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Wednesday, September 24 2014
One of the most interesting presentations I've put together recently was the one in LA. This is the first time I've been able to give my specific 100% LTV no-cash-no-credit strategy...
And no, this has nothing to do with deferred/extended transactional funding or bird-dogging (property scouting).
There are actually 2 ways this works.
One way is through a specialized funder who gives 100% LTVs on certain deals through a bond program which works like an investor partnership.  With the video set, you'll be getting the details on this program and an opportunity to participate in this 100% LTV bonanza!
The other way is exactly how I got started in real estate investing when my credit was trashed from my first divorce and I didn't have any money due to everything being tied up in my business ventures.
For the first time, I actually presented exactly how to do this unique and highly effective strategy including giving my students all of the necessary forms and paperwork to be able to pull this off.
And you'll be getting all of that soon.
In fact, all of these details including all of the forms are included with my now-available complete seminar set from my event a week and a half ago.
Can someone actually get an apartment building with no cash and no credit?
Yes.  And there's a reason why this certain strategy works now better than ever.
But it's not just the strategy.  It works with a specific type of property: multifamily buildings that are less than 50 units.  These, by the way, are your prime target properties and this is where you'll be using this strategy (which is, coincidentally, where it works the best).
Why does it work now...better than it ever has?
Back when I first started out using this strategy in 2001/2002, I didn't know then what I know now.  I didn't know how to create an offer or how to communicate with sellers.  I didn't know jack nothing about what I was doing.
I was even calling the strategy something different which was confusing the hell out of everybody.
Of course, we all know what happened with the banking debacle where we had a near-collapse of our complete banking system in 2008.  Everything has changed when it comes to banking and real estate.
Since then, commercial banks have to adhere to strict banking standards when it comes to lending on commercial investments.  One of those is to protect their asses which includes having a "seasoned occupancy" requirement, not to mention an occupancy rate of 90% (but some will go as low as 85%...but that's it).
Because of this, a lot of apartment building owners can't sell their buildings since investors (buyers like you) can't get conventional funding.

And who the hell wants to get an interest-only hard money loan at a 60% LTV (and putting 40% down) on a building when they can go to the next building that's performing better for a whole hell of a lot better leverage?
The answer?  Everybody.
And that's why there are so many buildings that sellers are desperately needing/wanting to sell and they can't:  because of this seasoning/occupancy level requirement that these conventional banks and lenders cannot bend on.
This is why now, more than ever, this 100% LTV no-cash-no-credit strategy works so freaking well.
For the first time, I've given my students the exact forms to be able to pull these deals off.
But it comes with the seminar video set which is now available at this link:
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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Monday, September 22 2014

I think some of my students were pissed off at me when I included such few details about my $85,000/month eBay student and how exactly he does it.  Yes, I did include some information but not nearly what I included during my September event that just ended the weekend before last.

Why the difference between both events?

For one, I didn't have 100% permission from my student in time for the March event earlier this year.  I only included specific details about how he got to $85,000 in all-cash profits (yes, you read that correctly: profits) per month.

However, for the September event, I not only got all of the precise details including precise information about his specific eBay accounts but he actually gave me pages of bullet-ed "tips" and "secrets" he learned since he really started ramping up his eBay business in 2012.

A little back story...he started "dabbling" in eBay back in 2007/2008 but didn't really do well with it back then, he admitted.  It wasn't until my New Wealth Ninja training came around when he rearranged, refocused, restarted and relaunched his eBay business, basically from scratch using the New Wealth Ninja strategies and techniques.

Within a very short time after this period, his business exploded.  In fact, the way he detailed the events, he stated that after the summer of 2012 when he learned all of the New Wealth Ninja techniques, he started applying them the week after and by Christmas of 2012 he was already seeing monthly figures over $30,000 a month.  He closed December out having grossed $42,000 and profiting about 62% of that figure or $26,000 into his pocket for that last month of the year.

He thought that was it and that would be the best he'd ever do.  Trust me, he was happy with that.  At his old job it would take him 6 months to take that kind of money and here he was making that in a single month.

Taking another 2 of his eBay accounts, he started parlaying the success within those other accounts in an effort to double and even triple his financial gains.  And he did it.  In fact, by the time a full year rolled around since the New Wealth Ninja training, he was seeing an average of $60,000 per month in profits hitting his bank account.

But he had a new problem: what to do with all this money.  This student never had the full "Aggressive-to-Passive-Income" training I give my students because he came in only wanting to know Aggressive Income Strategies.  This would be about the time when he started contacting me in a full-blown panic as to what to do with this money.

Well, that's easy.  Start buying up apartment buildings.  As many as you can.  And start right now!

And that he's been doing since last summer.

The cool thing about this past seminar event is that he did give me some very specificdetails about exactly how he built up his business from scratch and gave me some incredible, amazing, and mind-blowing strategies on how anyone can do what he does. This included allowing me to tell you about his exact secrets on how he gets pictures for his listings (and it's not how you think), which products to sell exactly, how to price your products, which specials to offer to move more product, and much more!

It incredible what you can still do online even though the opportunity for pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns has dried up and blown away.  

For awhile it was very hard to make money on eBay when they changed all of their policies for the worst.  But now that eBay has to compete with Amazon (who is taking over the world as we speak), they started upping their game by becoming more seller-friendly than they ever have been.

Which equals opportunity for you.

What my $85,000/month student (and I'm not even allowed to use his name here) doesn't realize is that he has created some competition for himself because once my students who attended the seminar (and those of you getting the videos) will do is take his step-by-step system and actually run with it.

And even if you "only" make about a quarter of what he makes -- or hell, even 10% of what he clears a month (which would be $8,500 a profits) -- you'll be doing quite well.

So, what does he do?

It's all laid out in clear and specific step-by-step detail in my videos from my seminar event which are in my office, being packaged as we speak, and will be ready to ASAP!

Here's the link for the videos including a boatload of kick-ass testimonials from some of my students who attended what I consider my most awesome and best ever seminar event:

If you have any questions, call my office at (661) 295-5050.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Sunday, September 21 2014

After every seminar event I have an incident that I call "the bus hitting me."  This usually entails a full blown physical crash along with a cold or flu.  And it usually happens within a few days after the close of an event.

Well, silly me.  I thought I evaded the bus but...the bus just hit me.
So, of course, I in no mood for no one, especially Sometimey Bitch from across the street.
Guess who comes to bug me with her shallow nonsense this morning?
Sometimey Bitch.
Of course, it starts with 20 questions about whether I'm going to Michigan for Thanksgiving this year to what type of home upgrades I'll be doing in the near future.
All in a ridiculous and stupid effort to keep up with me in some keeping-up-with-the-Jones type capacity.
Let's just put it out there...she can't keep up with me.  She doesn't have anywhere near the financial capacity to do so.
But I'll never tell her this because...well, that would be rude of me.  So, I entertain her by furnishing her with answers to her endless amount of shallow of questions as I begin fantasizing about blowing my brains out to escape her diarrhea-like rambling of the mouth.
After an inappropriate chuckle of the thought, to which she asks me what I'm laughing about, I have to lie and say I was thinking about something cute my daughter said the other day (because I can't tell her that I'm now laughing about my new thought of beating my head into the sidewalk rather than listen to her anymore), then I actually ask myself...
"Why do I keep putting myself through this?"
And not just by listening to her worthless dribble but just...all of it?
Why am I still living on that block?  I've hated it since the first week of living there when I realized that all those people suck.  (And after over 2 years, they haven't sucked any lessthan that first week.  If anything, they all suck even more.)
Why am I still living in California?  It's getting hotter and more miserable.  In the very least, I should move by the beach.  So, what the hell am I waiting for??
Why am I still managing a staff?  Why did I get a new office/warehouse?  Why am I still doing all the shit I wanted to stop doing a long time ago?  What's wrong with me?
I'm entering into this zen-like trance about my life.  Other people may call it a mid-life crisis except that I have no interest in red convertibles and no need for hair plugs.  (At least, not right now.)
What I am discovering is that you can't be around a boatload of people who make you feel like you're air supply (or rather universal magic) is being cut off due to their only motivation to show up one another with "stuff."
A "cure" for them, of course, is to just buy a Lamborghini (for myself) with the a license plate that says gets as close to "SHOVE IT" as possible.  Maybe SHVITUP or how about SHOVEIT (since I get 7 letters)?  Since I live on the end of the block in a cul-de-sac, everyone will be forced to see me go in and out every day, making them feel just as small as they already are.
And yes, the Lamborghini would have to be red.  Bright red, actually.
Then I think to myself, why bother?  Why not just move after posting a flyer on each of their doors saying, "I'm moving because I think you all suck and one day you'll wake up and you'll realize why you suck.  And if you want a clue, you suck because you identify who you are with the shit you have.  But maybe nobody told you yet but your shit actually sucks too.  I mean, who actually drives an entry-level luxury car, anyway other than a punk college kid?  Get over yourself, shallow mother******!"
Do you feel trapped by your life, too?
A couple of weeks ago I had an old friend reach out to me.  Some of you know him.  His name is Aran Dunlop, my star mobile home park investing student.  He was sad because he stated he got out of some deals, made millions (poor him!), and is now more miserable now than he was when he was broke.
That's actually quite normal, believe it or not.  The moment you identify happiness with money, and when you get it, you're still the same except without a drive because you reached your goal.  It's like knocking the wind out of your sails.
I told him that he needs another project, hopefully something with a little more meaning this time around.  He really needs to get out of the trap he put himself in which is just a matter of changing his perspective and nothing more.
You can do, have, and be anything you want.  Period.
If you have having financial difficulties, which you probably are, stop whining around it. Get up and start proactively doing something about it!  Release yourself out of your own personal prison.
It all starts with a simple decision.  Once you decide, the power belongs to you.
Now all I have to decide is this:  Do I move or buy that Lamborghini?  (Just kidding. Then again, maybe not.)
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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Friday, September 19 2014

One of my long-time students who attended my seminar this past weekend -- Theresa F. -- sent me an email about a book on curing cancer.

I thought..."I don't have cancer but...she sent me this book for a reason.  A special reason. And I have to figure this out."
I asked everyone in my office if they knew someone with cancer.  

Then I remembered Ruth.

Ruth is the mom of a little boy who was in my daughter's class last year.  Ruth and I hit it off.  She's a super smart lady, has dynamic energy, and is an incredible person all around.

But she has cancer.

What sucks about the entire situation is that she has a 6-year-old boy and a 3 1/2 year-old girl.  So...she can't die yet.  She just can't.
I forwarded the book recommendation from Theresa (who is one of those wise souls who would know how to cure cancer and if she recommends something then she recommends it for a reason).  The name of the book?  Outsmart Your Cancer by Tanya Harter Pierce.
Ruth responded right away.  She said she was at Henry Mayo Hospital from "overdoing" one of her remedies but didn't get into what she did to get herself into the hospital.  Of course, I didn't ask but mentioned that if there was any way I could help, just say the word and I'd be there.

I guess the information was timely...and maybe not so timely.  Either way, I know Ruth will look into the book when she returns home. 

 I've done some research on this book and some of the results for people in late stages of cancer have been miraculous.  Absolutely mind-blowing.

I bought the book.  I'll have it tomorrow.  I'll probably give it to Ruth if she didn't get her own copy.  Either way, I'll end up reading it myself.  Maybe I can help someone down the road if I'm sitting at an airport, for instance, and can offer some "verbal coaching" based on what I learned in the book.  You never know.  The universe works in mysterious ways.

This, of course, is at the same time that I'm blown away by another book that I started reading earlier this week called E3 by Pam Grout.  (It was just released this week...finally!Yaaahhhhh!)  And if you know nothing about Pam Grout, what I have to say next will potentially change everything about your life forever!

Let's back up for a very quick second:  I've read every book out there on the topic of manifesting.  The only two (2) books on manifesting and wealth attraction that have really resonated with me over the years are The Trick to Money is Having Some by Stuart Wild and Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting by Lynn Grabhorn (and you can listen to the audio on by Lynn Grabhorn herself).  From more of a business perspective, I recommend Wealth Attraction for Entrepreneurs by Dan S. Kennedy.  For my feng shui secrets (especially on the propserity corner) I must mention how life-altering Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life by Karen Rauch Carter has been for me.

I just gave you the reading list of a lifetime...but that's not my point.

My point is this:  Having read so many of these books, much of it becomes redundant from one to the next.

Until I read E2 by Pam Grout.

What's different about this book is that she sucks you into these "experiments," forcing you to "learn then come to know" the powers of the universe first hand.

But E2 wasn't the book that bowled me over.  It was E3 (that just came out) that really allowed me to understand the box of a life I've been trapped in for...forever (so far).

And I put myself in that box!  (And I can also take myself out!)

Just like a little girl or boy who jams a frog in a box...I put myself in my own box.  For 40 years!!  It's like WTF did I do to myself all these years??!!

Reading this book has opened the box...except that I'm stunned and now I'm just looking at the clouds (possibilities) but still in the box.  

I'm paralyzed still at the awesomeness of what my future and my life is about to become.  After all, if you were suddenly given the gift of working magic...where would you start?  (You'd start by standing there, paralyzed, until you figure some sh** out first.  Just like I'm doing.)

One of the first experiments she has you do is to manifest a gift in the next 48 hours.  The secret (the key to all this) is that you have to be very broad at first.  The gift can come in the mail, in person, etc. and it can be anything (flowers, a card, money, etc.)
I started this experiment on Wednesday, giving myself until Friday night (tonight) to receive this gift.

So, last night I'm sitting in bed, automatically starting the mind process of hashing out..."Where the f*** is my gift?  It's been 24 hours and time's ticking...!

Wait a minute!  Of course, like everyone else, I'm so used to thinking about what's not to realize what is.  Then I remembered something!
When I opened my mail earlier that day, I received a $500 Visa gift card to use for anything I want.

And how often does that happen?

How about never for me.  It's never happened to me before.

Yes, I received the gift.  Not in 48 hours but in 24 hours.

F****** A!!!  This sh** really works.

Then this morning I had this odd dream...about the universe.  I know, weird.  I dreamed that I bought this waterfront property somewhere and just when I moved in, somebody wanted to buy it from me, profiting me over $200,000 and that they'd close in a week with all cash.  And they asked if I can get all my sh** out in a week.  I'm like, "Yeah.  I can get it all out in a day."

I woke up thinking...ridiculous.  You can't close in a week.

Then I thought about it.  Actually you can close in a week.  Especially with all cash.  And I've done this before, many times.  But have forgotten because I've trained myself to accept things as being harder instead of easier as life progressed on.

Time to reverse that training and start taking the easy way!

This dream signified what we are trained to believe is possible actually isn't the way it's supposed to be...and that we are severely limiting ourselves in so many damned ways that it's sickening.  We don't even know how badly we've tied ourselves up and how deep of a dark corner we've thrown ourselves into, just accepting that once-in-awhile sliver of light that appears...then disappears.  Until we forget that there's any light to begin with.

When are we going to cut the freaking rope and emerge from the darkness?  There are so many possibilities -- effortless and exciting possibilities/opportunities -- but we're too busy staying submerged in the murky muddy pond of life, not daring to life our heads to see if there's anything else out there.

The older we get, the worse it gets.  The less likely we are to lift our heads to see if there's anything more out there.

That's why getting older blows.  We stay set in our ways and we stop looking for the magic.

This book -- E3 by Pam Grout -- is incredible.  It helps you understand how to start conjuring up the magic with these little experiments to "retrain" you into understanding how to create things in your life and how to find the magic that's actually already there.

Ever since I started reading the book earlier this week, my entire perspective is different.  I look at my business and think, "I don't have to wonder if I'm going to make certain financial goals but rather I can just create the quotas I want...then let it happen."  How freaking cool is that, folks?  It's like waving that magic wand and getting what you wantanytime you want it.

These experiments allow you to come to personally and intimately know that this can work.  Without this inner knowing of these possibilities, you can't possibly make magic happen.

And this is that "missing link" within all self-help books out there, especially those on the topic of manifesting.  No knowing = doubt.  Doubt = lack of manifesting.

Pam Grout helps you remove this doubt by helping you know that this magic is possible.

As I drove into my office/warehouse today I started thinking..."Is this what I want anymore?"  I feel like I've been hanging onto a lot of things that I was supposed to hang onto for security but...I don't think I need any of this anymore.  More analysis as I go on.

Let's turn this to you.

If someone dropped a magic wand into your hands right now and told you that you could wave it for anything you wanted...but think carefully first about what you think you really would you start using this magic wand?

I know...this type of power is mind-boggling, isn't it?

Yet you already have it.  You've had this wand in your lap the whole time.

So...start freaking using it already!  All is possible.  And "all" means everything.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Thursday, September 18 2014
Last week I had an "issue" to help my daughter resolve at school.  Basically, in a nutshell, she's being bullied by some trailer-park-trash looking little brat that reminds me of younger version of Eddie Haskell of Leave It To Beaver.  For you young people who have no clue as to what I'm talking about, Eddie Haskell was charming as hell to the adults but was a bastard to everyone else (i.e. the kids of the neighborhood).  This little sh** evenlooks like Eddie Haskell a little bit.
So, last Monday he punched my daughter in the cheek at lunch/recess.  I noticed the quarter-sized bruise on her left cheek.  By Tuesday and Wednesday my daughter didn't want to be left at school, even throwing a full-blown crying meltdown in the lobby of the school when I had to leave.  This is when I knew something was wrong.
After much cajoling last Thursday after school, she finally admitted that there was a little punk ass kid at school by the name of Jake who was bullying her.  Within seconds I was on the phone with her teacher, nicely demanding a rapid resolution to the problem.
This is when I decided that, once the appropriate "authorities" were notified, that it was time for a little "rough justice."  I explained to her that the next time the piece of sh** smacks, punches, or touches her in any way she is to break his freaking nose until there's blood gushing everywhere.  The more blood, the better.
She looked at me confused.  Here we are with an innocent sweet little girl who doesn't understand why I'm condoning such severe violence on a little boy her age.
"Because sometimes you just have to come out fighting when you've done everything else you could possibly do otherwise," I told her.
Then I thought about it.  How many of us act like "victims" to life in general?  But forget about being a victim.  How many of us sit around thinking that God or somebody should have helped us or opened a path somehow...and didn't.  So we mope around because we're not getting our "fair share" in life.
Damn right you're not getting your fair share.  I can tell you that you're 100% correct. You're getting screwed!
But here's how you stop getting screwed over by life in general.  Here's the point when you can stop accepting the crumbs and scraps that are left over by everyone else and start getting the lion's share of what you deserve in life.
1)  You don't accept your conditions as they are.
2)  You come out swinging for what you want; fight hard for it.
3)  If you break a few noses in the process, that's how the ball bounces.
Unfortunately the "programming" of the sheep-like hum-drum life they're trying to pump and dump into our little ones these days was starting to seep into my daughter's innocent little head because she was afraid she'd get in trouble by breaking Eddie Haskell -- I mean Jake's face open on the playground.
I told her straight up.  "Yep, you'll probably get in trouble with the teacher and with the principle but you won't be in trouble with me and that's all that matters.  If they make you sit in the principle's office, don't be scared.  I'm backing you up 100%, baby.  The only time I'll be mad is if that little loser touches you again and you stand there without defending yourself.  That's when you'll get in trouble with me!"
This is when I realized that the moment you feel life pinning you down into a somewhat helpless state of being, you have to come out punching like a mother****** until you get what you want.  Period.  No way around it.  There is no rolled out red carpet for people who accept their station on the sidelines.  You either take the center spotlight or you die the wallflower, unnoticed and disrespected.
How do you start fighting for freedom?  You take the bull by the horns and decide to start doing something for yourself.  Maybe you're finally at the point where you can't take it anymore.  Good!  It's about freaking time!!  It's a great point to be at because this is when it's easier for you to start initiating change for once.
I have something I think you should take a look at including some testimony of people just like you who decided that they were going to make some significant changes in their lives. And they have a personal message for you.  Click here to listen to what they have to say to you.
In the meantime, stop being a doormat for everyone.  In fact, pick up that mat and fling it in the trash.  It's your turn to start getting what you want and it first begins by telling everyone else to f*** off.  Then, after that, start fighting for the life you want.
What the hell are you waiting for?
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
P.S.  In case you're having trouble with the link above, copy and paste this into your browser instead:
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Tuesday, September 09 2014
Many of you know how I feel about "gurus" in general which is why I never put myself in that same category.  Unfortunately, over the years, I've sort of been pushed into the guru category which is one of the main reasons I've decided to start stepping back to start focusing more on my investing, writing, and raising my daughter.
Today I get this email from a "guru" who is in the copywriting space.  I won't name any names except to say that his initials are R.B. and he's written quite a few books on how to be a successful copywriter.  (Won't take you long to figure out how he is by going on and putting 2 & 2 together, if you care to know that badly.)
He goes on to rip apart this "pitch fest" seminar that he apparently was invited to take part of this past weekend but decided to refuse because of his long list of "reason" which just outed him as the selfish prick that he really is.
Coincidentally, this is the same "pitch fest" event in LA that I attended this past weekend that started on Friday and ended Sunday...and it was the single most incredible event I ever attended in my entire life.  It's called the Story Expo and it's for writers of all genres including novelists, screenwriters, and even people who write comic books.
Well, this is the same event (of which he didn't attend, I may add) that he was ripping apart sooooo...let's just say that my perception of what his spoiled-brat rant about it was ended up rubbing me the wrong way.
The only thing I can relate this rant to would be that of someone who thinks he's that of a much higher station in life, demanding a bunch of ridiculous concessions for being a speaker of this event (in which he turned them down) because they didn't offer to pay for his airfare, lodging, food and didn't offer to pay him to speak.  Additionally, they wanted him to pay a small amount to speak there including offering the event a cut of the proceeds of any of his product sales.
I understand being upset about having to pay to speak there but my sources at this expo state that it was such a minuscule amount of money that it was well worth it to be able to promote yourself and your products/services to have instant exposure to literally thousands of people over the course of 3 days that you'd never have exposure to ever, at any time!
I was gathering that this guy thinks he's so high up the ladder -- like Beyonce or Jay-Z -- that he deserves a bunch of concessions in a "rider" (as they call it) such as a first class plane ticket, a limo to pick him up from the airport, a suite for a room, ten grand to speak for 90 minutes, and on and on.
Here I am laughing because this guy is "washed up" at best if he was anybody at all  to begin with (since he was never a "bestseller") plus it made me realize that he really isn't any type of marketing expert at all.
Because if he was, he'd know how to "work the system" at the expo by not selling product there and still capturing a ton of money in the process!
What I noticed with the top speakers there is that they sold nothing.  That's right!  They sold absolutely nothing.
Instead they did what I call a "take-away" technique.  They offered something of such extremely high value and either drove you to their website to get it (and you'd have to be crazy to not want it), they'd pass around an email list (to sell you something later which they'd never have to split with the event people), or they'd make you email them (and they'd give out their personal email address) to get this incredible ebook, PDF file, or whatever in which they would, in turn, probably sell you something (or add you to a list).
And this is the "new way" of selling.  The old "hard sell" method of getting people in a room for a sell-fest the whole time is a long-gone strategy that we simply don't use anymore.
Except that this "guru" was so incensed over the prospect of not getting paid what he thought he deserved (including getting his ridiculous rider of concessions) that he didn't see the opportunity that I saw.
Time for him to retire.
When you are in the business of helping people and it turns out that it's really all about you (the "guru") then it means 2 things:  (1) you're a selfish prick who never cared about anyone but yourself and the money you can make all along, and (2) you have no room in the business of being a "guru" in today's society where people have to help each other because that's what it's all about now.
This is one of the reasons I'm in "semi-retirement" right now and still kicking around the idea of completely exiting stage left come January 1st.  I've always loved the notion of helping people but sometimes it's come to me as a great financial loss.  My seminars, courses, and videos I sell barely cover my overhead which has frustrated me to no end. This business model I have cannot sustain itself the way it is yet I keep doing it because I like the success stories I have and I love helping people.
When students (or prospective students, i.e. "tire kickers") email me about getting my stuff for nothing my response is: (1) I'm barely covering my overhead as is and, more importantly (2) if you personally have no financial investment then it becomes personally worthless to you (from a psychological standpoint) and thus you do nothing with the valuable material, even though you know it can make you millions of dollars!  (Basic psychology, folks!)
So, did I write this guru yet about my thoughts?  No.  But that email will go out today. There's no way I will read something like that and not respond.  Will he listen?  No.  He's an old man with an old mentality and he won't side with anything I say unless it shows him in a positive light or I shoot him a compliment.  (This is based on past experience with this guy.)
And, for the record, he is not the best copywriter to learn from!  Even though I'm not a huge Dan Kennedy fan, you should learn copywriting from him and not the guy I'm talking about.  (Get The Ultimate Sales Letter by Dan's the only copywriting book you need and you can go to and get his first version of the book usedliterally for pennies plus shipping/handling.)
What does copywriting have to do with anything?  It has everything to do with everything in marketing!
If you want to sell anything to anybody, you have to learn copywriting.  This is one of the many things I'll be covering at my event that is coming up this Saturday and Sunday in Los Angeles.  (And yes, there are some seats left if you want to join us.  Click here for registration information!)
So, once I blast out my personal email response to this guru who sent an email blast to me, I'm expecting a very rude response back.  Many times older people think they know all when, really, sometimes you have to listen to the "kids" in the world because, by golly, they actually may have a better perspective (especially in today's changed world) on abetter way to do things.  Unfortunately, older people (many times) don't look at it that way and shut themselves down to new ideas.  (Shoot me if I ever become an old lady like that!)
I guess I'm changing the rules a little.  Yes, respect your elders but no, older doesn'tnecessarily mean wiser.  In fact, many times, it's actually the opposite.  Especially in today's day and age!
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
P.S.  Time is running out on signing up for the seminar.  If you're interested, consider registering today or tomorrow at
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Tuesday, September 02 2014
A lot of you have been asking me questions about my student Rick C. and exactly what he did to gross $3.26 million with selling info products on credit building and if I'd be teaching this type of stuff in my Direct Mail Order Millionaire course.
The short answer, yes.  I will be showing you how to do this.
Some of you have been asking again exactly what Rick C. sells...
Again without getting into too-specific details, I'll tell you that the product is a course on building credit.  (I won't divulge whether it's for business or personal credit).  It's a physical course he sells at the price point of $197 (plus shipping/handling) and he has a back-end product where he offers a credit consulting "service" on a monthly basis, racking up continuity cash for him and his business.
How much does he charge for the monthly service?  He offers the service for $67 per month and, as he's reported to me, he has 630 people on the monthly service.  That makes him more than $42,000 a month in "continuity" income so even if he stops doing the rest of the business, he'll be having that come in for at least a good 6 months before he'll have to get more clients for his service by doing mailings (or other marketing) again.
Will I be showing you how to sell what Rick C. sells?  I will offer examples having to do with selling credit products in my manual but, because of confidentiality, I can't show you Rick C.'s exact sales materials just like you wouldn't want me blasting to all my students your exact sales materials to your multi-million-dollar mail order business (one day).
One thing I will tell you, once again, is that absolutely anyone can do this.  Anyone!
And this is the most intensely Aggressive opportunity out there for those of you who want to:
1)  Raise cash for real estate investing.
2)  Want to replace your current income from your job or business (that you probably hate).
3)  Want to make a lot of money without working a full 40-hours a week.
Now, as a warning, this isn't a 4-hour work week type of deal.  (In fact, nothing is!)  But I can get away with about 20, sometimes 30 hours a week doing this.  And if you're one of those people who doesn't want to work at least 20 (sometimes 30) hours a week to pocket (yes, that's profit) several hundred thousand dollars a year then...keep your current job.
As for the business itself, it's kind of boring.  So, if you're looking for some exciting "rock star" opportunity, this isn't it.  But what I like about the business is that, once you get everything set up, you don't have to really "think" about anything.  You just get your mailings out, take your orders, send out the product to your customers...rinse and repeat over and over again until you wake up one morning (virtually "overnight") and look at your bank statement and say, "Holy sh**! Did the bank make a mistake? Where did all this money come from?"
And that's when stupid people run out to buy a big screen TV and a new luxury car.  All in one day, usually.  That's when smart you will start a new corporation (or LLC) specifically for real estate investing to start funneling that cash into that new entity's bank account to start investing in property ASAP!
Now, back to the Direct Mail Order Millionaire opportunity.
I have 2 things for you.  One thing you may or may not want to do since we're coming up on our dates...quick!  The other one you almost have to do just because you won't learn how to do this any other way!
Option A:  Come to the 2-Day Boot Camp Seminar on September 13th and 14th in Los Angeles.  Yes, that's coming up quick.  In fact, if you want to be technical, the seminar starts next week (on Saturday).  It may or may not be realistic for you to register now if you haven't already but it's highly recommended because of my kick-ass presentation that I'll be doing on this exact subject on Day One of the event.  Click here for more details.
For the first time, I'm going to not only be presenting exactly what to do in this business to pull off these multi-million-dollar financial figures I'm talking about, but I'll also be bringing what I'll deem as "the swipe file."
If you know anything about direct mail marketing, you already know what a "swipe file" is.  It's a collection of sales letters, space/display ads from magazines, etc.  A good (or "great") "swipe" will have a variety of different advertisements that not only has excellent copy but were proven to make millions selling product.  Any product!
Right now I have my hands on a swipe file for the hottest and most profitable direct mail product line/type there is right now.  It cost me a fortune to get this swipe file (and I'll explain exactly how and why I have it) and it could be worth millions to you if you had this swipe file.
Option B:  Pre-order my Direct Mail Order Millionaire Complete Course (which will notship until the week of September 15th).  This course (especially the deluxe version) will show you everything you need to know, including exact (and currently mailed) multi-million-dollar direct mail marketing campaigns that you can look at for price point information, product ideas, and even "borrow" some of the copy for your own campaign. Why reinvent the wheel, right?  It cost me tens of thousands of dollars to get this incredible swipe file that I use when I'm developing new campaigns for a specific type of product which happens to be the most lucrative type out there right now.
Let me clarify a couple of things here:
1)  This swipe file has never been shown to any of my students in the past.  I just finished scanning the entire thing into my system which is further proof that no one has seen it before.
2)  This swipe file contains the advertisements, sales pieces, and copy of all my current competitors selling a specific type of product that is the most lucrative product type in direct mail right now.
3)  You could literally "swipe" these competitors' sales pieces, product ideas, price points, and (if you dared) some of their pictures for your own multi-million-dollar sales pieces because you will have the opportunity to get this entire swipe file at my upcoming eventwithout paying a penny for it!
That means you have to attend the Boot Camp Event or get the Deluxe version of the Direct Mail Order Millionaire Complete System.  There's no other way to get this swipe file. Period.
Also, I should mention that once my 2-Day Boot Camp is over and this first batch of courses goes out, I will be pulling this swipe file.  It won't be available on this course anymore.  It will go from you choosing the Basic or Deluxe version of the course to just the Basic.
Click here for more details about my upcoming seminar and to register if you haven't already!  Click here for the Direct Mail Order Millionaire including a 16-minute audio seminar!  The deal on it ends soon!
And for those of you who know you can't come to the event because of whatever excuse you've decided on that will ultimately alter the fate of your future, hopefully it was a damned good excuse!  And for those who can't come to the event, you can still get the same powerful Aggressive Income information with my latest cutting-edge course.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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