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Wealth Attraction Package 

How One Simple "Mind Shift" Can Change Everything...And If You DON'T Know It, You are Potentially Destined for a Lifetime of Failures!

How You Can Attract ANYTHING You've EVER  WANTED Into Your Life with a Simple Never-Before-Revealed "Shift Technique" that Will Literally "Pull" Toward You Everything You've Ever Wanted...But ONLY After You Discover This Secret!

If You're One of the MILLIONS of People Who are Thoroughly Sick of Gimmicks Like The Secret and Other Bogus Ineffective "Attraction" Strategies, You Can Finally Start Using a TESTED and PROVEN Technique that WILL Change Your Life Forever -- And This Technique Has NEVER Been Revealed By ANYONE Before Now!

Dear Entreprenuer,

It's frustrating, isn't it?

Have you found lately that you've been spinning your wheels working on one money-making project after another just to find that most of them have been futile and fruitless?

You think to yourself..."Something has to work out soon.  This is all a numbers game, isn't it?"

And you keep trying out different things, real estate deals, business opportunites, and a wide variety of other endeavors just to end up with the same result:

Then you get more frustrated, more desperate, and push harder to make something work.  Yet the more "stuff" you do, the less pans out.

At some point, you throw in the towel and account for those that are successful as just being "lucky."


Why Getting Frustrated and Desperate Actually Ruins ANY Success You'll Ever Have

I had one of the dumbest (yet sweetest) dogs in the world.  His name was Butch.  He was a pit bull and boxer mix.  He looked mean but he was super sweet and totally precious.

He wasn't one of those dogs that you could take for walks because he'd rip your arm out of the sockets, that's how strong and forceful he was.  (He was 100% muscle.)

One time he got out of the backyard.  I knew that getting him back WASN'T going to be easy by any stretch of the imagination.  We chased him for almost an hour.  Each time we'd run after him, he'd run farther and farther away.

I took a break and sat on a street curb, trying to figure out what my next move would be.  He was at the end of the block staring at me, waiting to see what I'd do.

Then I had a brilliant idea!

I got up and started running AWAY from him.

He couldn't resist...thinking I was playing some type of game.  So he came right after me.

When I turned around to take any steps toward him, he went farther away.  When I turned to start running away from him again, he came tearing after me.

I started playing games.  I hid behind trees and bushes then kept running away from him.  Eventually he caught up to me and I was able to grab him rather easily because he just wanted to jump on me and play at this point.

And this is EXACTLY how the Universe works!

Whatever You Chase After Will ALWAYS Evade You; Whatever You Run Away From Will ALWAYS Catch Up to You!

Having goals and dreams is a very fine balance.  After all, it makes no sense how certain people with dedication and focus eventually end up getting what they want while others never make it.

You'll especially see the direct correlation with this when watching those talent shows like American Idol or The Voice.  Over and over again I'll see someone with incredible mind-blowing talent not get anywhere while someone with mediocre talent go much further than anyone would ever expect or imagine.

Then you see someone who came from American Idol named Jennifer Hudson.  She has a good voice and a decent acting talent...but to beat other women out with more powerful voices and to actually WIN an Oscar over some actresses that have been vying for that gold statue for decades?  Again, there's something MUCH MORE powerful going on behind the scenes than meets the eye.  It's that "magic" that I'm talking about.

There's that little bit of "something else" that we don't see that ultimately determines success.  And it's not 100% talent or 100% action or 100% of who you know.  (None of that hurts, of course.)  Those who learn to "work" the Universe can rule the world in any way they want!

One thing that none of those "wealth attraction" books or DVDs talk about is a simple concept called "destiny" or "dharma."

These clap-trap "wealth attraction" materials convince you that you can "do anything" and "become anyone" just by "envisioning" or "affirming" that you "can do it!"


If you're 5'4" and 45+ then the chances of you being a highly-paid, highly-sought-after NBA player is about 0%.  I don't care how hard you go after that dream.  It's not likely to ever happen for you.  Period.

There are certain things you aren't designed for in this lifetime and perhaps a goal you have isn't part of your pre-destined plan as to why you're here.

The good news is that if you want something bad enough, there is a really good chance that it's part of your "destiny" or "dharma" in this lifetime.  People who are "lined up" with their destiny automatically know what they want.  However, those who attain their dreams are only those who go after them.

Your Life and the 'Minority Report'

Did you see that Tom Cruise movie years ago called The Minority Report?  I'm not a huge Tom Cruise fan and the movie itself was just "okay."  However, it illustrates a truth about YOUR life.

Yes, there are a bunch of people sent here to complete a lifetime as "fillers" for the experience of everyone else.  They are sort of like the "extras" on a movie set that play background roles while the primary and secondary characters carry out the dialogue and story line.
  Maybe they have their own "dharma" that has nothing to do with "career" or "money" but maybe it's about experiencing a life with family or kids for them or working some paltry job just to gather funds for backpacking in Europe every few years.  (You don't know what other people's dharma is.)  

So, you see someone who has a dismal job at a fast food restaurant at the age of 50 and you think..."Good God, what the hell went wrong?"  Maybe nothing.  Maybe that's his dharma and the reality of his lifetime is about being with his kids and grandkids and not spending 100 hours a week at a law firm crushing people in trial while making millions a maybe what he used to do before he had a minor stroke because he couldn't handle the pressure anymore.  And maybe that's when he decided to take it easy.

I do believe there are a couple of options that you get to choose from.  Option A is always the "easy path" but the one where you don't get rewarded as much.  Option B is taking the "road less traveled" and getting the benefit of some exceptional rewards in every aspect of the very best kind from financial to spiritual.

How do you find your Minority Report?  There's secret to that but chances are, if you're over 30, you already know what it is.  
More later...

Did You Ever Think You're "Barking Up the Wrong Tree" in Your Life?

Last year I had a major revelation!  I realized that it was time for me to start going in a different direction.  It was time for me to pursue some things that I've put on hold for the past 20+ years.

Does this mean that I've always been pursuing the "wrong" stuff this whole time?

Not at all.  Everything element of business, marketing, and investing that I've gained massive experience with for the past 2 decades is going to be instrumental in my success with my next huge venture.  Without the experience I've acquired, I wouldn't have a shot in hell in making it work.

And that's probably where you stand now.  Maybe you think you've been "wasting your time" doing things that you shouldn't have been doing.  Maybe there's some truth to that but, my theory is that you haven't been wasting time doing anything.  If anything, you've had to have acquired some type of skill set that going to be critical in the next venture of your life.  This skill set could be something subtle and seemingly insignificant like learning how to deal with people.  Maybe the skill set is obvious like learning how to sell to people.  Regardless of the sets of skills you've picked up during the years you believe you "wasted" not following your goals and dreams, there are TONS of crucial skills you've picked up that are going to help you with the next phase of your life.

We Are in the MOST CRICITAL Time Period in History Where Everything is ACCELERATED!

If you recall history from eons ago, you'd see that not a lot has "changed" in how people were hundreds of years ago and, especially, thousands of years ago.  Not much changed even in the 1800s.  It wasn't until we entered the 1900s when things started showing signs of acceleration.

If you think back to each decade, you'd be able to identify each one with "specifics" to that decade from music to fashion to industry and even what people's "mass thinking" was like.  Would we honestly be entertaining issues like "gay marriage" in 1962, 1972...or even 1982?  Probably not.  If it was 1942 would we be entertaining anything like "equal rights"?

A lot has changed in the past handful of decades and more changes are coming our way...and fast!

The other thing that's accelerated is "karma" and the reprecussions of the things we do.  I don't know if you believe in the concept of "what goes around, comes around."  I certainly do.

Back in the day, when you intentionally "wronged" someone, it took a lifetime for that karma to come back and bite you in the ass.  Usually too many years would have gone by for you to realize what you are "paying" for from some wrong that you committed a very long time ago in your lifetime.

Now the reprecussions of your actions are coming back faster.  Much faster.  Like within months and sometimes days of wronging someone intentionally.

Things in the Universe are SPEEDING UP.

The good news for you is that when going after a strong desire or dream, the manifestations of those strong intentions are also coming to fruition in mere months...and sometimes days!

But only if you know how to pull it off!

You Can't Do Something Just for the Money Anymore

If you're trying to invest in real estate or get involved in some other type of business venture, it'll never work out if you're doing it just for the money.  Period.  That's a basic rule of the Universe.

If things aren't working out with whatever investment project or business endeavor you're pursuing, you first have to ask yourself if it's something you're passionate about.  If it's not, don't do it anymore.  Find something that you're truly and deeply passionate about.  You can almost always find a way to make a lot of money with it in some capacity.

I discovered this last year when I did my two summer in-office New Wealth Ninja trainings and then my Vegas Underground Secret Event last fall.  My students who became outrageously successful using the materials and building cash flow generating websites selling products were always the ones that were (1) interested in the business from building their own website to doing basic online research, and (2) chose products that they were really interested in.

Because my supplement company mostly handles male enhancement types of products (and we're extremely successful), many of my students wanted to sell the same product.

And many were not successful.


They weren't "into" the product.  They didn't want to do any research to create their own product or learn the needed skills to develop their own website.  They weren't motivated to make it work.

So, it didn't work for them.

Meanwhile, I have a handful of students who took the information and insider secrets I gave to them (based on my own extensive experience in the business), did endless amounts of research on product keywords and competitor websites, learned how to build their own website, created their own packaging, and are now making hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in pure profits because they want to be in the business just as much as they want to make money doing it.

There is very little difference between one person to the next in the United States of America.  Most of us have 2 hands.  We eat and breathe.  We speak English. is it that 2 people can do the same exact "things" and get 2 completely different results?

My Embarassing Blueberry Cheesecake Experience

Years ago I thought I wanted to try my hand at cooking/baking.  I knew I wasn't good at it and had little interest in it.  But my grandmother -- a cooking "expert" and fanatic -- was convinced that anyone with a half-brain (or even a "jug head," as she called stupid people) could make this simple blueberry cheesecake recipe.

So, there I was about 10 years old in her kitchen following EXACT and PRECISE directions making my own blueberry cheesecake while she made her own in a separate dish.

To make a dreadfully long story short, hours later she had a perfectly delicious photo-worthy award-winning blueberry cheesecake and I had a pile of sh** in a dish.

Being the 100% Italian woman that she was, she was sure to let me know that I was a "jug head" for screwing up a seemingly simple recipe and proceeded to tell hundreds of family members about the experience thereafter.

Years later, I took a "tested and proven" coconut cream pie recipe, followed it to the letter, and ended up with much the same result.

This is about the time when I realized that (1) I couldn't cook or bake, and (2) I thought cooking and baking sucked why did I even bother to begin with?

And that was the key: I thought cooking and baking "sucked" which is why I was forever condemned to get "sucky" results from any and all cooking and baking projects I ventured into participating in.

(In school I was forced to take a cooking class and panicked when I saw it on my schedule.  Thankfully the teacher was lazy and had us only "cooking" cinnamon-butter toast and making donut holes.  And I couldn't even manage doing those correctly.  I think I still got an A in the class, though.  It must've been for at least trying.)

Do What You Love and the Money Will Come?  Well...Not Quite!

Most of the "wealth attraction" books out there all pedal the same "do what you love" mantra yet they leave some major critical pieces out of the story.

Yes, you should do something your passionate about that you can make money with.  If you're passionate about baseball and know that your time of being a major league player have passed then...what can you do that's "baseball-related" that you can make money with?  Let's see:  You can start a batting cage business.  You can make a killing buying and selling baseball sports memorabilia.  You can start a sports bar.

The possibilities are endless.

Plus...if you didn't "realize the dream" becoming a rich and famous sports player or rock star or movie star...did you really miss your "calling"?  Did you really "miss out" on anything at all?

Most people think they know that having the life of a rock star would be the ultimate dream.  But do you really know what that life entails?  Do you really know what it's all about?  Probably not.  There are so many people who ended up in the "ideal life" and it turned out to not be "ideal" at all, which is why many went heavy into drugs and alcohol.

The other unfortunate thing about life is that people build their dreams around what society has made them think they're supposed to have.  Have you ever thought that you wanted to have a mansion just to realize that maybe it's really someone else's dream and not yours?

Have You Ever Sat Down and REALLY Thought About What YOU Want?

Most people think they know what they want but when they spit out their list of "dreams," it turns out that most of it is part of someone else's dream list and not really theirs.

They think they want the $120,000 Mercedes-Benz S-Class but, when they really think about it, they realize that this is what would make them "cool" and "successful-looking" in the eyes of other people they don't even know (or care about) but it's not really what they want.

Once you figure out what you really want, you can then quickly get there on a super accelerated pathway.  The hard part is figuring out what you want, believe it or not.

Plus, the things you want now will be different than what you want 5 and 10 years from now.

The world is changing and so are you.  The more you realize that you have to be flexible and "roll with the punches," the better your life is going to work out for you.
How My Goals Have DRAMATICALLY CHANGED in the Past 5 Years

I went from having success at the peak levels than anyone can imagine to not wanting any of it anymore just to be able to watch my little girl grow up.  Once I had high levels of success and realized the type of mental, emotional, and even physical state that was constantly required just to keep up the high-maintenance lifestyle, I quickly realized that it ain't all that like people think.

Part of "growing up" means that you make these realizations.

When I see the old guy in the $250,000 red hot car flying down the road with the top down, I think it's funny as hell because he looks freakin' ridiculous.  Even worse, he doesn't even know just how foolish and stupid he really looks with his bald head getting too red from overexposure of the sun.

The only reason the mid-life crisis dude has to drive an expensive attention-getting ride is because he's trying to show the world how important he is.

Yet the world shouldn't be important to him at all.  Does he realize how shallow he's being?

I like nice cars.  I usually drive luxury brands because I appreciate the upgrades that you get that come standard in those luxury vehicles.  Years ago, I bought vehicles to impress other people.  And I didn't even realize how stupid that was until a couple of years ago.  Here I am driving a $100,000+ BMW to impress people that...I don't even freakin' know!?! Or care about?!  How stupid is that?!  And maybe they're looking at me and laughing just like I laugh at the old-timer driving the expensive hot rod with the top down showing his shiny beat-red bald I'm trying too hard or something.  
I've noticed that people that have bigger bank accounts have diminished spiritually while becoming super shallow at the same time.

And is that what you really want in life?

There's nothing wrong with building an empire but make sure you're doing it because you are passionate about "empire building" process (or the journey of it all) surrounding a certain product you really are passionate about rather than building the empire to impress others...because it the end of the day, those very people you were trying to impress will just be haters anyway.  And you'll be alone to enjoy your big beautiful pool and backyard paradise without a single person to share it with.  (Much like how my life has turned out.)

The "goal" can NEVER be about "the money" or "the cars" or "the mansion" because you want to look rich and make everyone jealous.  If that's the'll NEVER get there.

And that's what I realized after having my daughter.

All of the things I thought were important had suddenly shifted and I realized that it's not all about the money.  Yes, the money is nice, but I'm good on about $100,000 or so per year.  (Years ago I would have laughed at that figure.  Anything less than a million a year wouldn't have been considered.)  My focus has shifted from "empire building" to "raising a human being the best way I can."

You may be thinking about that million dollars per year.  And that's fine!  Completely fine!  Just understand that you're going to have to put out a lot of energy into the Universe to make that happen and if you're willing to keep it up, you'll get there is ridiculously fast period of time!

The "Real" Secret that Nobody Ever Talks About

You can literally "command" that the Universe do what you want it to do.  But there are a specific order of elements that go along with that.  Once you understand EXACTLY what these elements are and in which order they have to go, you can wave a magic wand and get exactly what you want every time.

I've been working with this Universal power for the past few months now and the results have been miraculous and extremely magical in almost a Disney-like way.  (I only wish I knew about all this YEARS ago.)

Here's how those "manifestation" books and DVDs are WRONG:

1)  They tell you to envision or affirm a goal or desire and the Universe will work out all the details for you.  WRONG!  This is NOT how it works.  You have to know what you want, yes.  That part is correct.  But the rest of it is wrong.  Envisioning and affirming is a complete waste of time.  Doing that will actually REVERSE the Universe delivering what you want.  And having the Universe work out all the details is foolish because that's YOUR job.  (And I'll show you exactly what you need to do to work out these details so that the Universe will deliver.)

2)  They suggest that you should "do what you love" and the money will come.  WRONG!  If you love sitting around watching tv all day, I doubt the money will come anytime soon for you.  You have to line up some things you really are passion about with some viable ways of making money with them.  (And I'll show you exactly how to do this.  There is a really good chance that there are some very exciting ways that you can do things you love to do in ways you never thought possible to make tons of money doing it!)

3)  They make you believe that you can have these "deep feelings" of having reached your goal and then, within a short time, you'll really have achieved your goal.  WRONG!  It's good to stay upbeat about being "on your way" to seeing the results of your goal attainment but simply feeling without working toward any other type of action will never work.  There is a certain way that you need to COMMAND the Universe produce for you.  And it's not even enough to command.  You have to know PRECISELY what you are commanding.  (And I'll show you exactly how to do this.)

So...what's all this "commanding" stuff about?

Exactly what I'm telling you.  COMMAND!

I read this boring dry-as-dust book years ago that was a reprint from something that was written sometime after the last turn of the century.  (Back then those authors didn't write very easy-to-read text.)  It's unfortunate that the writing style of the author made a book about the Life and Times of Insurance Policy Writing exciting and interesting in comparison.

But there was one single thing that I took away from this book that was something different than I ever read before.

It was about COMMANDING the Universe to do stuff for you almost like a magician or something.

Now, the rest of the book really didn't describe what to do to pull this off.  So, with experimenting here and there, I was able to actually get commanding down to a specific science.

It's As Easy As...If You Want Something, Go Freakin' Get It!

If you tell me that you want a banana split, I'll tell you...GO GET IT THEN!

At that point, you can make a simple mind calculation on how to pull this off with a variety of different viable options:

1)  Go to a local Baskin-Robbins and have them make one for you; bring it home (or eat it there).

2)  Go to the grocery store, buy the fixins' and make it at home.

3)  Pay your kid (or a neighbor kid) to perform #1 or #2 above for you after you give him or her a $20.

4)  See if you have the elements in your house already and make it with what you got if you don't like the other options.

5)  Improvise with eating something else that will "hit the spot" in the same way if you don't like any of the above options.

It's not rocket science, folks!

So, when it comes to something important or "big," why do people freak out and say..."I don't know if I can pull this off"??

Because people love over-thinking things and psyching themselves out.  And some people like wallowing in the "poor-me" excuses or, God forbid, not wanting to excel in anything because their friends or family will "disown" them.

Yet getting ANYTHING in life is no more difficult than getting a banana split when you want one.  Really.  It's not!

Years ago before I was even a naive teenager, I was asking my dad why he didn't start a business.  "How am I supposed to start a business?"  I told him to just start one.  The response was, "You need money to start a business and I don't have the money."

When I was in my early 20s, I've started several businesses with next to nothing in capital.  I started a $4.2 million per year enterprise with literally $500 that I borrowed off a credit card.  From that moment, I understood two things: (1) just because they are your parents or your elders doesn't mean they know jack sh** just because their older in age, and (2) if you really want it, you can have it provided that you're willing to just know, without a doubt, that you can pull it off.


Yes, there's a success process.  And it's like nothing that you've ever seen, read, watched, or learned about when it comes to wealth attraction or getting what you want in life.

So, what is it?  What is the process?

On the outside, it's simple:  Know what you want and go get it!

On the inside, there are some steps required to get it.  Some steps are understood as "logical steps."  Others are "metaphysical steps."  And BOTH have to be used to see success.

And no, we're not talking about ANY mantras, chanting, or even visualizing.  Not even close.

Some of the steps you'll wonder..."How does this even remotely apply?"  Yet you need to DO IT if you want to see the level of success in your life.  (They're not hard to do.)  Other steps are obvious once they're pointed out.

And they all have to be done is a VERY PRECISELY TIMED ORDER!

Again, this "system" has never been revealed before.  Until now!

Why Do I Want to Reveal My Exact Success System After All These Years??

Good question!

The main reason is because I've had so many of my students demand that I specifically identify an exact, step-by-step success system that they can follow.

The other reason is that I've seen too many of my students start off the WRONG WAY.  They race out into the world trying to work my programs before trying to understand how to get the "magic" going first.  And the MAGIC has to come FIRST otherwise you'll find yourself beating your head against a brick wall no matter how hard you work or focus or visualize...nothing will pan out until you get your "success groove" on first.

Years ago I had my Ultimate Wealth Attraction Course then Wealth-Sync came out after that.  Both of these were extremely powerful and worked exceptionally well for the students that bought and utilized the programs.

Does this mean that now that I have The Magic Course, I didn't reveal all the details in the other 2 systems?

Not exactly.

You see, back when I developed the Ultimate Wealth Attraction Course (first published in 2009) and Wealth-Sync (created in 2011), I only knew some of the secrets of wealth attraction.  I didn't know back then what I know now.

And I probably don't know absolutely everything there is to know but I know ALL that YOU need to know to create a multi-million dollar empire on "mind autopilot" once you learn this entire precise process and follow it step-by-step!

Being Financially Successful Has ALWAYS Been Easy for Me, Like Falling Off a Log
And There's an EXACT REASON Why This Is...

It's never been a secret to anyone that starting businesses, investing, and making money have always come easy for me.  But it wasn't until I started analyzing why that I discovered something very simple that is responsible for my "automatic" success in life.

And I explain this phenomenon including all of the required steps leading up to it in The Magic Course System.

Everyone knows that, even though I'm financially successful, I do have challenges in my personal life, especially when it comes to family.  Is it because these techniques don't apply with family, friends, and having a successful personal life?

Yes and no.

Something you need to understand when you become successful.  Sometimes friends and family become users.  You can keep them around for as long as you want to be a doormat then one day you'll decide you've had enough.  When you stop feeding stray cats, they all go away eventually.  And if you don't have family and friends that are already stable and "going places" in their own lives, you may end up with a bunch of them in exile.

Which means they cease to exist in your world if they're not already balanced individuals from the get-go.

You have no control over who they are.  You only have control over who YOU are and what you are (and aren't) willing to do if (or when) their hand comes out for your free money.  You shouldn't NOT become successful because people around you are a waste of space.  It just means that there may become a time when you're seeking out a new level of friends and adopting new family members that fit more into your new line of thinking and success mindset.

People are too volatile and uncontrollable, not that you want to "control" people anyway.  Business, investing, and money-making follow a very specific set of rules.  People, unfortunately, do not.  This is why these success strategies have worked so well for me when, at the same time, I'm not successful in the "friends and family" department.  Business has rules.  Making money has rules.  With a specific and precise means of turning yourself into a success vacuum, you can easily find this same level of financial success.  However, when it comes to current friends and family, these rules don't work.


Because they're to be treated like "loose cannons" since you have no idea how they will respond to your financial success.

And who cares how they respond?

What you CAN do is attract NEW PEOPLE into your life using these strategies at the same time as ditching the users out.  These strategies can work in that respect for you!

"So...How Exactly Does This MAGIC Success System Work?"

It's pretty simple.  There's some "foundational" work that first has to be done with your living and working environment.  This includes clearing and implementing some very basic (and upgraded) Feng Shui strategies.  This is the easy part that takes the shortest amount of time.

Once you implement those basic strategies, the most important "work" has to begin.  This is all the "internal" stuff that will ultimately cause a massive shift that will quickly reflect into your physical life, giving you the success that you're striving after.

There are a couple of strategies that you can use to get the Universe "in tune" with you within the first 48 hours.  Once you open the lines of communication and start using it, this is the key to getting the flood gates fully open for all of your requests to be fulfilled.

I'm warning you: you need to be very specific and very sure about what you want.  The Universe DOES NOT sift through your requests to make sure you're wanting things for your "highest good."  It just gives you what you want and you have to deal with the reprecussions of making bad requests.  Therefore, everything you claim you want, you need to think about VERY CAREFULLY before putting in your "order" to the Universe.

Remember, the Universe is working at a much faster pace in delivering the goods.  Just think of the Universe as the in the sky.  Back in the day, ordering via mail order through heavy 15 lb Sears & Roebuck Catalog would have been a lengthy process, especially with no Internet, no credit cards, and using the slowest possible "shipping" method to get something you wanted.  Nowadays, you do a few clicks of the mouse and you have something at your doorstep in 2 days or less.

And that's sort of how fast the Universe is working now!

Once you open those lines of communication with the Universe using some very simple techniques, you'll be able to start requesting anything you want at that point.

The More Specific the Request, the Faster It Will Come;
The More "Broad" the Request...It Will NEVER Come!

There is no way in hell you'll be able to request something as broad as "I want to be rich" and think that the Universe will deliver.

Because it won't.  Guaranteed.

You won't even be able to "narrow it down" to something more specific such as "I want to own 50 apartment buildings in a year" and think you'll get that either.  Because you won't.

There is a specific way that you have to make requests that are "chunked down" in a certain way that will guarantee its arrival quickly into your life.  But you have to act as your own movie producer of your life.  A producer, as you know, is the behind-the-scenes person that takes many elements needed to make a movie and ties them altogether.

And that has to be you.

A producer writes down a listing of things that are going to be needed to make the movie happen...and then lines all of those things up.

And that has to be you.

You have to pre-determine what elements are needed and put that "order" in to the Universe in a pre-determined order (that you set) and that's how the Universe manifests for you.

This is the part that no one will tell you.  They'll never tell you the "how" part on how to get the Universe to deliver to you.

And this is "how" it works:

1)  You have to decide what you want after you've ironed out all the "pros" and "cons."

2)  You have to understand all the elements required, IN ORDER, that is needed to pull it off.

3)  You start "requesting" those elements IN ORDER.

4)  You'll start to see your "project" coming together in rapid succession.

5)  You'll ultimately get what you want EVERY TIME!

You can't be working on 10 different projects at a time.  You can't be going out of order with your pre-determined process.  You have to be extremely focused.  This takes discipline.  But this system works every time if you do it correctly.

"But What Do You Mean By the 'ORDER' of the Process?"

Everything has an exact order.

If you want to bake a cake, you first determined that this is what you desire (what you really want).  Then you find a recipe (your process).  Then you get the ingredients (laying the foundation).  Then you follow the steps of baking the cake IN ORDER.  You focus on ONE PIECE of the ORDER at a time.

So...say you're impatient and you want to just open the box of cake mix, whip it into a bowl, turn on the oven and thrown the bowl in there while skipping some essential steps?  Will you be successful in baking your cake?  NOPE!

If you miss ANY of your elements, you won't be successful.

This is why a warrior-like focus on the precise pre-determined steps is required.  Yes, it's easy but it does take focus.

Years ago I had a battle with one of my "students" who didn't want to follow the basic steps of raising capital with an investor partner claiming my steps were "a scam" because it required a specific set of steps to complete including creating a business plan, having a website, posting online, etc.  After getting to the bottom of his "gripe," I was able to discover that this poor sap thought that anything beyond picking up a magical phone and dialing a magical phone number to reach some magical guy who could instantly wire millions of dollars into his bank account to do real estate deals with was considered a "scam" in his book.  If anyone promised such a magical phone with a magical phone number and a magical guy...that would be a definite scam in my book.

If you look at any multi-millionaire or multi-billionaire out there, their entire lives have been a process.  Starting a business is a process. There are specific steps that have to be laid out and followed to the letter to achieve success.  Investing in real estate is a process.  Again, there are specific steps that have to be written down and followed to buy real estate.

So...according to the loser student who was complaining about the "process" required to get investor partners involved, I guess in his world all he'd have to do is go on, find his property, call the seller and he'd magically give over the grant deed to his property to this guy.  Yeah, okay.  That's how it works.  (I wish.)

Unfortunately for people like him who don't want to understand the rules of processes, he'll never be successful doing anything in life so I hope he's somewhat satisfied with his 9-to-5 job...because he'll be there until the day he dies.

Can you imagine if my dream was to become a bestselling romance writer yet I didn't want to do integral parts of the process including writing the actual book to send to a publisher?  Would it matter how much visualizing, praying, or chanting I did to get what I want if I never wanted to sit down and write the freakin' book??  I could literally visualize until I was blue in the face and I'd never be successful.

I know that seems obvious it really that obvious?

I know that example seems obvious but when it comes to "other stuff" it seems that people just want to skip over the process and get right down to the success part.

Success in anything including business or investing (or both) isn't that difficult if you understand that there is a process, write the exact process down, and start manifesting each and every aspect of the process in order.

And, of course, by "commanding" each element to come to fruition for you in a specified time frame...which I talk about in The Magic Course.

When Metaphysical Secrets Meet the REAL WORLD...Then You Can Create ANYTHING You Want

I think the biggest problem with many of those "new age" types of "wealth creation" books and DVDs out there is that none of them really touch upon applying those techniques in the real world of business.

The Magic Course will show you every element you need to know to start quickly creating the life that you want.  All of this is based on my real life experience including techniques I've tried that worked and others that haven't worked (and why they don't work).

The Ultimate Wealth Attraction Course will show you all the basics about Laws of Attraction (LOA) that NOBODY ELSE will teach you which are the MISSING PIECES that you need!

And finally...

Wealth-Sync Hypnosis will help change your brain on a subconscious level.  Many times our conscious minds become our worst enemies and talk us out of the successes and breakthroughs we know we need and want.  Wealth-Sync works on the deepest subscionscious levels to give your brain "permission" to want and have success and financial freedom!

Not only have all 3 systems been updated for 2016 but you'll get a BRAND NEW audio and video series on Wealth Attraction to tie it all together.

And you'll be getting ALL 3 2016 COURSES in one big complete package!!

The most powerful aspect of this is the secret process of order that you need to spell out in order to start creating some very quick, very effective magic in your life.

And none of this is talked about or illustrated in any book, course, or DVD set that's available out there.

If you're looking at changing your life using some incredibly effective life-changing strategies that can be used in the real world of business, you cannot exist another day without The Magic Course.

If you're finding that there is "something wrong" with your life but you don't know what it is, don't know how to work through it, and don't know how to change it, you need The Magic Course.

If you feel like you've been beating your head against a brick wall while working your ass off on different entrepreneurial pursuits and haven't seen the level of success you should be seeing, The Magic Course will catapult you quickly to the success you've been looking for.


I Only WISH I Had These Techniques and Strategies 20+ Years Ago!
If I would have had these strategies (that I learned 100% on my own through extensive testing and practice), I would be in a much different place than I am now.  Of course, the Buddhists say that we are all where we should be right now.  Maybe I'm here right now so that I can bring these strategies to you as I make my last contributions to my students as I head out to working on other things.

I never realized before that attraction is an exact, precise science.  It's not something "left to God" or some haphazard blind chanting type of deal where you may (or probably not) get what you want.

It's precise, controlled, and effective once you use it in a specific way.

The Complete Wealth Attraction Package will show you everything you need to know to lay your foundation and start manifesting everything you could possibly ever imagine you've wanted...and then some!  Once you open up those lines of communication with the Universe, manifesting becomes easier and easier and easier than you've ever expected.  There's no "effort" aside from being precise and focused in what you want.

The Complete Wealth Attraction Package comes with a DVD series, Magic Manual, Magic Workbook (to show you how to find what you really want quickly), and a Magic Audio Seminar.  All of the materials in this course are 100% brand new. 
  All it change your life if you let it.  Guaranteed.

If you have any questions, call my office at (661) 295-5050. 

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  You can choose to continue beating your head against the wall and "going after" different opportunities.  However, until you make an internal shift, you don't have a chance in becoming successful.

P.P.S.  I have a 60-day money-back guarantee on this course.  You'll either see massive change in your life in only a couple of months by following the techniques or you can return it for a full refund.  That makes this completely RISK FREE for you!
The Complete Wealth Attraction Package

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* 2016 Wealth Attraction Video Series
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