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Monday, April 24 2017

Not a good start to the week at all.

Early this morning Capital One notifies me that there is fraudulent activity on my personal credit card.  And...was I trying to charge my card $70-something early this morning?

Uh...let's see: I doubt it since I just woke up.

This will be the second credit card compromise that I've been through with Capital One in the past 3 months.  And the compromise before that was on my Disney Visa which is a card that I ONLY use when at Disney Parks, at a Disney Store (and those days are long gone), or on a Disney Cruise.  So...Disney got hacked recently, too.  (I'll bet that's something you'll never hear about in the news.)

It seems that the break-neck progress of the technical age is, in some ways, probably going to be responsible for our downfall of our entire society as we know it.

It's as easy as you walking through a mall and somebody has one of those reader things to pick up your credit card THROUGH your wallet...and now they have your credit card number.  That's how easy it is.  Or buying something online and somebody's e-store gets hacked.  These crooks...if they only knew how easy it was to make money LEGITIMATELY then maybe they'd hang up the crooked stuff and do something else instead!

Like what for instance?

Like my new 100K Treasure Map!

If you haven't checked it out yet, CLICK HERE.  This will blow your mind.  Especially at the price of only $19.95 plus shipping/handling.  PLUS, I'm donating all the proceeds of the 100K in 100 Days book to in the form of loans to small hand-to-mouth business owners all over the world.

What YOU will be getting that future book purchasers won't be getting is just under $300 in bonuses INCLUDING my 100K Treasure Map AND a brand new audio seminar on exactly how all this works.  Yes, this is Aggressive Income.  But no, the Treasure Map that comes with the book is something I've NEVER taught my students before.

CLICK HERE to get the book now before the deadline.  Once we get to the deadline, all the bonuses go away.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Wednesday, April 19 2017
100K in 100 Days!
My Newest Book: Just Released...
100K in 100 Days
I decided to write and release my newest book post-Easter and post-Tax Day because I want to do something special with the proceeds of this book: I'm putting all the money I get into which is a website that helps fund small businesses worldwide.
Yes, it's a website that loans the money to these small businesses in mostly third-world countries where credit and loans is nearly impossible to get otherwise.  But what I do is that once the loans are repaid, I ALWAYS put the money back into someone else's business so I keep the money within the system without ever taking it out.  It grows and grows with small amounts of interest which I keep using to fund other people's businesses when I get the money back through repayments.
How awesome would it be knowing that YOU are helping business owners WORLDWIDE to fund their small businesses, helping to CHANGE THE WORLD one business and one person at a time??
This is my contribution to Earth Day which is coming up on Saturday. Yes, yes...I know: Earth Day is supposed to be about helping the Earth but...this is kind of the same to me.  We're helping PEOPLE ALL AROUND THE EARTH grow their small businesses, many from scratch without any other possibilities in getting their businesses going otherwise.  And I think it's perfectly fitting since we're all entrepreneurs ourselves.  Right?
We in America are spoiled.  We have access to money (via credit) and tons of opportunity and possibility for us, even though many of us fail to see what we have here.  But many people all around the world don't have access to cash or a lot of opportunity yet they're always hustling.  And I have a soft spot in my heart for the hustler.  (To be a hustler is a GOOD thing, not a bad thing at all.  More Americans really need to hustle to become financially successful as they dream to be.)
The Offer You Can't Refuse...
For this cause for Earth Day, I'm selling my book for a super low price. AND I'm giving you BONUSES GALORE with all the books that I ship out including my Treasure Map, a brand new audio seminar on making 100K in 100 days, and a flash drive worth $197 with the most valuable mind-blowing stuff on'll just have to see it to realize just how powerful it is.  So, essentially you're getting just under $300 of stuff for only $19.95 plus shipping/handing.
Such a deal that you'd be a complete fool not to participate in doing this!
PLUS, as I already mentioned, I'm donating ALL of the proceeds to small business owners (mostly women) all around the world through  I'm not benefiting from the sale of this book at all.  But you will be (by getting all the bonuses) and small business entrepreneurs all over the world will be as well...all because of YOU!

There is a deadline on getting these bonuses.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
Monica Main
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Tuesday, April 11 2017
Two BIG Reasons Why the Economy is Starting to Fall Apart!
I'm finally back from Spring Break.  If I'm going to be honest, I really am not ready to jump back into the grind even though I'm back-logged on work, projects, and writing assignments.  (I needed another week AT LEAST on vacation.)   I'm thinking about being with the dolphins last week (see my pic above) and what a wonderful time I had out in Hawaii.  I think next year I'll go for at least 2 weeks.

When I was in Hawaii, I noticed something critical that I wanted you to know to correlate with what I've been saying since last fall: about how we're slipping into a recession a little bit each day.

The first thing I noticed when I was in Hawaii was how "light" it was for Spring Break.  Usually it's so packed with people that you can't find a chair for the beach or near the pool, even getting there at the crack of dawn to save a coveted spot.  Not this year.  We sauntered down by the beach or the pool at 9 or 10 in the morning to find PLENTY of spots to be had.

The other thing I noticed is that it seemed to be Japanese heavy this year.  There are ALWAYS a ton of Japanese tourists in Hawaii since it's so cheap for them to go there.  (It's like Americans going to Mexico.  Super cheap  for them.)  But because it seemed light on American tourism in Hawaii where I was, there seemed to be a significantly higher Japanese tourist population.  I'm imaging that it's probably the same as any other year except that since there were so many Americans MISSING from the tourist equation this year, it seemed that there were more Japanese than usual.

I always tell my students that there are your "first-to-go" indicators to look for and at when seeing the economy begin to unravel at the seams.  The first to go is tourism along with entertainment.  Casinos start taking a hit.  Places like Vegas start feeling the pain too (and especially).  On this last trip, I am seeing how "light" the Spring Break traffic was.
The next thing to go is car sales.  And that's starting to go as we speak.  I was reading an article from Bloomberg as I was sitting at the airport waiting for my flight.  It was about how banks are tightening the reigns on car loans and leases.  It seems that your subprime borrower is slipping in arrears on payments by the droves.  So, only the most qualified will be getting car leases and loans in the months to come, putting a kibosh on free-reign lending practices in the auto industry.  This will DRASTICALLY slow sales and leases on new and used vehicles for your mid-range vehicles (especially Ford and GM products) effective immediately.  (This will NOT affect high-end luxury vehicle sales and leases though.)
It's happening, folks!  The economy is starting to fall apart.  And this time it'll probably take the small remaining balance of the middle class along with it.
A lot of people asked why I stopped investing in Detroit last year. Detroit has STILL been losing population (even when the economy was relatively stabilized over the past handful of years) consistently with each passing year.  The "rebirth" of Detroit was so fragile (and always one foot away from death while the other foot was on cracking ice) from the very beginning (and throughout the "rebuilding" process) that I always strong gust of economic instability would put the city back on death's door. And that's coming back up as we recess into our current recession. (If you're not quite seeing the recession yet, WAKE THE F*** UP!  It's HERE.  You DO NOT and SHOULD NOT wait until you're neck-deep in it in order for you to actually start seeing it!)
You have only a SHORT TIME LEFT to make some heavy life-long decisions relating to your financial stability.  As I mentioned (rather fleetingly), the middle class is diminishing to nothing.  There are already several levels of upper class ranging from the "mass wealthy" to the top 1% of your billionaires.
And then there is the "lower" class which, the way I see it right now, encompasses AT LEAST 80% of the population.  (It may be slightly more but I'm being conservative with my figures here.)  Part of that figure is the barely-hanging-on remaining bit of middle class which, I am guessing, has to be around 15% to 20% of the population.  Maybe.
Why am I telling you all this?
Because this next recession will pretty much ELIMINATE the rest of the middle class as we see it.  And for those who are part of the middle class right now, you'll be pushed down into the lower-class category without you even realizing or knowing that it's happening. (The upper classes will know that the middle class is now LOWER class...but will the middle class know they're in the lower class? Probably not since many live in an alternative delusional reality of how things are in the economy as is let alone knowing WHERE they are in the mix of things.)
Many of you know I'm doing a ONE-TIME-ONLY training on becoming a Direct Mail Marketing Millionaire WITH some online elements added to it.  (So, it's NOT exclusively just direct mail stuff.  You kind of have to do "everything" now with marketing to do well in business.)  
One of the BIGGEST THINGS I'll be laboring on in this training is how you will start targeting these upper-echelon demographics with your products that you'll be selling.  (This is, quite possibly, the MOST IMPORTANT part in all this!)  You will be pretty much ignoring the bottom 80% to 85% of the population who already don't have the money for most anything except for the basics so they definitely don't and won't have the "expendable" income needed to buy your stuff. Yes, your business will become RECESSION-PROOF if you do everything I tell you to do in this upcoming training.
I remember having a conversation in January with this French chef who caters ONLY to the high-class celebrities and other super wealthy people who live in Beverly Hills and Malibu.  I told him that we are coming up on a recession and he told me, without missing a single beat, "It won't affect me at all."
And I thought about it then smiled and told him, "You're absolutely right.  It won't affect you one bit."
This, and with much coaxing from the Mastermind Group that I'm a part of, has started this domino effect of my aggressively changing my current business model while developing a completely new strategy for my new business.  This all MUST change long before we hit "rock bottom" with this new recession because by the time we come up from this one, you'll see that our economic landscape will be MUCH DIFFERENT than what it is now.
Don't be an idiot and wait until you're FORCED to change before you come up with a strategy for this NEW New Economy!  Change LONG BEFORE you are forced into it...or forced into bankruptcy, whichever comes first.
I can make one prediction for you IF you choose NOT to make some drastic financial and business changes for yourself starting RIGHT NOW:  You WILL become part of the lower 80% to 85% "low" class.
But...there IS a way around all this.  There IS a very consistent way to make a ton of money starting now and pushing through this recession.  CLICK HERE!
At some point you MUST stop making excuses.  Stop thinking that life is stacked against you.  Stop thinking that things are not possible for you.  Changing your life financially is not only possible, it's HIGHLY PROBABLE if you follow through and do all the stuff I'm going to be showing you in this incredibly Aggressive Income Business model.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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Monday, April 10 2017

What most people don't know about me is that I've started several different multi-million-dollar direct marketing businesses from scratch and ballooned them into multi-million-dollar profit machines in FAR LESS than a year EACH AND EVERY TIME.  This is because I've gotten them down to a hard science on how to plan, implement, and EXPLODE these businesses into the stratosphere with almost nothing (for money) to start these and quickly ramp them up to making millions of LESS than a year.

This may seem far-fetched to you.  Hell, it was far-fetched to me when I first started out too.  Then I did it once.  Then again.  Then again.  THEN AGAIN!

Now, some things HAVE changed since I started my first multi-million-dollar business back in the mid-90s.  But having been IN the business for more than 2 decades, I've successfully been able to morph and become flexible with the ever-changing direct marketing environment.

And this will become VERY helpful to you IF this is something you want to do.

Now, as a disclaimer, this is NOT for the lazy fools out there who want to send out chain letters for money nothing while somebody deposits money into their bank accounts.  Anything worthwhile in life WILL require some kind of elbow grease.  The good news is that I'll show you how to put this entire business on AUTO PILOT so you'll be doing minimal work while watching your bank account expand like you've never seen before.

If you haven't checked this out yet, I highly recommend you CLICK HERE and at least listen to my very powerful 10-minute audio seminar explaining all of this and how it works.

This is the FIRST and probably the ONLY time I'll be doing a training like this.  And, as promised, I told all of my students that 2017 would be the year I teach you all of my most coveted and highly guarded secrets on the Aggressive Income front.  I started off with the Affiliate Bonanza Mentorship (then offered the modules thereafter).  I'm now leveling it up for those who aren't afraid of a challenge who REALLY want to see themselves get up into the multi-million-dollar profit mark by the end of this year.  While the Affiliate Modules are worth anywhere from $2,000 to $20,000 (average) per month in profits for those who choose to work the business as I show you how to set it up, this much more AGGRESSIVE Direct Marketing Training can be worth $20,000 to $200,000 PER MONTH in profits to you IF you learn it all from front to back INCLUDING the "New Age" way of doing things (which requires implementing some online strategies along with it).

Parts of my offered trainings are already full or getting full.  (I have a mentorship group and I also have a 3-day in-office training coming up next month.)  If you want in, you MUST get in now otherwise it'll be too late.

CLICK HERE NOW to find out if this is for you.

And if you have any questions, call my office after 9am Pacific Time at 661-295-5050.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Saturday, April 08 2017

If You're Swimming UPSTREAM, You're Fighting the Current!

A little while ago I started telling you about this powerful book I started reading.  And I just finished it while on my vacation.  What an amazing book!  It's by Esther Hicks called The Astonishing Power of Emotions: Let Your Feelings Be Your Guide.
As time goes on, I'm taking more notice to how I feel about things, ideas, what people say to me, different concepts, or how I'm "vibrating" as a whole.  When I'm feeling great, I'm vibrating at a high level and therefore can draw in some amazing other high-level vibrating things, people, and happenings into my life.  When I'm vibrating low...well, you can probably guess what I attract into my life.  (Not good stuff, I'll tell you that!)
I've been going a step further and "tapping in" to how I am vibrating when considering a business idea, piece of investment property, or when lining up doing business with someone.  I take note on how I'm feeling inside. Excited?  Uncertain?  Happy?  Sad?  These feelings are usually determining on EXACTLY what you can expect overall with this deal, person,  business idea/plan. etc.  I suggest you tap into how you're feeling about something and see where your energy is flowing.  High or low? Happy or sad?  You get the picture.  (Or the "feeling," rather.)
What's interesting that I learned through the book I started telling you about is that most of us waste our entire lives doing what Esther Hicks calls going "upstream" which is NOT what you want to do.  This is when something feels "forced" or like "work" or when it makes you miserable, sad, upset, or feeling like you're going against the grain.
However, on the flip side, when you are feeling elated like everything is falling into place and you are vibrating at a high "pitch," this means you are going "downstream" which is basically taking the EASY route to your dreams and desires.  In other words, when you let go and stop forcing, overworking, stressing, or trying to pound a plan (relationship or whatever) together, not only does it almost NEVER work out but you lower your vibrational levels and you end up miserable, out of sorts, and not getting what you want anyway.
Everything you want is DOWNSTREAM.  Everything you DON'T want (or shouldn't have...because it's not good for you) is upstream.  Taking the easy route to all of your desires is taking the downstream route.  Struggling and pounding puzzle pieces together while being unhappy...upstream.
And this goes for EVERYTHING in life including your business, investing, relationships, raising your children, healing your body, and even losing weight.  EVERYTHING!
I've provided a picture of what the cover looks like in case you want to pick up a copy of it, maybe on Amazon or at your local bookstore.

I think of it like trying to swim up Niagara Falls vs. taking a barrel down the falls and just floating down the river.  It's actually impossible to swim up the falls.  Not only is it frustrating but it makes many of us feel like failures by trying to constantly keep swimming upstream when, in many cases, it's completely futile.

What areas of life are YOU trying to constantly swim upstream in?

In my personal relationships in life, I pretty much walked away (except only retaining that relationship with my daughter, of course).  Strangely, because I walked away, everything is so freaking EASY now.  All the parts that I tried pounding into place for many years are, all of a sudden, gracefully falling into place WITHOUT me doing ANYTHING.

I had an issue with trying to figure out a final piece to my newest business. I threw my hands up, said I'd figure it out somehow after my vacation, and let it go (going downstream with it).  Then suddenly the piece just dropped into place without ANY effort on my part.  Mind you, this is a piece I had been struggling with going UPSTREAM for more than a year now.

So, how do you know if you're upstream or downstream?  If it feels like a struggle or like miserable work or that something is "off" then it's upstream. If you feel excited, happy, ecstatic and "in flow" vibrationally with it then it's downstream.

Everything you want is downstream.

You want to have MAXIMUM leverage with minimal effort and time.

I also have something else I want you to check out for a business strategy that can also help SOME of you feel that sense of going "downstream" with maximum profits through minimum efforts.  CLICK HERE for more information about it!

Of course, this is NOT for everyone.  But it just may be what YOU have been looking for!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Thursday, April 06 2017
You Gotta Be Ballsy to Get What You Want in Life!
Greetings from Honolulu, Hawaii
Happy Spring Break! catch you up on what's going on, I'm in Honolulu right now.  Just spent $90K on a time share.  And then wondered what possessed me to want to buy a Louis Vuitton bag that exceeded $2,000.  Sometimes you have to just break down and ask yourself...WTF is going on in my life??
As you can tell, though, we're having a blast here.  I tend to come to Hawaii once a least try to.  As my daughter gets older, I make it a point to travel more even though I really don't like it.  I hate down time.  I hate taking time off.  I hate NOT working.  But...sometimes you just have to give yourself a breather.  Even if it's for a short time.
And this DOES pay off for "work" much of time time.  Here's how:
For instance:  I just discovered a "missing piece" that I needed to complete a portion of my skincare empire.  And I did it by spending more than $1,000 on skincare products that I know I'll never use, told the store clerk I'd end up throwing all of it away, and even told her that I'd be ripping off parts of her product line which is why I was buying the products (and for no other reason).
I realized this one thing while being here this time around: sometimes when "letting go" and NOT thinking (or doing) work all the time, sometimes pieces of the puzzle just fall together.  Mostly when you're NOT trying to pound the pieces together or force it all to work out.
And other times you get what you want when you grow some balls and just go get it.  Just get out there and GET what you want!
Check out the picture!  
This is my friend Martha who I brought with us to Hawaii.  We were having pizza on the beach and this duck came from nowhere, basically sat in her lap, and demanded that we all feed him (or her) pizza.  And we did.  What else do you do with a 7-pound duck sitting in your lap, quacking away, and basically demanding food?  You give him the freaking food or risk losing your fingers and limbs if you don't!
Of course, at this moment, I was about 6 drinks in and would have probably given the duck anything, even the keys to my $112,000 BMW but...he probably wouldn't have wanted that.  After all, it's not that digestible.
This month I've had some incredible clarity on A LOT of things in my life that were formerly "fuzzy" at best.  I feel like I'm finally pulling out of a long-time fog.  I know many of you are feeling that way too so maybe it was a universal thing that a lot of us felt on a mass level.
What I also feel is that many of us will be able to take advantage of some quite profitable times ahead IF we know how to position ourselves.  Many of you know that I am now part of this high-level Mastermind Group and one of the things we talked at great length about was this ONE MISSING KEY COMPONENT that I was almost refusing to implement for the last several years.  Now this component is pretty much REQUIRED to implement for those of us who want to not just survive but THRIVE in business (and investing) in the years ahead.
(My Viper Wealth Newsletter students will know EXACTLY what one of these major key secrets are when they read the April 2017 issue of their newsletter, due in their mail boxes any second now.  If you're not a Viper Wealth Member, I STRONGLY suggest you become a part of is ASAP by CLICKING HERE!)
So, what is this "secret" to massive wealth and prosperity, especially as we start to downward spiral into another recession as the months drone on?
This is one of the KEY THINGS I will be talking about in this next phase of my Aggressive Income Business Strategies.  CLICK HERE or on the button below now to get an idea of just how incredibly profitable this can be for you!
In the meantime, if you haven't had any fun this year yet for Spring Break, maybe take the weekend off.  You just may have your next multi-BILLION-dollar idea simply by letting it all go.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Tuesday, April 04 2017
Where I'm At and What I'm Drinking Right Now!
They Say It's Past Noon Somewhere...Or Whatever They Say!
As I sit here sipping on my Blue Hawaiian drink in Honolulu, I'm thinking back on my rather tumultuous 2017 so far, knowing damn well that I deserve this drink and MANY MANY MORE.
Yes, it's been a rough year...mostly on the emotional front.  But all that pain is gone now, folks.  Long gone, in fact.  And all I have to look forward to is NOW and the future.
And that's what you have, too.  Now and the future.  That's it.  Nothing else.  So how you navigate your own ship will determine your journey and destination.  After all, we can go where ever our little hearts desire.
I'm reading this book now.  I'll tell you more about it later on after I'm done with it.  It makes so much sense to me.  So many times we let our logic minds talk ourselves out of the things we really want to do in life because we have to be "responsible" and "stay on course with what our parents wanted" or some other reason to keep doing the things we know are going against our "internal grain."
I had such a situation recently when I attended a high-level Mastermind Group.  I actually had to include my own DISCLAIMER before I started speaking before the group:  "I know you're going to want me to keep doing that real estate training stuff but I don't want to do that anymore, no matter what you tell me otherwise."  Or something to that effect.
I had an investor partner contact me recently.  He wanted to do some type of somewhat complicated deal and wanted my help in executing it.  I didn't return his phone call.  I'm just not interested.
The "guru" who was conducting the Mastermind Group told me... "Well if you'd only focus on higher echelon clients such as dentists like our other group member here."  I won't mention who that other person is.  Besides, he sucks anyway.
I had to remind him again...NOT INTERESTED.
Then I started questioning myself.  Am I REALLY making the right decision here?  After all, I'm so freaking good at what I do.  I mean...REALLY good at it.  So, is it RIGHT to let it go knowing how good at it I am and how profitable it is for me?
Here's a good indicator for you (and me as well).  If you think about it and it makes you either marginally ill to full-on puking in the bushes because you can no longer stomach it (now matter what "it" is: your career, your job, your relationship, whatever), it's time to let it go and leave it behind for SOMETHING ELSE.  Let it go for something better...even if you don't yet know what that "something better" is. 
I think I mentioned to many of you post-seminar that I felt a little "lost," as if I was a CEO at a company who was just given her pink slip, packed up her bank box full of stuff including a small plant and some picture frames, then headed home to walk around my house aimlessly.
And what do you know?  It was the first time I looked out my back balcony window and noticed my swimming pool.  I mean really NOTICED it.  And I asked myself... "When was the last time I actually went swimming?"
I DIDN'T know, it had been so long.  Sad, really.  I have an awesome life to enjoy but a mind and lifestyle that's not letting me enjoy it.
Time to stop being so busy.  Time to stop doing the things I DO NOT want to do anymore.
And maybe you're in the same boat too.
One of the biggest things I'm focusing on now is my skincare stuff, namely using a specific type of marketing to rake in millions of dollars in profits. CLICK HERE if you want to get a gander of how this works and how you can use this priceless tested-and-proven strategy too.
In the meantime, it's time for me to order another round.  We'll catch up again soon.
Be well, my friend.
See you at the top...or at the beach.  Or somewhere.
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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Sunday, April 02 2017

I get a little tired of some of my students only reading HALF the story, doing HALF the work while waiting TWICE the time to actually kick their businesses into gear...usually getting started at the WRONG times using OUTDATED information and strategies.

If you want to continue to be a student of mine, you MUST commit to whatever it is you want to do.  And you must commit 110%...not a half-assed, half-baked "commitment" on your part otherwise you won't be successful in doing anything at all.

I had a student of mine email me a few days ago about how he's "confused" because one minute he claims I state that the Internet makes fortunes and the next minute it's "dying."  To be clear, it depends on WHAT course materials he's reading from.  Things dated 2015 and back are going to read very differently than what the strategies are TODAY, especially online.  So, without being clear as to what "course materials" he's referring to, it's kind of hard to throw a dart and guess on my part.

But what he's failing to understand is that, yes, Internet marketing IS dying when taking into account that in 2010 you were able to advertise most anything on Google AdWords and NOW YOU CAN'T.  And taking into account that in recent years you could, again, advertise most anything on Yahoo! and now they're pulling advertisers off left and right.  And then there's Facebook...the "last man standing," if you will which, in and of itself, is EXTREMELY PROFITABLE.  I have students making well over $50,000 a month IN PROFITS using JUST FACEBOOK.  So, if "dying" means that you're "only" clearing $50,000 in profits per month, you really need to re-evaluate what kind of dough you need coming in per month if that's not quite enough for you.  (And if you're barely "squeezing by" with $50,000 per month in profits, let me suggest that you quit your cocaine habit while laying off going to the strip bars so much.)

With that said, yes.  Internet marketing IS dying but isn't dead.  It just gets harder and harder to make it work which is why I keep telling my students to add what I call "offline" marketing strategies back into their business models.  My favorite, of course, is using direct mail marketing because you can literally control how much or little you make based on how much you want to mail.  And it's so freaking consistent that it beats the pants off of the unreliability that Internet marketing has now become.

For those of you who are getting started in Affiliate Marketing, this is the fastest and easiest vehicle to making from a few thousand to $20,000+ per month in profits with no corporate to set up, no product to create, no marketing to design (except for your simple, basic one-page website), no product liability, no product delivery, no employees, and no customer service issues to deal with.  So, it's essentially the PERFECT business model.  And yes, I just released the Affiliate Bonanza Marketing Modules last week.  If you didn't get them and you want them, CLICK HERE.

But for those of you who DON'T want to rely solely on the Internet and Internet marketing, would like to actually FAR EXCEED that few thousand or more per month in profits and want a serious "evergreen" business (one that doesn't change every 3 months due to competition and algorithm/policy changes with online marketing venues) that stays relatively the same for many years then you need to CLICK HERE NOW and listen to a 10-minute audio segment on how you can notch it up!  I have something really special here that will blow your freaking mind.

The bottom line is this, folks:  NONE of these businesses work themselves.  You have to put some effort and elbow grease into any of these business models that I present to you.  I DO NOT pack a little workhorse elf into the packages that I send out with the courses and modules that you purchase from me.  So, there's nobody but YOU to implement these strategies which means that you must quickly open your package, study the hell out of the stuff that I send you as quickly as possible, then -- most importantly -- start DOING the stuff that you learned because, yes, much of this stuff DOES change every 6 months to a year (not by my design, of course).  And by choosing to do little or nothing with the stuff I send to you, it's nobody else's fault but your own when nothing happens for you.


So, start DOING IT.  Stop DOUBTING.  Stop MAKING EXCUSES.  And start freaking DOING IT already!


See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main


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