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Friday, May 07 2021

I've been making a personal observation of the people around me.  When they complain about not being able to "get ahead" or wonder why the seas aren't parting for them, it's because they're getting in their own way and they don't even know it.

It's quite sad, actually.

Even worse, it's almost impossible to see anything about your own life when you're swimming in the muddy waters, trying to keep your head just far enough above to not drown.  However, when it comes to other people's lives, this is when it becomes obvious what they're doing "wrong" when it comes to not succeeding in ways that they talk about wanting to succeed.

There are a few different reasons why you're not where you want to be in life:

1)  You're not specific enough about where you want to be the hell do you expect to get there if you don't know where "there" looks like?

2)  You're "too busy" to focus on the things that will get you to where you want to be in life.  Life keeps getting in the way and "one day" when you have time, you'll get around to doing the things you know you have to do to reach those dream goals.

3)  You're waiting around for the magic genie, Santa Claus, or some other mythical creature to magically make the life you want appear without any work on your part.  Or you're banking on winning the lottery, inheriting millions from a distant relative, or coming across a bag full of money in a phone booth.  (Do they still have phone booths anymore?)

Or...maybe you don't know what the heck you want but you know what type of life you have now simply isn't working out or making you happy at all.

I have hundreds of thousands of students.  Many go on to be extremely successful with my wealth-building strategies.

Then there are others who completely fail.  And it's not for the lack of trying either.

One day it dawned on me why these people fail.  I realized why some people hit their success out of the ballpark right away while others fail with one project after another until they finally give up.

A lot of people always ask me the same question which goes something like this:  "Monica, where should I start out first?"

Well, if you want to make money right away, find a business you can start that can generate a lot of cash for you right off the bat.

It may seem obvious, but it's not.  I think this is because people have no idea what kind of business can generate a lot of cash (minimum of $20,000 per month) just starting off.

But I have a business for you.  CLICK HERE to find out what I'm talking about.

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If you have any questions, call my office at (661) 295-5050 ext. 2.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Tuesday, May 04 2021

Yesterday morning I took my daughter Brie to breakfast at a local restaurant that we often frequent.  I really enjoy these breakfasts with her.  It gives us extra time to bond and it's truly priceless.

As we walked up to the restaurant, I could see a destitute man sitting alone on a bench talking to himself.  My heart went out to him as I thought about where his family could be and why life was seemed so unforgiving to him.

I asked the man politely if I could offer him some money to help him out.  I mentioned that I didn't want to be disrespectful but I wanted to offer him something.  He said it would help get the dogs some food and he graciously accepted what I would offer.

I reached into my purse grabbed two folded $20 bills then handed the folded money to my daughter so she could benefit from the joy of helping someone out.  He thanked me and we went into the restaurant.

While we were sitting at the table, Brie started asking me questions about him.  She wondered why he was talking to himself and why he didn't have a home.  I said I didn't really know anything about the guy but something must've went wrong at some point in his life.

I remember the first time I had introduced her to the word "homeless" and had to explain what it truly meant.  I remember how sad it made her.  Her sadness touched my heart because she didn't understand why someone wouldn't have a home in a world (that she knows) as being abundant.  It didn't quite register.

Both Brie and anyone homeless are correct in the reality of their life.

Brie is correct in that life is abundant and has the ability to give everyone anything they want if they go for it.

Those who are homeless are correct in that life is lacking because somehow along the way they chose that lifestyle or chose to believe that poverty is a reality.

During breakfast, I pondered how someone like that could possible get out of that situation.  What could you do if you're not given a break by anyone?  How could you possibly shift out of that and into something better?

I thought of the possibilities.

Maybe collect cans for cash.  Maybe get a post office box as an address.  Maybe scrounge around Good Will to find some things you can sell on online.  Maybe buy a cheap camera and use the computer with an Internet connection at a library to start a small eBay business or Poshmark.

At least that's what I would do.

Unfortunately, it's not just the mechanics of pulling out of their circumstance that's holding back those who are homeless.  It's the heavy black cloud that looms over them day in and day out, blocking out any possibly hope they could ever have about their future.

As we left the restaurant, the man (who apparently didn't realize I gave him $20 before) was ridiculously grateful and said "thank you" over and over again.  

I looked at the man.  He looked like Burt Reynolds (if you remember who he was) back in his Smokey and the Bandit days.  If he was cleaned up and dressed up, he could easily walk a red carpet anytime anywhere.

What the hell happened to this guy?

The worst part is...

This can happen to any of us.

Once upon a time this guy was probably considered "normal" by society's standards and he hit a rough patch.  And now he walks around town, scrounging around for money and food, sleeping...who knows where at night.

Again, none of us are immune to this possibility.

When you travel through LA (as I frequently do) and see a matted-haired homeless person pushing a shopping cart and wearing every bit of clothing they own on their back in 90+ degree weather...talking to themselves; what do you think?

Do you ignore them as a crazy person?

Or do you think..."What the f#@* went wrong?"

Do you think they came out of their mother's womb as a total whack job that talked to themselves and aspired to live on the streets of LA, talking to themselves while pushing borrowed shopping carts down the street?

No, my friend.  Something snapped at some point in their adulthood.  They couldn't handle the pressures of everyday living and their brain shut down in parts.  Talking to themselves is a means of coping.  And many times they become their own only friend in this entire world.  Sad, isn't it?

I am sometimes condemned by family members for giving money to strangers.  Other people who think they "understand" why I do it think I do it as a form of tithing.

Both sets of people are wrong.

I do it because life has beat the sh** out of me many times and I understand the very real possibility that any one of us (including myself) can end up like those people. 

I do it because I would want someone to help me, even a little bit, if I were in that situation. 

I do it for "brownie points" because I hope the Universe will give me a "pass" and not shove me into a situation like that against my will.

And the main reason I do it because the only people who feel truly grateful for what I can give to them -- even if it's a few dollars -- are those who have been humbled by the severity of the worst that life can dish out.

The only time I ever feel a sincere blessing from anyone is when I can give to someone who is in need the most.  And I need to feel their genuine blessing as much (if not more) than they need a few dollars.


Because when you're someone with money, everyone who contacts you (including and especially "friends" and family) wants money.  And when they get it from you, they want more.  And when they get more and you finally tell them to f#@* off after several years of the financial abuse, they immediately come to hate you and everything you are.

And it makes you feel sad because you are who you are after a time.

And that's where I'm at right now. does someone who is seemingly living a normal life spin out of control and end up homeless?

The truth is this...

The mind/brain goes first.  And when I say "go" I don't mean that they snapped or went crazy or anything like that.  I mean that there was a slight shift in the thought process.  Somewhere along the way they lost focus and maybe one or more things occurred in a short time frame that flushed their confidence down the drain where before they believed they could take care of themselves.  This could have been a divorce, loss of a job, bankruptcy, or something that shook their frame to the core...something they ultimately could not recover from.

It happens a lot.  Someone loses a good job.  Then they lose their house.  They find themselves living in Mom's basement.  There are no job prospects.  They take to drinking.  Mom kicks them out.

Or there's a divorce.  Or someone close dies.

Or some other such scenario.

Bottom line: something throws them off kilter and they lose confidence in themselves.  And they lose control...ending up on the streets in the end.

What am I getting to here?

It's simple.

Just as easily as you could be thrown off kilter, you can choose to shift into a different direction to get what you want in life.


It's so ridiculously simple that you'll probably discard it as being insignificant but here it is anyway.

1)  Decide: you have to first decide that you're ready to go into a different direction in your life.  To "decide" actually means "to cut off" other alternatives.  It essentially means get off the fence and go in one direction with confidence while letting go of another possibility or reality.  You also have to decide what that different direction will be (obviously).

2)  Know-how/mechanics:  once you decide which direction you want to go into, you need to get the proper know-how or mechanics (in order) that have to happen in order to achieve what you're doing.  This includes education which needs to ultimately turn into a step-by-step action plan that you can follow in a specified order.

3)  Action:  do it.  Period.  Sitting on your ass thinking about it, talking about it, and dreaming about it will get you absolutely nowhere quick!  My "smarties" or those of you who have high IQs, advanced degrees, or just think too much at 2am instead of sleeping end up thinking yourselves right out of success because you have trained your brains to weigh the "cons" against the "pros."  And no action ever happens.  So, do me a favor and "dumb yourself down" so you can take action and stop thinking about all the "what ifs" that will probably never happen.

I have to admit that for the past couple of years I started losing focus.  I think this happened because I got bored with my life.

No matter what I tried to do to snap my focus back, it continued to wane.

This is when I discovered that it was also time for a life change.  Maybe you're feeling the same way too.

Last year I was able to get my "groove" back with a new business I started from scratch.

I first started my new company to demonstrate how easy it was to set up a new "little" business from scratch to become my own "case study" for my students.

Then this little "project" turned into a highly profitable business venture.

I started to notice something weird happening...

Some of my students knew about my new business and started to hit me up about how they could do it to.

And this is never a good sign when my students want me to talk about a completely unrelated business at a real estate investing seminar.  Or maybe it is a good sign because I decided to share this business plan solely on this Aggressive Income on Steroids and Speed method that I sort of stumbled in as a side project.

Little did I know that this side project would not only be incredibly profitable but it also saved me from careening off balance (where bad things could have happened to my financial and business future).

If you're ready for something new and you want something exciting to direct your focus on (which is the start of building confidence which gives you success) then I'd like you to check this out.  CLICK HERE NOW!

And Friday is the last day to get the complimentary ticket to come to my Success & Wealth Retreat in Honolulu, Hawaii on March 4th through (and including) March 9th (2022).

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See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Monday, May 03 2021

I keep telling people over and over again that there is a CLIFF we're all about to fall off of.

It's an economic cliff.

And if you don't believe me, just rewind back in time to...I don't know.  How about early 2008-ish?

If you recall, most everybody (especially your Sally Housewife and Larry Lunchpail) were all thinking, "Man, do we have a great economy!  And this is likely to last forever!  Yes, let's pay 30% higher on our new house because...well, everybody else is doing it so, why not?!"

Then the fall of 2008 came.

And unless you were in a coma during that time, I think we all remember what happened after that.

Fast forward to today.

It seems that a lot of people are thinking along those same "early 2008" theories about how "everything" is going to be great "forever" as the economy keeps heading in the upward trajectory.

Until it crashes.

Then there will be a bunch of I-told-you-so folks who previously didn't believe anything but the "Roaring 20s" pipedream until the gravy train crash.

Which side of the coin are you on?  Are you the cynic who lives in the reality that things just cannot go up forever without a healthy recession?  Or are you part of the pipedream crowd who thinks we're going to actually skip a recession (for the first time in history) and keep going up and up and up...for many years more?

Our last recession was after the crash of 2008.  And if you're fairly decent at math, you'd know that we're coming up on 13 years since the start of the last recession, which was kicked off in the fall of 2008.  By Halloween 2021, we'll be at exactly 13 years.

And that is a freaking LONG TIME between recessions!  Despite what some may think, that is not good at all!

The economy is supposed to function much like a rubber band: it expands and contracts with relative predictability and consistency.

But what happens with a rubber band that keeps stttrrrreeeeettttttccchhhiiiiinnnnngggggg...?

It snaps.  And probably hits you in the eyeball, taking your eye out for good!

But what if I told you that there is a way to not only survive this upcoming economic crash...but you can thrive like maybe you've never done before??

CLICK HERE to find out what I'm talking about!

Time is running out!  And fast!

CLICK HERE to hop on this powerful and profitable bandwagon...before it's too late!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Saturday, May 01 2021

How's it going?

I was having this discussion the other day with the lady that does my eyebrows.  And somehow the conversation came up about freeloaders.  I think it was because she mentioned that her sister refuses to work or do anything with her life yet she always wonders why she's broke.

I immediately asked her if she was older than her sister and even went so far as to assume that she was the eldest child.  I was right, of course, because it was an uncanny carbon copy of my exact situation with my brother who is younger than I am.  I've always had a "knack" of making money and taking care of myself yet my brother is the eternal excuse-maker, bitcher, and professional moaner with a piss-poor and sickening "poor me" attitude that can make anyone lose all faith in humanity within precisely 37 seconds of listening to it.

There's always that "nature vs. nurture" argument where you can take, in some cases, fraternal twins who grew up in the exact same household yet one turns into a mass murderer and the other grows a multi-billion dollar per annual business.  And there is no explanation for it.

Is it your environment?  Or is it genetics?

I have a deeper explanation for it which goes into something deeper that I don't think I want to get into right now.  The short version of my theory is that we all have unique personalities which some may call our "soul" which differs drastically, even if we have an identical twin with the exact same genetic make-up who we grew up with in the exact same household/environment with.

So, what does this have to do with anything?

Easy.  It's very simple to become successful.  You simply get off your ass and set out with an exact, precise treasure map to get there.

And you have to want it.  Badly.  It's what Napoleon Hill refers to as having a "burning desire."  You gotta have that if you're going to be successful.  No exceptions!

Nobody can teach you to "desire" success.  The good news for you is that, chances are, because you're one of my faithful students reading this email, you've already got that burning desire and ability to "hustle" until you become successful.  So, unlike my lazy excuse-making broker or Angie's pitiful freeloading sister who can't, under the best of odds, be convinced to get off their ass and do're way beyond that if you're reading this.

Back to the treasure map...

When my daughter was much younger, I found myself unfortunately stuck watching the cartoon Dora the Explorer quite often.  If you're not familiar with the kiddie show then good for you!  If you are...I'm sorry.

Every episode of Dora the Explorer has to do with her going on some type of adventure involving a map.  The map is devised of three things.  Each "thing" is a landmark of some kind that she has to visit in a precise order in order to make it to the end of her superficial maze to accomplish whatever shallow goal the hapless writers of the TV show had devised for her.

So, after Dora's backpack spits out her map with her directions on what she's supposed to do, she sets off to follow the map, working to avoid danger along the way.  Danger is this fox called Swiper who tries ripping her off or doing demonic things like taking her tools to get through her adventure and whipping them off into the forest, or some other such nonsense just to screw her over.

When I watched the show with my daughter, I started putting some things together about the characteristics of the average human being.

First of all, most paths to success are pretty simple.  Not exactly only 3 items to get there but pretty damn close.  Yes, there are always thousands of details in any endeavor but, really, aren't there only a few "large" things that are in a set of directions?

For example, if I were to tell you how to get involved in apartment building investing, I could literally give you three basic steps to pull it off:

1)  Do a financial assessment on yourself; determine your down payment and funding options.

2)  Find a cash flowing property using my CFE (Cash Flow Evaluator)

3)  Put in an offer on the property and see what happens.

Of course, there are more steps.  There's the acceptance of the offer (or rejection, in which case you go out and repeat steps 2 and 3) and then going into "contracts" then escrow then closing on the property.  Then once you close, you set up your management then cash flow away!

Still, if you add up all the steps, you're at around seven.  But that's not too overwhelming, is it?

Everything is like this.  Absolutely everything!

There are steps to become successful in the Money Funnel Business.  Here are three steps for you:

1) Choose a "wheelhouse" to specialize in (there are only a handful that make a lot of money)
2) Set up a functional money funnel for people to buy your products including having OTOs (one-time offers that are upsells)
3) Drive traffic to your website to start making money!

Yes, it's really THAT SIMPLE!

So why are so many people not doing these simple steps to find success in whatever type of business they have an interest in?

I think it's because they believe there's much more too it.  They believe that success is difficult and way out of their reach.

I can tell you, from massive amounts of experience in both business and in investing that success is very easy to attain but there's a catch.  You have to get off your ass and follow some simple type of Dora map and move along the map to go get it.

Plus, the map has to be followed in an exact order.  You can't change the order of things otherwise you'll find yourself unsuccessful.

I have something pretty powerful that is in an EXACT set of THREE STEPS.

CLICK HERE to watch a video and I'll tell you what those THREE STEPS are and how they can completely transform your finances forever!


See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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