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Monday, April 25 2016

I guess I brought uo a touchy subject about the USPS the other day because I got quite a few emails about who I should appropriately blame for what.  What these well-meaning emailers don't understand is that I, a commercial consumer who spends a lot of money with the USPS, is being treated like dog sh** with severely delayed (or non-arriving mail) no matter who's fault it is (and I got a lot of "it's-the-government's-fault" emails), I drastically suffer as the consumer spending, on average, $10,000 a week and upwards of $50,000 a month with the USPS on mass mailings and Priority shipments.  So, regardless of who's "fault" it is, some of you completely missed the point.  So, sorry that you didn't "get it" and maybe you should re-read that email again.  

It's not about fault-assigning because I don't care if it's the fault of the government, the Chinese, a crew of aliens who invaded us from Mars or the damn man on the moon.  There's only so long ANY organization can screw over BOTH their employees and their customers before it all comes crashing down on them.  Ask Walmart.  They'll tell you about how to screw over their employees and distributors...and how it's making them crack at the seams right now.  The ONLY thing saving them is that they're NOT screwing their customers (by giving them deals, not having anything to do with the customer service "value" of any sort).  That's the ONLY saving face with that company.  Otherwise Walmart would already be long gone.  

Basic economics, folks.  You can't screw all the players in the game of business and continue to get away with it no matter who you are.

But my posting was really about how I arrived on making the decision to utilize alternative, more effective, and cheaper methods of reaching customers using online methods rather than further wasting money on a beyond-broken government-initiated bureaucratic system that is beyond help.

Enough of all that.

What I wanted to tell you in THIS special post:

The other day I let you know that I'd reveal a secret strategy having to do with my upcoming Vegas that didn't hit me until Saturday morning.  And yes, I'll be revealing this strategy at the upcoming event.

This is earth-shattering stuff, folks.  And I'm about to reveal a small whiff of what I'll be revealing to you in Las Vegas.

Now, one thing I've been going on and on about are the Money Funnel Strategies.  This implies selling something to people on the Internet using what I call the Money Funnel, which I believe anyone in ANY kind of business should have.  I've been concentrating so much on the consumer-direct side, meaning selling things to people one-by-one online, that I haven't really been talking about the REAL GEM in this upcoming event...the distribution profit side.

I've only done ONE Distribution Profit Event and that was back in September 2013.  It was a mind-blowing event where I went into the specifics about how to take a very simple product idea, make it your own product (even if you're not manufacturing it), and put it in stores nationwide (and even worldwide) which is probably my most profitable means of Aggressive Income.  This can put you from making a "paltry" $10,000 to $20,000 a month with a simple garage-based Internet business to putting you up there with the Big Boys, making millions of dollars a year, seeing your stores on store shelves nationwide, and eventually selling out to one of those Big Boys for millions and millions of dollars, all within just a few years.

Some of you can't see yourselves doing this well with a business.  Some of you do.  And it's only those of you who do who I want to attend this upcoming Vegas event.  Because for the first time since September 2013, I'm talking about the Distribution Profit System and showing you, for the FIRST TIME EVER, how it works with these simple easy-to-implement Money Funnel Strategies, making distribution easy, cost-effective, and fast to build a huge company from scratch.  Let me remind you that, since the Money Funnel Strategies are fairly new, I wasn't able to show my students back in September 2013 how to create a successful Money Funnel Distribution Profit Business because...well, those strategies didn't quite exist yet.

But they do now.  And let me tell you WHY this suddenly becomes a game-changer for you.

You see, back in the day (September 2013, in case I haven't mentioned it yet), pulling off a distribution business was a little more intense, costly, and difficult to do because of the multiple levels of elements needed to become successful.  I think the most costly element of launching a distribution business isn't so much laying the groundwork but it's gaining market and product exposure to wholesalers and distributors.  With this being said, the best way that I knew of at the time was by going to trade shows (expensive) and by mailing direct mail marketing campaigns (ridiculously expensive).

But now that's changed.  There are 2 elements that were NOT available back then that are now here, ready to make you rich!

The first element is building and creating a Money Funnel for Distribution Profits.  This is, of course, why this event is called a Money Funnel Event...because I'll be covering this at great length, and for the first time ever, how this Money Funnel Strategy can be used for the Distribution Profit Business Model, making it cost-effective and much quicker to set up and start profiting from your business.

But...I got this most inspired thought when I was in the shower this past Saturday.  (For some reason, I get my best ideas in the shower in the morning.)  It's quite possible the most amazing, mind-blowing distribution strategy ever done in history.  (This is what happens when you ask the universe for ideas, by the way.  You actually GET the ideas you ask for.)  And I'll be presenting this incredible game-changing distribution strategy at the Las Vegas Money Funnel Event.  This would be the second element that I'll be presenting...and it's nothing short of amazing.  In fact, just to tell you how incredible it is, I gave Ron Espinoza the same "teaser" just gave you and he's been bugging me to spill the beans on what this new distribution strategy is.  And I won't even tell Ron until the event, so he'll be watching the presentation for the first time alongside of you guys and gals so that he can put his BeanBoy business on full speed ahead with it.  (And for those of you who aren't familiar with Ron's BeanBoy distribution business that has taken off like gangbusters, THANKS to me, of course, you can check out his site at to see what his product is and looks like.)

If you haven't registered for this incredible ONE-TIME-ONLY event and LAST EVER Money Funnel Event, CLICK HERE or visit  The price goes up after today at 5pm Pacific Time so...get on it or forget about it!

If you have questions, call us at 661-295-5050.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  If you haven't checked out my video guy -- Jesse J.'s -- money funnel online that he built that's already successful, check it out by CLICKING HERE.  It took him 2 days to set it all up and now he's making money.  It's really that easy, folks.  Set up a site (using one of my clones that I'll be providing to you at the event) and start making some cash.

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Saturday, April 23 2016

Normally I don't wish bad on any organization but there is one particular company that DESERVES my spit and venom for right now.

It's the United States Postal Service.  That's right.  The USPS.  F*** them.  They suck...and they're only getting worse as time goes on.

Where is this coming from?  From 20+ years in working directly with them with my direct mail marketing campaigns AND by using them consistently in just about every avenue in my business that requires something to be mailed and shipped.  Yet there's been this subtle shift that's been taking place which seemed to have jolted into a full-blown 8.4 earthquake since the postal rate increase a couple of weeks ago.

Just the other day I walked into the post office.  It was just after 8:30am.  The phone was ringing off the hook.  The only lonely employee standing behind the counter refused to answer it.  I listened to that damned phone while I was filling out a label for a package for a returned product.  By the time I got up to the counter, I was about ready to start beating my head up against the wall to give me a diversion over the loud phone ringing, all the while wondering how the hell ANYONE could just stand there are refuse to answer the phone when it's on its 35th ring.  (I was on the verge of jumping the counter and answering it myself...but the phone stopped ringing.  The caller probably just dropped dead...having died of old age waiting for someone to answer.)

I asked the lady behind the counter for 45 rolls of stamps.  She looked at me sideways like I was crazy.  "I don't have 45 rolls of stamps.  Come back at 10 when Christine is here."  She was rude and disrespectful, which I've come used to when dealing with USPS employees.  It seems that the more money you want to spend with their organization, the more abuse they feel like dishing out.  Oh, but if you're the little old lady buying your one book of stamps a year, you'll get the MOST respect from a USPS employee.  But...a commercial client like me who writes checks to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars a month for mailings?  I routinely get treated like dog sh** by the USPS.  And I'm sick of it.

Just the other day, after FINALLY getting my stamps being a bum-like "drifter" wasting time  hopping from one post office to another until I collected my 4,500 stamps, I brought them back for a mailing to the ladies at the office.   They got the majority of my special mailing done but everyone wanted to leave.  It was Friday.  I said, "Go home.  I'll take the mail."  That would be a decision I'd instantly start to regret.

At this point, I knew taking the mail to any USPS counter, I'd AGAIN be treated like a criminal sack of crap for bringing in such a large amount of mail to ANY USPS location because, God forbid, now they actually have to PROCESS the mail and lift those heavy bins off the counter.  (Oh, no!  WORK!)  So, instead of electing to deal with being treated this way, I took the mail to my local distribution center and spent an extra 30 minutes stuffing the mail slots full of mail.  Yes, that's right.  I drove 15 minutes out of my way and spent all this time stuffing mail bins just to purposely AVOID dealing with any USPS employee who I knew would treat me like crap for, again, spending so much money with them and actually expecting them to do a little work for their paycheck.  As I was stuffing the bins, I told myself that my direct mail marketing days were coming to a fast end.  In fact, I decided that after my next set of mailings (slated between now and the first week of May), I'll be done with utilizing this as a method for marketing.  Sad...but true.  Well, actually, NOT sad.  Sad for them, not sad for me.

Just as I was having this personal internal conversation about myself in this part pissed-off, part zenned-out state of stuffing these mail bins, this older guy in a large truck came driving through to mail a single bill in an envelope.  He made a comment about my large mailing and offered me 2 organic oranges from his farm.  Then...strangely enough, started asking me questions about what's going on with the if I worked there or something.  But I knew.  And even more strange, I was able to actually furnish him with answers to all of his questions. He mentioned that he owned an organic farm and that he ships his fruit nationwide.  The problem is that he'll mail his packages to his customers on the bases of the 2-day "guaranteed" Priority mail promise and yet NONE of his fruit has been getting to his customers on time.  It's been going bad in transit and he's losing his ass in his business now because of customer refunds due to this.  I told him to start using FedEx, as that would be his best bet (since UPS blows) and that it's too bad DHL doesn't do nationwide shipping anymore (international only now) because they were the best option.

I also told this gentleman that this all started back in January, when I was told by my mail processing lady at the distribution center that I needed to ADD 2 days on all my pre-sorted first-class mail, making it 5 days now.  And that my standard mailings would be going from 10 to 14 now 21 days to be received by anyone.  What the freak!  The more money I spend, the more I get punished as a commercial mailer.  She shrugged her shoulders, gave me the "can't-do-anything-about-it" speech, and we left it at that.

Now the PROMISED 2-day Priority "guaranteed" mail isn't getting there on time...starting only a few weeks ago for many, but I noticed this shift occurring a few months ago.  It's now worse than ever.  And how the USPS can PROMISE something and NOT deliver (literally) makes me wonder why the FTC isn't finding them a gazillion dollars for false advertising and FRAUD, because essentially that's what that is.  Anyone else in the free marketplace selling a product under false pretenses and promises would be fined and possibly jailed depending on the promise.  Not the USPS, I guess.

And if I wasn't frustrated enough, I had received a phone call from my step-son who is visiting Michigan for his birthday.  I mailed him a birthday card with a gift card inside on MONDAY with the 2-day Priority PROMISE that it would be received by him in 2 days or on Wednesday, which was his birthday.  As I was leaving the post office for my after-hours bin-stuffing romp, he thanked me for the card that he just received...on FRIDAY, 5 freaking days AFTER I mailed it with that 2-day USPS Priority GUARANTEE.

Here's the reality:  The USPS is in trouble.  This is just the tip of the iceberg for the turmoil that's to come with these people.  I don't know if they're pissed off about the rate drop or they're just lazy or what the problem is.  I've been told that there are cut-backs so there are fewer postal employees.  I've been told other excuses as to why things aren't working with them anymore.  All pitiful excuses.  I just don't understand how a system that's over 200 years old can suddenly not work as efficiently anymore...unless the people working WITHIN the organization aren't working anymore.  And I'm sure I'll get a few emails from those of you who work for the USPS with whatever "reason" as to why it is sucking now more than ever, just when I was starting to have some hope that they would pull themselves out of this ditch they dug themselves into.  Now they're going backwards...again.  Possibly for good this time.

But lately I don't care anymore about the USPS, mail, shipping, and all of it that they stand for.  Because nowadays I'm implementing strategies that remove the USPS out of my marketing altogether.  They're much more cost-effective, quicker to profit, and much less labor intensive.  All upsides, no downsides.  Even better, these online campaigns are drastically out-pulling any response I'd ever dream of getting sending out mail to anyone.  And this brings me back to that question of: why use direct mail anymore?  And my answer?  I'm not anymore.

This is all good news for you.  For those of you really interested in NOT using offline marketing strategies for your highly profitable money funnel businesses, you don't have to now.  I've been able to "crack the code" on keeping your business marketing activities 100% online to make huge profits for your online money funnel!  And now it's time for you to get all of these strategies, many of these I've never talked about before because...well, I didn't finally get the overall picture of how all this works in 2016 until VERY RECENTLY.  And I'll be sharing these amazing online profit breakthroughs with you in a few weeks!

As you know, my last ever Money Funnel Event for BOTH consumer-direct and distribution profits is coming up in Vegas on May 13th & 14th (with a special Bonus Day on May 15th for Platinum ONLY).  And I wanted to remind you that the cost to register is going up after the close of business on Monday.  And I don't want you to lose out.

I'm also giving up a special $397 bonus to those of my full-pays who enroll before the Monday at 5pm PDT deadline.

On Monday morning, I'm going to reveal another huge reason as to why you really should register for this event.  This is a life-changer, even for me.  And I've never shared it with anyone at any event, probably because I just found out about it yesterday!

CLICK HERE to watch some amazing testimonial videos as well as discover more information about what you'll be missing out on if you don't attend the Vegas event.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  If you think the global and national economic shifts have settled and now everything's back to being "normal," think again! The economic sands have slowed but have NOT stopped shifting yet.  This means things are still changing.  Don't get too comfortable.  Don't think that everything is okay.  There are many more surprising and shocking changes on the horizon.  Be prepared and you'll profit.  Settle in to comfort and you'll probably end up losing the most when the next big change happens, which is always right around the corner.

P.P.S.  In an unrelated thought, RIP Prince.  He was a musician of my generation and he will be missed.  As life goes on and we lose parts of those who have contributed to part of our own life "thread" in a way, it's almost as if we lose a little piece of our soul in the process when they are gone.  When Michael Jackson had passed, being a huge fan as I am, I felt what I thought as being a rather substantial loss inside myself during that time.  I feel much the same with Prince's loss.  It's amazing how someone you've never met can contribute something meaningful to your life and how their death can affect us.  But in all reality, I think it's less about their death and more about us being left without them that generates the most sadness when they die.  They get to move on to a much better place.  We're left behind to still And when they leave, it makes it all the more obvious about the reality in where we're left.  I believe that's why we are sad when they go.  Because it's not our time yet to go with them, to experience something better.  But that's just my thought on it.  Maybe yours is different. Regardless, I know Prince is already at peace.  I just wish the rest of us were.


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Tuesday, April 19 2016

The other day I got a phone call from Ron, our money broker.  He was warning me about a student of mine -- Jacob K. -- who screwed him over on his fees.  Ron had gotten him a pre-approval for the 100% LTV Bond Funding Program for a multi-family purchase.  Since Jacob changed his mind and didn't want to go through with the deal, he reversed the charges on his credit card payment to Ron and essentially screwed over the ONLY money guy who can get a 100% LTV Bond Fund on a $1,000,000 America!

Even worse for this Jacob K. clown, when things like this happen, word gets around fast.  Since Ron has a direct connect with the fund who does this 100% LTV Bond Funding Program (for $1 million or more), he basically put out an alert on this Jacob K.  In the event that this guy floats through the system some other way trying to get the same (or any other) type of loan, lending, bond, or whatever...he's be to declined for any funding services whatsoever.

This is NOT the position to be in, especially when being blacklisted for such a powerful program as what the 100% LTV Bond Funding Program is.  Yes, you can get 100% LTV for a commercial property of $1,000,000 or more in purchase price.  And nobody else has this program for properties this low.  Most other brokers and funders require the property be a MINIMUM of $5,000,000 or $10,000,000.  So, my money guy is the ONLY guy who can actually pull this off at such a low dollar amount.

Anyone who can get you funds for deals...don't screw them over.  Okay?  That should go without saying but since it doesn't, DON'T SCREW YOUR MONEY GUY!  Not only will he NEVER get you approved for anything else but it'll be like the fools who bounce checks at their local convenience stores who have a "mug shot" looking photo of them behind the cash register saying something like:  DON'T SELL THIS GUY.  Basically, DON'T TRUST THIS GUY!  And that's what happens as everyone who is relevant in the private commercial financing world as they are warned about your bad behavior.  Never lend to this person...EVER!

This means that your investing business is done, dead in the water.  And you may as well just give it up.  Take that McDonald's job and let your dreams become someone else's reality.

But if you want to know your last handful of opportunities left in how you can acquire passive income cash flowing properties in today's economy -- and without any cash or credit -- CLICK HERE.  I'm offering something that will blow your mind.

What is it?

About 8 weeks ago I did this extremely rare first-time-ever in-office training on real estate.  I only had 5 people that were pre-selected to attended this rare group which is probably why you never knew about it.  (I have quite a few long-time students who are very serious students of real estate investing so I wanted to offer them the opportunity to attend this group first.  Since I had only a small space to work with, that has only recently expanded, I could only take very few students for this event.  Maybe you can catch the next one I do which will be sometime in the fall.)  This event was a powerful life-changing workshop that showed my students exactly how to work the steps, HANDS ON, in getting their real estate deals lined up.  To do things hands on is life changing.  You go from merely an audience member taking notes to "someday" do something with them (and we all know about "someday," don't we?) then we continue on with our lives the very next day.  Then 5 years flies by, we stumble on those notes, and shake our heads wondering why we never took action.

I know why you didn't take action.  You didn't feel like you had enough information to sink your teeth into.  That's what happened.  So, how powerful is it to sit in on a workshop where all of those steps are pounded into your head over and over again until you are FORCED to understand EXACTLY what to do?

Yep, you guessed it.  It's just as life-changing as you'd imagine.

And now you can "sit in" on this workshop as if you were there because my video guy -- Jesse J. -- was there taping every word, every presentation, every hands-on demonstration until the group got it.  This type of workshop is so rare because, in all due honestly, I cannot pull off this type of training in a seminar room full of 100+ people.  It's just not doable.  But I can with a small handful of people, in this case 5 people.  And you can fit in as "one of the group" by popping in the videos and, even better for you, going at your OWN PACE to get through the entire 2 1/2 days on video!  As if you were actually there!

CLICK HERE to find out more about these power-packed life-changing videos on doing no-cash-no-credit passive-income real estate deals!

Right now, for the Tax Season Blow Out, I'm offering a killer deal on these.  It's actually an UNHEARD of deal so I'd jump on it if I were you.

One last thing: If you're a Platinum Viper Wealth, DO NOT PURCHASE THESE VIDEOS.  You'll be getting them next week with your Advanced Course/Workbook, 2016 Apartment Strategies Audio Seminar, and Course Materials CD-ROM.   And yes, if you become Platinum Viper Wealth (at, you can also get these videos with all the stuff I just outlined above without paying anything more than your first month's enrollment fee.  Pretty sweet deal, huh?

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  There's still room for my LAST EVER Money Funnel Event in Las Vegas on May 13th & 14th (and the 15th also for Platinum Viper Wealth ONLY).  Yes, this is my LAST EVER Money Funnel Event which is different than my Beverly Hills Event from March of this year. In this Money Funnel Event, I'll be covering BOTH the Simple & Complicated Money Funnels (which I didn't cover in Beverly Hills) PLUS I'll be covering the Distribution Money Funnel, which I've NEVER covered before in any form whatsoever.  Why is this my last Money Funnel Event, you ask?  Because I'm actually DOING the money funnel stuff myself, both for consumer-direct products and distribution/wholesale products.  It's way too time-consuming, stressful, and takes an incredible portion of my energy to provide this type of intense information to my students.  I figure that if you're meant to be there, you'll be at this last event.  If not, so be it.  You weren't meant to be there.  CLICK HERE for details.  Since I'm focusing so much on my own money funnel business activities, Global Success will return to its former glory, offering apartment real estate strategies ONLY (including information on business credit, raising capital, getting government grants for real estate, and anything else to help your real estate business).  Unlike Money Funnel Strategies that seem to change every 6 months to a year, real estate strategies are going back to changing only minutely (as they did over a dozen years ago and back) which takes much less brain power for me to continue on that stream of education for my students.  By doing this, it'll allow me the energy I need to continue building my multi-million-dollar money funnel enterprises with max force between now and the next several years.  So, join me and come to Vegas for this Money Funnel Finale.  CLICK HERE NOW!


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Monday, April 18 2016

For years I've been warning my students of the inevitable.  Time was running out on real estate deals.  The window of opportunity is closing, and fast!

And I started this soapbox tirade back in 2011, laboring in a more fierce tone by late 2012, and told everyone that this was basically it by the summer of 2013.

Some listened, most didn't.  But I did deliver the news, gave the warnings, and trained my students in the best opportunities available with the best cutting-edge strategies in which to acquire these cash flowing properties before the music stopped, before it was too late.

So, where are we now?  Is it too late now?

Largely...yes.  For many of the opportunities I was leading my students to do, many of those strategies are long gone, namely because the inventory for the type of real estate I teach my students to do is gone.

Now, any one of you can look in the online MLS (by using and clearly see that there IS inventory left.  So...what the hell am I talking about?  Why am I telling you that the majority of the inventory is gone and that there are no deals to be had?

Let me be clear: there will ALWAYS be opportunity in EVERY market.  Good times, opportunity.  Bad times, opportunity.  Always opportunity.  But during the bad times, you get MORE opportunity because this is when you get to pick up properties for pennies on the dollar.  Those days are gone, folks.  I mentioned several times over and over again dating back to 2009 even that we were in the midst of the best time in our lifetimes to pick up properties left and right for next to nothing.  And that we would NEVER AGAIN see an economy like this.  In fact, our children and grandchildren won't even see this devastating of a recession in their lifetimes either.

Now, hold up a second.  You're probably thinking, "That's all well and good, Monica.  But reality is, banks weren't lending like they are now.  And unless you had immediate access to lots of cash, it really wasn't doable for the Average Joe to pick up these properties."

You're completely right.  This wasn't a doable plan for most people.  Only the "players" got to play in the game of getting properties for pennies on the dollar for all cash because, during that time, it was very difficult to get bank loans to purchase these properties.

The good thing about a healthy economy is that loans and money is much easier to get from banks and lenders.  Getting private lenders and investor partners are a piece of cake.  Everybody wants in on a good cash flowing deal. Getting money becomes extremely easily, as it is right now!  And THAT, my friend, is YOUR edge in today's economy, inventory or not.

Reality is, there are only 4 methods left for acquiring passive income properties in 2016 and for the next solid 6 to 8 years.  Here they are:

1)  100% LTV lease-option deals.
2)  100% LTV bond funding.
3)  Getting private funding or investor partner cash.
4)  Using business credit for cash to acquire and rehab second-hand foreclosures.

And that's it.  That's all she wrote.

So, what about that ever-elusive inventory that I was talking about?  There is ONE POWERFUL SECRET to not only circumvent that huge problem but to find all the deals you could ever handle (and more) by using this one secret.

I did a very rare, first-time-only real estate training with 5 very lucky students who were of only a small percentage of my student base were were even given the opportunity to come to this training.  I completed this training in mid-February and now, 2 months later, I'm finally releasing the DVDs to this unique and rare event in which I talk about ALL OF THE ABOVE in this 2 1/2-day training.  And yes, I do cover that powerful inventory secret on where you can find endless deals despite any inventory problems in any area of the country!  Guaranteed!!

And you can FINALLY get the videos.  But...the deal for this set ends 5pm PDT to be exact.  Yes, the deal ends today and you can get 1/2 off what I'm charging.  If you want to wait tomorrow, you'll be paying double.  And you WILL want these videos.  They reveal the ONLY investing secrets left for passive income real estate in today's economic environment.

By the way, if you're Platinum Viper Wealth, DO NOT order these videos.  You'll be getting these videos PLUS a 200-page Course/Workbook combination that is ONLY given to Platinum Viper Wealth members.  (And yes, if you want to be Platinum Viper Wealth to get all of this, you can register as Platinum FIRST by going to then calling my office at 661-250-5050 to make sure you can get this powerful Advanced Course).

For the rest of you, to get this amazing deal, again, this is your last chance.  CLICK HERE or go to now!

Questions?  Call my office at 661-295-5050.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  We're filling up fast for the Vegas event on May 13th & 14th (and a special bonus workshop on May 15th for Platinum Viper Wealth ONLY).  CLICK HERE or go to now before the price goes up!  I'm so proud of my video guy - Jesse - for FINALLY doing something with the powerful money-making strategies he's been getting from me all of these years.  Many of you don't know that Jesse is a successful musician, specializing in music scores for television shows and commercials.  He's now teaching others how to be successful musicians themselves by getting passive income royalty checks using his money-making music strategies.  If anything, check out his money funnel website and your jaw will drop to the floor.  It's THAT good.  CLICK HERE to check out Jesse's site!

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Friday, April 15 2016

Happy Tax Day...Sike!  Actually, I think the REAL tax day is on Monday but, who cares?  'Tis the tax season and it it's an all-around suck-fest for MOST of us!

So, let me tell you about ANOTHER thorn in my side in an attempt to make you realize that maybe your life isn't sucking as much as you think it is right now.

I have 2 college kids living with me.  One is my former step-son.  The other is a young lady who is the daughter of one Ron's Detroit partners on his highly successful distribution product or BeanBoy.  Those of you who have attended the past couple of seminars would know the BeanBoy product.  So, I wanted to help out, allow this young lady to study in Hollywood to finish up her B.A. degree in Creative Writing, I believe.  She's taking something called a "Semester in L.A." for television writing.

And, of course, this is the part where I get to tell you that my kindness has been taken for weakness...starting on DAY ONE when she "moved" into my house.  (The word moved in quotes signifies that this IS a temporary situation.)  I was under the very clear understanding that she was coming out for 6 to 8 weeks and then she'd return back to Chicago where's she's going to school.  And then off she'd go after that.  So, needless to say, it was a total shock to me to find out that days after she "moved" in, that she had planned on staying until, oh...say the FALL of this year?  Or possibly LATER?!

This was laid on me a day before my event in Beverly Hills was to begin and I knew I had to retain my energy for the event, and NOT screaming at anybody for the bait-and-switch in the live-in plans for this girl.  I would reserve the screaming for later, AFTER the event concluded.

Once I returned from the event, I asked her point-blank what her plans were.  She told me that she wanted to move back to Chicago in the fall.  Okay, well..."I agreed to a 6 week deal, MAX 8 weeks.  So...are you living elsewhere?"

I'm still waiting for a REAL answer, as I haven't received one yet.  Needless to say, I had to put Ron on task to square things up with her pops in Detroit because, yet again, it was crystal clear to me and everyone involved that she was staying a MAX of 2 months.

But that's not the worst part of all this.  Yes, it gets worse.  MUCH worse.

She asked if she could take a part-time job in my office to make a little extra money.  "Sure," I said.  "I could use the extra help."

Except her and I have different ideas of what the word "help" means.  Because she apparently thinks that "helping" is doing 5 minutes worth of work, texting friends for 15 minutes, then going back to work for another 5 minutes...and back and forth it went.

To add insult to injury, she turned to Rose one day and said, "When I'm your age, I'm not going to be working in an office like this."

In which case if I was there, I WOULD have told her, "No, honey.  You won't be.  You'll be standing in the welfare line instead."

Because NOBODY will hire someone to sit and text their friends all day, especially when she's Rose's age and minimum wage is, say, $30 an hour by then.  F*** that!

But here's the WORST part in all of this.  I went to Hawaii over spring break and I usually have a guy take in my dog for $25 a day.  I prefer that she's in a home environment instead of being boarded, especially since she's still a puppy.  So, I figured, instead of paying the dude $25 a day (totaling $250), I'd pay the college chick $200 to take care of my dog AND my cats for the time I was gone.

When I got home (at midnight, no less) to see that the litter box hadn't been scooped AT ALL, that my dog had NO FOOD and NO WATER, and the cats BARELY had food at all, I f****** LOST it!

Let's back up for a FRACTION of a second here.  Before I left, I created an itemized very comprehensive LIST complete with empty check-boxes (because that's how anal I am) for EACH DAY I'd be gone.  A severely mentally handicapped person could follow the list EASILY and check each box when each item was completed for the day.  But not her.  She's lazy, I've come to find out.  Extremely lazy.  In fact, I could have probably gotten more from a Vietnam vet in a wheelchair with 2 missing legs and a missing arm than what I got from her.

At that moment, I let Ron know that he had to let his buddy in Detroit know that his lazy daughter had to be out by the time I got on my summer hiatus.  If not, I'll be packing her shit myself and throwing it in the street the day before I leave.

Yes, she DID get an earful from me the morning after I returned from my trip.  Yes, I did yell at her.  She just looked at me, blankly, and probably impatiently waiting for me to end my rant.  I know for a fact that absolutely nothing sank in.  And it made me realize something that I sort of suspected all along.  This generation coming up, the "Millennials" as they call them, are a freaking joke for the most part.  They're lazy, self-entitled, and have this "Walter Mitty" alternative universe that they live in within their brain that doesn't reflect the reality of the real world.

And it's SCARY.  Really freaking scary, folks.

Now my former step-son Tyler who lives with me.  He's not at bad.  He's half-bad but I think he may be "resurrected" in some way because he is willing to work and I'm pretty strict on him.  He does everything he's told because he doesn't want me to send him back to Detroit.  So, therein lies a heavy dose of motivation.  Maybe that's what these kids need.  MOTIVATION.  Otherwise they're just floundering about through life, not having a clue about anything and thinking, "Well, at least I can live with Mom and Dad and have them pay my way through life if things don't work out."

I didn't have Mom and Dad to help me with anything.  That wasn't an option.  So, survival was my motivation.  In a lot of ways, it still is.  So I keep moving forward.  I keep going.  And never once did I ever expect one single person to do a damn thing for me.

I'm training my daughter to be A LOT different.  I figure that the percentage of lazy-ass, self-entitled, hand-out-expectant percentage in the Baby Boomer generation is probably below 5%.  I think it may be slightly higher in my generation with the Gen Xers.  Maybe it tops out at 15%.  Maybe higher.  But with the Millennials?  I'm think that this attitude is somewhere in the 60% to 75% range in the United States.

And these are the kids that will be running our country in only a handful of decades from now.  Can you believe THAT?  Scary.  Now you know why I'm concerned!  I should be.  So should you!!

The good news is that competition in the future will be NON-EXISTENT.  If you're a Millennial like my daughter, doing any type of business or investing will be a piece of cake because...well, who will you compete against?  The rest of her generation will still be playing video games while living in their elderly, barely-coherent Gen X parent's house in the 'burbs.  Probably waiting for their demise so they can sell the house and live off the equity until something else comes along.  Like winning the lottery, for instance.

This is why I labor into my students who have kids that are young...even teenagers.  Teach them business.  Teach them investing.  Teach them how to sell.  Teach them about marketing.  If you don't know, read a book or go to an event then pass the information onto them however you can.

One of the hings I resent about my meager Midwestern upbringing that I realize is still commonplace in those parts of the country is that some people in those areas who have kids think their ONLY job as a parent is to just get their kids "across the line," I call it.  Just keep food on the table, keep them clothed and a roof over their heads.  And that's it.  Nothing else.  Then at 18, tell them to start making plans to get the hell on.

But that is NOT the only job of a parent, especially in today's day and age.  It's irresponsible to think that parenting is all about feeding, clothing and housing your kid.  And that's IT.  If you do think that's all it's about then you'll be paying the price down the road when they're 40 years old still living with you because they've never been taught any useful life skills (other than receiving food, clothing, and shelter FROM YOU) that they can utilize to support themselves.

So, maybe bring them to an event.  I have my Vegas Money Funnel Event coming up on May 13th & 14th (and the 15th for Platinum Viper Wealth).  If you want to bring your kid (age 18 or under) to teach these Money Funnel Methods to, I'll (a) clean up my language and lose all the swear words, and (b) I'll make you an offer you can't refuse (but you'll have to call my office to enroll them) where it'll only cost them $97 to bring them along.  CLICK HERE to check out my upcoming Vegas event!

Or, you can check out my videos.  Watch them WITH your child.  It's all about the most cutting-edge and really the ONLY methods left in Passive Income Real Estate Investing for 2016 and beyond...until we see another dip in the economy, which I'm not expecting until about 2022.  I have a Tax Blow Out Deal on those which you can check out by CLICKING HERE.

You can learn anything you want.  Learning and education is REQUIRED if you're going to pull yourself out of your current circumstances to create a new life for yourself.  I'm here, dedicated in helping you create the financial life you want for yourself.  But it takes two to tango.  You have to be willing to do the work which is LEARNING then APPLYING what you've learned.  

Then you can be like me.  Paying a lot of taxes...with a smile on your face.  Yes, a smile.  Because what you pay is a small fraction of what you earn.  And the more you pay, the more you made.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Thursday, April 14 2016

It's extremely rare when I get a rude and disrespectful message from someone but, yes, one came through my main website system recently...through this website on my Contact page to be exact.  This particular email was hateful by a person who went on and on about how she was a "professional" and basically how intelligent she (falsely) believes she is as she went on in a half-baked attempt to, in her mind, try to make me feel bad because...well, it's clear that she really doesn't have a high self esteem.  If I were her, I probably wouldn't either but UNLIKE her, I'd be using my time to become a better person rather than choosing to hurt other people.  But that's why I'm me and she is, well...HER!

What I found most interesting about this is that this "professional" in this "profession" of hers is that she is supposed to know something about today's digital and technological age, based on what her profession REQUIRES.  Yet apparently she still doesn't know what an IP address is...and how every email and message sent through the Internet (even when putting in a BOGUS email address in the email section) has an IP address attached that allows us to know exactly where the message came from, right down to the EXACT ADDRESS of where this person is located...which is how/why I know it's a SHE who sent the message.  And, of course, I know exactly who this person is.  And so do the appropriate legal authorities now.

It makes me wonder how someone who claims to be as intelligent as she is, first off doesn't know the interworkings of the Internet and, even worse, how she reads blog posts online written by uneducated losers who can't type their way out of a paper bag and actually thinks those things are true.  It reminds me of people who read the National Examiner and think that Elvis is still alive while Tupac is living it up in Cuba to this day.  Some twits who believe EVERYTHING they read and hear can't possibly be that "educated" now, can they?

If she only knew the REAL facts about things.  Most of the mess online about me stemmed back from when I was locking legal horns with a competitor of mine (and you can verify this by seeing the DATES of these supposed "postings").  CLICK HERE for more details about when it all started and WHO it was with.  During that chunk of time, he had his office staff write some pretty crude (and very untrue) things about me under the guise of "average Joes" (all with fake names) in an attempt to make me look bad, probably thinking he'd be able to encourage people to come over to his camp.  He ended up having his case against me thrown out but some of the damage he perpetuated online is still lingering, like burnt toast.

BOTTOM LINE:  Only true idiots and the mentally challenged believe everything they read online, especially since we all KNOW that literally ANYONE with a computer and Internet connection can write anything they want about ANYONE.  And especially when they're blog "postings" written by people who don't look like they got past the 3rd grade.  Who actually BELIEVES stuff like that?!  Only complete idiots, THAT'S WHO!  

You know what the worst part of all this is?  This is how EASY it is to completely destroy someone's reputation online: If I really wanted to write about this person I'm referring to, using her full name in several blogs online, writing ANYTHING I WANTED about her under different fake names around the Internet, it would be a very short matter of time when the search engine bot/web crawlers would pick it all up. Then when people type in her name into Google, there would be ALL KINDS of crap about her which would be inconvenient at the time when she is forced into switching careers.  And since I am a TRUE professional in what I do (being an expert in web design and SEO), I can actually make it look like she's a sex offender (mug shot and all) with a rap sheet as long as the Great Wall of China when people type in her name, which would conveniently end up at the top of the first page in Google!  (That may not come in handy for her when she finally gets replaced by college kids for 1/3 of her salary who actually KNOW what an IP address is, finding herself back on the job market and unable to secure a position anywhere as the felon and career criminal that she is!)

But, truth be told, I'm not that cruel.  I don't play childish games like that (unless pushed to my maximum tolerance capacity, of course).  I'm actually a much better person than she is.  I actually have other productive things to do than, say, typing "annoymous" messages, calling and hanging up on a blocked number, spreading lies around and talking behind her back, etc. My plate is WAY TOO FULL to be wasting time on anything but my path right now, especially since I just opened another business earlier this year that's already well on its way to $2.3 million in sales by December 31st!  So...maybe I'm the one who actually LET IT REST and she clearly has not due to her own uncontrollable internal insecurities that she can't quite get over.

For any of you who want to know my REAL body of work and how I help people,  I have hundreds of testimonials from students who are thrilled with the life I can provide for them.  Here are SOME of them:  CLICK HERE!  I haven't had a chance to get ALL of them up there yet but they're all video testimonials about my work, which I take very seriously and I absolutely LIVE for!  Yes, I am helping people.  Yes, I am changing people's lives and I'm proud of it.  And THAT is what I am about!

I was looking at this person I'm talking about just yesterday.  She probably didn't realize that I was staring at her.  She looks so unhappy and miserable to the core of her being.  It's sad unhappy and hate-filled some people are, and how destructive they're being to themselves and their families simply by choosing to spread their repulsiveness around to others in the most juvenile way in a meager attempt at making themselves feel better, more powerful in some sick way.  Except they're only racking up the karma and eventually that karma comes crashing down on them in the worst possible ways, usually when it's LEAST expected...when they don't see it coming.

I find the psychological nature of some people to be odd and strange human behavior but it's more prevalent you think; believe it or not, it happens those who are supposed to be older and "wiser."  I just feel sorry for people like this.  They're so insecure with themselves, they hate what they see in the mirror, so they really find it to be necessary to lash out and hurt others in a way to somehow elevate themselves on some sick and twisted level.  This is what a shrink would call psychotic behavior.

Then I thought about it.  

I realize why people act this way.  It's because they're insanely jealous.  They're jealous because they're struggling, working ridiculous hours, driving endlessly DAILY in traffic back and forth to work with not a freaking thing to show for it.  They'll be jealous if you look better, do better, and ARE better in any way than they are.  So, the logical choice for them is to be cruel, spread their hatred around, and act like junior high school kids rather than growing up, taking adult responsibility, and being better people in the process.  That, of course, is the harder choice.  Being mature...what a concept!  Why choose to be an adult when acting like a child throwing a temper tantrum is easier?

If this notion of people hating you out of jealousy because of your success bothers you, don't bother becoming successful then. Otherwise you too will have haters like I do.  You may be better as a member of the herd of sheep out there instead, never rocking the boat and never doing anything relevant to stand out.  And your existence never being noticed by anyone either.

But...I know you better than that.  And I know that's NOT what you want to be.  But I do want you to know something in all due seriousness.  There WILL be haters when you're successful.  It'll be your neighbors, family, friends, former co-workers, associates, old school mates...they come in all shapes and sizes.  And it'll hurt in the beginning until you understand and realize WHY they're hating on you so bad.  They hate you because they really hate themselves, and you're reminding them of WHY they hate themselves...because of what you have or who you are...and what they're not and what they'll NEVER be. 

Remember, you'll have to quickly kick these losers to the curb otherwise they'll bring you down like the Titanic.  Just as heavy and fast.  You cannot afford to let that happen to you.  You cannot let this happen to you otherwise you'll have to resign to being a failure and be content with a "normal" life.  Just think of it as a blessing when you have a falling out with certain people. Chances are, they were not meant to be in your life.  If anything, by their staying around, they would have ended up being more destructive than you could ever imagine.  So, tolerate and ignore the haters at the same time.

And then you need to say, "Screw it.  I don't care how many people hate me.  Bring on the money!  Bring on the success!!"

And that's what I plan on continuing to do.  Hopefully you DECIDE to join me soon!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  I have room in my LAST EVER Money Funnel Seminar Event in Las Vegas on May 13th & 14th.  CLICK HERE for more information!  I have to tell you something awesome.  My video guy -- Jesse -- who has been doing my event videos for the past 6 years finally started actually taking my advice and actually put together his money funnel since my Beverly Hills event just last month.  And he's ALREADY MAKING MONEY with it.  Yes, you read that correctly!  You can see for yourself by checking out his Money Funnel Website by CLICKING HERE.  It's rather impressive!  And you could make a ton of money with my Money Funnel System too.  You just have to do it!

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