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Discover How You Can Acquire Millions of Dollars in the "New Economy" Using Cutting-Edge Aggressive Income Strategies That Can Take You from $0 to Millionaire in the Shortest Amount of Time Possible!

Monica Main is a serial entrepreneur with loads of experience in all types of businesses and investments.  With the rapidly changing economy mutating as we speak, it's no longer an option to think you'll be able to get a college degree and work your way up the corporate ladder with the hopes of retiring with a nice pension and a gold watch after 25 years of service.  That lie has finally been exposed!  Even those with government jobs who believed they were "immune" to economy shifts are now finding that their retirement benefits and pensions are starting to evaporate while they're in retirement!!  It's no longer an option to dedicate your life to a corporation just to find that the end of the road is nothing but a huge DEAD END!  Start working for yourself instead.  Write your own paychecks in life.  There's no better form of financial freedom than creating your own financial way through life!

Watch These 2 Powerful Videos Below on How to Start Designing a NEW LIFE for Yourself in 2017!


There have been some MAJOR CHANGES in the economy in the past handful of years that has completely and permanently changed our economic world as we know it!

For just under two decades, I've been a successful real estate investor.  And for the past 15 years, I've been teaching students how to invest in residential-commercial (apartment building) and commercial-commercial real estate.  I've had tens of thousands of students over the years with too many success stories to count.

Real estate is an extremely powerful way of making a fortune as a vehicle for PASSIVE INCOME.  It's not only helped multi-millionaires and billionaires retain their wealth but it's successfully allowed for the "little guy" to build massive wealth from scratch.  The problem has always been that most people take the wrong route to try to become a successful real estate investor.  Making big loads of cash in PASSIVE INCOME real estate is NOT in the single-family properties.  It's in commercial properties.  Residential-commercial properties (apartment buildings) to be exact!

However, for the first time since I started training students in real estate investing, I am now taking a step back and re-analyzing the market.  What I've found in my analysis is that the wealth-building process has changed and in 2016, I'm now focusing on Passive Income Strategies for the remaining balance of this year.

What is Aggressive Income vs. Passive Income?

Passive Income comes from an investment such as real estate.  This happens when you buy an income-producing property that gives you an income through rent/leases.  There is very little you can do to alter (increase) this monthly income except for using "value-add" strategies on your property (i.e. adding a laundry facility and snack/soda machines to increase the property's monthly income) and by waiting out time (since rents will increase due to inflation...but this takes many years to see a sizeable increase in rents).

The problem with becoming a beginning real estate investor right now is that there is a challenge with finding property inventory.  Many of the "heavy hitter" real estate investors have swooped up every "good" property deal out there, leaving very little (if anything) to be had.  Even more challenging for a new real estate investor just starting out is that -- unlike years ago when you could get in with "no cash and no credit" investing strategies -- in order to be able to compete as an investor, you have to put some cash down into your real estate deals if you're going to "beat out" or "compete with" more seasoned real estate investors.

Plus...the economy is starting to ramp up quickly.  Yes, we're pulling out of our recession very quickly.  In some areas of the country, we're not in a recession at all (such as in areas like Southern California where I live).

This means that now is the time for you to participate in Aggressive Income Strategies where you get out there and start a lucrative income-producing small business where you can cash in big by scaling it to any size you want.

There are 2 reasons you should focus on Aggressive Income Strategies for 2017 and beyond:

Reason #1:  Making money in a "hot economy" is as easy as falling off a log but only if you have some type of product or service to sell to people.  (Selling products is always much better because products are easily "duplicatable" but services are not.)

Reason #2:  Building wealth with real estate will always be an awesome method to get wealthy but right now you need some cash to get involved in real estate deals.  Using Aggressive Income Strategies will get you that cash and, as a smart entrepreneur, you'll use a percentage of that cash to funnel directly into Passive Income real estate deals.  By using this method, you can potentially retire in 36 months or less by essentially quadrupling your wealth-building leverage!

How are you "quadrupling" your wealth-building leverage?

First of all, not just any Aggressive Income Strategy is financially productive or considered a viable money-making channel.  My Aggressive Income wealth-building strategies can double your Aggressive Income wealth-building efforts because; (1) they require very little money to start, and (2) you can start making money extremely fast as long as you follow my step-by-step blueprints in the exact order they are laid out.

Then, you double your efforts on the backend via Passive Income Strategies by, again, not just throwing money at any type of real estate investment that may be sitting out there but by using a precise real estate income-building blueprint investing in specific types of real estate properties.

"Where Should I Start?"

This is, perhaps, the most commonly asked question we get in our office on a daily basis.

First, you really have to do some soul-searching to find out what your personal goals are and how you want to reach those goals.  I have so many students ask me..."Monica, what should I do?"  The problem is that I can't tell you what to do.  I don't know you personally and I can't say, "Start investing in real estate."  Or..."Why don't you start an online home-based business?"

Everyone has their own desires in life.  Everyone has their own goals.  And if you don't have any goals or don't quite know what to do, you need to start figuring it all out...and quick!

First...Figure Out Your Financial Freedom Point

Here's a tool to help you get started.  I call it finding your Financial Freedom Point.  The general idea of this exercise is to find out what you need monthly to support your current household.  Please note that I indicated that you are looking for that financial dollar amount to support your "current" household and not your "future" household.  (At least not yet, anyway!)

You can get my free PDF page to start figuring out those monthly expenses.  CLICK HERE to download the PDF of the worksheet.

Once you figure out what your Financial Freedom Point is -- or the monthly dollar amount you need to pull in each month in order to quit your job and to successfully support your current household expenses -- you now have an idea of at least the amount of money you need to be making each month.  That's the first step.

You can also download another PDF worksheet called Your New Life TimelineCLICK HERE to download this powerful worksheet.

Finding Your "New Life" Quickly!

The general idea of this worksheet is to fill in your Financial Freedom Point (which you established by filling out the first worksheet) and then finding a realistic "I Quit!" date (which is the date you want to quit your current job or business that you hate).  This date needs to be out at least 18 months away but within the next 36 months.  Dates that are too far into the future (past 36 months) don't give you enough motivation, drive or ambition for you to reach your goal.  Dates that are shorter than 18 months are too fast and can create disappointment (and lack of drive) if you don't succeed fast enough.

Next, choose a date in between today's date and your "I Quit!" date...right in the middle.  If your "I Quit!" date is 18 months away, the "mid point" date would be in 9 months from today.

In the upper portion of this worksheet, you'll see 2 different boxes.  The box to the left says "Aggressive Income" and the box to the right says "Passive Income."  As you can see, the arrow goes from Aggressive to Passive Income, meaning that your focus will be to take a portion of your Aggressive Income and funnel it directly into your Passive Income section.

Your job will be to find which Aggressive Income Strategies are most suited for you and then find which Passive Income Strategies interest you the most.

"What Options for Aggressive Income Do I Have, Monica?"

Glad you asked!

I show my students 2 extremely powerful and profitable ways to Aggressive Income.

I have my Aggressive Income Strategies which show students how to build an online and/or offline home-based business that can generate profits relatively quickly.  No, this isn't about "affiliate" marketing, MLM, or other outdated online (and offline) money-making strategies.  Everything I show my students is 100% relevant to right now and based on my high-level of successful experience with these profit-generating techniques.

Starting a small home-based business using New Wealth Ninja is a low-cost, fast set-up means of setting up your own Aggressive Income generating business that can make anywhere from a couple thousand a month to upwards of $60,000 a some of my students have been able to attain!

And then there is Aggressive Income on Steriods and Speed!

If you are ready to up the ante and get some major income in (and yet you are willing to put in the time, effort, work, and energy required), you can jump into the million-dollar or more profit-generating bracket with my Distribution Profit System.  This can start out as a low-cost home-based business but, if you plan on getting into that million-dollar or more threshold, plan on growing your business out of your house.  This means eventually making the commitment of having employees and overhead (yet enjoying some massive profits)!

Of course, you can keep your Distribution Business small (home-based) but once you get on a financial roll, you'll continue to grow and grow.  If this is not the strategy you want (and would prefer to stay at home with no overhead) then stick with the Money Funnel Strategies.

"What If I Want to Make Money with Passive Income Real Estate?"

You can become a real estate investor without working my Aggressive Income Strategies but you have to understand some things first.

1)  You can't just invest in any type of real estate.  Your most profitable type of real estate investing will be with multifamily, primarily with apartment buildings.

2)  You can still do "no-cash-no-credit" deals with "owner financing" (now called short-term lease options) but they are a little harder to make work than using bank funding.  Instead, I recommend working with finding investor partners (which can be done with my Raising Capital System) and/or getting business credit for down payment money (which can be done with my Build Business Credit FAST! System).

3)  With the new 144A 100% LTV Bond Funding Program, you can finally get financed/funding for 100% of the LTV!  For more information on this program, CLICK HERE.  You'll have to use my special broker to get this type of deal done and his information is located in the Million-Dollar Resource Directory in my course:  Apartment Riches 2017 System.

WARNING:  Whichever method you want to start with (Passive vs. Aggressive), you need to start fixing/rebuilding your personal credit in order to make either type of business work in the long run.  My Personal Credit Course is the most successful course out there and I have a high rate of successful students who have been able to boost their FICO scores hundreds of points in just a few months!

Can or Should Someone Really Start Investing in Residential-Commercial (Apartment Buildings) or Commercial-Commercial Properties with Little or No Experience in Real Estate Investing?

Many inexperienced and new investors feel intimidated by starting off their investing careers with commercial real estate.  My advice: why not skip the b.s. and go directly to where all the multi-millionaires are?  After all, do you think millionaires and billionaires with tons of investment holdings waste their time with single-family residences?  No, they don't!

You don't have to be intimidated by getting started with the "Big Boys" right away.  If anything, be grateful that you didn't dilly-dally around wasting time with single-family homes that won't pay off in the short- or long-run.

I know I have a lot of informational education products to choose from.  Many new students who want to start the process of building wealth through real estate immediately want to know where to start first.

Start By Fixing and Rebuilding Personal Credit

First, believe it or not, I recommend that you start fixing your personal credit if you have a low personal FICO score.  If you don't know if you have good personal credit or not, I suggest that you check by going to and getting all 3 of your credit reports for $39.95 which also includes getting all of your personal FICO scores as well.  If your "mid" (middle) score isn't at 680 or above then you need to fix and build your credit.

It's not enough to just "fix" bad credit.  You also have to "build" good credit at the same time.  I have a phenomenal set of workshop videos that include some amazing details that I've never revealed before on all aspects of credit including some very unorthodox and borderline legal ways of having the worst things removed off your credit within 90 days.  For more information on this incredible set of videos, click here.  I also have a Personal Credit Course that shows the basics.  However, I recommend the videos over the course just because there are so many powerful details that I've never revealed before I did the videos (in February of 2013).

Why do you need good personal credit?

Two very important reasons:

1)  You need good personal credit (with a FICO of 680 or above) to be able to qualify for the lowest-interest commercial (and residential) mortgage programs.  If you're a serious real estate investor, you'll need a decent personal credit FICO to get financing, even if you plan on financing the property under a business.

2)  If you want to build business credit to gain access to unsecured lines of credit ranging from $100,000 to $500,000, you'll need a good solid personal credit "base" in order to qualify for these large lines of business credit.  And if you're starting off in the real estate investing game, regardless of whether you want to flip SFR (single-family residence) properties for a profit (as I cover in my Real Estate Cash Flow System) or to purchase commercial properties for passive income profits, you'll need some CASH if you don't already have the money lying around in a bank account for these property acquisitions.  If you don't have the cash, you'll have to borrow it.  In order to borrow LARGE lines of credit, you'll have to build and establish business credit at the same time as fixing/rebuilding your personal credit.

Again, consider the workshop videos here to be able to learn how to do all of the above.  Or you can consider my online download course which covers personal and business credit by clicking here.

"Aside from Credit, Where Should I Start with Real Estate Investing?"

I usually recommend that everyone start with my basic Apartment Riches System.  It was just updated for 2017.  This shows you step-by-step methods on how to acquire apartment buildings with no cash and no credit.  I even include loads of money resources for funding.  Apartment buildings offer the most stable passive income cash flows because, regardless of what's going on with the economy, you'll be able to derive an income from your apartment buildings.  (This is much more stable than other types of asset classes such as office buildings, industrial warehouse properties, etc.)

For students who like to work with SFRs (single-family residences), especially the NEW flipping opportunity that is NOW available to us (that wasn't for the past 7 years), you can build up your "money pot" for passive income real estate deals (such as apartment buildings) by "flipping your way to a fortune."  My latest course, the Real Estate Cash Flow System, can show you how to take advantage of this short-lived opportunity including giving you a source to get 100% funding PLUS rehab money needed for your flip deals.  CLICK HERE for more information on this super hot opportunity.

Of course, as you start investing, you will want to bolster your chances of getting conventional loans for your property deals.  If you have poor credit (and even if you have great credit), you need to start the process of building business credit.  This can easily be done within 6 months through my Build Business Credit FAST! course.

"What About Your Commercial Investing Course?"

I also have my Commercial Cash Flow System but this course is NOT recommended for those who are not "seasoned" as residential-commercial (apartment building) investors.  This economic climate is now perfect for jumping in on commercial-commercial properties (like retail strip malls, office buildings, industrial warehouse, etc.).  But as a newbie investor, your better bet will always be multifamily properties including MHPs (mobile home parks).

By the way, I religiously update and upgrade the contents of each one of my courses annually.  If you order any of my courses and sign up on my email update system, you will be notified by email (and given access to) my newest up-to-date course materials.

Please note that the only type of "commercial-commercial" real estate I'm recommending right now is self-storage investing.  I just released the latest cash flow course called Self-Storage Cash Flow System.  If you're interested in a highly profitable means of investing in commercial real estate, self-storage is definitely your best bet.

Multi-Unit Cash Flow System

"What is your Newest Real Estate System?"

My absolute newest real estate course is my Real Estate Cash Flow System which talks about flipping and profiting from SFRs.  My absolute newest "commercial" real estate systems are my Self-Storage Cash Flow System and Multi-Unit Cash Flow System.  Before the release of this course, I released my best-selling Personal Credit Building Course around the same time as my Grant Writing Course, which includes my Grant Writer Pro software as a free bonus.  This system gives you step-by-step strategies on getting free government grant money for real estate deals and for new business enterprises.

My other fairly new and highly popular system is my Mobile Home Park Cash Flow System.  It's the ideal way for the new investor to get started because you can easily do it with no cash and no credit because of the abundance of owner/seller financing available.  While partial or 100% owner/seller financing deals are harder to find with apartment building or other commercial property deals, they are very easy to structure and orchestrate with mobile home parks.  CLICK HERE for more information!  There is also a new MHP 8-week mentorship group for the Mobile Home Park Cash Flow System.

Other opportunities that you may want to consider: my newest and hottest course called the "Commercial Bird-Dogging Bonanza" where you can learn how to "bird-dog" for investors and get paid huge referral fees for finding property deals.  This is an excellent way for a new investor to get started who feels insecure with the no-cash-no-credit strategy and would like to walk into a deal with a down payment.  You can do this by making anywhere from $50,000 to $500,000 on your average bird-dog deal.  However, you better sink that money into a property deal otherwise you will get raked over the coals with capital gains taxes!

You can also "flip" properties using the bird-dog method.  Why get a "finder's fee" when you can purchase the property as a 100% cash buyer and then immediately flip it to an "end" buyer (investor) for even bigger profits?  Click on the bird-dogging link above for a full explanation on how this works.

And the newest addition to my course family is my Raising Capital System that can show you how to get cash from private investors.  It's gotten harder and harder for new investors to get funds for real estate through conventional lenders because of the stricter lending criteria.  Private money and angel investor funds allows the new investor access to cash for deals without bank red tape.  It's the hottest means for the investor to gain instant access to unlimited funds.

"How Can I Stop Spinning My Wheels and Start Attracting Money into My Life?"

My other newest release is my Ultimate Wealth Attraction course.  Many people jump into a business or money making endeavor but yet never really grasp what's really needed to allow money to enter their lives.  This means that many people find themselves trying and trying yet seeing no financial success.  They essentially "spin their wheels" for the rest of their lives and wonder why they tried so hard and got nowhere.

My Ultimate Wealth Attraction course is like no other self-help course out there.  My techniques and strategies are those that I had used personally in my own "rags-to-riches" story and I still use my wealth mind-set secrets today.  These secrets can help you attract wealth into your life effortlessly!

My newest product addition is my Wealth-Sync Hypnosis SystemThis is a cutting edge system to help you remove any and all blocks you have in attaining wealth and success in your life.  So far it has a 100% success rate.  If you find that you are beating your head up against the wall and wondering why success always eludes you, consider diving into my Wealth-Sync System to remove those obstacles within 8 weeks or less!

Wealth-Sync Hypnosis System

Remember...We're in a "New Economy"

The fact is that we are in a New Economy.  Things have drastically shifted from the world we knew once before.  It's no longer a viable option to get a job, climb the corporate ladder, and retire in 25 years with a gold watch, a pension and a monthly Social Security check.  Many Baby Boomers have found that this entire idea or concept they built their lives on was nothing more than a lie.  People my age in the Gen-X crowd have all realized that there probably won't be a pension system (except for government employees) and there certainly won't be a monthly Social Security check for us.

There are ways in the New Economy to build a successful home-based business using the New Wealth Ninja strategies.  This will help you sustain your current lifestyle without a job or help you build cash for your passive income assets (i.e. real estate) OR BOTH!  For the complete New Wealth Ninja Cash Flow System, CLICK HERE!

You'll also want to check out 2 intense hands-on in-office training sessions I did recently.  The first one really focused on setting up an online (and offline, if you choose) health supplement business.  The videos from this event is available by CLICKING HERE.  The second one focused on information publishing, mostly online, with first-ever-revealed secrets and strategies on how I was able to build a multi-million-dollar information publishing business.  You can get these videos by CLICKING HERE.

I believe one of my best courses that I've created is called the Distribution Profit System which is brand new for 2013.  I consider this part of my New Wealth Ninja series even though it's a "stand-alone" course, meaning that no other elements are necessary or required to understand or profit from the Distribution Profit System.  This course is very unique because it covers an incredible means of Aggressive Income that, unlike most home-based business-types covered in the regular New Wealth Ninja series, the Distribution Profit System can make you a multi-millionaire and even a multi-billionaire if you follow it correctly.  It takes work to pull it off but if you have the willingness and enthusiasm to do it, the sky's the limit for you.  Since the elements of the course are so unique, I recommend you read all about it by CLICKING HERE.

"When and Where is Your Next Boot Camp Seminar Event?"

For information on all of my seminar events and prior event videos, CLICK HERE!

Many real estate gurus travel around the country preaching the same cookie-cutter spiel from city to city.  I always make sure that each seminar I put on is vastly different than the last to make sure to give you the newest, hottest, and most up-to-date information available for commercial property purchases.

By the way, you can get the Boot Camp Seminar Videos of my last seminar events which are highly recommended if you were unable to make it.  I have the videos from my most impressive Real Estate Cash Flow Boot Camp Seminar Ever (CLICK HERE).  I also did an impressive Aggressive/Passive Income Boot Camp Seminar in Los Angeles that was, in my opinion, my best ever event.  CLICK HERE for information on the videos from that event!

Some other video sets from my amazing past events:

CLICK HERE to Check Out My Real Estate Cash Flow Boot Camp Seminar Event videos from my February 2017 seminar in Detroit, Michigan.  This is a FIRST-EVER EVENT where I have you meet directly with my "money guys" including investor partners, an international investor partner, a funder for new businesses, a note-buyer and a handful of lenders.  This event will more than likely never be repeated so, if you are looking for people to invest in your real estate deals or a new business, you NEED to come to this one-time-ever event!

"What Are Your Online Mentorship Groups All About?"

My mentorship groups are 8 weeks of intense boot-camp-style learning and I can proudly boast a success rate of having over 70% of the students who complete my groups.  These classes are taught 100% online.  You don't have to show up anywhere.  You just need an Internet connection and the ability to spend 5 - 10 hours weekly on your daily assignments.  I 

For more information on these groups, CLICK HERE!

If you have any questions about anything at all, call us at (661) 295-5050.  We've available from Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm Pacific Time!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

If you want the videos to one of my last seminar events, CLICK HERE!

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