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Wednesday, May 31 2017

Earlier this year I mentioned that this was going to be my year of power.  And it is.  It's been pretty amazing so far.  But not only is it MY year of power, it's also yours as well...IF you want it to be, that is.

Sometime late last year I decided to no longer be a victim as a usable doormat to people anymore.  And I decided to stand up in every situation I felt was wrong or wasn't working for me.  Of course, this makes me a lonely person with very few people in my life but that only means all the loser deadbeats are now gone.  When I'm ready, I'll have to start lining myself up with some awesome people.  Right now I'm on a mission to do bigger and better things business-wise.

So...what was my latest conquest of power?

This past week has had a couple of "closures" on some lingering issues that are finally over.  One was my family court hearing where I finally financially nailed my daughter's father to the wall after meticulously playing this legal chess game with him for the past 6 years.  Guess I'm better at chess than he is.  Some of us realize that a war includes many, many battles while others think the first battle is the whole war.  The smart ones focus on each battle one at a time.  The dumb ones focus on just the first one or two then lose the rest because they aren't in it for the long haul or they quickly run out of steam. So...I won.  He lost.  It happened exactly how I planned, just took longer than expected.  And there you go.

The second thing...I can't really talk about.  It's too personal.  But, needless to say, I wasn't going to be played for a fool while letting the player get away with it as he trotted off into the sunset to go play some other sucker.  So, by the time you're reading this, his entire life is beginning to fall apart at the seams.  Don't feel bad for him.  He freaking deserves it.  Maybe he'll think better next time before screwing over somebody who won't put up with it.  (And no, you don't know who this is so don't make assumptions about it.)

With that said, I have this feeling of great strength now that I finally closed a chapter in my book of life and I'm starting to begin to write a new one this week.  When something comes to completion, it only opens up a new road with new exciting beginnings because the old is flushed away.  Maybe this is what you're experiencing right now.  At least I hope so.  Otherwise maybe you're feeling stuck or perhaps on the wrong road in life.  And that is always a sucky place to be.

So, how to do you gain your power back?  How do you take the bull by the horns in your own life and guide your own path?  You just start doing it, that's how.  But you first need a direction otherwise the bull you have by the horns won't know where to go on your life's path.

I'll be the first to tell you the truth and that is life really IS stacked against you.  It only gets worse as we succumb to constant distractions, "fake news," celebrity bullshit, political scandal, the latest iPhone release, game apps, the latest shiny penny...and then we wonder why the hell life is going so fast without us accomplishing much.  If anything we are actually losing a grip, losing control, and losing at life.

Last week my attorney asked my "opinion" when really he was just broaching a conversation.  He asked why I think (at his age) that life is going by so fast?  He said it seemed like only yesterday when we were celebrating the New Year and now it's almost June.  In a blink of an eye.  Just like that.

I told him that I thought it was much like driving on auto-pilot.  We do the same things each day, especially the older we get.  We are chained to a monotonous schedule.  Same thing every day.  Same thing every week.  Like the movie Groundhog Day.  Months roll over.  Then we're back at Christmas and thinking WTF?!  What happened to the time? 

But next year will be different, right?  We'll buckle down on those Resolutions and we'll make something happen in the next New Year.  Right?

That's probably what you said on January 1st of this year, too.  Except tomorrow is already June 1st and not much has happened with those New Year's Resolutions yet, has it?

In order to get what you want, you have to start pounding the iron with force, tenacity, and great will to succeed.  Get off your ass and start working some kind of actionable plan already.  What are you waiting for?  And if you don't have one, I have some ideas for you to get out of that rut, out of that life of being broke all the time, and out of that cesspool of frustration and desperation that you've been swirling in.  CLICK HERE and listen to a 9-minute audio seminar I have for you.  This is pretty good stuff!

Remember, nothing changes by itself.  There is no ship that just comes sailing in for you.  You have to swim out to the damn ship.  Or better yet, build one from scratch.

CLICK HERE NOW.  This is some amazing stuff that you DON'T want to miss out on.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Monday, May 29 2017

Remember those who served before.

Remember those who are no more.

Remember those who serve today.

Remember them all on Memorial Day.

~Emily Toma


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Saturday, May 27 2017

Most of you know that I just pulled off doing a powerful mind-blowing 3-day workshop on making millions with Direct Mail Marketing Strategies.  It was, by far, the most amazing workshop I've ever done not to mention super fun with my laser-focused and super sharp set of students I had in the group.

But after this incredible event ended, my video guy shared something that was shocking to me.  He's been "secretly" making tens of thousands of dollars a month using my EXACT Aggressive Income Strategies that I've been talking about in my seminars for the past couple of years.  Yes!  I've been paying this guy (Jesse) to video all of my seminars for the past 7 years now.  (If you've attended ANY of my events, you would have seen Jesse at any given one since he's been to all of them since March 2010.)  And he admitted it to me by saying, "You've been paying me to learn all of your money-making secrets and I started a successful online business using exactly what you taught me in your seminars!"

CLICK HERE if you want to see his video testimonial that he just gave me a couple of days ago.  This is powerful stuff!

Jesse's message is simple: Discover how to do the stuff then get off your ass and actually DO the stuff.  It's that simple.

Even more profound (and SEVERAL students have told me this over the years) is that I'm the ONLY one out there who teaches my students the EXACT step-by-step blueprints on EXACTLY how to make money using successful systems and strategies I've created by being in the trenches as a REAL investor and entrepreneur for the past 20+ years.  Most of my students have further shared that they've been to dozens of other seminars and events by blow-hard "gurus" who do nothing but give people a multi-day pep rally but leaving my students with NOTHING OF VALUE to actually use to build a business or invest in property.  They rile everybody up with a "rah-rah" kind of seminar but leave no "nuts and bolts" to use to actually build a business!

Except me.  I'm pretty much the ONLY one out there that WILL give you the exact step-by-step "nuts-and-bolts" SUCCESS BLUEPRINTS that you can use to become successful but ONLY if you get off your ass and implement everything I tell you to do.

CLICK HERE to find out how you can make tons of money in my latest and greatest Aggressive Income Business model.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Thursday, May 18 2017

MHPs or Mobile Home Parks.

Now, before you start thinking about how "awful" it could potentially be to own a bunch of "trailer parks," seeing the numbers on these types of deals will probably quickly change your mind.

First of all, THERE'S INVENTORY for MHP deals.  This is NOT the case with most other types of asset classes right now.  And if you don't believe me, try looking and let me know what you come up with.

Second of all, there's ALWAYS some kind of "seller financing" that goes along with 99% of the MHP deals out there.  Since there are specialty lenders that handle these types of assets, it's pretty much a given in this business that sellers (and the lenders) will allow for 10% seller financing just right off the bat.

Now, lenders will only usually give an LTV of up to 70%.  So, if 10% is seller carry then...where do you get the other 20%?

This is the strategy that I lay out in my BRAND NEW MHP Cash Flow System for 2017.  Not only do I show you this strategy but I also include a set of brand new MHP private lenders that will get you financing for your deals.

But I didn't even tell you yet why you want to invest in these types of properties.

It's my third point which is this:  MHPs allow you to keep the MOST MONEY in your pocket since it has the smallest expense ratio out of any type of commercial passive income asset class you'd ever invest in.  This means that you can operate your property by paying out the least amount in expenses while keeping the most money out of your gross operating income (GOI).  In other words, this is quite possibly the very best type of real estate investing you can be doing.

And it's definitely the ONLY type of real estate you can really get your hands on right now (pre recession) that's a super hot cash flowing investment vehicle right now.

CLICK HERE to listen to my mind-blowing power-packed audio seminar on how you can cash in big using my latest and greatest MHP cash flow strategies. more thing, perhaps the BEST part of all this:  one of my VERY BEST and MOST ACTIVE investor partners has been doing A LOT of MHP deals with my students since the fall of last year.  I talked to him about 2 weeks ago and he told me something kind of interesting:  "About 90% of the deals we did with your students as partnerships were MHP deals."


Well, this definitely VALIDATED everything I learned to be true about (1) MHP inventory is pretty solid compared to everything else for investment property deals, and (2) there's A LOT of activity going on with MHP deals now even though everything else has slowed down (or stopped) at this point.

But he told me ONE MORE THING:

"I want more MHP deals can we get them?"

I told him that it's simple.  I'll send more students his way who have MHP deals.

So, we're opening up an opportunity FOR YOU to do an investor partnership deal with my investor for MHPs!  And you can submit deals up through and to December 31, 2017.  (Yes, this is extraordinary because before he was only agreeing to August 31st and I twisted his arm to EXTEND it for you!)


Here's the deal:  This is ONLY for those of you who get the NEW MHP Cash Flow System for 2017.  (CLICK HERE to get it now!)

Plus...I'm throwing in ONE MORE BONUS where you'll be able to submit REO foreclosure deals to this same investor when these types of deals start popping up (which will start happening this summer/fall, depending on where you're farming property deals!  (Later this year I'll be releasing The New REO System for 2017 and this will be a bonus for those students as well.  However, they'll ONLY be able to submit REO deals.  YOU will be able to submit MHP deals AND REO deals.  Remember, right now he's doing about 90% of his investor partnerships and bird-dog deals with my students as MHP deals.  So...this is HUGE for you!  And when the REO deals start to swarm the market, you'll have this investor in your back pocket to immediately start sending deals to BEFORE any of my other students will be able to get his contact information.) 

CLICK HERE for the deal.  It ends really soon so...GET ON IT!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main


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Tuesday, May 16 2017
Something I HAD to Donate Book Proceeds to...Duane

A Donation Was Made to This Pup -- Duane "The Rock" -- for His Veterinary Care and Recovery

Duane was found in Tijuana, Mexico where people were throwing rocks and hot water on him just so he would leave. All he was doing was looking for food, scrounging around just to survive.  Someone found him and he had a PERMANENT MUZZLE wrapped around his face so he could barely eat.  He was taken to California where he is currently receiving medical attention and care for a very long recovery.

I'm a huge animal lover and a total sucker for stories like this. This dog has gone through hell and back yet he remains a loving sweetheart.  And yes, he has been adopted to a kind family who is taking good care of him.  But he is in need of A LOT of medical treatment so I had to donate money to his cause.
What bothers me is how sick the world is.  People are sick, disgusting, and pitiful creatures.  Yet strangely, when people are acting out, others may say things like, "He's acting like an animal." Really?  Animals act like humans?  I don't think so.  Far from it in the vast majority of cases.
Then I have to stop myself to remember that the "glass is half full," after all, and there ARE loving people out there including the people who RESCUED this dog from the streets, brought the dog to California for the best kind of veterinary medical care, and to the new family who is giving this angelic pup a kind and loving home.
As little as we can do for kindness to our fellow human beings (even if they don't deserve it) and to animals (pure beings, as I see them), then we are at least doing SOMETHING for humanity.
My take on things: if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.  If you know you're not helping others, maybe it's time to start becoming a better person.  This is your will, after all.
I decided to take part of the 100K in 100 Days book proceeds (of those book orders that came in AFTER the promo May 1st deadline) for this dog's medical care.  And additional book proceeds that come in will go to other animals in need.  (The initial promotional book proceeds went to the organization of to help 3rd world country entrepreneurs fund their businesses.  Post-promotion book proceeds will be donated to other causes like that of the Duane "The Rock" pup.)
The way I look at it, every little act of kindness DOES make the world go around.  Doesn't it?
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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Sunday, May 14 2017

Sometimes right before Mother's Day I think to myself, "Well, at least I don't have to scramble for gift ideas since Mom isn't around anymore to buy anything for."  Then I become sad almost instantly thereafter.

When tracing back to exactly when my entire life was derailed from a psychological and emotional standpoint, it was in July 2005 when my mother passed away.  And although much of the time we didn't see eye to eye, I felt that she was my strongest support system.  After she was gone, I sadly realized that she was, at the time, my only support system which made her absence even more devastating as the years rolled on.  Feeling that sense of loss -- that sense of emptiness -- never goes away.  It becomes numb but it never quite vanishes.

Then I was sent this beautiful angel who is now almost 9 years old.  I see a lot of traits in Brie (my daughter) that I saw in my mom.  The biggest one: my daughter is an artist.  My mom was one of the best artists I'd ever known.  While I can barely sketch out a stick figure (and a pretty bad one at that), she would create these masterpieces out of only a charcoal pencil on a piece of paper.  Art was her thing.  And now I have Brie who has been a devoted art student since the tender age of 5, even insisting now that I add more art classes into her schedule because she just can't get enough of it.  She graduated from pastels to now doing really well with watercolor.  Her goal is that she'll go into charcoal and then ultimately oil painting.  And although this "art world" is completely alien to me, I couldn't be happier with her choice to want to pursue this with such vigor...and at such a young age.

They say that by this age -- between 6 and 9 -- you kind of already know what you want to be when you grow up.  Yet it's so strange that most of us forget on our path to and through adulthood.  How do we become so disconnected from our core being?  Maybe life distractions.  Maybe just life itself.  But if you think about it, all of it is just part of one big masterpiece that we came here to create for ourselves in the form of experiences.

That's right.  We're here to EXPERIENCE different things in this smorgasbord buffet of life.  But, believe it or not, it's really hard (if not impossible) to experience things if you're not doing enough with your life right now.  If you saw how much I do in a 24-hour time frame, you'd be hard-pressed to find any relevant answer as to how I pack it all in.  And that's AFTER you figure out exactly all the stuff that I get done.'s not just about "doing" that progresses you as a spirit.  Sometimes "not doing" does the trick.  But this doesn't work for long.  There's only so long you can realistically sit on your ass and expect to get ideas or results.  Sometimes you have to embark upon SOME path just to start opening doors for yourself.  Once you do this and get the life you want, you can start experiencing the things you've always wanted (especially all that stuff on your "bucket list") that will, believe it or not, have quite a profound effect on your spirituality.  Nobody evolves by doing nothing and experiencing nothing.

The other day I was thinking about how lucky I've been to have the brain capacity and smarts to be able to generate such an incredible income that has, ultimately, been responsible for all the things I can do for both myself and my daughter.  We get to travel and do whatever we want.  I get to take about a month off per year, minimum.  Many times it's longer.  You just don't have those experiential options when you haven't reached the monetary level to have these experiences in life.

So, I have something I want you to check out.  CLICK HERE to listen to a powerful audio seminar on something that can financially change everything for you...but ONLY if you let it!

Oh, and one more thing: you have until tomorrow at 5pm Pacific Time to take advantage of my Mother's Day Contest that can be worth $1,000 to you.  CLICK HERE for the contest info.

In the meantime...


See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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