Partnership Program

Discover How to Make Even More Money with Apartment Buildings with My Exclusive Partnership Program! 

Need help acquiring your first building with a 25% down payment?  I have an exclusive partnership program that can assist you in purchasing your first apartment building.  Myself and my investor partners will supply the down payment of up to 25% on any lucrative cash flow deal and we split the monthly cash flow and equity until you buy us out.

It's that simple!

What's the catch?

You make money but we ALSO make money in the deal.  You find the deal, it goes through my investor partner presentation, and if one of my 8 investor partners likes it, he (or she) will approve the deal and it then goes under contract.

We negotiate the deal, we pay for due dilligence (appraisals, inspections, etc.), and we see the project through to the end.

Your job?

Your job is to FIND the deal then SET UP MANAGEMENT after we close.  This will all be part of our contract once we decide to take on your property deal.

If you choose NOT to set up management, we will then offer you a finder's fee, you will not get a split of the equity or cash flow, and you could use that fee to fund your own property deal if you wish.  Finder's fees are generally 2% on average of the final asking price (after negotiation).

And that could result in a whopping $80,000 on a $4 million property deal!  You could do a lot with a finder's fee.


You can choose to stay on as a partner, get up to 50% of the built equity (less our down payment), get up to 50% of the cash flow, and then buy us out after a 3 - 5 year term.  Your only responsibility would be to set up on-site management for the property after the close of escrow.

Here's what this program is NOT:

  • We are NOT lending you the money.  We become equity partners in the deal.
  • You DO NOT need to part with your own cash or credit to make the deal happen.
  • You DO NOT negotiate the deal NOR put it under contract (otherwise we'll reject the deal) since we do all of that work for you (and usually get the asking price much lower than you would have ever imagined)
  • We are NOT obligated to partner in on any deal you bring to us, especially since some of the deals people bring to us are in a BREAK EVEN or NEGATIVE CASH FLOW, which is unacceptable

Here's what this program IS:

A means to help you get your foot in the door if you have no cash and no credit

Allows you to purchase buildings with NO limit (unlike your current $1 - $4 million limitation)

Allows you to begin building a portfolio so that you can show a bank or lending institution that you are a sufficient property manager; this will help you acquire more properties in the future

The rules:

  • No LIMIT on the asking price
  • Will not take properties under $500,000
  • Will not consider "residential" properties of any kind including duplexes, triplexes or "quads"
  • Will not consider mobile home parks, self-storage, hotels, or raw land
  • Will not consider new construction or major rehab
  • Are currently not considering "commercial-commercial" properties like retail strip malls, etc.
  • We are ONLY considering "residential-commercial" properties (apartment buildings) of 5 units or more
  • Occupancy MUST be 85% or higher
  • No distressed, short-sale, or foreclosure properties
  • Section 8 is okay provided that occupancy is 85% or higher
  • Will NOT consider property deals in Detroit or other depressed areas
  • Must have a CAP rate of 9% or higher
  • Must have a minimum cash flow of $25,000 per million per year
  • Minimum units = 5; maximum units = NO MAX
  • Minimum price = $500,000; maximum price = NO MAX

In order to join this partnership group, you have to opt into the entire "Kit & Kaboodle" package.  I don't sell the partnership by itself.

Here's what you'll get in the package:

  • DVD 1:  Beginning Apartment Building Investing
  • DVD 2:  Intermediate Apartment Building Investing
  • DVD 3:  Advanced Apartment Building Investing
  • BONUS DVD 1:  How to Get an ENDLESS SUPPLY of Highly Motivated Apartment Sellers!
  • BONUS DVD 2:  How to Write Offers that Will Be Accepted with NO ARGUMENT!
  • BONUS DVD 3:  How to Never Get a Deadbeat Tenant with a Secret Strategy You Can't Miss Out On!
  • BONUS DVD 4:  How to Get Up to $250,000+ Cash Back at Closing EVERY TIME!
  • BONUS DVD 5:  How to Choose a Property Management Service and NEVER SPEAK TO A TENANT AGAIN!


PLUS, get all of the downloadable course materials on CDs!  That's right!  Get the following CDs in ANY of the packages you order below:

  • Course Materials CD-ROM (includes ALL of the Apartment Building Cash Flow System course materials:  Manual, Quick Start Manual, 2 Reports, Resource Directory, Iron-Clad Lease, and Master Lease Agreement)
  • Secret Letters CD-ROM (includes 8 secret letters in Microsoft Word format)
  • Real Estate Forms (includes ALL of your real estate forms)
  • Cash Flow Evaluator (CFE) Spreadsheet Software (Excel)

Check out the Grant Writer Pro 1.0 Software.  What is the Grant Writer Pro 1.0 Software?  This software will WRITE YOUR GRANTS FOR YOU so you simply can print them out and send them off to the chosen government office (which is listed in the software).  This software previously sold for $197.  Get it for a FRACTION of that cost if you purchase it in any of the below packages.

What is the Real Estate Analyzer 1.1 Software?  This software is a "wizard" application to help you get the cash flow numbers on your property.  Some people have trouble with the software that is included in the course download.  This will simplify and streamline the pricess for you so you can quickly determine if your property has a good cash flow or not.  This software sells for $97 by itself. 


I will NO LONGER be taking new students for the partnership program after February 14th and until further notice!  The last time I pulled the partnership program, it took me over 6 months to bring it back.  After February 14th, I may never bring it back again!

Why is this?  And what does this mean to new partnership enrollees?

REASON:  I cannot have more than a handful of students I am working with at any given time.  Additionally, my investor partners reserve a certain amount of funds per fiscal quarter to be able to work these special deals.  I cannot overextend these available funds!  After February 14th, I may never bring back the partnership program again.

FOR NEW ENROLLEES:  For those who are part of the partnership program, you will continue to be able to benefit from the program as long as you are able to get your first deal under contract with us within your first 12 months.  If you are able to get that first deal, you are welcome to keep presenting new deals for another full year after your contract was initially activated.  If you are unable to bring us any profitable cash flow deals within the first 12 months, you will be terminated from the program on the 366th day after enrolling into this program.

Again, for those of you who sign up now, you will have 12 months to present a lucrative cash flow deal and get it under contract with us.  For those of you who DO NOT enroll in this partnership program by February 14th, it will no longer be available for new enrollees after that date and it is undetermined when (if ever) this program will take new enrollees in the future.


This program is currently not available for purchase at this time!

REFUND POLICY:  There are NO REFUNDS on any of the above packages because of the massively discounted price.  Therefore, please be sure you want the product before purchasing.  Thank you.

*Partnership disclaimer:  All properties are split at a 50/50 minimum.  Equity split is 50% minimum less down payment money put into the property.  Monthly cash flow split is 50% minimum (unless otherwise negotiated).  Properties with an asking price above $5,000,000 may give said partner (you) less of a split than 50% if it requires more financial resources for the down payment.  Each accepted deal/property will be put into an LLC requiring buy out after a 24 - 36 month time frame (unless otherwise negotiated) with a 12 month extension given if buy out funds could not be obtained within the required time period.  The LLC will then belong to the partner (you) in its entirety after the completed buy out.  All deals are subject to available funding.  Neither Monica Main nor her partners are required to accept or partner in on any deal, especially those that do not meet the minimal requirements as specified.  Each partner (you) are required to furnish the initial CFE spreadsheet showing cash flow and any other requested documents as specified by Monica Main after initial submission.  Failure to comply with completing a spreadsheet in its entirety and/or to furnish other required documents will result in an automatic denial for a partnership agreement.  Do not submit any deal to Monica Main UNTIL you receive your Partnership Membership Card in the mail.
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