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Saturday, October 31 2015
There Was a Devil in the Corner of My Bedroom!
How to Get Rid of a Devil in Your House...Or the One in Your Life!
A couple of years ago, I noticed this very dark energy that decided to permeate the lower level of my house.  I swear, my brother brought this demon into my home with his low energy and left it to linger in my house for several months, ever growing each day into a larger and larger size.  This is when my daughter started feeling scared in our home and I never mentioned my awareness of this dark entity.  I think I may have been in denial about it.  Or maybe I was hoping it was just my imagination.
What bothered me is that this being started getting larger in size slowly but surely.  It looked like a black cloud and had a very cold and evil feel to it.  Then it started "hovering" in the corner of my master bedroom upstairs, just staring at me all night. My cat Pineapple noticed him; he would stare at this dark figure all night long, even creating a protective "dog-like" barrier between me and this dark being in the corner.  And my cat would sit there all night, making sure it didn't move.  It must've been a tiring task for the little dude but he did it without flinching and without walking away from his self-appointed job.
Your Lowered Energy Fields Can Bring in Beings From Lower Levels of Existence
I started to feel severely depressed on much lower levels than normal. This made this demonic being grow larger and more frightening, as they tend to feed off of depression.  Out of desperation, I asked a religious friend of mine if he knew anyone who could exercise this demon out of my house.  And fast!  Like TODAY fast!
My friend obliged and had a pastor come over to get the demon out of my home.  And it worked. The demon didn't completely leave my home right away but it was weakened enough to where it drastically diminished in size almost instantly and then, by raising my own energy levels to "high positive," I was able to see this demonic creature completely disappear over the months to follow.
This is when I realized that lower levels of existence (some call it "hell") does exist.  When those of us on this place of existence (called "earth") have lower energy levels either by depression, despondency, drug dependency, etc., we can actually INVITE these demonic beings to "hang out" with us.
And that really sucks because none of them are up to any good.  In fact, many of them are desperately stuck on these lower energy levels and thrive on sucking away your energy to make themselves stronger. And they only target the weak, the depressed, and those of us who feel so despondent that we can barely see past one night to daybreak.
I know...seems very far-fetched, doesn't it?  And I wouldn't believe in any of this if I hadn't seen these lower energy beings myself, first-hand.
Did you know that perpetual and chronic depression could actually be certain lower energy fields or beings actually feeding off of your energy?  And what if that's really the case, as freakish and ridiculous as that may seem?  Then what?
The Best Way to Overcome ANY Demonic Spirit, Depressive State of Mind, Negative People & Happenings, or Barriers to Getting What You Want In Life Is...
Raise your energy levels!  Raise them high.  This can be very challenging if all you want to do is cry in a corner or if you're in a rut where life is spit-balling challenge after challenge in your life without giving you a breather for even a half-second.
I'm not going to lie.  I've been there, many times.  And it's frustrating as all hell trying to get a one-up on your life by being happy, energetic, and enthusiastic when it seems that there's just another mud pie to splat square on into your face when you turn every corner.
Lower energies (including those of the living) absolutely hate happiness, enthusiasm, motivation, and the light.  They like darkness, depression, misery, and the dark.  If you are none of those things then they will move onto the next person who can give them what they're looking for.
And I did mention that this applies to the living as well.  There are soul-sucking, negative, dark-thriving people who are not much different than non-physical beings.
"But Monica, It's HARD to Be Happy, Enthusiastic, and Full of Life When There Are So Many Obstacles, Barriers, and 'Bad Things' Going on In My Life and In the World As a Whole!"
Yes, I know.  So many "bad things" going on.  In the world.  In your life.
But I found a secret strategy for what I call HTP or Hypothetical Thought Process.  It's allowed me to make some phenomenal personal breakthroughs that have been nothing short of miracles in my life.
And this can help you, too.
Any change or transformation you want to make, this will work.  It works for success, wealth, relationships, weight loss, pain relief, permanent attitude changes, happiness, ANYTHING!  It works.
But I think the best part of all this is that it works NEARLY INSTANTLY! No having faith that it'll work while struggling to stick with some nonsensical regimen that only makes you doubt it'll work every time you do it.
You FEEL and KNOW the breakthrough and transformation has happened in less than 3 minutes!  GUARANTEED!
Nothing I've seen anywhere at any time can completely transform a human being as fast as this can.
For the first time ever, I talked about it in great detail during the first half of the first day of my event in Detroit last weekend.  And how my students at the event received this mind-blowing strategies was overwhelming.  Students approached me the next day telling me that they felt different, they knew a shift had happened, and they felt freaking amazing like they've never felt in their life before!
And I warned them that this would happen.
Having Been on the "Self-Help" Metaphysical New Age Path for Most o My Life, I'll Be the First to Admit That MOST Stuff Out There DOESN'T WORK Except for a Very Small Handful of Secrets...And THIS is One of Those Secrets!!
Yes, this is a jolting revelation, isn't it?  After all, many of us want to believe but, unfortunately, I've found for myself that unless there's something to it or something behind a strategy that you can link to hard science, I haven't had much luck with it as a tool for personal change and transformation.
And THIS is why these secrets are so freaking powerful.  There is HARD SCIENCE behind how and why this works so well.
I talk a little bit about this in my audio seminar.  CLICK HERE for more power-packed details on it.
The cool thing about this is that not only will it change every aspect of your life and yourself that you want to change -- and fast -- but you'll also get rid of the demons in your own life...whether they're real people...or not.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
P.S.  Be safe out there!  And just know that this may be your last Halloween where you can wear that mask that's been hiding your true self.  Once you start implementing these secret powerful transformation strategies, your mask will finally come off and your highest and best self will finally be revealed!  CLICK HERE!
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Thursday, October 29 2015
As I mentioned, we've been moving this week.  And it's still not done.
Well, most of it's done anyway.  All of our stuff is now in the new
office but there are boxes everywhere.  Today is "organization" day.
So, for those of you who have been calling the office, you may have
noticed that you've been leaving messages with our answering service.
Our phone service STILL isn't working, thanks to the highly effective
and efficient AT&T.  So (fingers crossed) I'm hoping that the phones
will be on today sometime, no later than tomorrow morning.
And yes, we did get your message.  But no, we have no means of calling
you back right now so if you called, hang tight.  We'll get to you soon!
I feel like I've been going NON-STOP since BEFORE the Detroit event.
My goal is to slip into a semi-coma after Halloween, not to awaken until
maybe Thanksgiving or the first full week of the New Year!
As you can imagine, I've been under A LOT of stress so, again, please be
patient with both me and my staff right now.  Since I'm moving into a 
"zen-like" office environment, your patience will pay off in a good way
since I'll be in a much better mood as the weeks drone on.
For those of you who didn't attend the Detroit event, you missed out.
I mentioned that we're in the process of duplicating out the videos for
that event and for that I'm offering a steep discount for my Halloween
Blow Out.  For more details, click on this link:
My goal is to get the testimonial videos up...soon.  Once I find my
computer in the sea of boxes and can actually accomplish something without
tripping over cords, files, printers, etc.  (Moving sucks!!)
I think I already mentioned that you missed a lot if you didn't come to
the event.  I had the most awesome time but, most importantly, I divulged
some business and real estate investing secrets that I've never revealed
Also, many of you already know that I'm taking a speaking hiatus on any
large-group real estate related events for a minimum of a year, if not
longer.  This is because all of the information and opportunities I just
presented are basically your last chances in making huge profits and
cash flows in today's inventory-depleted market.
If you want to get involved in real estate investing and you want to know
what these "last chance" opportunities are, you must get these videos.  I
should also mention that these opportunities I presented are good for about
6 months...maybe a year if we're all super lucky.  So, you'll either jump in
with both feet or you'll keep doing what you're doing: nothing.  And, of
course, getting no results either.
Maybe now is the time for you to sit yourself down and ask if you're going
to be satisfied with living the life you are living now in another 5 years
or 10 years.  Because if you don't start doing something now to change that,
getting the same result you have been is all you can realistically expect
from here on out, especially now since many of these opportunities are all
but gone and remaining a Paycheck Charlie may very well be something you will
have to find a way to be "happy" with.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
P.S.  Try not to call my office until Monday.  My staff is running around with
their heads cut off trying to get a phone line working, trying to organize, and
trying to stay sane so...unless it's an emergency, please just send an email.
And if it is an emergency and you're trying to call my office, please hang up
and dial 9-1-1 instead.  ;-)
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Tuesday, October 27 2015

I just keep going, and going, and going...

That's what I'm feeling like right now.
I just got back from the Detroit event.  Now I'm moving my office.  Yes, moving it as we speak.
(Please note: my phones are going to my answering service.  Due to some wiring problems with
AT&T, my phone system won't be up until either late tomorrow or Thursday.  They suck!  So,
don't call my office until Thursday afternoon or Friday if you need to.  And if you've called
already, don't expect a call-back until late this week.  Sorry.)
But the even was freaking amazing!!  It was definitely one of my top events, for sure.  Of course,
I always say that.  Right?
What was amazing about this event is that I started it off with my latest and greatest strategy
on Total Transformation and your personal breakthrough.  Over the years having trained and taught
thousands of students, I've found that only a small percentage actually follow through.  I finally
found a secret strategy (only a few weeks ago) that I not only discovered to help me overcome some
of my psychological shortcomings (which I thoroughly explained at the event) but I realized how it
actually can drastically alter any student of mine and their entire future with regards to wealth
and success.  In fact, it's the only technique out there like it and if you don't learn what this
is, you may find yourself running on an endless treadmill, not seeing or realizing the success you
have always wanted in your life.
I then went into my Aggressive Strategies for business.  All of it...CUTTING EDGE.  These are secrets
that have NEVER been revealed before and, if you implement what I've showed you, can be worth millions
to you within a very short period of time.
Moving onto Day Two of the event...

This is when I talked about Aggressive Real Estate Strategies but only after giving a thorough crash
course on passive income investing as being the Bigger Picture of why we're doing all of this.
Please note that the strategies presented on Aggressive Income for real estate are SHORT-LIVED and are
only going to be good for the next 6 months -- the next 12 months TOPS (if we're lucky) -- and you need
to (a) know what these techniques are, and (b) be willing to swiftly move on them otherwise they'll
evaporate before your eyes!
At the close of the seminar, we had a champagne party because, to me, this was symbolic of the closing
of one chapter (for myself and many of the students at the event) while celebrating our next chapter
as we edge into 2016.
This year coming up will be amazing for all of us who take these strategies and kick ass with them in
the real world but, unfortunately, is only for those of us who actually USE these techniques.
Maybe that will mean you'll have to become a pink bunny too.  But at least you'll be a very rich one.
The videos for this 2-day event are now being released and you can see everything that was revealed at
this event as if you were there!  And I'm giving you a deal for my Halloween Blow Out!
How awesome is that?
Click on this link to get the deal:
And if you have any questions?  Don't call my office.  At least not until the end of the week.  Phones
aren't working and we're working on having them fixed as soon as possible during our move to our new
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
P.S.  I forgot to mention that I'll be including a very special list on the CD-ROM that will come with
your video set of the seminar.  This list is a brand new wholesale property list of super good deals on
properties that you can either buy and hold for cash flow profits or you can quickly rehab them and lease
them up to flip to out-of-state investors.  You'll get this powerful and hard-to-get list with your videos!
And that's how awesome I am!  ;-)
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Saturday, October 03 2015

Many people have experienced some significant changes in their lives starting
with about the last week of August and moving through, well...right now.

There's a reason for this.

We're in the middle of a cycle of 3 significant eclipses.  The first was the last
weekend of August.  The second was last weekend.  The third will be around

In the midst of all this, we've had a rare super moon (last weekend) and we're
still in the lateral part of a Mercury Retrograde (which ends on Friday, October

So, if you're not all into astrology, that's all well and good.  I'm not that proficient
in the art of predicting the future via the stars and planets but I know enough to
impress a few people at a cocktail party who know nothing about the subject.

Chances are though, you've been feeling it, too.  If you haven't you're hiding under
a rock...or maybe you're in a coma.  Either way, you won't be reading this right now.

So...what's going on?  Is it the End of Days as we speak?

Certainly feels like it, doesn't it?

But let me give you a crash course on eclipses and how things are "speeding up"
as we careen into a much faster energetically vibrating future.

Eclipses force crap out of your life that doesn't belong there.  This includes bad
relationships, a shitty job you hate, people who suck, and other stuff that just
needs to go in order to make room for better new stuff (and people).

Many times as human beings we tend to hang onto things that we consciously
know don't service us because we're simply fearful of letting go.  We're afraid of
the alternative.  So, even if we're simmering in misery and pain, that's somewhat
"comforting" than being exposed to something new, unpredictable, and uncertain.

If you're "on the wave" with the rest of us who are finding our lives unfolding
(and seemingly falling apart) as the days roll on here, you're not alone!  And for
the record, things are NOT falling apart.  They are falling together.  You'll soon
see what this is all about by the end of the year, possibly very early next year.

Looking back now, I realize that much of what's going on now is somehow tied
to spring (May) 2012 when there was a gentle "kick-off" of all this violently brewing
change that's happening right now.  I'm not going to get into exactly what happened
during that spring but it was pretty intense and really spun me into wanting to go
into a different direction.  All these years have gone by and I kept settling into
the old, fearing something new.  Now that the old is falling apart like a crumb
cake in a hot shower, I am feeling this sense of renewal that is soon to become
part of my future.

You will have a new future, too.  Don't fight the change.  Just go with it!  Because
the more you fight it, the more upheaval you'll feel and see in your life.  Either way
the change is coming whether you like it or not.  So, sit back...relax.  Let it happen.

What should you be doing right now?  Start thinking -- or rather FEELING -- what
you want to do with your life.  What pulls you?  What repels you?  Your heart knows
these things.  Don't distrust what you're feeling in your gut.  Just go with it.

I've been finding this to be a recent trend where I'd think about something and I'd
take the time to feel in my heart and gut whether it's conducive to what I should be
doing...or not!

Here are a few examples:

1)  When I got back from New York and was inadvertently blessed by the Pope (and
I'm not sure if it's related or not) but I realized that I need to be focused on helping
people no matter what the benefit I may derive from such activities.  So, immediately
when I came back to the office, I decided to completely 100% cut loose my health
supplement business because I hate the product line.  Out with the old, in with the new.

2)  I decided to suddenly give notice on my warehouse and move into a really awesome
new office.  I'm getting rid of my warehouse altogether and will only have an office
space.  All of this "stuff" I've been moving from one location to another...I'm realizing
that much of it is not being used and I need to shed myself of all this crap that I'm
pointlessly moving around.

3)  I had a colleague of mine who has been asking me for the past several years if I
would market his product that he created.  This guy is awesome.  He's a millionaire
stock trader and is really good at what he does but has no interest in being in the
publishing or marketing business.  He had a bout with cancer and couldn't really do
seminars or even talk on an audio seminar but, again, he's a really good trader and
has a lot to offer people when it comes to "the real" of trading.  However, after kicking
it around since 2012...I decided that this doesn't coincide with the direction I wanted
to go and gave him the final answer that I wasn't going to support his product line or
market it for him.  Again, it comes down to going with your gut.

In the interim I have a laser focus for what's about to happen in the upcoming year
and beyond.  For those of you who stick with me, you'll be able to see some amazing
personal transformations in your life that you have probably been hoping and praying
for as long as you can remember.

And for those of you who don't stick with me, you're not meant to move forward.
That's okay, of course.  But good-bye and good riddance.

My point in all this?  Start using this time to reflect on what's not working in your life
and start thinking about what you want to happen for yourself.  What have you been
wanting to see in your life?  What do you want your life to look like?

Time to make that life happen for yourself.  It's now or never, baby!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main


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Thursday, October 01 2015

I was in New York City this past weekend for a phenomenal and amazing miracle breakthrough that I'll tell you about in a minute.

But as I was getting out of the taxi, there was a personal implosion in my office that I had to deal with (via phone), some of which was about a former employee who, quite shockingly, I learned was a back-stabbing bitch and found myself extremely lucky that she decidedto move onto different pastures.  This was heartbreaking to me but it seems that this is pretty much what I expect from people these days.

No matter how extensive my kindness is, it seems that nobody returns the favor.

Hey, you know what they say, right?  That karma...boy, she's a real hormone-raging bitch.  So I have faith that the universe will correct her at some point in the near future.

At the same time, I have this other bitch sending me notes via Facebook about how I'm a bad person because she can't download one of my courses 1,000 times for the next 100 years of her life.  Yes, you heard that correctly.  She apparently bought ONE download and now she believes that she's entitled to numerous free copies for...forever, I guess.

I basically called her a thief because that's basically what she is.  It's like walking into a bookstore, buying ONE copy of a book, turning around and taking another 12 copies, and leaving the store without paying for those 12 copies.  And then coming back a year later for the newly released version, taking ANOTHER 12 copies of that version, and not paying for those either.  Then coming back another 5 years  later and doing the same thing, not paying for those either.  And on and on and on.  For the record:  Yes, that's thievery.  And yes, that's 100% illegal.  People get thrown in jail for less these days.

But I'm the "bad guy" because I told her that this is NOT okay.  [Sigh!  Why do I keep trying to help people??]

At the same time as all this shit hitting the fan, I still seem to be getting emails (which I refuse to answer) from that OTHER hag who said, in so many words (plus much more), about how 9/11 in our country was not a big deal and who f***** cares?  (Those were HER words, NOT mine!)  This was after I sent out my email about 9/11 and honoring those who had passed.  She's another useless piece of shit on our planet who I refuse to waste anymore time on because she's a foreigner, lives here in the United States, fully benefits by having a life here, yet does nothing but talk crap about our great country.  Yes, she's about as useless as they come.

And remember, this was all during the time with the Asian Cockroach debacle at my office and those damn raccoons digging up my yard (and they STILL are, damn that worthless crystallized coyote urine that DIDN'T work AT ALL).

All this left me feeling a little...depressed.  Actually, let's be honest.  It all came to a head and I cried before I was able to get to the nearest NY Italian restaurant where I loaded myself up on LOTS of Grey Goose then I felt a ton better shortly thereafter.

But you know what they say:  Tomorrow will be a better day.

And it was.  It REALLY was!

Saturday was the first day of some unusual seminar event that I attended by a publisher called Hay House.  This is a California-based company that was started by a lady named Louise B. Hay.  It's basically a non-fiction publisher of New Age metaphysical self-help type of books.  In fact, Wayne Dyer started publishing with them later on.

I thought it was odd that I booked and attended this event.  Even sitting there on that first day, I started asking myself..."Why the hell did I sign up for this event?"  In a nutshell, it was all about how to publish New Age self-help books.

The Pope was in town.  New York was crazy busy.  There was a rare eclipse with a Blood/Super Moon that happens VERY RARELY.  The "vibe" was so...strange.  All of it.  Even the nippy-ness of the crisp air as fall started coming in on the east coast.  It seemed very surreal to me.

On Sunday, I met a lady who was there when the first tower collapsed on 9/11.  She said she wasn't even a football field in distance away when that first building gave out.  She was thrown into a metal fence, mangled within the metal and a bunch of bushes.  She went deaf in her right ear, couldn't walk after the incident, and went through a myriad of personal, physical and psychological struggles for the past 14 years since the attack.  (Yes, feeling-less hag/bag.  There are REAL stories with REAL people who struggled through 9/11 and still do to this day. So when you say "who f****** cares" about 9/11, I care.  All Americans care.  And yes, that day WAS a big f****** deal.  And, as I always keep saying, you know where the exit door is if you hate our country so damn bad!)

On that second event day, I started feeling...a little different.  No, I didn't see the Pope but he was about 3 blocks away from me during his closest proximity.  No, I'm not Catholic but I do believe in blessings.  I believe I was blessed that weekend.  But I still didn't know why I made the trip to New York.

But I did start looking around and noticing that there were other people in the world.  I sometimes get so used to dealing with rude, sucky, selfish people that I get used to people stabbing me in the back, saying mean things, or just being ass***** all the time that I actually forgot there are different people, awesome people that exist in the world.  I looked around the room at the seminar event and even though the people  in attendance were mostly seed-eating, tree-hugging, beatnik-banjo-playing hippy types...they were nice people.  They were honest.  And they were actually pretty freaking awesome, truth be told.

Not until Monday morning when I finally got back home did I figure out why I was "prompted" to attend that event and end up in NYC.  It was about 1 a.m. my time.  A little while later, not being able to sleep, I looked at what was now a full and bright white moon.

Then it hit me.  I realized at that moment what I'm supposed to do.  And I've never been more certain in my entire life about anything.  Not ever!  The mantra of what I learned that weekend -- "What can you do to be of service to others?  What can you do to help people?" -- that all hit me like a ton of bricks!

Now many of you know that I've been planning on some major changes as we end 2015 and enter 2016.  And yes, those major changes have already been going into effect without any of you really knowing what I'm doing.

Most of you know that I've been working on a book for the past year.  And I happened to have finished the book (with the exception of a few changes here and there).  It was due to the publisher on September 30th.  That was yesterday.

And I didn't send them the book.

I decided that I'm going into a different direction altogether and that the book that's due to come out in 2017 isn't going to be conducive to what I'll be doing at that time in my life.  A friend of mine gave me a really good idea as to what to do with that book.  You'll know more next week.

But it'll be a really powerful and nice way to end this chapter in my life, once and for all.  (Again, more on this next week.)

In the meantime, hold tight as I reveal more and more about what's coming up for ALL of us as the weeks tick on.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main


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