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Monday, October 30 2023

A couple of weeks ago, I got this notice from the state of California.

Demanding I file a state tax return for one of my corporations.

And then offering to "settle" for around $1,200 since I didn't file.


First of all, the corporation in question was a FLORIDA corporation and had been since Day One (formed in 2020).

Second, I never did business in California with this corporation. can they ask for a filing AND a "settlement" all at the same time?

Wouldn't they need to see tax return first to then determine how much I supposedly owe?

This is what we call classic "mail fraud."  Send people letters and demand money even though you know damn well they don't owe anything.

The idea is that there will be some suckers who will pay the money.  I think that's what they're banking on.  Some suckers paying the money they don't legally owe.

They stated that if I didn't want to pay, I'd need to show proof of why I didn't need to pay.

So I sent them PROOF that the corporation is (1) a Florida corporation, (2) has a Florida address, and (3) a letter basically saying f*** off.

I had a friend of mine -- also a former California resident -- tell me that the state of California is worse than the IRS when it comes to trying to collect money they think they owe.

All of this makes me glad that I left California.  I'll never move back there.  The place is a disaster, getting worse by the day.

Their next big disaster: upping minimum wage to $25/hour.  Yes, it's happening.

Now, you might be does increasing the minimum wage hurt the state?

Because companies can't afford to pay every worker minimum wage.

Imagine paying a burger flipper at McDonald's minimum wage.  As a fast food chain, you'd have to cut everyone's hours back and stay on a skeleton crew.

You'd also have to increase your food costs.  Pretty soon a cheeseburger and fries will be $25 just to pay their workers.  (Think I'm kidding?  Just wait!)  Then people won't be able to afford to eat there anymore.  Down the tubes fast food (and other businesses) will go.

Companies that cannot survive WILL move out.  They will have to...for survival.  Kind of like how it was for me.  And for millions of people over the past few years.

Places like fast food restaurants WILL adopt automation technology and robots.  They will have robots flipping burgers, taking orders through the drive-through, and serving customers.  No more wages, insurances, vacation time, legal liabilities, theft, and laziness.  No more calling in sick, sexual harassment, spitting in the fries, or stealing company property.  They will have one human who will watch the machinery, call a repair person if anything breaks, and to deal with any customer service issues.  And that's it!  This one person will get paid a nice hefty salary while mostly watching Netflix in the back office.  What will the owners care?  They're saving millions per year on payroll even paying that one person double what he or she would normally get as a fast food manager.  Employee costs would be reduced to ONE person per shift, software and equipment upgrades/repairs...and that's about it!

Think this isn't happening?  Think again.  You'll start seeing it -- especially in California -- because these business owners will be FORCED to think outside of the box to survive.  And one of these changes will be automation, robotics, and A.I. technology.

If I owned a bunch of McDonald's, I'd be OBSESSED with finding robots to do all the work in my fast food restaurants.  I'd go into debt for the next 10 years buying up this kind of technology from places like China to AVOID paying a bunch of minimum wage workers $25/hour.  After all, a fast food job is NOT a career path.  It's an after school job in high school.  That's about it.  It's NEVER been designed to support a family of four.  It's just not a serious career.  Sorry.  It's not.

Yet people are treating these lower minimum wage jobs as if they are career paths because they're too lazy and apathetic to get any kind of skillset needed to get a better job.  How about taking a few computer software night classes at the local college?  Or nurse training?  Or how about learning sales?  Learn a skill that will pay you a lot of money!

Even better, become an entrepreneur!  That's the ticket to financial freedom.  A job will never do it.  Certainly making minimum wage -- even at $25 per hour -- isn't going to cut it anymore.

If you haven't checked out the most incredible investing opportunity yet, CLICK HERE.  I shot a quick 8-minute video to explain everything to you.

Listen, things are changing fast.  Consumer debt is in the trillions now...the highest it's ever been.  The housing marketing is cooling off and actually crashing in some areas of the country.  Things are shifting quick.

What do you plan on doing to stay ahead of these changes?  Or are you going to "watch and wait" and then probably get sucked up in the undertow, drowning in economic disaster, as the tsunami sweeps you away?

You have more control than you think but ONLY if you act fast and ACT NOW.


See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main


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