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Thursday, January 20 2022

The other day I sent you an email about my progress with fighting the Omicron virus.

And, of course, I always have to get some smart ass with their comments that would be better kept to themselves.

Here's what he had to say based on my email comment about how I believe 95% of you guys and gals WILL get Covid at some point...

"Hello, Dr (would be) Monica, in regard to your last email as the saying goes, the patient knows his/her illness (his/her body) better than any doctor, for the most part. However, when it comes to prediction, 95% of us will get the virus! I don't think so. I have been driving every day during the pandemic, I'm a pro Limo driver, and I have not gotten a single symptom whatsoever... without a single test and no vaccine. Talking about someone trusting his immune system!!!"

So...I didn't appreciate the reference to "Dr. Monica."  I personally thought that was a tad juvenile.  I'm not sure if he was being snarky, an ass****, or that's just how he talks to people.  Who knows?!

But anyway, to be clear, no...I'm not a doctor nor do I pretend to be.  I do know about basic health, the immune system, and the coronavirus which...[GASP] has been around for many years before this pandemic.  Any half-a-brain doctor or nurse...even a medical student...will tell you that the coronavirus has been around for at least a dozen years.  Some state that the Spanish flu is a variant of a coronavirus which was more than 100 years ago...and, coincidentally, never went away which is why we still have seasonal flus to this day.

So, to clarify my comment, yes...most of you will have some variation of Covid, if you haven't already.  And just because you weren't lying in bed fighting for your life or haven't gotten the case of the sniffles over it doesn't mean it hasn't hit you.  Some people's immune systems are better than others.  Some people exhibit symptoms.  Others do not.

Unless you permanently live in a plastic bubble with NASA state-of-the-art air purifying systems, you have already been exposed to some variant of the coronavirus many years BEFORE "Covid-19" was a thing.  And if you think you're going to exist in a world where you're never going to get it, you're living in a fantasyland.  It's like saying you're never ever going to get another flu, cold, or any other illness.  If you plan on dying, say, TODAY then maybe I'd believe you if you said you weren't ever going to get sick again.  However, if you plan on sticking around for more years and decades to come like I do, getting a cold/flu here and there is just a reality.  And just about every cold/flu from this point forward WILL have reminisces of our modern-day coronavirus mixed in.  That's just the truth.

Instead of fearing it, how about taking care of yourself?  How about boosting up your immune system, eating healthier, and stop being so damned afraid of it?  How about making this less about the fear-mongering from the news and social media...and more about what this really is?  A virus that we have to overcome one way or the other?!

And to the snarky student who wrote me the email (and everybody else who is thinking the same thing), I never said I was pro- or anti-vaxx.  I don't care what you do or don't do with your own body.  I chose to get vaccinated because I had an obligation to complete my PBS show last month and getting vaccinated was a requirement.  To serve my students in the way of doing the show was important enough to me to get the vaccine.  I'm not telling you what to do with your body.  But I do have the right to do what I want with my own body without dealing with backlash.  I think the student who wrote the email has some English literacy issues because he clearly misunderstood what I was talking about in my own email when speaking about my experiences with fighting Omicron.

So, to all of you who haven't gotten sick yet, GOOD FOR YOU.  Seriously, I'm happy for you!  But for anyone who thinks they'll never get another cold/flu again...well, I hope it all works out for you.  I really do.

And I still can't get over the comment this student made about how "he patient knows his/her illness (his/her body) better than any doctor..."  Huh?  Okay.  Maybe in some ways and in some circumstances if the person is really "tuned in" to their body.  But, unfortunately, most people who are riddled with disease aren't that tuned in at all, which is why they're full of sickness and disease in the first place.  Had they tuned in that well, they would have listened to what their body needed, laid off the Doritos and burgers, got out to exercise, and wouldn't be sick in the first place.  But...that's a whole other ball of wax I'd rather not get into.

All this typing is making me tired.

I'm going to take a nap.  Even though with each passing day I'm getting better, I think I'm still only at around 50% energy capacity so I have to take it easy on myself.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main


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Wednesday, January 19 2022

I had this thought the other day which you may not think is that big of a deal.

But for me, kind of just nailed a point with one pretty clear image, giving me an understanding of something that, perhaps, has been evading me for decades.

Maybe this is something that's been evading you too.

So, here's the "epiphany" I had...

If you're ever going to make a lot of money, you have to "tap into" the source of money.

In my seminar events, I sometimes talk about how there is money everywhere.  In our virtual society, money flows through you in the form of wire transfers, Venmo payments, people buying stuff online, etc.

Then one day I thought to myself, "How do you hang onto that money that's flowing through you?"

I suddenly had this weird image of a giant orange water balloon the size of a small town.  It was so full, it seemed to be on the verge of bursting.

And in my weird twisted vision, I suddenly had this faucet that I jabbed into the side of the balloon and I turned on the "tap."  That's when the water came out, depending on how far I turned the knob.

This is when I realized that making money is the same way.  There are economic rules that are set forth in the world we were born in.  And it's fairly easy to play and win at the game of economics if you know what you're doing.

If you (1) have a tap, (2) jab that tap into the side of a brimming opportunity, and (3) turn the tap on full blast once you secure that sucker.

And that's it.

Once you understand that, the sky's the limit in how much money you can earn.

So, you're probably wondering (other than "Is Monica on drugs??"), what kind of "tap" you can get your hands on and what "opportunity" you can jab that tap into.


I'm so glad you asked.

CLICK HERE and I'll explain the whole thing to you in a simple short video.

The only difference between rich people and poor people is that the wealthy have a vehicle or a vessel from which to derive cash.  Poor people don't.  That's really all there is to it.

CLICK HERE to discover an opportunity that can change everything for you.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Monday, January 17 2022

Since I got the Omicron virus last week, a lot of you have been asking me what it's all about.

So, let me give you my run-down:

Day 1:  Sore throat and tired.  Start of that "balloon head" feeling.
Day 2:  Back pain, tired, runny nose, dry cough.
Day 3:  WORST DAY OF ALL...I couldn't get out of bed.  Back pain, runny nose, congested, dry cough.
Day 4:  Felt REALLY, "Was I really that sick?" good.
Day 5:  Back to what I felt on Day 2 minus the runny nose.
Day 6:  (Today) Still feeling run-down and a touch congested.  Runny nose is long gone and the cough is intermittent.  Back pain is slight.
Day 7:  That'll be tomorrow so, I'll let you know.  I'm predicting it'll be a replay of today.  Just tired, feeling slightly "confused" and have no focus at all.

I feel like I'm on the mend but I have to take it slow.  I feel the worst is behind me and I actually feel lucky to have gone through this because now I have a kick-ass immunity to it.

Thinking back, I don't think I would have taken my booster shot 1 day after I got back from my PBS show shoot in Atlanta last month.  My immune system was down from the stress of the show and the back-to-back plane flights.  So, if I could go back in time, I would have waited to get the booster after I got back from this last trip (out of the country) after waiting 2 weeks or so.

Oh well...hindsight is always 20/20 as they say, right?

Anyway, I wanted to fill you in on all the details so you know what the timeline is on this illness since the likelihood you'll get it (vaccinated or not) is around 95%.

But, it's not all that bad.  I've been sicker before.  (Remember when I told you I got the "pre" Covid-19 back in June 2016?  Now that was an ass kicking illness there.)  It was a decent cold/flu so, in case you're wondering what it's like, there you go.

Why am I telling you all this?

Because no matter where I went online, nobody seemed to have a "timeline" of all the symptoms of this Omicron thing.  They just had a list of symptoms and that's it.  So, just know that it starts with the sore throat and that kicks off Day 1.  Okay?  That's when you know you'll have to get all of your work/chores done (and order groceries) because you'll be down for the count within about 24-36 hours from that point.

At any rate, some of you are wondering about the training I had to put off.  It was supposed to be this past Thursday (on the 13th of January) but I postponed it by only 1 week.  This means that it's now on Thursday, January 20th at 5:30pm Pacific Time.  If you haven't registered yet, CLICK HERE to register.  If you've already registered from before, you're still in the system and you won't have to register again.

Finally, I have a 6-Day Money Funnel Building Mentorship Group which now starts on Monday, January 24th.  CLICK HERE if you haven't enrolled yet.  I will only be doing ONE of these live events and that's it.  So, it's now or never.  This is the fastest way I can get you set up in a cash flowing Money Funnel Business.  And I can help you do it in only 6 days...something I've never done before.  So, CLICK HERE if you want to hit the ground running in 2022 by kicking off this year with a successful Money Funnel Business!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main


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Thursday, January 13 2022

Despite having been vaccinated and getting the booster shot on December 20th, I still seemed to manage to contract Omicron.

Even worse, when I got the regular run-of-the-mill Covid-19 a year ago this month (even being unvaccinated at that time), I had only mild symptoms.

Getting Covid AGAIN in August (post-vaccination)...barely any symptoms at all.

And now here we are with this Omicron bullsh**...which is no joke.  Because I'm sicker than a dog right now.

So, in case you're wondering what this highly-transmissible strain is all about and what it "looks" like to get it, here's the run-down:

Day 1 (Tuesday):  Major sore throat...felt like I swallowed a dozen porcupines.  Mild headache.  Feeling run down but had enough energy to get some basic stuff done.

Day 2 (Yesterday):  Sore throat completely gone.  This was replaced with a feeling of "balloon head" coupled with a mild "vice grip" headache that worsened through the day and then I got the back pain like I was hit by a bus...I was still able to get some work done but I could feel my "productive" timer ticking down.  By the evening, I felt major shivers and I couldn't get enough heat.  After standing in a super hot shower for 30 minutes, I got dressed and tried to make dinner.  I ordered sandwiches only instead and almost fell asleep waiting for the delivery guy.  After eating only half my food, I couldn't get up out of bed and I crashed at 8pm.

Day 3: (Today):  Sitting here with barely enough energy to type this email to you.  Wishing this was over.  And now cursing the motherf***** who passed this disease to me.

Really, though, I'm to blame.  Because foolish me...having had very few "leisure" trips in the past couple of years, I decided to take my daughter to the Caribbean.  And it was probably there that I contracted this virus...somewhere toward the end.  Maybe in Nassau.  Who knows?

Or maybe from the little kid on the plane coming back who was sicker than a dog, kept going to the bathroom, and was being fed cold and flu medication by her mom through the entire flight.  (It was probably that little sh**.)

Regardless, I have it.  Nothing I can do about it.  And it sucks.

Now, does it feel like I'm on "death's door" or anything like that?  Not really.  It's just a mid-level cold/flu.  But as productive as I like to be at all times (and trying to catch up on a bunch of work that piled up while I was gone), I'm finding myself sitting here thinking... "Who cares?!  I gotta heal or I'll be no good to anybody."

With that said, I am postponing the training I was supposed to do this evening.  It'll be on and crackin' a week from today. (I've already updated this change in the system.)  If you didn't register yet, CLICK HERE.  I decided to change the topic of the training because we're going into the "big time" now.  No more pansy footsie anymore.  I'm going to show you how to make some big cash influxes this first quarter of 2022.

Also, I'll be postponing the 6-Day Money Funnel Building Mentorship that was supposed to start on Monday, January 17th.  It will now start on Monday, January 24th.  This way I'm not giving you half-assed trainings (because I'm sick) and I'm able to give you 110% of what I have.  So, enjoy your MLK day and I'll see you on January 24th.  If you didn't enroll yet, there's still time (obviously).  CLICK HERE to check it out and enroll right now.

In the meantime, I'm going to finish binge-watching Cobra Kai.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  Good news!  The office is now re-opened!  Any issues, questions, or concerns can be addressed when calling 661-295-5050 ext. 2 between regular business hours.  Also, we had a huge wave or orders come in over the New Year.  We're expecting to get everything out no later than Friday of this week!  So, if you're waiting on a package, it's ON THE WAY.  No need to clutter the phone lines for tracking information.  (It'll be automatically emailed to you once your package goes out.)  Thanks for your patience.

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Saturday, January 01 2022


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