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Wednesday, February 26 2014
When a Bank Calls to Give You Money

How to Get Banks to Call You to Give You Unsecured Cash!

Right now I'm at a trade show in Las Vegas.  (See pic below where Ronnie is manning the booth.)  While I was sitting there, I got a call from my bank...wanting to give me more money.

More money that I don't want or need.  Nice problem to have, isn't it?

You can't access unsecured cash without business credit.  I don't care if you have the best and most perfect personal credit in history.  

If you want cash, they'll ask you for collateral if you want to borrow under your personal credit.  You need business credit if you want cash for down payments on real estate or to invest in building a business.

Many of my students ask me, "Monica...where do I start?"

Answer:  Getting involved in any type of real estate investing and/or building a new business that will require an influx of cash to get off the ground on a "serious level" requires cash.  Period.

You Can Build Stellar Business Credit in Just a Few Months!

It takes money to make big money.  You need money for real estate (down payment and earnest money cash).  You need money to build a serious multi-million-dollar business.  You need money to make big money.

Of course, there are ways to make money on a shoestring budget but you won't be investing in real estate in today's market unless you have some cash for even the basic due diligence requirements such as building/property inspections and appraisals.

One of the things that helped grow our business (Brie Labs) and allows us to do trade shows and other business-building strategies is through the use of our built business credit.  I would never be able to get this business to the multi-million-dollar threshold unless I had the credit needed to be able to pull this off.

Click here for more information!

So...While I Was Sitting in the Trade Show Booth...

Not but 30 minutes ago, I got a call from US Bank (and no, it wasn't Brittany but a "higher up" guy") wanting to give me more money.

Mind you, just last week I got a letter from Wells Fargo, wanting to give me $100,000.  My business was already pre-approved for that amount.  I threw the letter away.

It's nice to be in a position where I can "throw away" money like that but I didn't get into this position by accident.  I worked for it, namely by fixing/rebuilding my personal credit while meticulously building stellar business credit for 2 companies.

And I didn't get rich in real estate by using my own money.  I got rich in real estate by using OPM (Other People's Money).  And you can't attach yourself to OPM without doing some groundwork (building the credit) first.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Friday, February 21 2014

I created a spreadsheet from scratch and it's a powerful tool for you to use to essentially "write your own check" and make the amount you want to make based on how much offline-to-online marketing you want to do.

Now, in case your "lost in space" on what all this means, I'm going to give you a short synopsis of what all this is.

A couple of weeks ago when I did my in-office training with a handful of students on distribution profits, I slid in a "test" presentation that turned out to be mind blowing.  This simple presentation got everyone in the room extremely excited to the point where they demanded I send this Excel spreadsheet to them directly via email the moment that the event ended due to how powerful this money tool is.

But it's not just about the "money spreadsheet," as I've coined it.

It's about what's behind this powerful money tool where you can "write your own check" by doing a powerful marketing strategy that I talked about for the very first time at this 2 day event.  (I talked about it on Day Two.)

Do you want to be "clued in" on a secret that can be worth AS MUCH AS YOU WANT TO MAKE with a new offline-to-online marketing strategy I just stumbled on over the past couple of months?

First, I talk at great length about all of this here.  Second, check out this free video with the actual spreadsheets you can download by clicking here.

Little did I know...this presentation got everyone soooooo excited about the highly profitable (and yet easy to do) money-making strategy that they all demanded I send them this special "money spreadsheet" after the event was over.  The following week after the training was over, I did send everyone this "money spreadsheet" because, even when I look at it now, it's so incredibly extraordinary that it actually gives me the chills.


Because you can literally "choose" how much money you want to make.

Take a look at the partial screenshot of the "money spreadsheet" at the top of the page.

As you can see, based on the information plugged in, this marketing campaign will make me $5,325 ON THE VERY LOW END to $16,200 on the "average" HIGHER END.  

This is PURE PROFIT IN YOUR POCKET...after all expenses have been paid on this campaign!  If you do one campaign per week, you stand to make a "middle average" of $10,763 IN YOUR POCKET PER WEEK!

But you have to understand how to do it...and you'll discover ALL of these money strategies on DAY 2 of my in-office training!

The "money spreadsheet" you'll receive will show you all the other details but you have to watch the 2-day training to see how to use this powerful spreadsheet.  Again, all of this is presented on DAY 2 of the training event...and it'll blow your mind!  In fact, this is such powerful yet super easy to do that all of my students in the training wanted to do this in addition to their distribution business.

Just to be clear, this offline-to-online marketing method is actually SEPARATE from the distribution business and is a powerful Aggressive Income Strategy you could easily do from home starting with only a few hundred dollars!

Click here for more information!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Wednesday, February 19 2014

A couple of weeks ago during a "video filming" break I was chatting with my videographer, Jesse, who many of you have seen at my seminar events over the past 4 years.  I was telling him that I'm "immersing" myself into a new world because I finally got over a ridiculous fear and that I was finally taking the first step to shoot for a dream I've had for so long.
And that fear is so stupid that I feel like I've wasted the last 20 years of my life being afraid of...nothing. 
What is this fear I've had for so many years?
I was afraid of taking a step forward to pursue this one particular hobby/dream I've had since I was in high school.  I've always wanted to be a screenwriter.
Except, something weird happened between then (high school) and just recently (New Year's Day 2014).  I've been deathly afraid of doing anything with my talent in writing.
I've been afraid of joining any events, finishing my screenplays, or moving forward beyond the scope of reading a book.  And even then, some of the books I wouldn't finish.
I realized that there was a major "wall" or obstacle that I had manifested in my head which seemed to get larger in size as I aged.  The "wall" started with "I can't possibly be successful doing this" to adding onto it with "because I'm a woman and Hollywood doesn't like women writers" to "I can make more money having a variety of different businesses than I ever will as a writer" to "I'm getting old and Hollywood doesn't like 40+ writers."
It's amazing how the "devil" can get larger in size when you let it.
But then something funny happens when you start thinking you're getting "too old" for something. You'll either accept that you're too old and recess into inactivity toward your dreams...or you'll kick your ass into swift action and do something about your dreams as a final ditch attempt at making them work since you view it as your "last chance."
I adopted the latter approach.
So, here I am, quickly careening into "40-something" and realized that it's now or never.
One thing I've always agreed with Tony Robbins about is his "taking massive action" approach to attaining your goals.  Of course, not just "any" old action will do.  You have to have very specific step-by-step action plans that are doable, attainable, and something you can wrap your head around without psyching yourself out (by being overwhelmed at any point).
Back to the screenwriting stuff...
After the first of the year, I went from being "afraid" of pursuing this dream to signing up for everything I could get my hands on.
The first class I signed up for took place over the weekend before last.  It was a 2-day screenwriting workshop conducted by a guy named Jose.  The purpose of the class was to teach us how to "beat out" a screenplay in 15 simple beats, as outlined in a book called Save the Cat!
Without getting into any boring details about the class, when I was telling Jesse about the class, he asked if the teacher -- Jose -- had any screenwriting credits.  I said I didn't know. He said, "Let's hope he's 'Jose the screenwriter' and not Jose the screen fixer.'"
I couldn't help but to laugh...even though I don't know what a "screen fixer" is.  I guess that's really besides the point.
What is the point?
How many fears do you have that are "unsubstantiated demons" floating around in your head, creating huge walls that are nothing more than smoke and mirrors?
When are you going to decide to step out and "immerse" yourself into your new world?  Or are you happy dying with the life you have now?
What happened when I went to my class?  It wasn't really about the class for me, even though I did learn a lot.  It was about building confidence to do something about my dream, even if it was just showing up somewhere.  Now I'm on fire...and I'm signing up for everything I can because I got a little bit of confidence.
Plus...I realized that people must older than me are aiming to write screenplays.
Plus...I also realized that I'm more creative than I thought I was since my movie ideas blew theirs out of the water.
Confidence breeds success.  I'll keep you posted on my dream project.
In the meantime, time's running out.  For you.  For me.
You see, I have some talents and knowledge that you need if you want to reach all of the financial dreams you have for yourself.  And one thing that I found when I attended that workshop was that...I had a really hard time coming back to the office on Monday.  In fact, I actually stayed home.  When I came in on Tuesday, it was like my left brain (logic/business) shut down since my right brain (creativity) was "open" for a solid 2 days before.
You need to use me for as long as I'm "able" to disperse this powerful money-making information to you.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main

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Monday, February 17 2014
Lincoln's Bloody Chair

One of the Most Amazing Pieces of History I've Ever Seen!

Some of you remember when I sent pictures of my last trip to Detroit.  This trip included a visit to the Henry Ford Museum where I saw some significant pieces of history that I wanted to share pictures of with you.

I took this picture at the Henry Ford Museum and was really taken aback by the fact that the chair where Lincoln was assassinated still has blood all over it.  (You can see the blood at the top of the chair and on the seat part.)  It gave me the chills knowing that this was the exact chair he was sitting in when it all happened.  I've never been a history buff and I've never been really good at memorizing details about history but I can tell you this this chair really did have an impact on me...mostly because I realized that it doesn't matter how important you are.  It can all end in a fraction of a second when you least expect it.  And no one is immune...not even the President of the United States.

Ironically enough, in the same museum you'll find the car where John F. Kennedy was assassinated.  What I didn't know is that they put this car back in service after Kennedy was killed by putting a roof on it and repainting it black. What was strange to me is that with as much money as the government happily wastes on everything, why couldn't they drum up another car to caravan the next President of the United States in?  It wouldn't have been that expensive!  (Just food for thought, I guess.)

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Sunday, February 16 2014
How can one person touch something and it turns to sh** while somebody else with seemingly the same things going on can touch something and turn it to gold?
I've sat at my desk, analyzing a bunch of things that have happened in the past couple of years (including certain people who will remain nameless) and have started to put something together on how "mindset" really works.
Success really is no mystery.  Especially when you analyze people who have no success over others who do.
Success is a series of habits that are performed day in and day out.  The habits in question, of course, are derived from a simple "action plan" that the successful person would have put into place, either writing down these steps or committing them to memory.
For example, years ago I have some crappy credit resulting from Divorce #1.  So, what did I do?  Sit in a corner and cry my eyeballs out?  No.  I found every book and course I could find on the topic of repairing my credit and followed the basic instructions provided.  Of course, I know 1000% more now than I did when I started but usually you "learn as you go" when blazing new trails.
Another example...many years ago I ended up in a situation that devastated me financially.  So, what did I do?  Roll up in a ball and suck on my thumb?  No.  I went into overdrive andstudied every realistic money-making plan out therefollowed basic instructions, and made a financial success out of myself within a short time after that.  Yes, I had to "tweak" things here and there but I pulled it off without much difficulty.
Success "happens" when you do the following:
1)  Decide to make a change.
2)  Create an action plan to follow.
3)  Consistently follow the action plan, day in and day out.
People have asked me..."So, is your brother a success because he has such a successful sister like you to show him the ropes?"
Nope.  He's not successful.
Simple.  He chooses not to be.
I have offered to help him in a variety of different ways from improving his credit to helping him get into a business.  But nope.  He's simply not interested.  It requires a little "work" and isn't as simple as receiving free money from the government so therefore there's no motivation to alter that course of life he's selected for himself.
Changing sometimes isn't easy to do.  And it's not because deciding to follow a new course of action is rough because that's actually the easy part.  Where the "hard" comes in is deciding tostop doing the "bad" stuff in lieu of doing the "good" stuff.  The habits are what makes it hard.  Especially the bad or non-productive habits.
Here's another example:  I've been able to make some phenomenal changes in my body by working out.  Here's the weird part about it.  The hard part for me wasn't deciding to work out or finding the right work out plan that worked for me.  It wasn't actually doing the working out that was hard either. The hard part is laying off the heavy doses of complex carbohydrates which is the culprit of stacking the fat on my body.  This is what I'm trying to demonstrate here.  The bad habits are what steers people off into the wrong direction.
So, what do you do?
Find something that you want so bad that you can "override" the bad habits.  That's the solution.
Don't want to be a fat ass anymore?  That "goal" isn't enough.  In fact, that's not even a "goal."  You have to want being slim and sexy much more than being a fat ass pisses you off.  And until the desire to be slim and sexy "overrides" the benefits of being "content" with being a fat ass due to the perks of overeating and being lazy then, unfortunately, a fat ass you'll remain until that happens.
(By the way, if I'm insulting any of you, it's because I'm trying to illustrate what I'm talking about in a way you'll actually understand.  The unfortunate part of not getting what you want in life is because you're not understanding how success works and/or you're not creating that"override" switch to make the changes you ultimately want.)
Bottom line, let's talk about what you want then we'll talk about how to get there.
Let's start mapping out your new future.
1)  What is it that you want?
Note:  For the purposes of this illustration, I'm going to assume that you want to be "financially free."  If that's not what you really want, let's go with it anyway.  However, chances are, that's probably what you actually want.
2)  Define what your desire actually means.
Note:  This would be the part that you become very specific about what you want.  Being "financially free" isn't a goal.  It's an illusion when you think about it.  You need something more specific and concrete like, "I want to be financially free, making $5,000 cash in my pocket after all business expenses per week, working from home."
3)  Find a realistic plan in which to make your desire come true.
Note:  You probably have run the gamut with the "scam business opportunities" like most MLM (multi-level marketing) or network marketing "plans," stuffing envelope schemes, and the many other "opportunity systems" that are only devised to make money for those selling you the bogus system.  What I mean by "realistic plan" means that there's nothing about it that screams "get-rich-quick" and it's a realistic, doable plan to make money.
4)  Create a "bite-size" step-by-step action plan based on the realistic plan you found.
Note:  This means breaking down your realistic plan (which may be just a "concept" and not really a plan) and putting it into doable steps for you to accomplish one by one.  The less intimidating the steps, the more apt you will be to complete each step.
5)  Being consistent with the process.
Note:  You do all of your outlined steps.  If you're not getting the result you had in mind, keep "tweaking" your plan until you get what you want.  The good news about seeing some money inflow from a plan, even if it's not even close to being enough, is that all you have to do is "tweak" while duplicating your efforts and you'll get to the financial goal you set for yourself.
If you recall, in both personal examples I've used, I indicated that I researched, studied, and learned what I could to get what I was aiming at or what I was trying to do.
When lining up any significant change, you have to start with the education needed to get to where you want to go.  None of us roll out of been and automatically have the information needed to get what we want, inserted overnight by some crazy form of dream osmosis.  (I wish!)
Instead, we have to do our "due diligence" to ultimately get what we've set out to do.  (I have a funny story to tell you guys...I'll tell you in a couple of days!)
The only reason I've committed to "sticking around" for another year (possibly less) is that I have some additional educational materials to disperse to my students before I exit stage left.  Until I've exhausted every avenue in which to teach you how to financially improve your life, I will remain in the picture.
Now, you're probably wondering..."Monica, why don't you just give all this stuff away for free?"
And here's why:
People who aren't "invested" in some way don't use the materials I present.  Period.  It's because they don't see the value in something for free and therefore do nothing with it.  Earlier in my teaching career I'd take on the couple of people here and there that would want to be my "project" that would ultimately turn into a testimonial for me.  Needless to say, I never got their testimonial because I'd give them the materials for free and they'd fall off the face of the earth.
To solidify this concept, I learned that this goes with every business out there.  We had a wholesale distributor buy several cases of our product with the intent on giving the boxes away to his retail locations for free.  His "theory" was that the stores would sell the product and quickly order more but paying for it the next time around.  I knew his theory was flawed and I was right.
What ended up happening?
The retail stores saw no value in the product they received for free so they never pushed the product to their customers.  Some threw the product in the back storeroom and didn't try to sell it at all.  This is what happens when someone isn't financially invested.  There is no value to them.
And this is why I can't do that to my students.  I'd actually be doing you a disservice by giving you my powerful information for free because you'd never use it, thus wasting your life away at a dead-end job forever and dying a miserable, broke death.
I can't do that to you.
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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Friday, February 14 2014
Good News...And Great News!

Happy Valentine's Day

Good News...and Great News!

Hi there!  I have to tell you that, overall, I have some pretty awesome students and I have to take the time out for a moment of appreciation.

For example, I have a handful of students who send me things during various times of the year including for my birthday in June, for Christmas, and for Valentine's Day.  So, for those of you who are consistently awesome like that, I'd like to say "Thank You" since I evidently forget to express my appreciation when it matters the most.

I feel good today and I don't know why.  This would be the day where people who are generally alone would be depressed.  But this Valentine's Day is awesome for a couple of different reasons:

1)  I'm very close to being "free" of Sh** Marriage #3.  (The actual "freedom date," as determined by the court, is March 15th so I'll be celebrating on that date for sure!)

2)  I actually have a date with the love of my life.  My daughter! (You'll see her picture above at her school Valentine's party!)  And nothing in my life is more important than she is.

So, what's the good news?  I don't know really.  Maybe it's that I feel -- from a personal perspective -- that my life is about to get really awesome.  And fast!

And the great news is that -- since the economy is rapidly progressing in the positive direction -- you are about to see somemajor life changes from a financial perspective in your own life.

It can't get any better than that, right?

"Life is Like a Box of Chocolates..."

Except for one thing, Forrest Gump.  In this box, you DO know which one you're going to get.

What do I mean?

It's like showing up to a roulette table in Vegas with a wad of money, knowing that you can put your chips on any number and you'll win each and every time.

If you read my post yesterday, you'd know what I'm talking about.

My "money spreadsheet" is what I'm talking about.

Take a look at a cropped version of a screenshot and you'll get that "flutter" in your stomach, knowing that your entire financial life is about to change!

Here's a link to a special video with the actual spreadsheets.  CLICK HERE!

Yeah, I know.  I'm awesome for providing you with something so life-changing and powerful for free!

In the meantime, enjoy your Valentine's Day.  Each chocolate.  Sniff flowers.  Eat dinner.  Do what you normally do.  By this time next year, the landscape of your life will be completely different.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Thursday, February 13 2014
Something strange happened.  And this isn't the first time this "weirdness" has happened in my office.
I typically keep a betta fish in my office.
Well, over the weekend, my fish Bart (short for Prosperity Bartholomew the Fourth...don't ask me where I got that name) just completely disappeared from a completely covered fish tank.
Where did he go?  Who knows?!
I did have an in-office training last week.  Maybe one of my students stuffed him in their pocket!  (LOL!  The thought of that is so stupid that I had to laugh!)
Strangely, this has happened to me a couple of times before where I'd have a completely encapsulated fish in a fish tank.  One moment he's there, the next he's vanished into thin air.
So, I'm trying to think back to the last time this happened to me.  The set up was much the same from what I recall.  It was a beta and it was in my office.  He was blue.  I believe it was my first Prosperity fish (or Prosperity Bartholomew the First).  And it disappeared over a weekend.
It's all coming back to me now.
I like how "cycles" in life work.  This last fish disappearance episode happened during my divorce and right before I started a new relationship.
Perhaps that disappearance was the first of two bookends.  And perhaps this last "fish disappearance" episode is the second of the two bookends...signifying the verge of a new chapter in my life.
Or closure.
And I can't wait!
However, it still doesn't explain the hard science behind how a fish can just disappear from a fish tank, if such a thing exists.
Of course, you can call me crazy.  However, Lea is the one who spotted the disappearance. She's a witness to the event and you can call her to verify that this actually happened!
It's been a crazy week all around starting off with discovering the disappearance of Bart then working it's way in with an African-American woman calling me a racist due to an email I sent on MLK's birthday...over 3 weeks ago!  (If you read the email, you'd know that it wasnowhere near "racist" and she's the only one who said anything about it out of 110,000 people that email was sent to.  I'm guessing she can't which case I have a recommendation called Hooked on Phonics.  It works really well in teaching people how to read, as sheclearly cannot.)
Then the week continued with more bullsh** including an "ultra lazy" student who had me design his weight loss websites which, please note, have been done since before Christmas. He deliberately chose to do nothing with these spectacular money-making websites by letting them "sit in Cyberspace" yet somehow I'm the problem.  He blasted me with a rude and uncalled for email, not only displaying his ignorance (because he couldn't figure out how to click the 'play' button on a YouTube video) but also signifying the all-too-typical level of laziness and refusal to take personal responsibility that I get from a segment of my students.
And this leads me back to a very significant detail:
You can't expect to "build it and they will come" with a website.  (Sorry, Kevin Costner.  Doesn't work like this.)
A website is like an island in the middle of nowhere.  It may be the "perfect paradise" for people to go to, whether they want to vacation or to live there permanently.  But nobody can possibly know of this awesome place if you don't inform the mass population about it!
That's what we call "marketing" and, in the web world, "driving traffic."
Pretty clear and easy to understand, right?
Except that I guess I'm responsible for doing that for my students who are the same ones too lazy to build their website in the first place so, why would anyone possibly expect that they'd advertise their site after it's built for them?  (I know...what was I thinking?!)
Okay, so maybe they don't know what to do.
Now to the point of this post:
If you don't know how to generate thousands of dollars per week with a very easy-to-create website selling a simple and easy-to-get product then you can learn how to do that.  Right now!
I just finished off a 2-day in-office training event.  You know, the one where my office fish Bart went officially missing?
At that event, I did something very special in preparation for my Underground Secret Event in Los Angeles next month.  I put together a very tight presentation on an Aggressive Income Strategy that you can do from home using what I call offline-to-online marketing.
What is this strategy?
It's the strategy you need to use in conjunction with a website.  Any website!
You have an online presence (your website) which, again, is like an island that nobody knows about and will never know anything about until you inform them of its existence.  Then you have an offline presence (the "secret profit strategy") to drive traffic to that island so you can essentially "write your own check" in any dollar amount you want.
I have a screenshot of part of my "money spreadsheet" that I think you should check out by going to this link:
This spreadsheet is incredible and I'd consider it life-changing.  It shows you exactly how much money you can put in your pocket.  And yes, this is after all expenses are paid.
You can choose to make this amount (or more) each week, each month, each quarter...orwhatever you choose!  And again, this is pure profit after all expenses are paid out!
As you know (or may not know), my 2-day in-office event last week was for learning the exact and precise steps in starting and building a multi-million-dollar distribution profit business.
But...I slid this powerful Aggressive Income Profit System presentation in on Day 2 of this power-packed event.  It was unplanned and it turned out to be so extraordinary that each person who attended the event not only demanded this "money spreadsheet" from me but they're all planning to start a "side" business to be able to make the money I outlined!
The good news for you is that the videos of this event are now available!  You can get the full training on DVD plus this powerful "money spreadsheet" on a CD-ROM.
And this "money spreadsheet" can literally change your life forever.  In fact, I'll go so far as to say that it's better than winning the lottery!
See you at the top!
Your mentor,
Monica Main
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Tuesday, February 04 2014
The Picture That Changed EVERYTHING

How One Moment Can Change Everything!

There's something pivotal that happened to me this past weekend and it revolves around the picture (below). 

First of all, to fill you in on this picture, this is a pastel chalk drawing that my daughter who, let me remind you, is 5 1/2 years old, did in her very first art class.

Proud mama?  Yes.

But I'm not just showing off her seemingly innate talent for art at such a young age.  (Because that's pretty freaking good, don't you think?)

No, that piece of art actually opened a door for me in understanding what is truly important...and what isn't.

What is important?  Following your bliss.
What isn't important?  All the crap that you don't want to be doing with your life right now...which you're probably doing right now!

Did You Know...

You're Probably on the Wrong Path in Your Life?

I spend every waking hour making sure my daughter is well prepared for her many years of adulthood ahead of her from financial stability to education to being street smart to understanding how to rely on herself (instead of a man) and everything in between.

I think in a seminar one time I mentioned that my main goal was to provide financial stability for my daughter (and yes, even spoil her) because of a couple of different reasons:

1)  I had nothing growing up and now, to this day, I have "issues" feeling like I deserve anything.  Yes, even still!  Those doubts never go away no matter how successful you become, unfortunately.  (You can take the girl out of the south side of Chicago but you can't take the south side of Chicago out of the girl.)  So, I want her to not only believe but to know (without any doubt) that she deserves whatever she wants in life.  That will go a long way for her.

2)  I want her to have the ability to follow her dreams.  I mentioned in a seminar to my students that none of us really know why we're here until we get rolling with some type of momentum, age a little, grow wise (or not), and live a little.  I also mentioned that, even though I spoil my daughter and have tried my best to make things easy for her, maybe it's so she can spend her life creating watercolor paintings by the sea...or whatever she wants to do.

Little did I know that I truly had a little artist on my hands.

I have this beautiful little spirit that decided to come to me when I though I had a purpose...and realized that I didn't have a life at all before she arrived.

My job is to help guide her.

And I would be a complete liar if I told her that it was okay to waste her life away doing something that she hates...for money.

But telling somebody something is different than demonstratingsomething to someone.  People can only believe you when you show that you are walking the walk instead of just talking about it.

This is why I divorced her deadbeat father.  I couldn't realistically tell the girl to become independent and that it's unacceptable to schlep a deadbeat guy around through life when that's exactly what I was doing with her dad.

So, gone he went.

Now we're at a new crossroads because I have a disparity I must balance for both her and myself.

I love writing.  But I also love being an entrepreneur which includes training/teaching people awesome life-changing stuff.

So...what does one do?

I don't know.  I'll let you know when I fully figure it out.

Here's what I'd like to do:

1)  Spend more time with my daughter while working fewer hours; practice the 80/20 Rule (doing the 20% that gets my my 80% in results instead of the other way around).

2)  Pursue certain dreams that I've had on the back burner for a couple of decades already.  (Time really does fly, doesn't it?)

The good news:  I can do both because I've created the Aggressive Income that I need to do whatever the hell I want to do without being "tied down" anymore.

But...enough about me.  Let's talk about you!

You probably haven't felt like you've been on the "right path" for some time now and it's time for you to make some critical decisions!

Time to change all that.

No, it's not going to be as simple as winning $100 million in the lottery and sailing off into the sunset.  Although I really do wish that was the case.

But it'll be just as good, if not better, because you earned it.


What's the plan to get you on the "right path"?

Well, first of all, I don't know what your "right path" is.  But finding it (and ultimately walking down it) is a whole hell of a lot easier when you're not worried about paying bills and putting food on the table.

Especially when you'll only need to "work" about 20 hours a week to do all that.

The rest of the time can be figuring out what you want to do "when you grow up."

This is what I'm already doing now.  I'm not working my full schedule anymore and I'm "cracking down" on all my dreams that I thought evaded me when it turns out...I've been evading my dreams.

And it's a lot easier to pursue your bliss and dreams when you have boatloads of money coming in while working part time.

This is the key of what I'll be talking about at my Underground Secret Event on March 7th and 8th in Los Angeles.

Basically, in a nutshell, how to finally become free.

Yes, free.

Free of a sh** job.  Free of a sh** life.

Free to live the life you want on your terms without an alarm clock, without freeway traffic, without co-workers that make you fantasize about committing homicide (or maybe you did that on the freeway on your way to work), and without ever having to worry about making another mortgage payment on time again.

That's what I call "free," ladies and gentlemen!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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