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Wednesday, January 11 2023

The other day I let you know that I'd reveal a secret strategy having to do with the changes in the real estate market...and how you can make money as the market falls off a cliff.

This is earth-shattering stuff, folks.  And I'm about to reveal a small whiff of what to expect in 2023 with real estate at my webinar that will be taking place later this week.  (If you didn't register for this webinar yet, CLICK HERE NOW.)

Now, one thing I've been going on and on about over the years is grabbing up as many cash flowing properties as possible.  Except that just wasn't easy to do in the past several years as the market kept getting higher and higher.  And it's always a bad idea to buy real estate at the peak of the market because most people find themselves financially underwater the second they close escrow.

But right now, there's something different happening in the economy (and I'm sure you've noticed).

There are two (2) "perfect storm" elements that we haven't seen since around 2012 or 2013 that are NOW HERE if you want to grab up some cash flowing properties to give you a lifetime of passive income.

Element #1:  Higher interest rates.  It may seem counterintuitive but this is actually a good thing.  This reverts the real estate market back into a buyer's market.  And it's during a buyer's market when you find discounted prices on cash flowing property deals...discounts NOT available during a seller's market.  So, yes, the interest rates are higher but the DISCOUNTS you'll be able to get on the purchase price of these properties will be much lower, offsetting the higher interest rates.

Element #2:  Recession.  Yes, we're in a recession.  And we've actually been in a recession for quite some time.  However, with all the free pandemic money that was flying around, it offered a false "band-aid" that just glossed over the financial troubles that many people -- including small and medium-sized businesses -- were experiencing because of the pandemic.

Because of these two major elements, the sh*t is about to hit the fan.

But...instead of chewing your fingernails or having a heart attack, I have a plan for you to profit and prosper in a major way.


This is powerful stuff!

Even better, I'm giving you "the farm" for only $27...but this deal is ending really soon.


See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main


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