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Monday, February 18 2013

Hi everyone!
Believe it or not, I still get calls about this guy Victor in Michigan.
Now, if you recall...
There was an email I sent out a little while back telling you about a guy named Victor I ran into while shopping in Michigan.  And he recognized me, which doesn't happen very often.
Since I didn't have the foresight to give Victor my business card and since he says he reads all my emails, I wanted to give Victor a special prize when he called into my office.
Except he never called!  WTH, Victor?  Where are you?
I also mentioned something about "synchronicity" of the universe.  And that if you run into the right people on your path at the right time, it's meant for you to take an opportunity to move forward.
I was trying to help Victor do that by offering him something special...except he didn't call.
What's interesting is that Victor claimed he was just on my website before meeting me that day a few odd weeks back.  Victor is ready for a change in his life...or so I thought, because he never called me to take me up on this special gift I email blasted everyone about.
Could I have sent out the one email that Victor happened to not read?  (Now, what are the chances of that?  I put his name in the subject line.  Kind of hard to miss, you think?)
Think about it, folks: what are the chances?  I live in California.  I happened to be out shopping in a busy mall in Michigan.  (This is something of a pet peeve of mine, shopping in crowded places because my basic motto is "Get it on or Don't Get It at All!")
Since Victor happened to be there at the right time...or maybe it was the other way around...I'm tried giving him an opportunity to further the opportunity in his life if he chooses to take it.  This is an opportunity that most of you, my dear students, would kill for.
Except, Victor never called.
The universe opened a door for him...but was Victor too afraid to answer it?
Victor is dead.
Well, not physically dead.  But he may as well be.
It's going to get harder and harder to financially exist in our fast-paced, highly-complicated New Economy as one month rolls into the next.
If you, Victor, or anyone else doesn't start to get your sh** together (and really freakin' fast) then you're going to be dead in the water.
Too many of my students have been sitting around thinking about changing certain aspects of their lives, yet they don't actually do anything one reason or another.  Yet I have a slew of other students who have decided to make the changes and they've become successful as a result of it, mostly by having a Take-No-Prisoners attitude.
This is the type of attitude that is required in our New Economy.
As you know, I have a 3-day Flipping Frenzy with the Millionaire-Meet-and-Greet Event coming up in Detroit on March 15th, 16th, and 17th.  This could be your opportunity to jump-start your investment business by not only discovering my most cutting-edge investment strategies (including apartment building flipping) but also to meet my investor partners who are ready to invest their money in deals with you!
When I first got started in investing eons ago, like many other investors I got started flipping fixer-upper single-family homes.  Later on I adopted the methodology of buying SFRs to rent them out.  Then, of course, the economy greatly shifted, I moved onto the more lucrative apartment building investing, and I long left SFR acquisitions and flipping in the dust.
About 18 months ago I started flipping SFRs again, only because the economy came around, making flipping an incredibly lucrative enterprise.  This generally happens when the economy shifts from a recessive flatline to a slow progressive improvement.  Flipping is awesome during these times and...we're now officially in "these times" to make fixer-upper flipping work.
And I can show you how to make quick, easy piles of money doing this.
Plus, you can meet my investor partners who are ready and willing to invest in flip deals, apartment buildings, MHPs, commercial-commercial buildings and even business ventures such as software start-ups, restaurants, and other lucrative business enterprises.
If you're interested in acquiring even more cash for your passive income real estate (i.e. apartment building investing), it's best that you inject your own cash into those types of deals which you can now easily raise through SFR flipping. 
But this opportunity won't last forever. 
Just as the window of opportunity has closed for no-cash-no-credit deals with 100% owner financing, you can now get your own cash and credit together to do your own deals and increase your net worth 1,000 fold in the shortest amount of time possible.

Listen, 2013 can be your year...but not if you plan on sitting on your ass and doing nothing.  Every successful person out there -- smart or stupid, with or without resources -- all did onething and one thing only: they created a simple plan and executed the plan.  That's it.  They did nothing more!
No, you don't have to win the lottery or "get lucky" to make things happen for your life.  You just have to have a simple set of instructions and play out the instructions laid out.  Just like every other successful person has and does.
If you have any questions, call my office at (661) 295-5050.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main

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Wednesday, February 13 2013

I just recently finished a 2-day in-office training last week for both Personal and Business Credit Secrets and I started thinking about something...
One of the strategies I taught in the workshop on the first day was how I once used this "cheat" to immediately have a negative delinquency removed from my personal credit without paying a penny to the creditor and...I don't even know if the "cheat" was legal.
Yet it got the delinquency off my credit report instantly within a couple of weeks.
I've used a variation of this "cheat" a few times after that and each time it's worked like a charm, instantly and without incident removing each delinquency off my credit reports within the shortest amount of time possible.
Of course, everything else I've used to get delinquencies removed from my credit years ago when I was in a "credit hole" just took more elbow grease and time to get the stuff off.
Eventually it all came off.
Now I have a FICO that's pretty damn near 800 and, for sure, it will exceed the 800-mark by this summer.
Not that I care.  After all, once you get to the 720+ FICO range, the credit "seas" will part for you and you'll be able to do and get whatever you want at that point.
Everything I've done for my credit has been stuff I've personally used, stumbled through, and had to essentially "re-invent" to both fix and build my personal credit and then to build business credit from scratch several times.
After my bankruptcy back in 2003, I had a FICO that was in the mid-400s.  Like everyone else, I didn't think there was much I could do to improve my credit score.
So I sat and did nothing for awhile.
I decided..."What the hell?  I can try to do something to improve my score."
I read some books, tried some stuff out, saw what worked, saw what didn't work, invented my own techniques, morphed other people's strategies into something more workable, and was able to boost my FICO from a dismal 450+ to jumping into the 640-FICO "club" within my first 9 to 12 months of working with "credit repair" and building techniques.
Once I hit 640, I was able to climb to above 680 within another few months after that.
Then I was "stuck" at 690 forever.
This was, folks, while I still struggled with a bankruptcy, multi-million-dollar judgment, and a few other stubborn things on my credit...I was at 690!
If I only knew then what I know now, I would have been able to jump that difficult 700+ mark.  (And to think that the 700+ "jump" was due to only one secret strategy that I presented in my 2-day training basically requiring me to not do one little thing!)
Once you get into the 720+ range then all the credit doors you ever dreamed of open up for you.  Getting to 750+ or higher is just a game at that point because you're not going to be able to "squeeze" anymore "juice" out of anyone creditwise.  The rest of your work comes in from your business credit building activities.

  • Can you imagine getting to that 720+ FICO by this upcoming summer?
  • Can you imagine using your awesome personal credit to quickly building business credit?
  • Can you imagine being able to access hundreds of thousands of dollars in unsecured business credit cash to use for down payment money on your commercial and apartment building properties?

I always have students asking me over and over again..."But Monica, where do I start if I'm just starting out in this business?"
The realities of commercial and apartment building investing have shifted over the past couple of years.  In order to play the game now, you need some money.
There are only a few ways to get the money:
1)  Take it from your savings (except most people don't have a few hundred thousand dollars lying around)
2)  Get an investor partners (except most people don't know how to do this or don't want to share the profits of their deal with someone else)
3)  Build business credit and get unsecured lines of credit for your down payment cash (and requires you to fix and build your personal credit first)
Opportunities are everywhere now.  That's the good news.
The bad news is that the good stuff is being sucked up by all the serious investors out there who have some big bucks behind them and they're not stopping their real estate acquisition activities until there's nothing left to be had.
You can still compete within all of this so long as you start playing the game a little differently.
You're going to have to enter the game a little differently.  You're going to have to fix bad personal credit then build both your personal then your business credit.
And you're going to have to do it quickly if you're going to have a chance in tapping into these passive income cash flowing property deals.
But the keyword is "quickly."  This means that your days of "dilly-dallying" around are over if you still want to latch onto some of these highly profitable cash flow apartment buildings, mobile home parks, commercial buildings, self-storage properties, and even single-family homes to rent out as passive income.
In my 2-day workshop, I had the video rolling so that I got every detail about how to fix/build personal credit as well as quickly building business credit.  Many of these details I've never included before in any other presentation I've done with my students.
In fact, I've included so many small details about credit that, after watching these videos and taking notes, you'll be such a huge expert that you'll even be able to make a fortune operating a credit repair business if you wanted to.  That's how thorough I was.
I even had a lady in the training group who told me that she owned a credit repair service years ago and that she's convinced after the 2-day event, everything has changed.  Nothing is even close to being the same as it was before when she was in the credit repair business.
If you're trying to use old, outdated methods to fix your credit, you're probably doing more harm than good.  It's best to learn the most cutting-edge strategies.
Even the one that is "borderline legal" to get stubborn negative marks off your credit report.
Go to this link for more details:
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main

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Thursday, February 07 2013

I had this very interesting conversation with one of my investor partners this morning that I wanted to share with you.
Tim is one of my investor partners that go way back to when I first started investing in commercial real estate.  He's one of my guys from Texas.  He has invested in more deals that I can count with both myself and with my students.
We were chatting on the phone yesterday.  This is a super rare occurrence considering that he's had some on-again off-again health problems that has really put a damper on both his professional and personal life.  (He's not a spring chicken anymore, let's just put it that way.)
He was telling me about the population explosion going on in Texas and had me read an article corroborating this information.  There's a list of 10 cities in the United States where the population is growing exponentially.  Texas claims 4 of those 10 cities or 40% of the list!  (Utah claims 2 of those cities or 20% of the list.  I know...weird.)
He was telling me that he's had major problems trying to find deals in his own backyard because investors have "taken over" the area and are swooping up on anything and everything.  (They're even buying up low-cap properties left and right.)  And he's had problems investing in cash flowing deals for about 18 months now.  (I already knew all this but I politely listened anyway.)
Sadly, he told me that this is the end of his investing career.  (He's not going to make it to our next recession where all the deals will crop back up again.)  I think it was that moment of realization of knowing it was "the end" that really bothered him.
He asked me what was going on with my deals and how the market was unfolding for me since he knows I do a lot of stuff in Atlanta still.  I told him that the competition hasn't gotten that fierce in Georgia yet but it's starting to build...and fast.  Detroit is also getting fiercely competitive with all these investors coming out of nowhere for the last solid year. 
And Florida is much like Texas now where it's difficult to get decent cash flowing properties in the larger metro areas.  And, unfortunately, it's been that way for awhile now...I'd say coming up on a year.
And by this summer, a lot of these stabilized "hot" areas will no longer be a possibility for experienced investors to get in, let alone "newbies" who are just entering the field of investment real estate.  For them, let's just say "fo-getta 'bout it!"
But one of the things I started telling Tim was about my apartment building flipping activities.  That definitely piqued his interest.
Tim:  "What's that about?"
Me:  "Funny you asked, Tim..."
And I proceeded to tell him about how there still is opportunity...everywhere, actually.
But you have to put some work into it now.
(Of course, Tim isn't in the physical or mental space right now to partake in these types of deals.  But I am.  And so are you!)
You see, all of these investors that came running out of the woodwork are severely limited to investing in one thing and one thing only: stabilized performing properties with a cash flow.  They do not have the luxury of buying a vacant REO, stopping everything they're doing to devote 100% of their time to rehab it then lease it up post-rehab.  No, they don't have this luxury at all.  They cannot stop the mad rush of grabbing up all of the performing properties they can.
What's this chaos like?
It's like being amongst a stampede of Kmart Blue Light shoppers on Christmas Eve, grabbing up everything in sight and leaving nothing left on the shelves (while many casualties end up dead on the floor).
If these investors aren't big heavy hitters who aren't quick and aggressive, they're going to lose out.
And they all know this!
It's a madhouse out there right now and you're about to profit big time because of one small little thing: their lack of ability to take on rehab and/or under-performing property projects.
For the first time ever, I'm going to be presenting a couple of highly profitable apartment building flipping strategies that I've never presented in full detail to any of my students before.  It's a strategy that I've been using for the past year with my investor partners like Tim who have been frustrated with losing out on deal after deal because investors have gotten too aggressive.
And now it's your turn to use this strategy to make huge profits without using any of your own cash or credit to pull this off.
Anyway, Tim and I both ended up concluding that we have until about the end of summer to snap up any properties that are "reasonably performing" before all of us will be "locked out" of the good deals until the next recession hits...probably around 2020 or so.
And that's a long time to be waiting around.
I don't suggest you wait, especially since the deals you'll be getting in the next recession are not going to be as good as what you can still get right now as REO bank-owned properties!  By the end of summer 2013, your opportunity for flipping houses will be virtually over in most areas of the country.
Your mentor,
Monica Main


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