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Friday, February 28 2020

I'm pretty sure I started warning everyone that this was coming...back in late summer of 2016.  Then the "reports" came out after the close of the 3rd and 4th quarters of 2016 substantiating everything I said: that the "sub-prime" credit bubble was set to burst.  Again.

And now the numbers are worse than ever before, even to the point where Warren Buffet decided to sell off his stake in Wells Fargo, a noted sub-prime lender of all kinds of sub-prime debt including car loans, signature loans, home mortgages, etc.

Apparently nobody learned ANYTHING from pre-2008.  And if they did learn any lessons, they've certainly forgotten them already.

As of the close of the 4th quarter 2017, approximately 6 million people (all with credit scores below 620) were 3 or more months late on their car payments.  Even worse, car loans are STILL being made to people with FICO scores of around 520.  These people shouldn't be given a loan for ANYTHING let alone a new (or used) car.  This is when the beginning of the new "credit bubble" became apparent.

And yes, banks have already restricted lending on -- you guessed it -- REAL ESTATE because they have to start hedging their bets against the astronomical losses on all kinds of loans that they're already taking.

Fast forward to today...the real estate market has been really soft in market leading areas like Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York...for AT LEAST a year or longer.  The stock market has been sucking wind for awhile.

And we've all been holding our breath, waiting for that "one little thing" which would be the "tipping point."  All of us in the financial world knew it would be something but never would we have guessed it to be a rapid-spreading deadly flu out of China.

This is the tipping point.


Well, your largest manufacturing country in the world has shut down production where it counts and you'll start to notice this as things on the shelves of Walmart vanish, making it look like a store in Russia after a natural disaster...with nothing left to be had on the shelves.  Prices will go up.  After all, it's the basic rule of "supply and demand."  And this will begin rattling the economy at it's core, namely the bottom-dwellers or those living paycheck to paycheck as is.

Don't believe me?  Just wait another few weeks, if that.  If you haven't noticed already, you will.  Products that you took for granted that would always be cheap and available on store shelves will no longer be available.  Or it will be 3 times what you're used to paying.  Multiply that by thousands of your favorite widely-used products that you depend on and...well, that's a recipe for personal bankruptcy.

But, did you know that instead of suffering with the rest of the commoners or the "lower 85%" of the pyramid, you could actually MAKE MONEY quickly as the market drops?  Yes, in fact, there's never been a time to make faster money than when the market drops like a lead balloon.

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And no, this is definitely NOT for everybody.  But, this COULD BE FOR YOU!


See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Wednesday, February 26 2020

Many people who don't have stocks, bonds, options or anything else having to do with the stock market think, "Oh, at least I won't be affected by the recent biggest drop in stock market history."

But think again.

This is EXACTLY what people back in the Great Depression thought during the stock market crash on Black Friday in 1929.

"I don't have any stocks so therefore I'm immune..."

Immune from losing your job?  From not being able to sell things because nobody is buying anymore?  Immune from WHAT exactly?

In fact, back then, if you actually talked to anyone in the soup lines back during the Great Depression of the early 1930s, you'd quickly realize that MOST didn't even own one stock.  (Quite a few who DID own stock ended up jumping off a building and killing themselves after the crash of 1929, saving themselves the humiliation of standing in a soup line at all.)

Now, the way I see it (and as a short disclaimer, I'm not part of the Psychic Friends Network and I don't have a crystal ball) but usually when we're hit very hard with a recession (as we did after the crash of 2008) then the next one is usually -- USUALLY but not always -- an "easier" recession.  However, you usually don't get a full on "crash" to kick of the next few years as being "mild," if you know what I mean.  So this could go either way.

And yes, I've been warning you about this for about 3 years now.  And yes, I told you so.

So, how does this tie in to YOU exactly?  Ah!  This is when all the opportunities will start flurrying around.   For real estate, foreclosures come back into the picture.  (They have been already for a little while now.)  More inventory comes on the market.  Prices drop because of the overabundance of inventory on the market.

But...let's talk about ANOTHER that maybe you haven't considered yet.

And THIS opportunity could make you money a lot faster.  In fact, when the market drops, you can potentially make money super fast.

What am I talking about?  CLICK HERE and find out.

This is NOT for everybody, that's for sure.  It's only for a handful of you who really like this kind of investing opportunity.


In the meantime, instead of being depressed about the recession coming up, be happy.  Recessions are when I make the most money and it can be when you make the most money too!  And with this opportunity, you could become very wealthy very quickly IF you know how to play your cards right!


See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Monday, February 10 2020

Sometimes there's good and bad in everything.

As in the case with all my Aggressive Income Business Strategies, namely my Money Funnel Secrets...

I've found out that not only am I the ONLY one out there actually teaching this stuff -- using the REAL methods in making money online -- BUT...that I'm also the only one actually BUILDING your Money Funnel Business FOR YOU!

So...what does one do in a situation like this?

Well, there IS a way through this and out the other side.  It's something I've done in the past when I've created too much of my own competition.

And that is to RESTRICT the amount of people that can get into new trainings AND to stop doing the trainings for awhile...usually for several years.

This is the case with my newest Money Funnel Strategies.  Time to pull in the reigns a little...or A LOT in this case.  How do I plan on doing this?

I just finished my 100K Mastery Group and decided that I'll be doing ONE MORE (starting tomorrow) and this will be it.  I won't be doing any more of these!


First of all, there are so many moving parts that it takes so much energy out of me to get everybody's business fully up and running by the second segment of this group, which is EXACTLY what we'll be doing in this next (and last) 100K Mastery Mentorship Group.

But the MAIN reason I cannot do anymore of these groups:  I actually build out your entire business FOR you.  This is a VERY RARE opportunity for me to build out ALL of your money funnels FOR YOU which is something I've never done before the 100K Mastery Group...and something I'll never do again (because I just don't have the time).

To find out all about this group, you can CLICK HERE for the 100K Secret Training.  And when you're ready to enroll in this LAST EVER group, CLICK HERE before it's too late!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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Saturday, February 08 2020

I'm in the process of rebuilding my office staff when I took the chance in hiring someone way past her prime, convinced that her mature "experience" in life would be useful to me and my company.  I even ignored the blatant look of fatigue, as if life beat the crap out of her many times over.

And ignoring her severe obesity.  After all, anybody who doesn't have enough respect that their own body knowing it has to last 70+ years doesn't have enough respect for anything else in life.

And ignoring her embellished references, all from people who seemingly lied about her qualifications and having worked with her.

And ignoring her sense of urgency.  Because she claimed, all of a sudden (after 2 solid years of unemployment), that there was another job offer on the table.

But...what the hell?!  Why not give her a shot, right?  Maybe I'll be pleasantly surprised!


Within the first day, I could tell that she had no interest in following directions.  Okay, well, maybe she's hard of hearing too, I thought.  She is older, after all.

Nope.  Turned out that she's lazy as f*** on top of wanting to take frequent cigarette breaks because, well...why work when you can stand in the parking lot smoking like a chimney, doing nothing but watching the birds fly by?  Much better than working, after all.

And I should mention that I get migraine headaches instantly upon smelling cigarette smoke that she drafted in the door after her frequent smoke breaks.  Gag!

But, then she lied to me.  And that was the straw.

The day before, she had asked me if I shut my computers off at night.  I said no.  We don't ever shut them off.  "Well, at my last job..."  Blah, blah, blah.  Nobody cares about your last job, which ended 2 years ago.  We don't shut the computers off here.  Okay?

I then had her doing some data entry into my accounting system.  Once she left the desk, I figured I'd hop onto that same computer to cut a quick check.  Except the computer was OFF.  What the hell?!  I said to her, "I thought I mentioned that I don't turn my computers off."  And she said, "I didn't shut the computer off.  It must've shut off by itself."

Oh, okay.  So, I've had that particular computer on for several months straight, only rebooting it before the holiday season for an update, and then suddenly -- after her fat ass was sitting in the chair in front of it -- the computer decides to shut off by itself the moment she leaves the desk?  Yeah...okay.  I'm sure that happened.

Now, I understand people make mistakes.  That's okay.  Just say something like, "Oh, I'm sorry.  Just a force of habit.  I won't do it again."  Or something to take personal responsibility.

Not this washed up hag.  (No wonder she's been unemployable for more than 2 years.  Nobody wants to hire her.  Shame on me for giving her a chance when my gut told me NO!!)

After I told her nicely that I didn't think she was fitting in, she snatched her check from my hand and stormed out like a 3-year-old having a meltdown in the candy aisle at Walmart.  And this woman was OLD.  (Makes you wonder if some people just don't have the capability of maturing in this lifetime.)

The next day (after her termination) she decided to write me a nasty text message, stating that she was online for 18 hours doing "research" and is glad that she doesn't work for me anymore.  I could have saved her the 18 hours because all of her "research" is in my book The Lost chapter 15 to be exact.  The same book I gave her to read 3 weeks before hiring her (and the same book she lied stating she had read).  It would have taken her 18 minutes to read everything she needed to know about me, even if she was a super slow reader.  But...well, she had to justify her uselessness some making me out to be the bad guy instead of taking any kind of personal responsibility.  (And I wondered why she chose to research me for 18 hours after she was fired instead of for the 3 solid weeks she had before she was hired.  Oh's hard to figure mentally challenged people out, isn't it?)

After that whole debacle, I thought about what a sad sack of sh** this lady is and how the likelihood that she'll find a decent job at her washed up age is about 3.5 %.  Maybe less.  She's done.  She has no future with any decent employment, as nobody wants someone with minimal skills who is over-the-hill, is severely overweight, has a sour puss miserable attitude all day, thinks everybody owes her a living for barely-scraping-by minimal work, and smokes like a train.

I wondered to myself, "What kinds of options does someone of this caliber have to make a living?"

The answer:  NONE.  Not with an employer, for sure.  Their ONLY option would be to become self-reliant and self-employed in some way.

Of course, this woman is much too lazy for self-reliance and self-employment.  She could begin with some personal development, starting with shedding 200 lbs. while hitting those Nicotine patches.  But, again, she's much too lazy for any of that.  And surely it's someone else's fault that she's obese and smokes.  It's probably McDonald's fault for showing too many commercials.  And it's probably the devil on her left shoulder's fault for aiming a gun to her head while handing her a pack of cigarettes.  And she's clearly not "hungry" enough for success.  (Eating 10 Big Macs a day doesn't leave many people hungry.)

But the bottom line is this: without a desire and without a blueprint for success...there is NO FUTURE.  Especially for those who are "over the hill" in today's job market.  And for different industries, "over the hill" can be anywhere from 40 and up!  Maybe even younger in some industries.


If you don't have the desire to be successful, you'll never be successful.

If you don't have a road map or blueprint for success, you'll never be successful.

But what if I told you that you only need to bring ONE of the above things to the table?

That's right.  All you'd need to bring is DESIRE.  And I can bring the success blueprint or road map to the table.

CLICK HERE to find out what I'm talking about.

I did a recent training and I'd like you to check it out!

CLICK HERE NOW!  This could change absolutely everything for you!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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