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Friday, July 27 2012
The Busboy Who Stole $5
It's amazing how fast two decades can fly by.
Last weekend I stopped into a Ruby's restaurant in Orange County with Ronnie and our 4 collective children.  The last time I had been in this one particular Ruby's was when I worked there at the young age of 20.
This was a job that I had gotten fired from, mind you.
Monica?  Fired?  How could that be?
Well, I got fired from most of my jobs, usually by bucking authority or disagreeing with the narrow-minded dweebs who called themselves "high ranking" assistant managers or supervisors.
Anyway, working at Ruby's was one such job whereas I got terminated shortly after I started working there.
I worked as a waitress.  My mom came into the place to visit with me and eat while I was on shift.  She left me a $5 tip.  I know she did because I saw the money sitting on the table as she got up to leave.
This busboy went to the table.  Cleaned the table.  And he also pocketed my $5 tip.
I went to the manager on duty, told him what I saw, and the busboy was called into the small office in the back.  Of course, the busboy denied the thievery.  I stated the fact which was that I saw the money on the table and then it was gone when everything was cleaned off by this particular busboy.
I don't remember all the exact details because we tend to quickly let go of things in our minds that have no overall relevance to the larger picture in our lives but somehow between the confrontation and the end of my shift, I was terminated.
The busboy got to keep his job that day.
And apparently he got to keep his job for another 18 years.
Because when I went back to the restaurant for the first time this past weekend, the same busboy who stole my $5 tip was still working there!!
It made me laugh.  Here I am, a multi-millionaire several times over and this thief was still working at the same old restaurant almost 20 years later.
Let's just call that "karma" and leave it at that.
It made me think about a lot of things including why I've been so successful while others hang onto a life that is, well...worthless.
Fear is why most people never move beyond their comfort zones or ever do better in their lives.  Lack of direction and know-how (or confidence) is the other reason.
This restaurant incident made me start recollecting the events that took place in the past couple of decades that made me the success story that I am today. 
And 2 things became abundantly clear:
1)  I've never been afraid to take risks, think outside of the box, or try different business ventures.
2)  I kept trying new things, businesses, strategies, and techniques until something would work!  (Most people give up after one or two tries with something.)
I also started thinking about something really amazing.
Being successful is easy.  If anyone took away every dime I have right now, I'd be able to start a business out of my garage and be up to anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000 a month by the end of next month. 

And this includes taking away all of my current customer database!
Basically I can start from scratch and perhaps borrowing a few hundred dollars and I'd be back on my feet in 30 days!
This includes being able to cover all of my bills, 2 ridiculously high car payments, a mortgage, insurance, credit cards, and even have extra for my outrageous spending habits!  (Okay, they aren't that outrageous get the point!)
One thing I wish I knew back when I started that I know now is how to take that excess cash and inject it into all cash foreclosure deals.  That was my biggest mistake.
And that's why I'm bringing this to you.
I would be so much further ahead in life, financially and otherwise, if I just knew what to do.
So, now that I know what to do and how to do it, I'm going to be passing that knowledge onto you!
So...what are you going to be doing?
#1:  Making some quick cash with a very simple home-based business.
#2:  Injecting that cash into 100% all-cash REO foreclosure deals, having no mortgage and a huge monthly passive income.
And you're going to be doing this in 36 months or less.
Okay, so, I'm sure you're thinking you've heard all this before.  And maybe you have. 
What I haven't introduced yet is my New Wealth Ninja Complete Course...
Until now, that is.
When I first started my "experiment" by making myself my own "case study" to outline a book that I planned on writing about getting wealthy in our "new economy," I decided to start a small "home-business" from scratch.
After all, I wanted to prove to anyone that these techniques are possible for anyone to do in today's economy using today's technological tools.
This "experiment" turned into quite a profitable little enterprise...much bigger and larger than I ever anticipated.
I jotted down my notes (as any "case study" would) and created the New Wealth Ninja Complete Course...which is finally done!
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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Tuesday, July 17 2012
Best Areas to Invest in the United States (2012)
Every 6 months or so (or whenever the market changes) I like to do a video on the best areas to invest in real estate in the United States.
I just completed the video and it's now ready for you to view (and take notes).  Click on the link below:
If you're stuck and don't know where to start investing, this video will shed some light including which types of properties in which areas to focus in on.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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