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Tuesday, September 26 2017

Everybody always wants to know the "secret to success," don't they?

Well, there are always multiple ways, multiple strategies, multiple disciplines, and multiple "secrets" to anyone's success who came up from nothing like I have.

But there is ONE SECRET that takes precedence front row and center over many of the others.  And it's the ability to borrow money for projects, real estate acquisitions, buying an existing business, starting a new business from scratch, etc.  Without the ability to do this, success is VERY hard to come by.

Where this portion of your success starts is with your personal credit rating.  And if it sucks, you need to fix it...LIKE NOW!  It happens in 2 parts:  (1) Removing credit delinquencies, and (2) Rebuilding with NEW credit.  This must happen at almost the same time.  Once you get your personal credit on track then you can start tapping into business credit (pretty much overnight once your personal mid-FICO is at or above 720).  But it ALL starts with your personal credit FIRST.

I have a very rare opportunity for you to join me in my personal credit building service.  We only offer this twice per year.  The next time we offer this will be late spring or early summer 2018.  Do you really want to wait that long if your personal mid-FICO is under 700 or...worse...even lower than that??

Remember, ALL wealth-building STARTS with good solid personal credit.  If you don't have it, the good news is that it can be dramatically improved in the next handful of months by having US do it for you.  Then, after your FICO increases then you won't need the program anymore.  (This is why we are about to open up the program a couple of times a year.  Once our case load decreases to between 2 and 3 people then we are able to open it up again to new students who need the service.  Then we go up to about a dozen new students to give you the best possible service.  Depending on how bad the credit is will determine if the service needs to last 3 months, 6 months or a full year.)

CLICK HERE if you want to take advantage of this LAST FOR 2017 opportunity to become part of our credit building service.

Remember, with everything that happened with Experian and the credit breach, you can now get things removed off even faster and more efficiently IF you know what to do.  The good news is that this time around I'm offering my newly released Personal Credit Building System for a huge discount AND I'm including a new resource that can get you up to $35,000 in unsecured credit, even if you have shabby personal credit.

This deal ends REALLY in a couple of days!


See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Thursday, September 21 2017

I haven't been on FIRE in a this should be an entertaining read considering that I'm really angry right now!

First of all, a couple of day ago, some guy comes to my office because he's interested in my Build Business Credit FAST! System...except that not only does he NOT want to pay for the course but he thinks I'm going to clear off my schedule (right then and there) to personally "coach" him (without paying for it, of course) on how to both rebuild his personal credit as well as build his business credit.

Some people, I swear.  They have no morals, no consideration for other's time and space.  No nothing.  Because, after all, all I do is sit in my office twiddling my thumbs...just WAITING for somebody to come so that I can get to work on training them for nothing.  If that was the business I decided to be in, I would close my office and join a missionary in South America instead, helping sick children and old people.  At least maybe then I'd start to think I'm making a difference somehow.

Then this morning I'm walking my daughter to school and this doctor comes rolling up in his ugly shit-brown/maroon-color Maserati and BLOCKS the cross walk for the kids.  Then he just sits there in his ugly-looking expensive car.  And I tell him to move his piece of shit as loud as I could because he's illegally blocking a cross walk (and I know he heard me through his black tinted windows).  He knew damn well what he was doing because when he got out of the car with his two snot-nosed little brats, he refused to look at me. If he did, it would have been on and crackin' at that point because I would have made him feel 1-inch tall inside of 15 seconds.  (I'm good at slicing people down to size...especially men.  And I'm pretty quick and concise.)  Because he refused to engage, I decided to make a scene by talking really loud to the crossing guard about how she needs to tell these losers that parking in a cross walk is illegal and that it's her job to "check" people like that idiot.  And that maybe it's time she gets the CHP out there to start writing these morons tickets.  (Yes, he heard me.  The loser.  I don't care that he's a doctor.  He's still a loser.)

Let's just say I'm VERY grateful that the back pockets of my pants are too small to fit something as large as a crow bar otherwise I probably would be in jail for a homicide by now.  Too many stupid, ignorant and inconsiderate people roaming about, crossing my path, at every minute of every day.  And yes, this includes DOCTORS too.

And if this run-in with this first jerk-off (who was a doctor, as I mentioned) wasn't enough, I had my SECOND run-in with ANOTHER doctor just a few minutes later as I was driving to the office.  He was trying to race me in his fire-engine-red overpriced Mustang ideal for the guy who is exiting his mid-life-crises years and entering into the winter years of his life.  How did I know he was a doctor?  I don't know.  His arrogant vanity license plate kind of gave it away:  QWCK DOC.  Should be SHT DOC...or ASS DICK...would have been more fitting.  So, he tries cutting me off in the left lane, because evidently he wanted me to know what a hot ride he had, but he's trying to do all this while all traffic is going a whole 5 miles an hour.  Then he cuts over to the right and makes a right turn.  I'm like...Really??!!  Do you TRY being this much of a loser or does it just come naturally to you??

Here we are dealing with all this crap in the world including ANOTHER hurricane ripping apart parts of the United States (yes, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico are territories of the U.S.) and Mexico having been hit with another devastating earthquake.  This is the type of stuff that I'M thinking about while these 2 dick doctors think that the entire world revolves solely and exclusively around them, as with how MOST people in the city I live in actually think.  And it makes me wonder...when did people become so selfish and so inconsiderate?  When did people begin to think that it's OKAY to act like uncivilized, rude, selfish, and prick-ish all the time?  I just don't get it!

I think a lot of this anger started off over the weekend when I started reading this 100% useless "self-help" book called Father Therapy by Doreen Virtue.  (If you really want to find yourself borderline suicidal, read this book.)  I read a lot and I have to say out of everything I've read over the past few years, this is, by far, the most depressing and worthless book I've ever read.  (Don't read it; save yourself the grief.  Oh, and she's working on her next book called Mother Therapy.  I'm pretty sure that will be a "winner" too.  If she didn't get you to kill yourself with her book Father Therapy then she'll definitely do you in with Mother Therapy.)

I'm starting to believe that the world at large is becoming unhinged and I'm finding myself on a constant plight to "reel myself back in," starting with NOT watching the news for awhile until I can get myself re-balanced.  (Yes, it's really OKAY to focus on yourself and your family for awhile as you disconnect from the bigger picture for a little bit.  This is NECESSARY if you're ever going to accomplish something relevant and meaningful in your life.)

What is it that YOU aren't accomplishing in your life because you're too busy being bombarded by everybody else's nonsense all day long?

One of the "base" things that most of you absolutely MUST get to work on if you want to move yourself up the success ladder is THIS...CLICK HERE!

In the meantime, stay out of trouble.  (I know...easier said than done, isn't it?)

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  I still have ONE SLOT LEFT in my upcoming Money Funnel 2.0 Workshop in Valencia, California on September 28th, 29th, and 30th.  CLICK HERE for more details now!


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Wednesday, September 06 2017
Time to Open the CASH VAULT!

Time to OPEN the CASH VAULT!

For those of you who have been looking for your "foot in the door" in either real estate investing, starting a business, or BOTH but you've been lacking funds to do it...

You need to CLICK HERE NOW!

And listen to my short audio seminar.

Yes, this can be life changing for you.


See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Monday, September 04 2017
But let's be honest:
You love Labor Day because many of you get a day off of WORK.  Yes, WORK.  As in WORKING FOR SOMEBODY ELSE.  As in MAKING SOMEBODY ELSE RICH!
Tired of doing that yet?
Because I can tell you how I spend my Federal holidays.
I work because I LIKE working.  Like today...I'm looking at cash flowing real estate deals and drawing up offers that will start going out tomorrow on these properties.  This is WORK (by definition) but I like doing it that I can't think of another way to spend MY Labor Day.
BBQ-ing in the 120-degree weather here in Southern California?  Nah.  Not my thing.  Getting drunk because it's my only day of "freedom" from working in a small cubicle at somebody else's office?  Nope.  Doesn't apply to me.  Spending time with a bunch of people who waste the whole day talking about badly their boss sucks or how crappy their job is?  Definitely NOT me...because I work for myself.
Now you can too so you can stop working for somebody you hate, making him or her rich while you struggle to get by.  Now you can start doing those real estate deals when, before, maybe not having the down payment was the reason you couldn't make the deal(s) work.  
Maybe NOW you can FINALLY start that business or investing in real estate like you've been thinking about because only yesterday when you know you've been thinking about it again...and maybe again today, but you just don't have the money to start it.  So you keep throwing that dream on the back burner.
But now you do have access to OPM.  Now you can access these unsecured loans and lines of credit to do all of the things that you couldn't do before.
CLICK HERE to check out what I'm talking about and how YOU can finally start accessing the types of OPM that I've been able to access over the years that have allowed me to get rich!
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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Saturday, September 02 2017

For those of you who have the Motherload Resource Directory for 2018, you'd notice that when you received it, you have instant access to my investor partner to submit loan requests or property deals effective yesterday, September 1st.  Please note that one of the two investors that are part of this team that I'm working with is based in Houston, Texas.  They had lost power and Internet services.  And his office was a little flooded.  Not too bad but bad enough that it's going to take a bit of work to get it back into functioning order.

Keep submitting your deals anyway.  They'll get to your loan requests and partnership deals but they told me to tell you guys and gals that they'll be a delay in 2 to 3 weeks.  Because of this, they'll be extending loan requests and partnership deal submissions a full month on top of what you'll see on the sheet (the one that includes the Member's Only user name and password to submit deals)...extending it from the end of March to the end of April 2018.

Pretty good deal, isn't it?  I think it is, especially since these guys have done over 300 deals and loans with my students in just a little over 1 year.  And that's quite significant considering that my other investor partners will do anywhere from 6 to 12 deals with my students in a full year!

This means that you can keep submitting deals and loan requests and you now have until the end of April to submit your final requests.

Now, for those of you who have been submitting deals, let me give you a break-down as to how this process works in case there is ANY confusion.

1)  You'll submit your loan request or partnership deal through an online form AFTER you enter your user name and password to your Member's Only site.  Some people who decided that they didn't want to get the Motherload Directory of 2018 have been trying to "break in" to the site.  The problem is...I give a list of new students to my investors EVERY FRIDAY.  The list contain's the student's full name, email address, and phone number as well as their city/state location in the country.  (I do this in case they are seeking out deals in a specific area of the country; this allows them to CALL YOU DIRECTLY if they want to work with you on doing partnerships, deal groundwork, etc. because you are in a city they are doing deals in.)  So, for those of you trying to "break in," you can't.  You have to be on the list otherwise they won't accept your deal or loan request at all.

2)  After you submit the initial 1-page online application, you are then given an IMMEDIATE set of instructions on what you MUST provide to my investors within 7 days.  Yes, it MUST be emailed to them within 7 days or they automatically delete your loan request or partnership deal OUT of the system on the 8th day.  This would be before they even build a file.  They don't print out your application or move forward with anything until they get that second requested component within 7 days.  Once they receive it, they print out your application AND the components you were required to email to them within 7 days and they create your file.  Now it becomes a physical file (instead of just online).  Then, an assistant (by the name of Abel J.) goes through your file of your submitted deal or loan request and matches up the criteria as defined by the two partners running the investor-partnership firm.  For property deals, they make sure the CURRENT CAP rates are at 9% or higher (and NOT based on proforma numbers UNLESS it's an REO deal).  They make sure the expense ratio matches reality.  (For example, if you're telling them that the expense ratio on a 100-unit apartment building in Chicago is only 25% against the GOI then they'll throw out the deal knowing that this simply isn't possible and defies all logic.)  They make sure the numbers seem real.  (For example, if every listed expense is an exact number such as $500, $5,000, $10,000, etc. then they will assume that they aren't real numbers because NO property or business has EXACT numbers like these on every single expense unless you're making it up.)  If they're not, the deal gets thrown out.  And they WILL NOT notify you UNLESS they want to move forward with the deal.  They don't have time to notify people, especially since many will just try to argue about why the deal is so great instead of just looking for a new deal.

3)  If they like your deal, they WILL contact you with further instructions.  DO NOT put the deal under contract before submission otherwise it won't be accepted due to their desire in negotiating LOWER on the price than what you may have already negotiated.  For real estate deals, the further instructions are asking for 3 years or income and expenses while submitting an LOI and confidentiality agreement to get these numbers.  They will also ask you to fill out a more in-depth application to get more of a background on you, especially if you are going in as a partner on the LLC.  They will want to know if you have bad credit that will infringe upon getting a good mortgage at attractive rates.  If you do have poor credit, BE HONEST.  They'll just leave you off the LLC and have something called a "private agreement" in writing with you so that you can get your piece of the action without actually being in the LLC until AFTER the close of escrow.  If this is a loan, they will want some background to make sure that you didn't just get out of prison for armed robbery or that the money really isn't for setting up a meth lab in the desert.

4)  Once everything checks out with both yourself and with the deal, a number of things go on simultaneously.  The property will go under contract.  They will request a loan (on a larger partnership) from their go-to lender OR they'll just cash it out (on smaller deals, usually REOs).  Escrow will close and you'll get to work as per the partnership and operating agreement that you would have signed during the LLC set-up phase.  (And yes, they will become part of the LLC if you are getting money for business too; they will want to be PART OWNERS of the business as well to ensure that they get their cut and/or their money back.  Once you pay back the loan, many times they will release the LLC back to you solely or they will stay a smaller-share partner, depending on what you negotiated with them in the beginning.)

And that's how it all works.

So, for those of you who haven't been following instructions within that 7-day period and have been wondering why they're not accepting your deal, FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS otherwise they won't do a deal with you.  Period.  It's their money so they have the right to lay down the rules; you don't get that option.  And if it was YOUR money on the line, you'd probably want to get some type of numbers, business plan, or SOMETHING to show where the money is going, right?  Right.  Listen, if you're not willing to give them the stuff they want then you're not going to get what YOU want out of this.  They are certainly not obligated to give you the money for anything or do a partnership, ESPECIALLY for those of you who don't want to complete the process.

Listen, there are A LOT of students who have taken these guys up on their offer to do partnerships and small loans.  They followed the rules.  They got what they wanted.  That can be YOU TOO if you JUST FOLLOW THE RULES.  No, it's not hard.  No, it doesn't take a long time to do or a rocket scientist to figure it out.  But it does require effort.

For those of you who didn't get the Motherload Resource Directory for 2018 that includes this set of investors as well as OVER 100 other sources for unsecured credit and loans as well as low LTV mortgages for property deals, CLICK HERE NOW!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  In light of Hurricane Harvey and the disaster in my investor-partner's stomping grounds, I will be donating a portion of the money from all Motherload Resource Directory for 2018 purchases to the Red Cross to help the efforts in Texas.

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Friday, September 01 2017

​I hate to be the one to tell you this but it's 100% true: your success (or failure) in real estate investing hinges SOLELY on your ability to be able to access OPM or Other People's Money.  If you cannot gain this type of access, trying to invest in real estate becomes very difficult and, in many cases, just plain impossible to do!

But...what if I told you that I have the ULTIMATE solution for you because I can GIVE you access to all the money you'd ever want for real estate deals, buying or starting a business, or taking advantage or other investment opportunities out there?

CLICK HERE to find out what I'm talking about!

Stop making excuses as to why you can't be a successful real estate investor or business owner (or both!).  Take the bull by the horns, take my contacts and resources, and USE THEM to get rich beyond your wildest dreams!

But...I'm not offering this for long.  CLICK HERE NOW to get this before it's too late!

If you have any questions at all, call my office at 661-295-5050.  We're here to help you, answer any questions you may have, and help you understand the pure power behind using OPM to make yourself unbelievably wealthy!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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