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Wednesday, December 21 2022

I have some of the most awesome and supportive students (even though I complain about the "bad apples" sometimes).  When I sent out my last couple of emails, I got a lot of supportive emails from students telling me that they love my teaching style, that they've been implementing the things I've been teaching, and sharing some of their rather mind-blowing success stories with me.  These are the emails I live for.  These are the ones that keep me going.

So, what I wanted to do here is share some of my secrets on how success works and why it seemingly eludes you, especially around this holiday season where I know we're "supposed" to feel blessed, grateful, and in the "holiday spirit" even though many of us feel quite the opposite.

Let me share with you my TOP 3 TESTED-AND-PROVEN SUCCESS SECRETS so that you can realize just how easy it is to get everything you want and need in your life, starting NOW.

Here they are:


Success Secret #1:  Stop Chasing and Start Attracting

Success and wealth absolutely HATE desperation.  Just like you would hate talking to or having to do with anyone who is desperately hanging onto you at, say, a cocktail party.  Wealth and success are both the same way.  The more you try chasing it down, the more it escapes you.  It's like running after a chicken at full speed in a backyard the size of an acre.  Catching that little sucker probably won't happen. And if it does, it was at the great expense of wasting a lot of time while tiring your ass completely out in the process, making you think out loud, "Was this really worth the effort?"

Desperation reminds me of an oil drop in a cup of water.  You'll notice that the drop repels the water around it, pushing it away.  Yes, they "sort of" co-exist in the cup but not really.  The water is under the oil, wishing it wasn't there since the oil itself is a burden upon it.  You can't be that burden to success.  You can't try fitting in somewhere that you don't belong.  You have to BECOME wealth and success in order for it to want to infiltrate your life with its gifts.

So...what do you do?  How do you stop chasing?  

I think the answer is within the question.  STOP CHASING.  It's that simple.  Sit down, take a breather, re-evaluate your life and what's important, and create a money-making strategy that you're passionate about where the strong desire overcomes the desperation for the money.  You then focus on the passion, the project, and the business.  The money will come because you've stopped chasing it.  It's that simple. Remember, you can't do things just for the money because that's chasing it down.  Chasing equals success eventually coming to you because you've stopped chasing and started focusing on the passion of the project.  See how that works?

The basis of this is letting go.  When I start getting stressed out about my businesses or something I really can't control, the secret is saying, "F*** it!" and just letting it go.  When you've done all you can do, sometimes you have to let those invisible hands help you with things you can't do on your own.


Success Secret #2:  Being Grateful for What You Have Now...AND a New "Twist" to Gratitude

I'm always sitting on the fence when it comes to trying to decide whether I want to write a metaphysical book...or not.  One moment I think it would be unique because it'll talk a lot about my experiences with Heaven and how things are over there (or rather here but most people don't see through that thin veil)...or if I should just keep those experiences to myself.  One moment I think it would help people but on the other hand, we're such a screwed up world that I think most people are beyond help.  Then I internalize and keep everything to myself.  I'm not sure if that's beneficial or not but for now it works for me.  As messed up and violent our world has become, sometimes internalizing is the best thing to regroup.

One of the bases of success is being grateful for what you have now.  I really am grateful...for absolutely everything.  I'm grateful for my beautiful daughter and every moment I get to spend with her.  I'm grateful for my dog (Sally) and my 4 cats:  Pineapple, Rudie, Charlotte and Bobo.  I'm grateful for my business, my students, my wonderful and supportive staff, and everything else -- good, "bad," or otherwise!

But it's not good enough to throw around the phrase "I'm grateful..." then adding a bunch of things to the end as if you're reciting what you're going to say at the Thanksgiving table this upcoming November.  You have to believe it, know it, and feel that sense of gratitude in the pit of your stomach for it to count.  When you're grateful for what you have, even if it's only a little, the universe wants to give you more or give you ideas (those "Eureka!" moments) on how to get more.  You have to respect God and the universe for what's been provided to you already (even if it's not that much) and you have to PROVE that you have that respect otherwise nothing more will be provided to you.

It floors me at how many students I communicate with who complain endlessly in an email to me.  Never once do they give kudos to what they have or how they got it nor do they give thanks for the things that will be provided to them in the weeks, months, and years to come.  Yes, that's right.  There's a TWIST to this.  You can (and should) be grateful for what you have now and the experiences you've had that has benefited you to this point.  You can (and should) also express gratitude for what the universe is about to provide to you from resources to ideas to money to...all of it!  Then that throws the expectation ball into the universe's court and it works every time in attracting what you've been grateful for if you do it from a state of conviction, honesty, and integrity.  So, do it.  Each night come up with 5 things that happened that you were grateful for that day.  The next day, list 5 things that you're expecting will happen to/for you that you're already grateful for.  Do this for a solid 7 days and see how magically your life changes.


Success Secret #3:  Freaking Go for It Already!

Tire kickers are at the very bottom of my list of people I'd have a conversation with, usually involuntarily at that.  Lazy people suck and I have no patience or use for people like this.  I can't make someone be motivated.  I can't teach someone common sense or how to be smart.  There are a lot of limitations I have as a teacher and trainer without a working magic wand.  But the basis of all success comes down to one single thing:  ACTION.  And you can't take action without deciding to go for it and just f****** do it already!

I love the notion of deciding on something.  To me, it's quite possibly the single-most powerful action you can take without actually lifting a finger.  And it's the prelude to where the magic happens.  But to decide without doing, that's certain death right there.  You can't say you're going to do something then waffle away into flakey-dom while binge-watching the latest season of The Game of Thrones while taking no action for your new idea.  That is disrespectful to yourself and it's certainly disrespectful to the universe who, presumably gave you the idea to move forward with whatever it is you decided on to begin with.  And when the universe passes out ideas that you get all psyched up about then end up doing nothing with, the ideas stop coming to you and are given to the DOERS in the world who will take action.

Fear is the biggest motivator for people to buy things.  It's also the biggest action inhibitor ever known to man.  Fear can physically paralyze someone into a complete stone-like state.  This is why they call it being a deer in the headlights.  Standing still will get you nowhere.

Let me share a little tiny secret to the universe that can make you all the difference in your life right now.  The universe LOVES movement, even if you start on a path that turns out to be the wrong one, it'll quickly put you on the right path by throwing out new ideas, having different people come along with new resources, or whatever is needed to put you in the right direction.  Here's what the universe hates: non-movement, stagnation.  If you're going to stand still, the universe will help someone else who is in motion and in need of the assistance.  It'll come back to you when you get off your ass and start moving in a specific direction.

This is why I don't worry about making mistakes.  If I'm not sure of the direction I want to take but I have an "inkling" of what I want to do, I start the movement and then I'm further guided into what I really should be doing.  It happens every time.  You just have to TRUST the process and KNOW that this universal system will work for you...because it works every time.

Happy Holidays!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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