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Saturday, March 29 2014

No, I'm not talking about Slim Shady...although I'm a huge Eminem fan.  (Already got tickets in August for the Eminem Rose Bowl concert.)

I have a student who has given himself the nickname of Slim.  I've never met the guy in person so I don't know why he has the name.  He could be skinny (hence, "slim") or a total fatso (hence, wanting to be slim) or maybe he just eats a lot of Slim Jims.

I had a phone consulting session with him the other day.  And this would be one of those situations where I could clearly see that the guy was his own worst enemy.

If you ever want to know the definition of someone who is constantly seeing the glass half empty, this would be Slim.  In fact, he'd even see a half empty glass as totally empty, even if it had something in it.  You see, he's "trained" himself to see no opportunity...anywhere!
What Slim needs is a dose of sitting in a concentration camp for about 3 months and then, maybe when he gets out (if he's still alive), he'd finally see that the world around him isincredibly abundant with opportunity.  Opportunity is everywhere, especially if you live in the United States.

One benefit of being foreign to the United States is that many people who come here can fully appreciate the opportunity.  When you see the opportunity, you can start creating ways to take advantage of the opportunities that are available.

But...when you don't see any opportunity, you don't recognize the endless opportunities available in your own personal life.
Here's when you know that you're not living your life to the fullest potential:

1)  You know something in your life "isn't quite right" but you're not 100% sure what's wrong.

2)  You are broke and sick of being that way but you've certainly been trying different way to make money; unfortunately you haven't been succeeding.

3)  You don't have enough time, knowledge, money, patience, [fill in the blank] and you wish you had more.

4)  You have dreams but you believe the ship has passed you by...or never came in to begin with.  Perhaps you've lied to yourself and said that you're "too old" to bother doing anything about your dreams and you've given up.

5)  You're depressed and/or life is weighing "heavily" on you.

I'm certain that at least one of the above applies directly to you.  This means you're not where you want to be.
Did you know that it's a fairly quick and simple process to not only get on the right path in life but to reach your dreams within a reasonably quick time frame?

In fact, most goals/dreams can be reached by the end of this year!

Yes, you read that correctly.

By this time next year, you could be thinking to yourself, "What a difference a year makes.  I never imagined I'd have/be [fill in the blank(s)] and I can hardly believe that I am!"

What's holding you back?

I can tell you right now that you're not thinking correctly.  You're not seeing things the way you should.  And you're not focusing in the directions you really want to go in.

Time to change all that.

On Wednesday, I have a very special Mentorship Group starting.  It's called the Change Your Life Mentorship Group.  It's 6 weeks long and is conducted 100% online.  As long as you have a computer and Internet connection, you'll be able to take part in this life changing group.

This is my first Change Your Life Mentorship Group and it's the one I'm the most excited about because I'll be showing you my exact strategies I've used for my own life that has taken me from dead broke to a multi-millionaire within only an 18-month time frame.

And it can easily do the same for you.

Listen to my integral and life-changing audio seminar at!

If you're to the point where you're just fed up and you know you need a change, this is the group for you.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Thursday, March 27 2014
I've been making a personal observation of people around me.  When they complain about not being able to "get ahead" or wonder why the seas aren't parting for them, it's because they're getting in their own way.
It's almost impossible to see anything about your own life when you're swimming in the muddy waters, trying to keep your head just far enough above to not drown.  However, when it comes to other people's lives, this is when it becomes obvious what they're doing "wrong" when it comes to not succeeding in ways that they talk about wanting to succeed.
There are a few different reasons why you're not where you want to be in life:
1)  You're not specific enough about where you want to be the hell do you expect to get there if you don't know where "there" really is?
2)  You're "too busy" to focus on the things that will get you to where you want to be in life.  Life keeps getting in the way and "one day" when you have time, you'll get around to doing the things you know you have to do to reach those dream goals.
3)  You're waiting around for the magic genie, Santa Claus, or some other mythical creature to magically make the life you want appear without any work on your part.
Or...maybe you don't know what the heck you want but you know what type of life you have now simply isn't working out or making you happy at all.
I have thousands of students.  Many go on to be extremely successful in both real estate investing as well as using my Aggressive Income Strategies.
Then there are others who completely fail.
And it's not for the lack of trying either.
One day it dawned on me why these people fail.  I realized why some people hit their success out of the ballpark right away while others fail with one project after another until they finally give up.
A lot of people always ask me the same question which goes something like this:  "Monica, where should I start out first?"
My answer used to be this:  "Start fixing/rebuilding personal credit and start building business credit.  Then decide if you want to start an Aggressive Income Business to get revenue for down payments on cash flow real estate.  Then decide which types of properties you'll be investing in and where in the country you'll be investing."
Now the answer is different.  It goes like this:  "You have to develop a 'warrior-like' focus knowing exactly what you want and how you'll get there before you decide to move forward with anything otherwise anything you do to work toward 'success' will fail."
It may seem obvious but it's not.  You have to know precisely where you want to be and within what timeline you'll get there before you'll be ready to start moving forward in any direction.
What if you don't know exactly what you want?  Time to figure that out.  Now!
What if you are someone who has been aiming toward certain goals and have been trying to get there but you've been failing?  Something is "off kilter" that has to be shifted.
What if you "sort of" know what you want but you've found yourself sitting around not committing or doing anything about your goals?  Maybe it's time to sh** or get off the pot!
The reason we've entered into this lifetime is to experience as much in life as we can.  And I don't know how to do that without being able to do the things I want to do.  What helps me do the things I want to do is making a lot of money.  Without money, I can't experience what I want to experience.  Maybe you've noticed that you need to have money to experience those things in life you want to experience, too.
If you have been unfocused or trying different businesses (or investing) that hasn't worked, it's because you need to be set in the right focused direction.  This is the first step toward reaching any and every goal you could possibly imagine.
I have a very special Change Your Life Mentorship Group.  It's a 6-week 100% online group that will give you that "mind shift" you've probably been waiting decades for.  This is my newest and most exciting group because it will set you straight and on your way to ultimate success and well-being within only a month and a half.
Here's the link to listen to my totally awesome audio seminar that talks all about the group:
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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Sunday, March 16 2014

Hey, how are you doing?

Last night I was sitting in my Jacuzzi, watching an incredible sunset and feeling so damn lucky about how I've been able to mold my life for myself.

Yes, you read that correctly.  I "molded" my life.  Anyone can mold the life they want with a few simple steps.

If you think it's hard to create a home-based business that generates $20,000 per month in your pocket, think again.  It's more difficult getting up to an alarm clock each morning, dragging yourself against your will out of bed, and sitting on a freeway...just to get to the job that sucks. 

And I'm not even talking about the trials and tribulations -- the pure misery -- of what you have to go through after you get there.  But I'll be that's pretty miserable and sickening too.

Then, when your work day is over, you shuffle to your car in a semi-trance wondering if it can ever get any better than this while dreaming about the ever elusive weekend.  Because we all know the weekend never lasts.

Ah, yes.  This is one of those weekends, in fact.  Because it's Sunday.  And many of you are already starting to feel that repulsive bile feeling in the pit of your stomach because you have to start that crappy miserable week all over again.

Poor you.  And I'm only saying "poor you" because you've specifically and consciously chosen to do nothing about it...yet it's very simple to change your mind about living your miserable lifestyle.  Yes, you can change it.  Right now.  Today, in fact!

Another thing I was thinking about while lounging in the hot tub: my "big decision" that I've been toiling with over the past couple of years. 

Should I keep my staff and my warehouse with all the ridiculous overhead?  Or should I ditch it all, make more money, stay at home more, and pursue some of the other stuff I've been wanting to do for decades now.

I'm sure you think that's a no-brainer, right?  Except I happen to like my staff and I happen to like "going somewhere" everyday for a specified time frame.  I tend to be more productive when I'm not at home.

But one thing I reminded myself which made me ecstatically happy:

I could, at any given time, take one of my businesses that I already have in place to pull in a cool $50,000 per month in my pocket.  And

I could run it myself without any staff or overhead.

By the way, this one business I'm talking about was started during the time (last year) when I was creative additional "case studies" for my book that's coming out soon.  (Ah, yes.  The book. Where is that freaking book already anyway??  Tune in for more details in April...or so.)

My point: these $20,000-per-month home-based business strategies are so easy to do that you can start them at the same time as having a full-time job or business.  And they generally "take off" within 30 to 90 days after putting them together, depending on which of the super easy strategies you decide to put together.

As you know, I recently completed my 2-day Underground Secret Event for Aggressive Income Business Strategies in Los Angeles.  It was last weekend.  And it was a phenomenal event...definitely one of my Top 3 Events of All Time for sure!

This is where I go into detail about specific home-based businesses for Aggressive Income that anyone can start and do successfully.  


If you don't do something else other than living paycheck to paycheck, you're nevergoing to get anywhere in life.  You'll never have the money to invest, to put money into a retirement account, to save for your children's education, or to take a vacation once in awhile just to "recharge" yourself.  You'll remain on a rat infested treadmill thinking you're getting ahead while wishing the entire time that you'd drop dead just to end your misery.

Why live like that anymore when you don't have to?

Get the video set now.  Change your life.

Click here for more information!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Friday, March 14 2014

Hey, how's it going?
I forgot to mention in my email the other day that I have some powerful testimonials from the students who attended my event last weekend.
Here's the link for those testimonial videos:  CLICK HERE!
Here's are the kick-ass money-making secrets my students discovered at my event:

  • How to Make $30,000 Per Month with Amazon Kindle with a Secret Strategy I've Never Talked About Before This Event
  • Some New Details I Slipped in on How to Quickly Build Business Credit Using Experian Business
  • How My New Wealth Ninja Student Gregg Makes $85,000 Per Month on eBay Using a Single (and Super Easy) Strategy He Learned from a 2012 Training I Did
  • Which Types of Passive Income Assets to Acquire with Your Aggressive Income Including a Powerful Super Passive Income Vehicle I've Never Mentioned to My Students Before
  • How to Use My Offline-to-Online Marketing Method for a Minimum of $20,000 Per Month
  • How to Quickly Build a Multi-Million-Dollar Distribution Business from Scratch Using a Brand New Marketing Method (to Wholesalers) that is the Cheapest and Most Effective Way to Get Your Product into Retail Stores Nationwide
  • How to Use the Money Spreadsheet to Essentially "Write Your Own Check" in Any Dollar Amount You Want to Make Each Month
  • And...a Bonus DVD Where I Talk About a Secret Website Where You Can Raise Money for Anything Without Giving Away a Stake in Your Business!
  • And Much, Much More!!

Now it's your turn to discover all of these details so you can completely turn your life around.
And yes, this is even better than winning the lottery!
Do you think it's difficult to rake in $85,000 per month like my New Wealth Ninja student Gregg does?  Think again!  The process he used is so ridiculously easy that anyone can do it.  I even revealed something about how he gets certain pictures in his eBay listings which is pretty much solely responsible for selling his products to the tune of $85,000 per month...and I'm not sure I was supposed to reveal this very significant detail but I did!
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main

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Wednesday, March 12 2014

I just finished my 2-Day Boot Camp Seminar in LA this past weekend...and now it feels like I've just been hit by a freight train.  It's either the pollen in the air or I'm catching something from my daughter's kindergarten class (since I volunteered yesterday).
Or maybe I'm so beat that I need a break!
I have to say that this past weekend was a blast with all of my awesome students.
But even more notable...
I revealed exactly how my student Gregg got up to $85,000 per month on eBay.  That's $85,000 per month in his pocket after all expenses!  (I never revealed this information before on exactly how he did it and I think I may have included a little "too much" information on some of his "trade secrets" but it's too late now!)
And did you know that I had a phone consulting session with Gregg right around the holidays last year and he had the nerve to complain?  Yes, that's right!  He was actually complaining because he was "too busy" and felt like he needed to slow down.  Whaaaa-whaaaa-whaaaa!
I had to quickly remind him of what his life looked like when he first "found me" around the spring of 2012.  I also had to remind him of how broke he was when he borrowed money and pawned some of his stuff to be able to attend one of my two summer 2012 in-office New Wealth Ninja trainings.
Yes, things were pretty bad for Gregg for his then-girlfriend (and now-wife) just a little more than 18 months ago.
Boy, what a difference a handful of months make.
Gregg decided to focus on eBay, specifically with health supplements.  Now, a little something about Gregg.  He's not terribly smart.  (Sorry, Gregg but it's the truth.)  He doubted (and maybe I did too) that he could do a single eBay listing on his own no less build such a successful business on eBay in a ridiculously short period of time.
Yet he did.
You see, my "lower IQ" students tend to do much better with my business strategies while my "smarties" (engineers, lawyers, doctors, etc.) will over-analyze everything...then end up doing exactly nothing with the powerful education they've derived from my trainings.  My "lower IQ" folks are much like fearless puppy dogs.  They'll go after a goal with focus, enthusiasm and tenacity without psyching themselves out about what they think they "can't" do.
And this is where Gregg fits in.
When I say he's not that bright, I mean that he realistically wouldn't even be able to qualify for a lower management position in a fast food restaurant.  (He's the one who made this comment about himself as he was demonstrating to me that anyone can do what he does.)
So, how does Gregg now pull in $85,000 a month from eBay based on my New Wealth Ninja teachings?  (He went to a summer training and took my New Wealth Ninja 8-week online mentorship group in 2012.)
I explain everything that he does based on a single concept that I taught in the in-office training.  I mention that single concept, exactly what "magical" template software he uses to build his powerful eBay listings and even how he gets a certain type of picture that is single-handedly responsible for his high rate of success.  (I think this is the part I wasn't supposed to reveal.)
I also include information on the types of supplements he sells on eBay to make all the money he makes and how he uses a very simple "upsell" strategy that other eBayers won't use.  This "upsell" strategy is responsible for about half of his monthly sales!
Now you can get these videos including all of the details I just outlined with Gregg's eBay business.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main

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Tuesday, March 04 2014
I think the reason why people don't believe they can retire in less than 3 years is because they have their mindset on making some paltry paycheck at a useless job (probably making no more than they're making right now) and can't imagine seeing tens of thousands of dollars coming in per their pocket.
Do they believe it takes too much effort?  Do they think that only "lucky" people can make that type of money?  Do they have in their mind that they'll have to work 80 hours a week to pull it off?
What if I told you that you could pull in $20,000 per month in your pocket by working no more than 20 hours a week?
And what if I told you that you wouldn't have to leave your desk in the corner of your spare room in your house to pull it off?
And what if I told you that you could set up a business within a couple of days and start making money in less than a month?
And what if I told you that you'd need no more than a few hundred dollars to start...if that's all you had to work with?
Wouldn't you want to know what I'm talking about?
I know I would!  Even as wealthy as I've gotten over the years with a variety of different businesses and investments, I'm always interested in new entrepreneurial pursuits.  I would never pass up a legitimate way to make money, especially something so ridiculously simple as this!
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
P.S.  Sometimes you have to sh** or get off the pot.  There are no other choices in life.  Do it...or don't.  If you don't, others can take advantage of the opportunities while you continue to wallow in self-pity saying, "Why me?"  Why you?  Why not you?  Why did you give your opportunity away?  It's like having the winning lottery ticket and throwing it into the trash.  Who does that?!
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Sunday, March 02 2014
Bonnie and Clyde

The Original Bonnie and Clyde "Death" Car atWhiskey Pete's in Primm, Nevada

I was at a trade show for most of last week in Las Vegas.  On the way out of Vegas, it's usually a necessity to stop at Nevada/California border where there are 3 casinos tightly situated to extract your last dollar while leaving (after extracting your first dollar when you initially entered days before).

One of the casinos is called Whiskey Pete's where they have the original Bonnie and Clyde "death" car.  They've had this car there as long as I can remember as a young chick entering and leaving Nevada, long before I was of the legal drinking and gambling age.
Looking at this car reminds me of how different things were back then. This couple were killed in 1934 during the crux of the Great

Depression where, it seems, quite a few people ventured to the "dark side" in an effort to support themselves during a time when few legitimate ways to make money existed.

It also made me realize what a kick-ass time we live in now because it's ridiculously easy to make money.  It's even easier to make money legally than it is to, say, rob a bank or stand on a street corner selling dope.

Bonnie Parker actually had to exert some energy back then to go out, rob a bank, run for her life...and hope she didn't get caught or killed in the process.

Expending that type of energy to make the type of money she made is ludicrous in this day and age.  (Feel that sense of gratitude right now that you live in 2014!  Whooooo!)

Over the years, many of you know that I've always been a serial entrepreneur.  In fact, most very successful business owners and investors do multiple things.  It's called the concept of Multiple Streams of Income.  (Robert Allen wrote a book with that title years ago.  

Great book.  Read it sometime.  Just avoid the second book about the Internet because it's not so great, especially now when all the information is outdated.)

Being a serial entrepreneur has afforded me the opportunity to not only learn quite a few ways to make money but also to keep up with the times on what works...and what doesn't.  And what used to work...that doesn't work anymore.

Including, of course, how rapidly the times do change.

As always, I'm teaching everyone everything I know.  Including:

How to...

  • Make a fortune with Amazon Kindle ebooks.
  • Use eBay and Amazon to rake in $20,000 to $50,000 per month.
  • Make millions in information publishing downloads with a simple website.
  • Get wealthy fast using my new offline-to-online marketing method that is literally the only way to make fast money with a home-based business.
  • Use my "money spreadsheet" to virtually choose the dollar amount you want to make per week...and how to match that amount in 30 days or less!

Several of my students who have been following my Aggressive Income Strategies are already making between $20,000 and $85,000 per month by working these strategies.  Yes, you read that right.  One of my students is making $85,000 per month after all business expenses are paid.  That's money right in his pocket which he's using to invest in real estate.  I will be discussing exactly what he's doing and how he built his business inside of only 9 months starting with only a few hundred dollars!  (His secret is so easy that anyone can do it!)

Click here for more information!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  Isn't it time you finally got your Aggressive Income Business going?


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