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Monday, May 30 2016
We Must Keep Going As a Country

The other day I was explaining to my young daughter that things in her generation are vastly different than when I was her age.  I explained that "back in the day" we didn't need TSA at airports.  In fact, there wasn't much for security and you could basically just walk on a plane...with anything.  People didn't ram planes into buildings or blow people up in airports.  Things were...different then.

But she said, "But it's good that we have all this security and protection now, right?"

And I replied, "Well, no.  It isn't.  I'd rather be back in a time when we DIDN'T need these things because back then the world wasn't so violent.  I'd rather do without the protection because we don't need it rather than having the protection because everyone wants to kill us."
I don't think she understood.  Because unfortunately the world she exists in REQUIRES this protection.  It REQUIRES a military.  It REQUIRES going to great lengths for safety.  And she's already used to it yet she's not even 8 years old.
Those of us who got a short (or longer) introduction from birth into a world that was much more innocent...we know what it was like to NOT have to have all of these "layers" needed to protect us.  So, these times are particularly sad for us because we remember what that was like and we can compare it to how things are now.  And it's only getting worse and will continue to do so until our life expires on this planet.
With that said, may today be the day that we honor those who signed up to take on this difficult job of protecting us from those who don't have our best interests at heart, against those who live and die to harm us.  And gave up their lives in the process.  For if it wasn't for these men and women, we wouldn't be able to enjoy our relatively safe, secure, and awesome lives that we have now.
~Monica Main
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Wednesday, May 25 2016

There's always reason that someone would invite me out to lunch.  And by now you'd think I'd know better, right?

So, earlier this week my attorney asked me to lunch to "catch up" and "chat" about this or that.  But, in reality, there was a completely different reason he wanted to "chat" with me.  Sure, it started out with small talk.  It always does.  But very quickly he started picking my brain on Internet marketing and what I thought about an online business opportunity he's been working on for the past 6 months.

You see, a little more than a week ago crowd funding for real estate to allow non-accredited investors to invest just opened up.  (I didn't know this but he informed me that this is what has happened.)  So, this opens up the playing field for those who have website portals to raise money even faster for real estate deals including buy-and-hold, flips, you name it.  Real estate funding and raising capital via these websites has become much easier due to the lightening of SEC regulations because now any "Average Joe" can put up funding for posted real estate deals instead of it being restricted to accredited investors only.

So, my attorney was talking about wanting to compete in this space...having a website portal to be the liaison between money investors and real estate investors, if that makes sense.  After he was explaining the layer upon layer upon layer of legal registration and implementation requirements not to mention the ever-changing laws, I started getting a headache and finally told him, "I wouldn't do it if I were you."

"Why not?" he asked.

"Well, having locked horns with the government several times, let me 'school' you on how working with a closely-linked highly-regulating government agency works.  And if they want to sink their teeth into you, they will.  You'll have no legal recourse except to fight it out in court until you want to jump off a bridge...because their only legal strategy is to wear you down over multiple years in court since many of them really have no legal bearing in which to sue you.  When you get big and if they don't like what you're doing, even if you're doing it legally, they'll find something to get you on.  Any company with a portal of hundreds of millions of dollars going through it is always going to be on the immediate radar of the SEC."

I hated to be the one to suck all of his enthusiasm out of him within one fell swoop but...he needed to hear the reality of the situation.  I continued...

"Making money is too easy selling run-of-the-mill products.  Why legally and financially risk everything when you don't have to?"

He explained that he wanted to build something "big" and create a legacy and yada, yada, yada...all ego-driven nonsense.  Who cares?  He has a young son who just turned 4 and his wife is 2 months pregnant with Baby #2.  At some point you have to hang up risky ego-driven goals and find something more suitable for a more balanced risk/reward ratio calculation in your life, if you know what I mean.  After all, when you're lying on your death bed, nobody ever wishes they made more money or wasted more time at the office hustling up a legacy to get on the cover of Fortune Magazine.  Everyone, undoubtedly, wishes they spent more time watching their kids grow up.

By the time everything was said and done, I had him on track in putting together his own money funnel for lawyers, selling high-priced marketing courses to other attorneys wanting to start a private practice which he seemed really excited about.  (Hey, I'm not just a dream-killer.  I come up with BETTER options instead!)  All within 90 minutes.

Yes, I'm pretty good at what I do otherwise I wouldn't have one of the brightest attorneys I've ever met asking ME for advice on what his next profitable business move should be.

I'm very good at talking with someone who has a solid business idea, breaking it down, analyzing all of the pieces, and then spitting out the best prognosis imaginable, turning a mediocre plan into an exceptionally profitable business empire.

Now it's YOUR turn to get my advice.

I just got the edited videos from my 2 1/2 day event in Vegas where I fleshed out the most profitable blueprints for making tons of money with your own money funnel business.  I even worked on 2 "case studies" live in our "mastermind" seminar group for the first time ever.  And yes, it was just as powerful as you could probably imagine as I took 2 mediocre ideas and fleshed them both out to million-dollar proportions within only mere minutes.  By watching this part of the videos, you will easily be able to gain the skill set needed in doing this for your own brilliant entrepreneurial ideas because it's pretty easy once you understand the mechanics behind doing it.

What's awesome about this event is that I take my students on a ride from the very beginning (pretending as if you're starting with no knowledge at all) and quickly ramping up through my most advanced million-dollar distribution strategies that can help you quickly build up a multi-million-dollar money funnel profit center.

And I did this all in 2 1/2 days.

You'll be able to see everything and get every single ounce of information including all of the seminar materials (delivered on CD-ROM) plus a powerful $397 bonus for the first 21 students who take me up on this offer.  AND you'll even get clones of my hottest money funnels including a BRAND NEW ONE that I just developed a few days ago!  This is all included as my special fast-acting bonus set.

CLICK HERE or go to to get it all now!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  You can keep making excuses for why you don't have the financial life you've always talked about...or you can get educated and start implementing a specific step-by-step blueprint to start raking in the money you deserve.  It's your choice.

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Tuesday, May 24 2016

Yesterday I donated all of my suits to a transitional house for women coming out of battered/abusive relationships.  I donated every suit...except for one.  The last one I wore in Vegas when I did my last seminar event was the lucky keeper.  I decided to keep it...for old time's sake.  Or in case I need it for court.  Or a funeral.  Or just to let it collect dust.  For now anyway.

During my Vegas event, I had a hard time getting through.  I was kind of under the weather and I realized then and there that I don't want to give up any more time with my daughter doing these events out of state.  So, that's it.  I just completed my last seminar event.  And I'm across between freaking out and being thoroughly elated.  The final emotion hasn't landed yet.  I'll keep you posted when it finally does.

But I went out with a bang.  That's for sure.  This Vegas Money Funnel Event was truly amazing.  Much better than the event in March, hands down.  Maybe it's because I perfected it.  Or maybe because I added a whole new element for the "advanced" Money Funnel Strategies, never before revealed to anyone until this event.  In fact, one specific strategy was so exclusive that I actually kept it from someone who had been hounding me for this one ground-breaking strategy on mass market distribution...for TWO MONTHS since I discovered it.  I made him wait until the second day of the event when I revealed it...and he sat there listening intently, jaw agape when I finally revealed it.  Yes, it was THAT powerful.  So powerful that you could hear a pin drop in the room when I was slowly divulging the details of this mind-blowing strategy.

And I just got the videos delivered to my office yesterday afternoon.  They're being duplicated now and will be ready for our first shipments by Thursday of this week.

I warn you though.  This stuff is for serious die-hards who are fully committed to understanding and implementing the Money Funnel Strategies, starting from the most basic elements all the way through large-scale multi-million-dollar secrets that I've never told my students about before this event.  This is NOT for tire-kickers, people who merely talk about success but never get around to doing it (until "someday" comes), or people who don't want to roll up their sleeves to get their new business going.  No, this is definitely not for that crowd.  It's only for those of you who are ready for the utmost powerful strategies that will bowl you over like nothing else will.  Guaranteed.

I want you to check out my short audio seminar and then scroll down to the very bottom where you'll watch some of my testimonials from this amazing event.  CLICK HERE or visit right now!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main


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Sunday, May 08 2016

I know for me, the older I get the more I think of death and dying.  I know.  It's not exactly a cheery subject.  But there's a reason it's on my mind, especially today: Mother's Day.  It's because it's been almost 11 years since my mother passed away.  And I realize that it's because of her absence in my life that is the core of my constant "missing-ness" I feel in my heart.

My mom died at 52 of brain cancer.  (This picture was taken 18 months before her death at my wedding reception.)  Just today I was thinking about how I'll feel in 10 years from now when I turn 52...and I'm already wondering if this will be a "hell year" for me (in 2026) because I'll wonder if I'll actually "cross the line" and exceed my mom's lifespan.  Or not.  I know...crazy thinking, isn't it?  Except that I'm pretty sure most everything thinks this way, especially if your parent or loved one died young.  You have to wonder when you get to the age they things will turn out for you. Except I'm different because I plan "in advance" a lot.  In this case, this advance planning is 10 years premature.
For those of you who still have your mother, give her lots of hugs and kisses.  And for those of you who are mothers, just know that you are blessed with the most important role in the world.  You make the world go around.
Happy Mother's Day!
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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Thursday, May 05 2016

Well, it's official.  It's down to Donald Trump running on the Republican side.  I'm not going to say anything else.  Just thought I'd inform case you didn't know.

Now, to be clear, I love the United States.  I'm an American and, like most Americans, I believe in my country.  I've made a lot of money here.  And I love the opportunity that is afforded to those of us who want to get off our asses to work and to take advantage of these opportunities.

But...I have some "issues" and "grave concerns" about our current and future economy.  Here's why:

1)  Years ago, Obama had thrown out some rhetoric about bringing "manufacturing back into America."  Trump has claimed the same thing in recent months.  While it's a nice theory, it's just not possible, especially with rising minimum wage, health insurance requirements for companies of a certain size (by amount of employees on staff), competing with the ultra-cheap labor in Asia, and the ever-growing amounts of lawsuits against American companies for a variety of reasons including from employees or consumers, making it very difficult (and next to impossible) to grow a large company here in the USA.  If you think this theory of making anything can be a reality, try opening the doors of your manufacturing plant and see what happens.  This is the part NOBODY will tell you which is a cold, hard reality of having a business here, ESPECIALLY if you want to make something in the "manufacturing" space: getting and keeping insurance.  This is not something your Paycheck Charlie knows anything about and it's certainly not any politician will clue you in about because...well, they simply don't know about this "little" manufacturing in the USA obstacle.  You see, recently I went into a new company launch mode where I was sitting on the fence about whether I'd actually manufacture my product or not.  Turns out that when you actually want to make something in this country, especially something that is on the "consumable" level, your insurance goes through the roof...IF you can even find someone to insure you at all!  Yes, this is one of these "hidden secrets" behind trying to kick-start your American manufacturing company.  If you're "lucky," someone will insure you, starting off with a policy that will run you about $2,000 to $3,000 a month for coverage.  As you grow into a mid-sized manufacturing company, you're looking at $20,000+ per month in insurance.  And this is WHEN you can finally find someone who won't laugh you out of their insurance office.  "You want a policy for what?  Making something?  Hahahahahahhahahahahah!!"  (This has actually happened to me several times so, in no way am I exaggerating!)

2)  Things are getting tight in China.  They've been quickly sliding into an economic black hole for the past couple of years and it's only a matter of time before we feel the economic "quake" on our side of the map.  Some economists are calling this the "second bubble."  I don't think it's quite as dooms-worthy as some might guess it'll be but it does help to stay alert and on guard.  For me, I can actually see opportunity in this.  Since I use China for printing and packaging, I'm finding that they are starting to feel the squeeze in their economic crisis so when I make it clear on what I'm willing to pay for a project, I will get my price.  They know how easy it is to go to another vendor since they are a dime a dozen.  And they'll take any job just to keep some type of cash flow coming in.  However, they haven't experienced their all-out crash yet and it's only a matter of time.  Since much of our borrowing and loans was with Asia, namely China, it only makes you wonder where we're going to get loans now since they're not going to be in the market to lend for awhile.  And, as you know, our country relies heavily on credit.

I was just watching Clinton talk about jobs and schools and a bunch of other crap that nobody can realistically promise and follow through with.  All these politicians...they're the exact same, just in different skin and clothes.  They promise things to get elected and don't follow through.  This is why I tell my students over and over and over can't wait for some politician to make your dreams come true, otherwise you'll be getting old and gray (and will die) before someone else (other than yourself) is going to look out for your well-being.  YOU must look out for yourself and your family.  An elected official will never care about you or do anything for your family.

So...the next question needs to be, what have you been doing for yourself and your financial future lately?  Or are you a fool, waiting around for our next president to come in and whip out a magic wand to make your life perfect for the first time ever?

Stop dreaming and start focusing, damn it!  Otherwise nothing in your life is ever going to change.    Hoping and praying without any action on your part will get you exactly this:  NOTHING.  So, let's talk about what you need to be doing if you really want to whip your ass into gear and start getting what you want in life.

If this "second bubble" bursts, banks will tighten back up on personal credit lending, loans, and unsecured credit again.  What they DIDN'T draw back on was commercial and business credit, even during our worst recent economic year (of 2008). In preparation for this, you really need to get your business/corporate credit rolling if you want money to start a business or invest in real estate...or both.  Not only will you be able to gain much more in unsecured credit than if you were applying as an individual but the banks won't stop lending this type of cash to businesses, even if the going gets tough again with our economy.

In order to get the maximum amount of money possible for your unsecured business credit, you need to get that personal credit mid-FICO at or above 720.  If it's not there, getting this unsecured business credit just won't happen the way you want it to.  Yes, you'll be able to get some credit here and there but it won't be hundreds of thousands of dollars.  You'll be able to get about $10,000 here and $25,000 there.  But that'll be it...UNTIL you get that mid-FICO at or above that 720 mark.

For any of you who are NOT at that 720 mid-FICO score, CLICK HERE.  I have the ultimate solution for you.  (This will blow your mind!)

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main


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