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Sunday, July 27 2014
Years ago I used to get angry with students who used to sign up for a seminar to take endless amounts of notes and to get all pumped up just to do exactly nothing with the information when they got home.  And for awhile, I took this type of stuff personally.
Then, over the years, I would see these same students in my events or they would email me telling me that they finally started buying property!  Some students who I had never seen before would end up going up to the microphone at my events thanking me for helping them get started and then talking about the building or buildings they purchased using my materials.
I've noticed a trend these days.  There are more and more students who are actually using my stuff.
But I also noticed something else that's a little less obvious.  Maybe these people that just keep signing up for stuff finally become ready at different times.  Maybe it takes more than one seminar event to allow them to push past the fears they have.  Maybe my time frame for success differs greatly with many other people out there.
Is it okay to sign up for stuff, show up, and put a half-assed (or no) effort into taking the stuff you learned into the real world for real results?
Yes, it is.  And here's why:
Some people don't know if they want to become entrepreneurs or investors...yet.  And they need to get some more information to make an informed decision.
Or maybe some of my students need to connect with other people at the event who have actually bought properties to let them know something as simple as, "If I did it, so can you."
And maybe there really is something to "success by osmosis."  This was a concept that I used to rip apart in my earlier seminars and I went for the throat with my students, condemning them if they dare even think about investing their time, effort, and energy into an event of mine without doing something with the stuff they learned.
But I'm a student too.  Not with real estate, business, or investing but with something else.
Many of you know how much I've been doing with creative writing and screenwriting.  In this world, I am a student.  But what you don't know is that I've been housing a fear -- an unsubstantiated fear I need to add -- for more than 20 years.  I knew if I was going to do something with creative writing I had to start pushing past the fear.  And I did, starting with registering (and attending) every event, seminar, and workshop I could.
And this made all the difference!
I'd look at people who had done it and say, "If they can do this, I can do this."  Or I'd look at people who haven't done anything and quickly learn why they're so pathetic.  Sometimes they didn't even have to open their mouth and I'd figure it out.  Or I'd start putting together a very well streamlined action plan based on the information I was given including figuring out those "missing pieces" that I either knew were missing or had no idea they were to be part of the mechanics to begin with.
But I think the most significant element of registering and attending events is that you are showing yourself (namely your conscious and subconscious minds) that you are investing in the process by attending something and taking the time to learn a craft.  And because you've made this investment in yourself, you're technically now "invested" which forces you to move forward so you don't have to take a "loss" on what you've invested in the process so far.  That's basic human psychology, folks!
As I either end my career (or take a very long break) from teaching, I'd like you to join me for my September 13th and 14th event in Los Angeles.  At this event, I have private investors showing up to network with you guys and gals during breaks, at the bar, and during dinner.  I have my "star" apartment building student by the name of Stephen Scott who is coming in from Texas to meet you and tell you exactly how he started out with my book living in a hotel room to buying tens of millions of dollars in property in only a couple of years.
I'm offering my early-bird deal until Thursday, July 31st at 5pm Pacific Time before I drastically bump up the price.  So, if you want in, I recommend you get in.
By the way, this will be your only chance to get a payment plan or put down a hold deposit in case you change your mind later.  If you wait until Friday (the 1st) then you'll be paying a steep registration fee with no hold deposit option.
If you have any questions or need a special payment plan, call us at (661) 295-5050.
See you at the event!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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Wednesday, July 23 2014

I was reluctantly sucked into a conversation with husband #2 last night because my daughter basically threw the phone at me when he called.  (Apparently she doesn't want to talk to the guy either.)  And for some reason, he felt like becoming Chatty Cathy about his future plans which include the following:

  • Moving back in with Mommy (for the 2nd time since our divorce).
  • Leaving a job that's physically taxing to something for lazy folk like himself, but this new job must be a supervisory position that pays extremely well and one that he doesn't have to work his way up to get or prove his work ethic (or offer tenure) to get.
  • Figuring out other ways to leach off society by exerting as little effort as possible.

So, in other words, not a damn thing has changed with the guy.

Apparently he was telling me all this because maybe he thought I'd be supportive of his fruitless and futile efforts to extract unearned funds and benefits from others stupid enough to allow such a fraud to occur.

He's now 41 years old, has never looked sicker in his entire life, is smoking even more cigarettes (and even telling people that he quit), and looking for ways to freeload off the system in, what he believes, are more "creative" methods.  All I could do is roll my eyeballs and end the conversation with some white lie including, but not limited to, "the stove just blew up," "I feel sick and I'm about to throw up," or "what?? you're cutting out! whhhaaaatttt??"  

And then click.

He should know me well enough that I don't support such apathetic behavior but, then again, when you are dealing with someone who is further mentally "off" than Walter Mitty, what can you realistically expect?

My 2nd husband wasn't seemingly always such a piece of work.  I met him when I was 25 and he seemed very focused, devoted to his career in law enforcement, and was quickly moving his way up the ranks into supervisory rolls.

So...what the hell happened between then and now?

I can partially attribute this shift to the fact that I financially supported him for a number of years, thus eliminating his motivation to get off his ass.  Once you glue your ass to a couch for several years, somehow you don't want to get up anymore.  Your brain becomes mush-mash from the hours and hours a day of watching The Price is Right, Judge Judy, and Dr. Phil...all while "multi-tasking" and playing Call of Duty on your laptop at the same time.

But then I thought about it.

Am I really to blame for his downward spiral recession into the dark abyss of apathy?  Would a hustler or motivated person by nature even accept the station in life to become a "kept" person who loses interest in everything but television and Internet porn?

I don't know.

I know I'm a highly motivated person who will always be doing something whether it's writing the next American novel, trading stocks online, or even donating my time to some type of organization like becoming a paralegal for the Legal Eagles for Death Row Inmates...or something.

But to do nothing?  Nothing at all?

So, let's turn this to you.  Who are you?  What are you all about?  What motivates you?  Would you be a complete and total lazy ass if someone was taking care of you or if you suddenly had millions of tax-free dollars land in your bank account?  Be honest.  I don't care about your answer.  I only care about my answer.

If you recall, I sent you an email a couple of days ago with a "secret" to success.  But what I didn't tell you is that you have to want success to start with.  And you have to want it with a passion.  If you don't want it or you don't want to do anything to get it then...nothing I can do to help you on any level.

As you know, I just told you about my Motherload 2015 Resource Directory.  What I didn't mention were a couple of key things about my Motherload:

1)  I've had students use this to purchase millions of dollars in property including helping them get the down payment funds for their deals.
2)  I've had students hook up with multi-millionaires for partnerships through this directory which they use for their first deal or two before having the money needed to do their own solo deals.

But...with the good comes the bad which is...

* The Freeloaders or the students who don't want to lift a finger to get the deals but they want to be "partners" on deals with the people who will be ponying up the cash and the credit for the deal...and apparently they're supposed to also find the profitable deal for the student too!
* The Fools or the students who get the directory and start calling lenders, brokers, and partners on the phone without (1) any idea of what they're doing because they haven't bothered to read a simple book on real estate investing, or (2) don't have a deal but want to "secure" funding first which isn't how it works in investment real estate.

You can't be a Fool or a Freeloader to be able to use the Motherload Resource Directory to its maximum capacity.  So, because of this, I'm throwing in the needed educational materials needed when you receive your Motherload Resource Directory next week.
Oh, wait.  Did you order it yet?  If not, here's the link to the deal that ends tomorrow:

Okay, so we talked about the resources which, technically, are the only major component you need to become filthy rich in real estate (or business).  But what about that other thing I was talking about?  You know, about what's required to start breaking out into a new life by educating yourself, acclimating into a new world, and changing the dreadful scenery of the life you want to leave behind?

That would be at my September Boot Camp Seminar in Los Angeles.

That's where it starts.

Here's the link where you can get the directory free if you register for the seminar event.  And if you've already registered, you can get the Motherload free by going to this link:

Again, this deal ends tomorrow so...what the hell are you waiting for?

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Tuesday, July 22 2014
This coming Saturday will make 9 years that have passed since my mother died of brain cancer.  Although it seems that I've gotten over grieving her death a long time ago, it seems that my brother is just coming out of his own grief.
Having had a conversation with him this past weekend, he was talking about how he's whipping his ass into shape, laying off the drinking, and looking into some profitable business opportunities.  This is all stuff that he wouldn't even consider just a short 6 months ago.
He doesn't know it but I know what's going on.  He finally got over my mother's death which he took very hard, sending him into a bottomless spiral of drinking and personal life destruction.  Now that he's automatically thinking differently including exercising his ass off, juicing with this new juicer I got for him, and making a concerted (and much easier) effort to stay abstinent from drinking, he finally got "over" my mother's death.
Time does heal all.  But the time that's required to heal for some people is much different for others.  What can take a few months for some can take years or even decades for others.  And I don't have any clue what the "secret" to rapid healing is or if there is such a thing for certain people.  I think healing itself has to run its due course when it pertains to everyone and matters of the heart.
Many of you know my own personal relationship/marital battle that I went through with Ron Espinoza.  Something strange happened to me yesterday.  I was thinking as I awoke and realized something.  I had just gotten "over" the entire relationship.
Yes, just like that.
One day I was still clinging onto an endless false hope and then, just like the snap of a finger, I realized it was over.  And my heart was instantly freed.
What did it take to get to that "instant moment"?
Years of pain, toil, logic-lacking based "hope," and much emotional torment.  That's what it took to get to that moment.
Some relationship "experts" will tell you that it takes exactly half of the time you were in a marriage to get over it.  That's complete bullsh**.  Some people can get over a relationship or marriage in a few months.  Others...years.  Maybe never for some. there a catalyst or some "thing" you can do to help encourage faster healing?
I don't really know.  I can tell you what worked for me.
Just as with anyone with a substance abuse problem, counselors will tell you that you have to disconnect with everyone having to do with the "problem" including your circle of friends, enabling family, even regular hang-out spots, and, in some cases, you need to completely move from your locale altogether.  Go to some different city and start over.
That seems to promote healing faster.
There is some truth to that.
Many of you know that I've been on a strict and very short-planned (9-month) life change that started in January of this year.  Ever since I put the plan on paper, it's like a train on a track that started taking off on this pre-planned path all on its own, sort of with a mind of its own too!  (That's why it's critical that you get the plan the way you want it otherwise you'll end up railroading yourself!)
Some of you know that I was accepted into the UCLA Professional Program for Screenwriting.  I was just accepted into the UC Palm Desert MFA Program for Creative Writing.  Both start in September.
Concerted and conscious change.
I realized that my office/warehouse as well as certain employees were draining my energy and my finances.  So, I fired those that weren't working for me and I moved warehouses.
Concerted and conscious change.
I made a decision that, instead of lingering around in a relationship that wasn't going anywhere, I'd be cutting all ties after my September event which, conveniently, would be the same time all of the business loose ends would be tied up for good.  (Unfortunately, when tying up business loose ends, it doesn't happen as quickly as packing up someone's crap and tossing it out onto the sidewalk.)
Concerted and conscious change.
Instead of following through with the book proposal that one particular New York publishing company has been suggesting I do for the past couple of years, I decided to come out with a much different proposal altogether that would help more people in a much more beneficial way.
Concerted and conscious change.
And I can go on and on...
And no, I don't know what the result will be on any of the new stuff I'm doing.  But I don't care.  When it's time for you to make some major changes, take responsibility and startmaking the changes.  What are you waiting for?
You can do more than you think and you are not at the whim of merely standing on a planet that's just whipping around through the universe through each season, each year, and each decade.  You can make your own concerted and conscious changes to see where it takes you.
But here's the "secret" that I've been getting at here.
In order for new stuff to come in, the old stuff has to go.  No new stuff can come in with old crap that's lingering in your life and tapping out your energy.
This includes getting rid of relationships (of any kind) that aren't working, as much of a pain in the ass that it'll be to get rid of that person (or those people).  You have to bite the bullet and do it.  Get rid of them!  Now!!  Before they consume the rest of the life you do have on this planet.
This includes getting rid of a job or business or career that you don't want anymore.  Is it prudent to just quit your job?  Not really.  But if you put an action plan in place (like the one I did at the beginning of this year) and make small efforts each day to get to where you're going, you'll notice that a lot of stuff will "automatically" start happening for you.  (Remember the train track that I was describing?  Once the track is laid out, the train starts moving and a lot of times it starts going much faster than you anticipated.)
I recommend you take a look at my time line by clicking here.  It'll really open your eyes at how I am doing it and how you can do something so simple to make some major significant changes in your life.
Part of what I've been doing to quickly further these changes is by signing up for events, attending them, and maximizing the benefit of being there by networking, taking copious notes, and implementing everything I've learned.
You have that opportunity to do that with me in September for my last planned event.  I'm also offering my sought-after million-dollar resources for a super kick-ass deal right now.  For more information, click here.
Making significant changes in your life is pretty easy but it starts with deciding, creating the plan, getting the education and resources needed to implement the plan and then going for it...never looking back!
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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Friday, July 18 2014
I don't know about you but I read horoscopes.  As cheesy as it may be, sometimes it actually makes me feel better to read somewhere that I have a future to include traveling, getting a lottery-like windfall of cash, meeting my soul mate, or getting a gift from someone even though most of the time the forecasts are completely untrue.  I'd have a better chance having a forecast in a fortune cookie come true on most days.
Why do we read such clap-trap?  You may personally not be addicted to such nonsense but most of you secretly are.  And for those of us who do read that crap (like me), why do we read it knowing that the vast majority of it doesn't actually apply to us at all?
Hope is a powerful thing.
After all, we already know what he have to look forward to day after day.  We get up at a certain time, probably fight freeway traffic, deal with issues at work or our business, and go home all the while counting how many hours we have left before we hit the weekend so we can decompress.
Then we start all over again the next week, month, and year.  Year after year until we die.
I know.  Pretty depressing, isn't it?
So, what's the harm in reading a trivial (and untrue) "prediction" in the 1-inch by 2-inch section of the paper under your sun sign just to...I don't know...give you hope that something else can actually happen in your for once??
One thing I do read religiously is a website called Astrology Zone at  This website comes out with forecasts at the beginning of the month for each sun sign.  I read this one particular forecasting site because I have seen the correlation between astrological happenings with various planets and how it's effected my life.  So I always want to know what I have to expect for damage control, especially with those pesky Mercury Retrogrades that tend to effect those of us who depend on communication, writing, speaking, etc.  (I fall into that category.)
But regardless of whether you believe in these types of forecasts or if a gypsy woman reads your palm and "predicts" your future, I can tell you how to not get what you want and how you can get what you want.
Here's how to not get what you want:  Sit on your ass and do exactly nothing!  You'll succeed in getting exactly nothing every time.
Here's how to get what you do want:  Figure out what you want, create an action plan, and follow the action plan.  And you'll get exactly what you do want every time as long as you stick with it.
Planets, eclipses, retrogrades or not.  Sitting on your ass will get you nowhere every timeeven if your forecast says that your treasure ship is coming in right now.  And adopting a powerful action plan will bring you to where you want to be, even if and when you have to "power through" the harder and more challenging times (which always come).
The good news is that if you do believe in the forecasting astrological stuff, July is supposed to be the month when the vault unlocks for you...for all of us.  They say that the first half of 2014 was equivalent to walking through mud.  Endless delays, being sidetracked, and getting next to nothing done.
But that all changes effective right now.  Our year has officially begun.  And yes, this is the part that we've all been waiting for.
However, as I mentioned, forecasts or not, you have to actually get off your ass and start working for yourself on the path in which you hope to become successful.  Outside forces can only do so much for you.
But what if following through with your action plan is going to be as easy as greased lightening?  I know know how easy it'll be for you but I'm about to make your life infinitely easier right now.
I'm releasing my Motherload 2015 Resource Directory.  This directory is the one that is equivalent to my "personal Rolodex" of private investors, high (including 100%) LTV funding sources, partnership groups, and transactional "wet" funding sources.
And I've never included so many resources in a single directory before because there have been a slew of new resources that have come into the picture since our economy has started on its steady upward trend.
You see, everything about building a real estate empire has to do with using OPM or other people's money.  And if you don't have access to these powerful money resources, you're basically dead in the water unless you're already a multi-millionaire with plenty of liquidity.
One of the resources I'm most exited about is a new transactional funder.  For those of you who want to take advantage of the tail end of the flipping phenomenon, you can by using deferred wet funds.  If you want to know a little about how this works, click here.
Now, for the deal: I'm giving you an opportunity to get this directory for free.  But you'll have to click on this link to find out how:
Just so you know, the deal ends soon.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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