bumbled my way through it.  Even with all of the adversity and errors I made, I still built a very successful distribution business from scratch knowing nothing compared to what I know now.
And I'm extending this training and knowledge onto you...or only for those of you who believe you're cut out for this type of business.
Yes, the financial upside is HUGE.  You can create a multi-million-dollar nationwide (and even worldwide) distribution business within a year or two...starting from nothing or scratch.  But it does take work.  It does take vision.  And it's definitely NOT for everyone.
Over an 8-week period, I did an intense mentorship group where each week we did a webinar training.  Each lasted between 60 and 90 minutes long. Each was recorded and was accompanied by an Action Sheet, directing each student in what to do and accomplish before the next webinar was to be attended and watched.
You'll be able to go through this entire 8-week group in half the time...or twice the time.  It's completely at your own pace because you'll have ALL of the modules at your fingertips, ready to go whenever you want to complete each one.
The only thing I ask is this: You MUST watch the video FIRST (in chronological order) BEFORE attempting to accomplish anything on the Action Sheet for that week.
So, yes, I do have the Distribution Profit Mentorship Modules available for all 8 weeks plus a couple of bonus items in there that you can check out by CLICKING HERE.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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Wednesday, November 09 2016

I think some of us are shocked with the results of our election.  But, what  And I'm glad it's over, either way.  I couldn't handle another commercial or mail piece to vote for this or that without wanting to dry-heave.

I've had A LOT of emails come in overnight asking about what this means for you so...let's focus on YOU and what all this means for you and your life, particularly when it comes to economics.  Because, after all, that is really the crux of everyone's fears, hopes, anger, and all the other emotions that are flying around.  Right?  What does this mean for you and your family?

So, let's discuss...shall we?

First of all, I called it and I stand behind my prediction of the immediate disruption of the global markets that will immediately happen post-election.  (I'll explain why in a minute.)  You'll see it unfold as the days, weeks, and months roll on.  Please note, as I already said before, we were already headed for a recession regardless of who clinched this election.  It's just a matter of how the economy rolls (up and down) and it was time to take on what some would call a "correction" while others predict a "second Great Recession."  Personally I don't think it will be that bad.  I predict that this will be a "softer" recession than we'd gone through in 2008 and beyond.

Now, I'm kind of a logic-based gal.  And I'm going to show you right now how to weed through the clutter of anger, fear, and emotions to find what we can expect the REALITY to be so that you can best prepare for these tumultuous years to come, which, again, were destined to happen regardless of the outcome of this election.  You need to get to the core of reality to better situate yourself for what's to come.  Okay?

So...let's take a DEEP BREATH and do this, okay?  Trust me.  It won't be as painful as you may have thought.

Facts.  Remember facts?  Let's get back to that.  Something that A LOT of people turned their backs on for quite some time.  Now...let's get back to those pesky little FACTS.

Many of us who are in business are concerned about the business stuff such as:

1)  Taxes, especially corporate taxes: with a Clinton Administration, I was VERY WORRIED about the corporate tax situation.  So...good news there, folks.  We don't have to worry about that anymore, do we?


2)  Getting rid of NAFTA: as a small business, making certain things in America is simply not affordable.  Now, I could make 100% of everything in America but that means nothing can be sold at Walmart prices anymore which, unfortunately, is something everyone's been accustomed to.  So, one of the following scenarios can play out which would be (a) taxing imports, driving up prices on all common goods bought in places like Walmart, further separating the classes, or (b) leaving it alone altogether, sweeping that notion of repealing NAFTA under the rug as if it was never mentioned at all because...really, does Donald Trump want to start making his own products in the USA now?  Does he want Ivanka to make her products in the USA too?  Driving up costs?  Diminishing profitability?  I don't know.  As a business person, I don't see another business person wanting to screw himself like this.  It doesn't make any sense to do this.  Also, I'm assuming that if they were aiming for American-made products, they would have made the move a few years back in preparation for this by bringing their own production to the USA.  Yes, it could happen.  Will it?  I don't know.  I kind of doubt it.  It could happen though so if it does, just note that a lot of stuff that was affordable suddenly won't be for most people.  You'll be paying 2 and 3 times more (on the low side) for your common products.  Without an increase in minimum wage, we'll see a deeper chasm between the classes, possibly permanently poking out the middle class altogether.

As a side note: IF we were to bring more manufacturing jobs back to America, a lot of it would be automated with machinery, robots, and the like with the bare minimum of human labor used as possible just to be able to make this proposition affordable.  Yes, I would LOVE to see manufacturing brought back to the USA.  But is it feasible?  Maybe, with the right machinery and robotic technology it would be.  But, if you're listening to what I'm saying, that doesn't mean "jobs for humans" but rather "manufacturing in the USA with jobs for robots."  So, either way, there are no manufacturing jobs for humans being brought back here.  Let's be real and base all this on FACTS.  And the fact is, American companies cannot keep product prices down while paying a union employee $50 an hour to make broomsticks here all day.  That's just reality.  So, if the broomstick manufacturing company must do business here in the USA because of tariffs or legal requirements, it'll be Robot Bob making the broomsticks and not Joe Blow human being.

Which brings me to...

3)  Increasing wages:  I was worried about this being forced on me as a business owner with Clinton in office.  Now...I don't have to worry about it anymore.  There won't be an increase in wages.  So, if you work for somebody, you're screwed.  If you're a business owner...say "Hooray!" right now.  Because you're off the hook for at least another 4 years on wage increases. a business owner, you should be okay if you stay progressive with your hustle.  Learn new marketing strategies.  Keep up with the changes in selling online.  With a business owner in office, he's probably the only president we've ever had that fully understands business inside and out. So...that is NOT a bad thing for you, a business owner.  (If you're NOT a business very afraid right now because the middle class is about to become extinct.)

And one final thing...

4)  War: what does this have to do with business?  Well, it puts people to work.  We have to make machinery and technology and bombs and all the other stuff that goes along with blowing people up.  So, yes, it is directly tied into business.  And we'll be going to war which will be good for those in industries that provide these tools.  (When I told my daughter who won the election this morning, the first thing she said was, "Does this mean we'll have World War III?"  From the mouth's of babes.  And I said, "Probably.")  Reality is, ISIS will be taken care of during this administration which means an out-and-out war.

What this all means for American society as a whole:

Since the globe (international trade) is worried about the "closing of the borders" and the heavy taxation of goods coming into the USA, there will be global fear and volatility for awhile.  This will do what I call "break the market" a little faster than anticipated.  That's not necessarily bad.  We already knew the recession was coming, right?  I've had students left and right asking me where the "bottom" is.  How the hell should I know?  I'm not running Dionne Warwick's Psychic Friends Network here.  The "bottom" means different things in different areas of the country so, again, how the hell could I know?  But, "breaking" the market faster means a closer, quicker bottom.  Wait...before you get scared, listen up!  The "bottom" is where you make money.  Buy low, sell high.  Ringing any bells yet?  Yes, we want a quicker bottom.  A quicker bottom means a faster recovery (although I have a feeling that this recession probably will last longer than I originally anticipated).

As another side note, I got VERY RICH between 2008 and 2010.  Think back to what was going on then.  Yes, the market cracked, bottomed, and all hell broke loose.  And I was making more money than I ever imagined.  THAT is what happens when you position yourself correctly so...stop panicking and allow me to HELP YOU position yourself correctly for this upcoming economic calamity.

So, here are the industries that will start to go soft first:

1)  Car sales/leases.
2)  Home sales.
3)  Anything to do with "entertainment" (including places like Vegas).
4)  Vacations/pleasure trips.
5)  Home upgrades/remodeling.  This also includes new home building.

There are many more but the above markets are the biggies.

Again, let's full circle this all back to YOU.  After all, at the end of the day, you still have to feed, cloth, and shelter yourself and your family, right?  I'll tell you how, but first, a brief warning...

Those who suffer the most in these times are those who work for other companies.  If you work for somebody, you should start quivering in your boots right now.  You will be affected the most.  So, let's change that.  Let's create a different future for you.  You DO have more power than you give yourself credit for.  Let's start using that power.  Let's use your fear of the future and turn it into a productive fire under your ass for some meaningful long-term economic change for yourself.

Let's start making the changes NOW.

There are 3 parts to this:

1)  Personal & Business Credit:  You need to use OPM (Other People's Money) to get rich.  If your personal credit (mid-FICO) is NOT above 720, fix it.  Rebuild it.  Do it now.  You can increase your FICO dramatically in only a few months with some elbow grease.  Once you get that FICO up over 720, start an S corporation in your home state, get an EIN for your business and start applying for business credit cards and BLOCs (business lines of credit).

2)  Get yourself some Aggressive Income Strategies going.  Since working for somebody else is NOT a wise option in our upcoming months and years to come, get some type of Aggressive Income going on for yourself.  This can be a simple Money Funnel Business that you can operate from home, making anywhere from $20,000 or more per month if you play your cards right.  And it can be as BIG as starting a Distribution Profit business, creating a multi-million-dollar business where you see your products on store shelves nationwide.  (I just released my Distribution Profit Modules and you can get them for a kick-ass deal by CLICKING HERE.)

3)  Get your Passive Income Investing Business going.  We're in "watch-and-wait" mode...but just for the holidays.  So don't get lazy for too long.  Start staking out a farming area in the country in which you'll be building your Passive Income Empire.  Start learning everything you can about acquiring property, especially using no-cash-no-credit strategies.  Then once the first quarter of next year rolls around and you start to notice prices dropping, inventory hitting the market like a mad dog (because people are panicking, thinking the sky is falling down), and REOs come back into the picture at pennies on the can swing right in and start picking things up left and right.  But you MUST have a specific strategy that matches what's going on in today's economic climate and I'll be showing everyone what that is in my VERY RARE one-time-only 3-day Real Estate Underground Secret Event in Detroit in February 2017.  CLICK HERE for details about how you can still get in at our early-bird special pricing (which ends soon).  Platinum VIP is nearly sold out and we're still accepting $100 hold deposits for those who want to lock in a seat and lock in the price before it goes up.

And that's how I see the months and years unfolding.

Listen, the MOST IMPORTANT thing in all this is to STOP falling in with the fear, anxiety, anger, and whirlwind of other emotions that are circulating right now.  Because this is how you can get in trouble.  People who are thinking with emotions don't think rationally.  And if you're not thinking rationally then you stand to lose just by making simple errors and misjudgments that could have been easily avoided if you kept your eye on the ball in the first place.  Focus.  Create a plan.  Stick to the plan.  Stop worrying about everything else.  It's that simple.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Tuesday, November 08 2016
This One's for YOU!
To Susan B. Anthony, Alice Paul, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Lucy Stone, Ida B. Wells, andAll the Ladies Who Fought for Women's Right to Vote Almost 100 Years Ago...My Vote's for You!
I didn't want to vote today...but I did.  And it came down to this: remembering the ladies from almost 100 years ago who fought like hell to put forth a law in which women could vote.  And knowing my personality type -- full of spit-and-vinegar like the rest of them -- I would have been front row and center with them on this fight if I was alive back then.
Hey, maybe I a last lifetime.
But in THIS lifetime, I at least owe them the respect and honor, especially on THIS election day, to vote because I know all of them would have voted today if given the chance.
I think what irritated me the most about this election, above everything else, was that short spurt of time recently when some of the pro-Trumpers were sending around a hashtag prompting interest in repealing the 19th Amendment since they realized that if only men were going to vote, Trump would win.
And somehow that disgusted me.  I don't know why.  Maybe it was that group of Deplorables who actually had the audacity to believe that they COULD repeal the 19th Amendment...or the mere fact that they thought women (and then minorities thereafter) SHOULD lose their right to vote.
It had me really thinking...WTF?!  What have we become as a a nation?
Even worse...yesterday Rose was describing to me that some of her female friends allowed their husbands to cast their mail-in votes FOR them instead of them exercising their right to vote themselves, for what they thought or believed in.  When I heard that, I knew right then and there that I would be going out today to cast my ballot because, unlike some women who refuse to make their own decisions, I CAN make my own decisions because I actually OWN my own life!
People, what freaking CENTURY are we in anyway??  Some women quite possibly still think it's 1916 when their husband would make the decisions for both of them.  Fast forward, ladies.  We're in 2016 now.  So...for those of you who don't want to think for yourselves yet, shame on you.  Time to get your heads out of your asses.  Vote.  Buy your own house.  Pick out and purchase your own car.  Start your own business.  You know, live your own life on your own terms and think for yourself if you're not quite doing that yet.  You have POWER.  Use it, my ladies!  And use it well!
(Do I really need to go into detail about why I believe women need to be able to stand on their own two feet these days?  Please don't make me go on that tirade.)
So, for those of you sitting on the fence wondering what to do...just think of the pioneers who fought at every turn to give us what we have now.  Think of what they went through and the sacrifices they made, some with their lives.
Of course, I'll never know the depth of those sacrifices and the closest to my understanding about the women's-right-to-vote movement was a movie I saw on HBO years ago.  But I think all of us can imagine what it could be like to fight for something we believe in, tooth-and-nail until the death if needed.
Unfortunately, many of us have gotten "soft" and lazy and perhaps a tad entitled-feeling about our rights and about what we have here in the United States.  Stop feeling entitled.  Stop being so lazy.  Stop being disconnected from your fellow human beings.  
And, in the very least, be grateful for where we've come from, what we have now, and what we could potentially and permanently lose for going in the wrong direction.
Or what we could lose casting the wrong vote.  
Or for casting no vote at all.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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