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The Fastest and Lowest Cost Aggressive Income Business...
"How You Can Make Up to $20,000 a Day -- Yes, A DAY!! -- Using a Little-Known Money Funnel Money-Making Strategy That is So EASY, It'll Blow Your Freaking Socks Off"
This is Like NOTHING You've Ever Seen on Internet Marketing Before...and Definitely UNLIKE All of the Old Rehashed Internet Marketing Crap That Stopped Working WWAAAAYYYY Back in 2010!
Discover How You Can COMPLETELY EXPLODE Your Bank Account in 3 Months or Less if You Follow a SIMPLE Step-By-Step Plan to Use the Internet with a SPECIFIC Online Cash Flow System SYSTEM That Will BLOW Your Mind!

And No...This Has NOTHING to Do With Those Tired Old Internet Strategies That Don't Work Such As:

* Affiliate Marketing

* Google Adsense

* Google Adwords

* Banner Ads

* Selling Stuff Via Auction

* And Anything Else "Pre" 2020

Dear Future Millionaire,

I've had a massive amount of students ask me over the past few years, "Monica, I need to get into an Aggressive Income Business that will make me a lot of cash right away.  What should I get into?"

I did answer that call, first with my rare New Wealth Ninja in-office trainings back in the summer of 2012 then with the New Wealth Ninja System and then with my SLEW of stuff on the Internet Cash Flow including seminars, trainings and a course.  And yes, I've been able to help thousands of students make money online.

But something was missing...

My system just wasn't "simple" enough for more people to be able to do!

Of course, I didn't know this.  I'm a workaholic by nature, my IQ is in the low genius range, and I am pretty technically apt to be able to do everything needed for my websites and online businesses.  So, of course, I think, "Well, everybody should be able to come up to speed with all this if I just teach them.  RIGHT?"


It didn't work out as well as I had planned for a much bigger than anticipated segment of my student database who wanted to make money online but were a little "lost in space."

So, on the backburner I shoved doing anymore upgrades or updates to my not-so-evergreen and somewhat difficult-to-implement Internet business strategies...until this past fall when everything changed for me!

I had attended a couple of marketing conferences.  One is a conference I attend almost annually when I feel like going.  I had skipped in the past few years, not really seeing any major changes in the industry.  Boy, was I wrong!  I was introduced to two types of Money Funnels:  Simple and Complicated.

Even more interesting, the Simple Funnel can make MUCH MORE MONEY than the Complicated Funnel could (in most cases).  And when I actually saw this Simple Funnel in action, I thought to myself, "There's no f****** way that it's this simple.  No way!"

Then I did it, realized that it was, in fact, as easy as it was presented, and realized that this was it!  This was the missing element that I needed to bring to my own students to take that level of "complication" out of all of this Internet money-making stuff.

This thought made me excited BEYOND BELIEF because I can WITH CONFIDENCE and for the FIRST TIME EVER show you how the entire Money Funnel System works.

Most importantly...

This WILL Change Your Life!  GUARANTEED!  But ONLY If You Get Your Ass MOVING On It!

It's easy to park your ass on a somewhat uncomfortable seminar folding chair for days on end, get all excited about the notion of financial freedom, go home and...DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

This is why I've always presented material in "sections."  If things seem organized, topic-relevant, and easy to do then people get their asses out there and actually do something.

And now with the Money Funnel System, something COMPLETELY NEW and something I've NEVER REVEALED BEFORE, you will still get the "sectioned" teachings in a well-organized step-by-step fashion while actually doing SEVERAL THINGS.

"Okay, lost me."

Imagine an engine.  No single part can make it work.  You need multiple parts.  Yet it's only ONE engine.  It's NOT 2 or 3 or 4 engines.  It's ONE engine.  But ONE engine needs MULTIPLE PARTS to work correctly to successfully work.

And this is what the the Money Funnel System like.  An engine.  With multiple working "parts," of course.

Aggressive Income vs. Passive Income...Using BOTH to Retire in 36 Months or Less

But Here's the Catch:  You Have to Have a Kick-Ass Aggressive Business to Make This All Work!!

Over the years I've basically taught my students ONLY about passive income (real estate investing).  A couple of years ago I barely started touching on "aggressive income" with my Millionaire Money Club.

I loosely presented different home-based business opportunities to my Millionaire Money Club students.  I gave no specific direction because each month we cover a different business type or opportunity altogether.

And then something strange began to occur...

While I lost about a third of my students in almost a "mass exodus" type scenario, those that stuck behind started making huge amounts of money.  And fast!  They weren't afraid to build a website or find products using specific websites or to actually USE my knowledge to their financial benefit.

I determined that those who left the group were too lazy or overwhelmed to build a website.

"Screw them," I say.  Why should they reap the rewards of our 21st century technology by refusing to learn anything about it?  If they're not willing to watching a few video tutorials to learn how to do this stuff, let them seek out dead-end jobs in factory assembly lines and live paycheck to paycheck as they have been.


If You're Not Willing to Work for It, You Don't Deserve It

I don't know of ANY "wealth system" out there that allows you to pitch in NO MONEY and NO EFFORT while reaping massive financial rewards.  It doesn't exist.

But the word "work" is relative and required.

Do I mean "work" as in digging ditches in the middle of Death Valley in August for 18 hours a day?


The word "work" means figuring it all out, doing it CONSISTENTLY, and getting a successful result from your "labor."

So the guy working at his computer to build a website, drive traffic to it, and then gets loads of money pouring in...that's "work," folks!  Smart work...but "work" nonetheless.

And this is what you'll be doing...LESS the "learning curve," LESS the aggravation of re-inventing the wheel, LESS trying to figure out what to sell, to which markets, and how to sell it.

In fact, did you know that you should NEVER first find a product but that you should ALWAYS find the market first?

This single reason is why most small businesses fail.  You see the guy wanting to start his small taco shop/restaurant because he's in love with the idea of being a successful entrepreneur yet nobody wants his crappy tacos Milton, Maine (if that's a real city, which I doubt) or some other off-the-wall place that has NO MARKET for Mexican food.  Yet put his taco shop/restaurant in the midst of downtown LA and we have something to talk about...because we now have a MARKET.

Here's something else I want to reveal...

You Can't Just Be in ANY Kind of Business to Be Successful

Having a yogurt waste of time.

Having a clothing boutique...not enough cash flow.

Having a mom-and-pop real estate agency...need I explain why those aren't making any money?

It floors me how people run out and open some kind of business with loads of start-up money they borrowed from their home equity without doing some BASIC math.  How many cups of $3 yogurt with a $1 in toppings do you have to sell PER DAY just to cover your overhead?  (Forget about making any type of profit!)  How many t-shirts and fake-gold bangles do you have to sell to cover your rent, staff, and electric to have your dream boutique store?  (Again, what kind of profit margin could you possible have?)

You have to know WHAT to sell and HOW to sell it.

And God forbid...DUMP THE OVERHEAD!  That's where the Internet comes in!

Learn how to do a few things...simple things.  And viola!  You have $20,000 to $30,000 a month coming in the door.  And you don't even have an office! CANNOT be TOO LAZY or have no interest in learning how to join the technological age.  Those people don't deserve to cash in on these highly lucrative home-based business opportunities can ANYONE expect to achieve the greatest amount of financial freedom while putting in NO MONEY and NO EFFORT?

Impossible!  Absolutely impossible!

You can't get anywhere while being lazy about the approach.  Even worse, it's not difficult to build a website, rope prospects into your sales pitch, and start seeing loads of cash pour in.  Yet some people think they deserve this without lifting a finger to learn how to put together a website (which is pretty f****** easy), learning PPC (pay-per-click) marketing, learning basic copy (sales letter marketing), and some other ridiculously simple and basic elements for huge aggressive income cash flows.

But that's what I'm here for: I'll show you that EXACT market WITHOUT forcing you to re-invent the wheel, struggle your ass off, or get so aggravated that you end up throwing in the towel.

And marketing on the Internet is perhaps the "laziest" way you'll be able to pull in between $20,000 and $50,000 a month. At least it's the "laziest" way that I know of...but ONLY if you do it a certain way.  MY WAY!

Aggressive Income...Your Key to the Door of Retirement! 

But Most Importantly:  You Have to Know WHERE to Aim Your Aggressive Income; If You Don't, It'll Be the KISS OF DEATH!

Guaranteed, if you follow my aggressive income strategies, you WILL make tons of cash.  Many of you will be able to see an income between $20,000 and $50,000.

But WHERE you put it is even MORE important than making it.

Take if from me who LOST fortune after fortune because I didn't start learning WHERE to apply my aggressive income until later in life.

And if I would have done my Total Wealth Building System (Aggressive Income poured/funneled into Passive Income) CORRECTLY a long time ago, I would have been out of the picture a long time ago.  (Lucky for you that I'm not...yet.)

You see, trends change.  Times change!  You may be making tons of cash from a product you're selling now, then the tides suddenly change.  Then the cash flow stops.

And if you parked your money where it needed to go, you won't be stressing out.  In fact, you'll be able to trek through the Andes Mountains, help poor kids learn how to read in Africa, backpack through Europe, write a screenplay...or whatever else you've always wanted to do while recharging your batteries.

Once you realize how devastatingly BORING retirement is, you'll go back to doing some kind of money-making project to double your wealth just to keep you busy.  And when you don't need the money, money seems to pour in faster and much more effortlessly.  And it's fun too because you get to pick projects and products you like rather than selling dildos on a street corner.  (Just kidding.  I wanted to slip that in to be sure you're still paying attention.)

But we ALL like the lure and attraction of "retirement" even though the reality of being able to STAY retired takes a certain kind...or a lot of quaaludes and whiskey to keep your busy mind at bay.  It's not retirement you're after.  It's the freedom to hang it all up at ANY time and do whatever you want at the drop of a hat.

Aggressive vs. Passive Income:  Put It Together & You'll Be Set for Life!

The SECRET is learning EXACTLY how to make the aggressive income and EXACTLY where to put it once you make it.

But...did you know there's something called "aggressive real estate investing"?

I've never taught my students about aggressive real estate.  This will be the first time EVER that I'll reveal this secret to you.

Again, this is part of the Total Wealth System.  There will be many pieces seamlessly put together to guarantee your wealth building in the shortest amount of time.  This is based on ALL of my trial and error in the past 20 years of my life.

And I'll never be repeating this presentation ever again.  This is why I call it my Underground Secret Seminar Event.  They are NEVER repeated.  And all of the surprising, shocking, and mind-blowing details of exactly WHAT you'll be discovering in this course!


Gain Access to My "Copy & Paste" Highly Successful Campaign That You Can Use IMMEDIATELY for INSTANT Cash Flow!

You will receive one super successful marketing campaign that you can use for direct mail, on a website, or both.  This is ONLY for those of you who show up to the event.  And it will be based on one of the most successful and highly profitable products out there right now.

Most of you can't dispute how good of a copywriter I am.  No, I'm not the best in the world.  I think Gary Halbert was.  (God rest his soul.)  But I'm a close second...maybe third.  Whatever.  I can write pretty well and I can get people to buy stuff.  That's my basic point here.

And you can bank off that skill by using my successful tested and proven campaigns that is currently pulling in huge cash flows for one of my other companies.

Use this campaign step-by-step and you WILL get rich with it.  It's included in these course materials.

"So, What EXACTLY Will I Be Selling??"

Your highest and best profit opportunities will be with consumable products.  Hands down.

Why consumable products?

Two noteable facts as to why these are so profitable:

1)  Baby Boomers: I've noticed that we have an extremely large population size of Baby Boomers.  Remember, this population segment holds more than half of the wealth in our country so it pays to market products to them. And what are they looking at buying?  They are looking for ways to feel better on the inside and out.  All kinds of consumable products that are marketed to this segment of the population such as skin care, supplements for joint pain, "herbal Viagra," mixable "greens" to help them get all of their nutrition each day in one glass, yoga and exercise products for this age group, etc.

2)  Wealth Distribution:  Most people don't know that 80% of the wealth in this country are held by those who are ages 50 and older.  The fact is, most retirees have some heavy-duty expendable incomes.  And these people are the people who will be the biggest purchasers of select consumable products that you should be gearing your marketing campaigns for.

Which means...

Your Biggest Seller WON'T Be Weigh Loss Supplements or Diet Pills!


After all, most people who I start to describe the consumable and health supplement business to AUTOMATICALLY assume they will be selling weight loss supplements.

And I tell them from experience, weight loss supplements are the LEAST POPULAR supplement we stock.  In fact, as of this past year, we've completely discontinued marketing weight loss supplements because it's not profitable due to the sheer amount of competition out there.

The most profitable consumable product to sell are found...

Wait!  I can't give away that secret here.  But it's in my new Money Funnel System.

In fact, I have a TON OF SECRETS that are cutting-edge and BRAND-NEW for our New Economy that I've NEVER revealed before (not even at my trainings or in my mentorship groups) that can make you an UNTOLD FORTUNE!

And only by "working" anywhere from 10 to 20 hours per week for a payout of anywhere from up to $4,000 to $600,000 a month!


"But Monica...I Came Into Your Life Because I Want to Invest in Real Estate!  How Does THIS Relate to THAT??"

Most of my students commplain that they want to get involved in some of these cash flowing real estate deals but they don't have the money for the 20% to 25% required CASH down payment.  (See where I'm going with this?)  Meanwhile, other serious investors with assets and cash have already swooped up all the deals.  Now, all that's left are turnkey investments that are selling for top dollar.  And in order for you to be in cash flow, you need to think about shelling out that CASH down payment.

And this is where you're going to get the cash, from your Aggressive Income Business.  And you're going to be able to generate that cash FAST!

Plus, how awesome would it be to get some immediate cash into your pocket so you can start picking up those smaller "second-hand" REO properties that need complete rehab.  Yes, this is coming back into fashion because investors want "turnkey" investments.  They don't want to rehab and lease up a building.  So, in an economy like we have now, you have to CREATE opportunities and one of the most profitables ones left are taking those don't-want properties and turning them into cash cows to either flip or hang onto for awhile.  And, again, this is where you'll need CASH!

Even better, how awesome is it to pick up these properties with ALL CASH and rehab them with ALL CASH and have NO MORTGAGE?!  (Exactly!)

My system allows for you to not only replace your current income (so you don't have to drag yourself to a job you hate anymore) but it can give you that cash boost so you can snatch up these smaller properties as possible for ALL CASH. But perhaps more importantly, not having the regular J-O-B anymore will allow you to focus on your entrepreneurial pursuits to experience success at a much faster speed because you won't have the life being sucked out of you by a 40-hour-a-week job that sucks.

I'm Spilling the Beans on ALL of My Highly-Guarded Internet Secrets!  I Can Hardly Wait!

I've never done an event like this before.  Yes, I'm a good marketer.  No, I've never once shared a single secret of my "magic" to anyone.

Until now!

And I actually can't wait.

I cannot wait to rip the sheet off my masterpiece... the Internet Cash Flow System -- and to show all my most prized secret of all.  And even better...guiding you in using it step-by-step so you DO NOT have to waste time re-inventing the wheel (like I did), failing left and right (like I did) and waiting several years to discover how aggressive and passive income work hand-in-hand!

Your turn to get rich from my blood, sweat, and tears!

And if you think it's ALL about New Wealth're wrong.  If you think I'll be talking about the same lame nonsense about Internet marketing such as affiliate marketing, Adsense, Adwords or anything else that stopped working more than 5 years ago, again you're wrong!

If you think it's about ANY of the "same ole" cash flow strategies I've presented're DEAD wrong!

And if you remotely believe it's about ANYTHING I've EVER revealed before to ANY of my're SUPER DUPER DEAL WRONG!

Guess you'll have to get the The Money Cash Flow System to fully understand my financial freedom plan for you!  And how I can start getting you that $20,000 to $50,000 monthly aggressive cash flow like clockwork.  And how I can help you retire (if you want to) in 36 months or less.

Again, I will warn you:  This business DOES NOT "work" itself.  You have to "work" the system.

No, it's not difficult at all.  Even if you don't know how to build a website, this business is easy.

Yes, it requires effort.  And I'm thankful for that!


Because it weeds out the lazy tire-kickers from being my competition, that's why!

So, I love effort!  Struggle, no.  Effort, yes!

So, if you're willing to put in some minor effort and understand that your home-based business is NOT forever (but just long enough to get you the cash you need to inject into your properties to get your passive income going).  ANd even if you hate the idea of selling, say colon cleansing supplements for instance, just remember that IT'S NOT FOREVER!!

This is a TEMPORARY and QUICK MEANS to get you LOTS OF CASH for real estate deals!  Once you get what you need to get, buy your properties, and start getting your real estate passive income coming in, QUIT THE BUSINESS!!

Or keep going until the Internet changes so much (usually in 6 to 12 months) that your marketing strategies online stop working.

Now you know why I created this system for you.  This isn't some business I want you to be in forever.  This is a means for you to get quick money for your property deals.  It's part of my "Total Wealth Building System" that I believe completely and totally in.


Let's go!  Let's do this!!

Get The Money Funnel System right now by ordering below.  It could be the tool you need to completely change your life!

If you have any questions, call my office at (661) 295-5050!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  The window of opportunity is starting to close for those "second-hand" foreclosures that I've been talking about.  By the end of next year, they'll pretty much all be gone.  By that time, hopefully you'll have created this Money Funnel Business from scratch and have injected hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash to make huge profits from this last real estate wave before it's too late!

The Money Funnel 4.0 Cash Flow System


  • The Money Funnel Cash Flow System Manual
  • Money Funnel Million-Dollar Resource Directory
  • BONUS Manual:  Make a Fortune with Free Reports
  • BONUS Bonus Manual:  PLR Secrets Revealed
  • "Plug-and-Play" Sales Materials for Your Marketing Campaigns
  • PLR (Private Label Rights) Materials You Can Use for Free Reports and As Downloadable Info Products
  • Postcard Templates
  • Excel "Numbers" Spreadsheet to Determine the Financial Profitability of Your Marketing Campaigns with a Video Tutorial on How to Use It!
  • BONUS:  Copywriting Secrets Revealed
  • Audio Seminar Series
  • Workshop Videos:  The RARE 2 1/2 Day In-Office Money Funnel Training Event ON VIDEO (Value: $997)
  • CD-ROM of Course Materials

The "Monica-Is-OUT-of-Her-Mind" Low Price of ONLY  $697 $497 (plus shipping/handling)

Look You're Getting AS A FREE BONUS:

You'll Get the Videos from My Recent 2 1/2 Day Money Funnel Training Event Where I Personally Trained and Worked With 7 Students on Their Money Funnel Businesses for the FIRST TIME EVER!  You'll Discover Everything They Did and Some of This Stuff Will Make Your Heart Beat SOOOO Fast At the MONEY You're About to Start Making that You May Have to See a Doctor!!  Yes, It's THAT Good!  This is Something You CANNOT Pass Up On!


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