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Saturday, January 19 2019

I have money for your deals through 3 different investor partners that I'm bringing in through a brand new mentorship Investor Direct Mentorship Group.  This is a special 9-week mentorship group which is going to begin on Wednesday, January 23rd. 

Yes, that's next week.  And that means if you didn't register, you need to register RIGHT NOW.

What's unique about this group is this:

1)  I've never offered a group like this with the investors I have.  And there will NOT be another group like this run in 2019 and, likely, not in 2020 either just because of the agreement I have with these investors.

2)  There is $100 million on the table in cash among these investors for your deals.  This is the largest pot of money I've ever had to offer.

3)  These investors are not just looking for real estate.  They're also interested in business start-ups, buying businesses, and business expansions in addition to real estate deals.

I should also mention this one last thing too...

You see, even though the deadline is on Tuesday to register for this 9-week online Mentorship Group, I'm actually CAPPING this to only a handful of students.  That's right.  Only a HANDFUL of students will be allowed to take advantage of this opportunity.

What does a "handful" actually mean?

At first I wanted it to be 15 - 18 students.  Andrew Shaw (one of my investors) argued with me about this, stating that it was too many.  So, we reduced it to 12 students.  That is the hard cap.  No exceptions.

And right now I'm up to 8 students in this group.  That means I only have 4 spots left.  I imagine they'll be gone by Monday.  Then I'll have to close registration even before the Tuesday deadline.

So, what is this group about?  In 9 weeks (and this is 100% online so you don't have to show up anywhere) I'll be showing you exactly what my investors are looking for, where in the country they are investing, and how to structure a simple proposal that will get accepted by them.

Yes, these investors are ready to work directly with you once you find them something to invest in and send them the proposal that I will give to you to essentially fill in the blanks for.

What's super unique about this is that I've never had this trio of investors before.  And I'll never have this set-up again.

If you're looking for money for your deals (business or real estate...or both) then you MUST sign up for this.  It's an absolute MUST because, as we all know, you need money to make money.  And I have a way for you to get that cash for your deals.

CLICK HERE to listen to a brief audio seminar that talks all about what you will gain with this unique 9-week group.  This is a game-changer.  CLICK HERE NOW to have me explain to you exactly how this is about to change your life.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  This same group of investors PLUS ONE MORE will be offering cash for your deals at my upcoming Underground Secret Event in Los Angeles on March 8th, 9th, and 10th.  And, I may have ONE MORE investor on top of that who will be able to offer up about $10 million for your deals IN CASH.  This is ONLY for those who register and attend this VERY RARE Underground Secret Event.  CLICK HERE to register RIGHT NOW!

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Sunday, January 13 2019

Last night I had to run to the grocery store to get a loaf of bread, milk, eggs, and a few other things.  I find it to be highly odd and rather unbelievable that people who are in the business of doing a menial simple task (that would take 5 minutes worth of training TOTAL) can actually screw something up so badly.

Long story short, the milk ended up on the top of the bread in the bag, smashing it into something that resembled a wet pita.  Not even the birds would have any use in bread that's smashed and doughy (because of the sweat from the milk).  And a few of my eggs broke, as the lame-oid who bagged my groceries apparently decided that throwing them into the bag sideways was the way to go.

Again, we're talking about a job that requires MAYBE 5 minutes in training for the entire life of the position.  Ten minutes in training for those who are especially dense and slow.  And even then, my experience with grocery baggers these days are somewhat in the range of around 1/3 of them who can actually bag the items correctly.

I shutter at the prospect that any of these people may inadvertently slip into a position such as being a brain surgeon or air traffic controller.

So we always circle back to the question: Where did all the common sense go?  I think by the time you're in kindergarten, you'd have an idea that it's not a particularly smart idea to put a bowling ball on top of a sack of potato chips so...what happens to that common sense afterwards?

I have a theory.  Of course, this is ONLY a theory.  But I'm noticing that this lacking of common sense tends to pull more toward the Millennial crowd.  Gen X seems to have been the last reliable and innovative generation and then it rapidly went downhill from that point on.

During one of my recent business trips, I started watching this movie called Idiocracy (2006) with Luke Wilson.  It's basically about a Pentagon experiment that had gone wrong and left this "average intelligence" guy shoved into the future via a time machine.  There (500 years from now) he discovers that he is, in fact, highly intelligent since the average intelligence of the average American had slipped well below even where most mentally challenged people are now on the IQ scale.  While this was a comedy, I couldn't help but to see the truth in how this future could be our possibility...but in much less than 500 years.  

Try about 50 years.

I'm not one to place a myriad of blame on any specific source of why I think people are mentally going down the tubes like this.  I figure there has to be many factors involved including these possibilities:

1)  The EASY button mentality.  Kids these days seem to think that anything and everything is merely a click away.  Any physical exertion beyond the point of a computer mouse, video game controller, or swipe of an iPad means that they simply have no interest in doing it.  Plus...what's the worst that can happen when you "die"?  I think you just hit "respawn" or "restart" and everything starts from scratch.  There are no consequences to any actions with the EASY and RESTART buttons involved.  There is also no need to get off their asses at all since everything is at their fingertips.  I believe that all this iPad/video game/computer activity numbs the brain more than we think.

2)  Skewed and media hype coupled with being barraged with Internet disinformation.  Did you know that nobody in Europe even knows who the hell the Kardashians are?  Yet Yahoo! "News" jumps on every little thing those useless people do. And this whole deal with Meghan Markel?  What the f***?  (Need I say more??) Isn't there anything ELSE in the news to talk about?  By the way, most of these blog online news stories are churned out as fast as possible by "writers" who barely graduated college, have absolutely no life experience, and base their "research" on the rest of the bogus blogger crap they find online, thus giving out even more misinformation with each "news article" that they write.  Add this to just adding fuel to the fire by purposely omitting essential details to a story and adding a writer's "opinion" and this is where things can get dangerous for malleable minds reading any given article.  Unfortunately, our kids (and many others, believe it or not) who don't have the basic common sense mechanism in their brains needed to sniff out bullshit versus reality will believe anything and everything they read.  Sad really.  It's almost better to know nothing at all than have a load of baseless useless nonsense wasting valuable space within your brain cells.

3)  A global attack on our personal health.  This can include all the clouds of gas that the U.S. Airforce is generously spraying in the sky on a daily basis along with the chemicals they put in the water because it's "good" for us (including the use of fluoride which is actually NOT good for us AT ALL). These are known as "chem trails."  Look up in the sky once in awhile and when you see a giant tic-tac-toe grid, that's a chem trail.  (We see them ALL the time in California.)  And if you're a meat eater (including consuming dead cows, pigs, and birds), you're getting it even worse with the vast collection of hormones and pesticides that come in your meat, all complimentary of course.  This is why girls are developing at a much earlier age.  This is why cancer is becoming rampant and uncontrollable, happening in larger numbers than ever before.  Did you ever think that maybe it's from all the crap in the air, all the hormones from our food...and now from GMOs??  All of this, of course, affects our brain function and whether we can think clearly...or at all.  And if you have ANY of the disadvantages I've outlined in #1 and/or #2 then you're definitely going to see an impact on your thinking process.  In fact, if you are guilty of #1 and #2 then I'm fairly certain that you didn't even read down this far, as I would have lost you in the first sentence of this email.

You can't fix stupid but you can at least TRY to do something about it.  First, start with your health.  Cut your meat consumption.  Drastically, if possible.  Add organic vegetable juice each day, mostly with greens.  Clean up your diet as much as you can.  Eat a lot of organic fruits and veggies.  Get on a regular exercise program.  Clean out your colon with a 3-day cleanse.  Do what YOU can.

No, you can't change everything but this is NOT an "all or nothing" type of deal.  You can't breathe different air unless you plan on carrying an oxygen tank on your back at all hours of the day and night.  You're not going to avoid every hormone or pesticide in your food.  But you CAN cut some of the damage down by a significant percentage of consuming this junk and this alone will make a big impact.

Then you'll start to THINK CLEARER.  Once you think clearer, you can start rising above the rest of the dummies that grace this planet and realize success like you've never imagined.

I have another theory and that is this: Do only 7% better and you'll be happier, healthier, and wealthier than you've ever dreamed of!

And doing 7% better only means doing better than what you are doing now.  It really has nothing to do with what everybody else is doing out there because, well...who really cares what everyone else is doing?  Right?

This means getting healthier, educating yourself, create meaningful goals for yourself in all areas of your life, generate a doable action plan to achieve those goals and, most importantly, get off your ass and start working the plan.  Don't let the noise and chatter of what everyone else is doing, thinking, and talking about become a distraction because, as we've established, they're mostly dopes anyway.

It also means CONNECTING with power players who can get you to where you want to go.  And I have a way you can do that.  CLICK HERE and see what I mean!

And by the way, stop watching the news.  Stop reading stupid Yahoo! News articles, especially the comments section.  They're written by a bunch of uneducated dummies who don't have a job (or don't excel at one they have).  Focus on yourself and what you need to do to reach your goals.  That's all you have to do.  

And, finally, realize that there isn't an EASY button.  Be willing to roll up your sleeves and do what it takes to achieve whatever you want in life.  If you're willing to do that then...the world is your oyster.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  Speaking of educating yourself, I have a killer kick-ass Underground Secret Event in LA in March going on that you MUST register for.  You CANNOT miss it!  Here's the link to register:  CLICK HERE NOW!

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Friday, January 11 2019

I didn't even thing about this until right now but I just realized something: I ripped down every single one of my 2018 calendars all though out my office and my house.  And I did this before Christmas.  That's how done I was with 2018!

Even worse (or better), I - yet again - survived 2 very long lonely days: Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  Having no family makes this particular time of the year excruciatingly painful from an emotional perspective.  So...glad that's over!  (And I thank the TV gods for the Lifetime Movie Network for surviving another holiday!  Thanks to the cheese log and wine too!)

But then January hit and I hit the ground running, already busier than ever!  And now with a few new projects that I didn't anticipate working on until months from now.

One is a brand new property that Andrew Shaw and I will be doing in the LA area.  Yes, another one.  This will be the 3rd one.  And this one is a big property.  I'm kind of intimidated by it.  So, I'm not sure how I'm going to be able to squeeze this into my already tight schedule.

Then I'm finishing up the first draft of my book which, if all is finished on time (including cover, editing, etc.), will have an official release date of October 21st.  Isn't that exciting?  I'll keep you in the loop.

At any rate, one thing that I am getting a lot of emails lately about is the 100% LTV Bond Funding Program.  Since this is one of the ways I'm now acquiring property, I wanted to explain a little more about the program.

The basic criteria of the bond program which included, at the time, a minimum property price of $5,000,000 but has since been lowered to $1,000,000.  So, the total purchase price of the property to get the 100% LTV Bond Funding must be, at minimum, $1,000,000.

The reason I'm telling you this is because I'm sick of getting emails from students who either attended a prior seminar event or watched the videos who apparently don't believe me when I keep telling you guys and gals over and over again via email that the minimum property price has dropped from $5,000,000 to $1,000,000.  I don't know how to be more clear and this is the last time I'll be mentioning this change to you.  Again.

Next, you'll have to have a property that can support a 100% LTV mortgage at about an `0% fixed interest rate (30-year amortized).  In areas of the country that have low CAP rates like Seattle or Los Angeles or New're not going to be able to make a 100% LTV property cash flow unless you're knocking 50% off the asking price.  And no seller will accept that offer from you. Instead, you'll have to focus in on areas of the country that can support 100% LTV deals after, of course, you shave off 10% to 15% off the asking price of any property you're looking at (which you should always do when buying a property anyway).

Where are these areas of the country?

Smaller "big" cities like Cleveland, Detroit, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Atlanta, and Memphis to name a few make excellent areas to work with.  Any area that doesn't have low CAP rates (as an average) that consistently fall below 8% across the board.

Remember, your 100% LTV has to be supported by the cash flow of the property. Deciding to invest in low CAP rate cities will guarantee that you'll end up with a negative cash flow property and your bond funders won't fund a negative cash flow deal.

Next, I have students asking me why the funders want to see that you have 1% to 2% of the purchase price of the property when it's a 100% LTV bond funded loan.  The funders need to see that you are somewhat financially sound to the point where, when walking into the property after closing, you can pay for any upgrades, repairs, or get any units (needing new paint and carpet) rent-ready for new tenants.  There's nothing worse than funding a property to find out that the lender has funded someone who doesn't have 2 nickels to rub together and can't do basic things for a property if needed.

Also, my students want to know about credit criteria.  These funders will allow for people to have some credit issues/problems.  I do recommend that if you don't have good personal credit and you don't have built business credit, start getting it together, bub.  This upcoming year isn't one to be messing around and dragging ass otherwise you'll lose out on every last opportunity out there!

I should mention that to help my students hit the ground running, I have a few mentorship groups I'll be doing in 2019, starting with the Investor Direct Mentorship (starting January 23rd).  This group will give you ALL options and access to investors, private money and all resources you need for not just real estate deals but also business ventures and start-ups as well.  This is a 9-week group that's 100% online.  All of my groups are 100% online and have a live webinar training once a week.

To register for this group (which I'm LIMITING to only a handful of students for the purposes of working DIRECTLY with my investors), CLICK HERE!

If you have any questions, you can call my office on Monday after 9am PST at (661) 295-5050.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  We're selling out of seats for the March LA Underground Secret Event.  CLICK HERE to grab your spot now while you still can!

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Tuesday, January 01 2019
Happy New Year!


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