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Wealth-Building Expert Reveals the SHOCKING REASON as to Why Most People Think There’s Something Missing in Their Lives and Why Many Have Asked This Same Question Over and Over Again:

“Is There More to Life Than Just THIS?!”

“How the Lost Chapters from Think and Grow Rich Can Grant You Instant Access to Almost EVERYTHING You Want in Your Life…And Why This Secret Was Purposely Left Out of This Influential Classic Book!”

WARNING:  You’ve Been Sold an Ill Bill of Goods By EVERY Success and Self-Help Book, Video, Seminar, and CD In Existence.  Read On to Discover Why Those Techniques Will NEVER Work For You…

My 3-Day Beach Retreat in Sunny Southern California Will COMPLETELY Transform Your Life!  You Will Walk Out Completely Changed!  GUARANTEED!!

If You Have Always Suspected that There REAL Barriers and Obstacles to You Achieving the Success You’ve Always Dreamed Of…You’re Absolutely Right!  You Are BLOCKEDAnd Until You REMOVE These Obstacles, You’ll NEVER Become Successful on the Levels You Want…But the Moment These Blocks Are Lifted, You’ll Instantly Be Able to Realize the Wealth, Abundance, Success, and Prosperity You’ve ALWAYS Wanted!

Dear Friend and Student,

             This may surprise you but I know you like the back of my hand. 

             How?  Have I been spying on you?  Well…no.  Not quite.  But I know you for a couple of reasons:

  1. I’ve been teaching hundreds of thousands of students since 2001 and I’ve found a common theme among almost everybody I’ve taught:  Everybody seems to be wanting to jump right into some kind of money-making endeavor while seeing little or no importance in changing how they think and feel about success, wealth, and money.  Unfortunately, by skipping this most important element in this, most of my students only find nothing but failure because they are trying to create a new life of wealth for themselves while still thinking and feeling like a low-life piece of crap.  And you can’t build wealth on a broken, cracked and unstable foundation.  It’ll simply NEVER happen.

  1. Because I am you.  I came from a really challenging upbringing and started my young life off with a lot of negative programming, especially about wealth and success.  My main obstacle was my belief that I didn’t deserve to have anything good in my life.  Sometimes I still fight this and have to gently remind myself of all the successes I’ve had so far to show myself that, yes, I do deserve success!

               Yes, much like you, I’ve struggled my ass off most of my life dealing with the demons of the past, an unsavory upbringing as a child, and too many self-esteem/self-worth issues to count.  I realized rather early on that I had to break through these blocks if I were to ever realize success and wealth beyond my wildest dreams.

               But there was a problem…

              No matter what I tried – affirmations, prayer, positive thinking, chanting, tithing, yoga, smudging, and everything in between – nothing worked for me!  Nothing was giving me that breakthrough that I had a burning desire to have so that I could achieve the dreams that I always felt were slipping past me.

              Then all that changed when I stumbled on something that will absolutely blow your mind.  But first, I want to tell you about how all this started and how it’s ultimately going to help you get everything you want…

My Personal Powerful Transformation…And How YOU Are Already a Part of It WITH Me!

            Way back in 2013, I had a student of mine (Patricia Warne) drop by my office with a bottle of champagne in hand that she gave to me as a gift.  She happened to be in the area because her daughter was scouting out the possibility of attending a school in my area of Valencia, California called Cal Arts.

            And she brought the champagne for me to celebrate the “new life” I kept telling my students I was about to start when I would finally “dropped the mic” on doing my investing and business-building events and workshops for good.

            Except I never “dropped the mic” in 2013…or 2014…or in the several years that followed that.

            And the champagne bottle just sat on my desk, unopened, collecting dustFOR YEARS AND YEARS!  I kept it there firmly planted on my desk right in front of my face to see each and every day as a REMINDER of what I promised myself…and of what I told everybody else (my students especially) about how I was going to embark on this new journey, this NEW LIFE.  (I finally put the champagne in my warehouse refrigerator in November of 2017, subconsciously planning for what was about to come...which I’ll explain shortly.)

            I don’t know if you noticed, but I have been making subtle shifts in my life for the past several years…some of which have really been accelerating quickly all of a sudden without warning over just the past handful of months.  Within this personal journey of my own, I’ve discovered that sometimes the “seed” of a desire (starting with just a fleeting thought, many times) is planted into your head and even though you aren’t prepared to act upon it at that precise time, you just know you will sometime in the future.

            Does this make you a “failure” because you didn’t just jump out there into the world, ill-prepared and undereducated about the new journey and new life you promised yourself that you’d embark upon?

             Not necessarily.  Maybe you really do just need more information, more time to prepare, and more learning to acquire before making the leap.  Or maybe we can just call a spade a spade.  Maybe you’re just making excuses for the life you’ve always wanted out of FEAR that it won’t work out, you’ll fail to get what you want, or that maybe it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be when you get there.

           For me, I think I was doing a little bit of both: preparing and making fear-based excuses all at the same time.  In fact, I know I was doing this.  (You can probably relate to this.)  But it’s like they say when becoming a parent for the first time:  It’s NEVER a good time (in most cases) to become a parent; a lot of people talk about waiting for the “right time” or a “better time.”  But there is no “right time” ever.  Reality is, nobody is really ready for parenthood…until it happens.  Then you get ready REAL FAST!  And parenting just…happens.  It beautifully unfolds on its own.

           Getting the life you want – it has to be something you just start doing for yourself – and you’ll get ready REAL FAST.  And your new life will just…happen.  Once you make the commitment and make that first step, it will beautifully unfold on its own.

If You’ve Been Feeling That “Pull” in Your Heart to Do Something Big or Important…Why Are You IGNORING It?  Do You Know What WILL HAPPEN to You If You Keep Ignoring It?

           The consequences for ignoring the “pull” in your heart to do or be something bigger and better WILL result in some pretty steep and initially-devastating consequences.

           What will those consequences be?

  • Sudden loss of job or business without a financial “back up” in place.
  • Sudden forced displacement of some kind (this can be in your home or relationship life).
  • Sudden SHOCK of something unpleasantly disruptive in your life, leaving you to ask yourself, “Why me?  Why did this happen to me?  I’m a good person and I don’t deserve this!”

          This is the way the universe SHOCKS you into action, by first pulling the “safety rug” out from under you, FORCING you to make the progress that you know deep in your heart that you’ve been wanting to do for so long.  This is what WILL happen if you’ve been feeling that inner “pull” to do something bigger for yourself while making the perpetual excuses year after year – “But now isn’t the right time so…maybe in a few years...”

          A few years ends up being more years…then decades.  Still, the longer you stay content in your safe little life, not wanting to “rock the boat” in embarking on a new journey, the “call of your true purpose” gets stronger and stronger with each passing year…

          Until the inevitable happens: the SHOCK AND LOSS through the sudden horror of devastation with (usually) initial great pain and suffering…THEN a Phoenix is born out of the rubble, debris, and burning mess.

          Do you really want to be FORCED into your new life – probably with a lot of tears, stress, and LOSS – when you can gracefully ease into this new wonderful life that is likely your true purpose and calling in life?

          Why choose the violent shocking way when you can start moving toward your life’s purpose and true calling NOW…WITHOUT the devastation, pain, and sorrow?!

           Time for you to start responding to that “call” you’ve been feeling in your heart for so many years.  Time to start doing something bigger and better for yourself.  The time is…NOW!

            But before I get into details about how you’re going to start YOUR LIFE SHIFT…I must tell you something important that I’m pretty sure you’ve already known…or at least suspected to this point:

            If you’ve found yourself frustrated and throwing in the towel on all that “new-agey self-help clap-trap” like The Secret – and all those other books, movies, etc. – that promise to teach you how to get what you want – only to find that all of it NEVER WORKS – you’re definitely NOT alone!

             Reality is…giving people hope – even false hope – is a big business and makes a lot of money for these “gurus” and other people trying to make a fast buck.  But did you notice that with many of these “secrets” and “techniques” that you’ve tried, MOST (or all) of them DO NOT WORK?

            There’s a reason for that.  They’re NOT designed to work for you.  They’re designed instead to bleed your pocketbook dry…while making the book publisher, seminar leader, or DVD producer rich.

             Don’t believe me?  Take a look at The Secret author and video producer, Rhonda Byrne and her beautiful home in Montecito, California:

              Now, I’m not knocking her at all.  Obviously she KNOWS “The Secret” of wealth attraction by being able to afford a home of this size and with this price tag!

              But it is kind of doubtful that she attracted all this money to purchase this home just by sitting under a tree and “manifesting” it from thin air through feelings as she kind of depicts in her book and video The Secret.  Nope.  Not at even close!  She bought this house (and other properties) from the proceeds of selling you an incomplete manifesto (in the form of books and a video) on how to manifest things for yourself.

              All the while, sadly, she kept the REAL secret to herself by never revealing the KEY SECRET to manifesting anything and everything you want.

              Pretty unfair and suck-fest-ish, isn’t it?

              Meanwhile, you’re left frustrated with deflated confidence while remaining in the same boat as before.  Except in a much more dangerous position…because you’re now lacking the belief that you once had before.  You’re dreams slowly but surely…dying for good.

              I’m here to show you something ground-breaking because it works on tried-and-true hard scientific universal methods that ALWAYS WORK when applied correctly.  Yes, this stuff is so powerful that it was routinely used and widely accepted during the Renaissance Period (16th Century B.C.) among wizards, witches, and other powerful people.  Yes, people were able to turn lead into gold while getting everything they wanted on command by using a “lost art” of true manifestation and attraction.

             But what happened to this “lost” art of manifestation and attraction? 

             Well, over the years these powerful people were sought out and driven into the underground where they secretly and quietly kept practicing their powerful manifestation techniques.  Some of their texts still exist where they have revealed specific details about exactly what they did to manifest their hearts desires.

Even If You’re Not Planning on Turning Lead Into Gold…You Can STILL Use These Powerful “Lost” Manifestation Techniques to Manifest ANYTHING You Want…And More!

             Did you know that there is a KEY DIFFERENCE between the “law of attraction” and “manifestation”?  Most people will loosely throw both terms around like they’re the same thing: except they’re NOT the same thing at all!  Here’s the key difference between the two:

             LOA (Law of Attraction) is when you simply ATTRACT things to you based on matching energy frequencies, even though it’s typically not taught this way.  This is the ACTUAL way to attract things is by matching energy frequencies of what you want.  The problem with this is that you’re not exactly creating exactly what you’re looking for.  Instead you’re just drawing things in that are on that same energetic vibrational frequency.  You will probably get some results and some things that you “kind of” want but it won’t be EXACTLY what you’re looking for, in most cases.

            Manifestation is when you CREATE exactly what you want.  This is different than “attracting” as if you have some kind of magnet and you’re trying to extract change from a flood drain.  Manifestation actually allows you to CREATE EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT…or something better depending on how you phrase your desires.  Sometimes this means creating things that don’t exist…yet.  (It’s like placing an “order” for something that’s built and made just for you!)

            You want to use manifestation techniques over using LOA because you have more control over getting exactly what you want but…you must be careful.  You will probably get EXACTLY what you manifest for yourself.  And is it what you REALLY want?

How An Old Alchemy Book Showed Me EXACTLY How Manifestation REALLY Works

             I was shocked to discover how REAL manifestation works and, once I understood and mastered it, I suddenly felt bamboozled and suckered by all the pure nonsense that people where throwing out there in books and videos.  I was ESPECIALLY upset about the movie and book The Secret because they have it ALL WRONG!

            How can this be?  After all, there ARE some people who claim they’ve have had success with The Secret, right?  Well, yes, that’s true.  But that’s because they accidentally bumbled into the REAL secret that I’m about to show you.

           Take a look at this illustration above that I stumbled upon years ago.  If you’ll notice, it shows the energy pull upward based on the principles of cause and effect.  If you’ll notice, the manifestation occurs as the vibrational energy goes higher and higher.  Again, this was found in a VERY OLD BOOK on alchemy; strangely it talks about manifestation in a book that’s all about hard facts and science.

           Now, you’re probably wondering, “What does all this really mean?”  Good question.  If you don’t really know what you’re looking at, it’s kind of easy to get confused about what all this means and how it relates to manifestation.  So, here’s what all this means…

Bring Up Your Energy Vibration to a HIGHER FREQUENCY and You’ll Start Pulling In the Things of That HIGHER FREQUENCYIt’s Really THAT Simple!

             There is no freaking way you can manifest or attract ANYTHING that’s considered “good” when you’re vibrating at a LOW frequency.  So, no matter how many “positive affirmations” you repeat over and over again, you’ll find ALWAYS that you’re actually attracting the “low vibration” things that MATCH your energy output.

           Even worse, it makes you believe that “being positive” never works when you find that you’re consistently attracting low-life things in your life after each positive affirmation.  The real issue is that you’re doing it wrong.  You must LIFT YOUR ENERGY whenever affirming anything that you want in life.  And if you don't know how to do that, I strongly suggest that you STOP all of your affirmations until you fully understand exactly how the true laws of manifestation can be used to work for you.

            Now, as a little “disclaimer” here, you cannot control everything.  There are certain elements to this that you cannot circumvent which includes what we call “destiny.”  Yes, there IS such a thing as destiny.  We were all sent into our lifetime here with a specific “mission” that we sometimes don’t quite “get,” especially when challenges arise that seem out of our ability to handle.  This is part of your Destiny Map which you cannot alter in any way.  (The good news is that the things you desire are built somewhere in your Destiny Map already!)


           You DO have something called “free will” to work with that can make your life – especially attaining your true purposes via your Destiny Map – a lot easier to do.  Many of us have already known our purpose here since we were in elementary school and have since swept it under the carpet because we sold ourselves the lie that it isn’t doable, doesn’t make enough money…and maybe by now we’ve forgotten all about those magical dreams.

          Changing your energy vibration from LOW to HIGH will start pulling in ALL KINDS OF THINGS from the higher vibrational frequencies than you have EVER imagined.  Everything you’ll be pulling in, of course, is on the HIGHER vibrational level.

          But, what if you have something VERY SPECIFIC that you want to pull in?

          Your vibration STILL has to be pushed to this higher level FIRST and THEN you can and must begin a very fine-tuned and specific set of exercises that are LIKE NO OTHER when it comes to manifesting exactly what you desire.

The Discovery of Jerry Hicks and the Purposely Missing References to This Very Vibrational Secret in Subsequent Prints of Napoleon Hill’s Book Think and Grow Rich

             There’s an amazing book out there called The Astonishing Power of Feelings by Ester Hicks and Jerry Hicks.  (I highly recommend you get this book and, most importantly, READ IT.)  In the preface of the book, Jerry Hicks wrote about how he noticed in Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich, within the first 9 pages of the book, Mr. Hill mentions “the hidden secret” 24 times.  But as most people will admit, that “hidden secret” is never revealed.

            (As a quick side-note, I actually came upon the pages that were chopped off the ending of the original Think and Grow Rich at the time of press and it’s very interesting how I came upon these pages.  In fact, it’s almost surreal how they came into my life but more about that later on.  The point I wanted to make is that these missing pages – which turned out to be 2 full chapters plus part of the end of Chapter 15 – actually validate the fact that Jerry Hicks was right: there was something of a “conspiracy” to shield some of this “hidden secret” that Napoleon Hill was trying to get out into the world, much of this coming at the hands of those who ran The Ralston Society…or the original publisher of this highly influential success book.  My guess is that they didn’t want anyone to really know this real “hidden secret” for fear that it would take riches out of the hands of the elite while making more “common men” and women rich, ultimately giving control to what the elite would view as being the “undesirables” of society.)

            Jerry Hicks then went on to say that there was a potent omission of the word “vibration” which was edited out of the book 37 times.  He’s actually wrong.  It was edited out 39 times.  The original Think and Grow Rich had the word “vibration” in it 58 times and later versions had it in there only 19 times.  (I’m not a math genius but 58 less 19 equals 39.)

            And this isn’t even counting the amount of times “vibration” is shown in the 2 lopped off chapters (Chapters 16 and 17) that were removed at the time of press!  (More about this revelation later on!)

                Jerry continued to talk about how not only was this word purposely eliminated from later printing of the book Think and Grow Rich, he also states that in the show The Secret, it was also SUPPRESSED as the show was being edited…before it was even allowed to air on television!  The powers that be demanded that the word “vibration” be edited completely and totally out of the project!

             Why is this? 

            What the hell is going on here?

            I can maybe understand why “the elite” would decide that the “common man” wouldn’t be equipped nor should have access to the REAL secrets behind wealth back in the 1930s. 

But…fast forward to the 2000s…and the elite STILL are withhold this powerful life-changing secret from who they view as the “common man”?

            This must mean that this vibrational SECRET is really the “missing link” between whether people attain what they want in life…and without it, they simply DON’T get what they want in life.  It’s that simple!

But It’s NOT That Simple!  Here’s Why…

            Here’s the problem with simply “raising your vibrations” to get what you want: your body has an energy field that’s been developed since BEFORE you were born (starting when you were “cooking” in your mommy’s belly). 

           This energy field develops throughout our life but is mostly fully developed by the time we’re out of elementary school.  Negative happenings, circumstances, and belief systems (handed down from your parents and grandparents) become part of your body’s energy field AND your brain thinking pathways (kind of like the grooves in a record). 

           And until you BREAK these negative patterns that are currently FIRMLY part of your body’s energy system, simply aiming for a higher vibrational level while thinking about what you want really isn’t enough to get you to where you want to be.

You Must BREAK OUT the Negative Body Energy Programming Before Shifting to Something Greater

            Yes, probably like you I did watch The Secret.  MANY TIMES.  And yes, I did the stuff in the video.  And…no surprise but nothing changed in my life! 

            Here’s why none of worked for me: 

            I wasn’t working with what was going on inside of me.  Everything I was trying to attract from the outside inward…when the “inward” part was still broken and not ready for anything. 

           And that is the WRONG way of going at trying to break through barriers because it CAN’T WORK that way. 

           Thinking that chanting a bunch of affirmations while thinking a bunch of different thoughts was going to really get deep inside me to fix what wasn’t working was all wrong because, well…long story short, I tried it with the best conviction for the longest period of time and, if anything, I was going backwards!

           I needed to HEAL what was “broken” inside of me FIRST in order to THEN attract what I wanted in my life.  THAT, my friend, is how it really works!

Why “Wealth Attraction” is a Misnomer and, IN ALL ACTUALITY, a Non-Realistic Concept

             The whole “law of attraction” concept was lost on me (and still is) when a well-known guru (Joe Vitale) on the subject matter insisted that children attracted cancer, diseases, rape, and even murder.  This is when I realized that the “law of attraction” as how most people understand it, is actually rubbish!  Surprised?  I was.  You see, children (who are innocent souls) don’t have the subconscious baggage yet to attract such devastating horrors in their lives.  (Years ago I was asked to co-author a book with Joe Vitale and passed on the project because his beliefs about the laws of attraction greatly differ from mine.)

            In a second, I’m going to briefly talk about a “life map” that we all design before we get here.  Such horrid experiences have to do with this map and not with attracting them.  In order to progress as souls and to learn every aspect about being a spirit in a human body, we will choose to have as many experiences as possible (no matter how unspeakable or horrifying they may be at times).  It would seem that many of these LOA (law of attraction) “gurus” are mistakenly combining our life plan with LOA which is not right.

           Another self-help guru (recently passed on) would say that we become what we are.  He’s right.  Unfortunately, who we become is dictated on a subconscious level by our brains through patterning and we have to completely change that if we want to make a total shift and transformation in our personal life!

My Staggering Breakthrough That Will BLOW YOUR MIND…or Your BRAIN, Rather!

How You Can “FIX” the Damage on the Inside to Start Changing Your Life RIGHT AWAY!

             Many times when shit happens to you, it happens in the shortest moments of time and space in your life.  So, why do we choose to carry these burdens for decades…or for even our entire lifetimes?  THEN WHY NOT JUST LET IT GO?!

             I think it’s because we’ve become so traumatized but these handful of devastating calamities in our lives that it’s hard to simply let go unless we do some very specific pinpointed healing work.  Remember what I said about these things being trapped in our body’s energy system and in the programming of the brain pathways?  Yes, these “bad happenings” from our life are trapped in those places so you have to “heal” them out of there!

            Something staggering recently happened to me.  Out of all these techniques and strategies I was using to try to heal, the only things that actually worked were those (non-metaphysical) methods having to do with MY BODY, specifically for my brain.  I know, weird, right? 

            But what exactly am I talking about?

            First of all, let me EXPLAIN where all the damage of your childhood, past relationships, life failures, and all the “bad” experiences land to create barriers and obstacles.  They land in the brain in a multitude of different ways.  The pathways of your brain show up by learned behavior, experiences, and patterns.  The brain pathways look like patterns because that’s exactly what they are: patterns.  Just like the grooves in a record, the same “songs” will keep playing over and over in your life because the brain will always keep following those patterns, brain waves, or “grooves” like a trained soldier.

           And that really sucks unless you know what to do to start altering those brain pathways.

           I started noticing in my 20s that I had acute depression issues/problems.  I later found out that I “blew my adrenals” while also having burned out a good portion of my brain synapses due to extreme stress.  I think part of the problem with our country is that we don’t recognize or offer enough help for mental stress and illnesses and more people than you think have it, even if they’re not homeless people talking to themselves (yet).  With as stressful as life is coupled with the baggage of the past, it’s no wonder that most of us feel depressed, sad, full of anxiety and while constantly wondering why we’ve never realized our biggest dreams and goals in life.

          Now, I’ll be the first to admit that there is something else that “sort of” determines your “destiny.”  It’s called a “life map” that was drafted out by you before you got here.  Believe it or not (and you may think that idea is far-fetched) but the majority of what takes place here on earth is based on free will.  Yes, free will.  You can do and be whatever you want.  Even better news (for you), is that if you’re reading this letter, you have a strong desire to become successful and “they” say that your desires reflect exactly what’s in that life plan of yours!  Fix the brain and fix your life.  Well, that’s a simplified version of it but it’s pretty damn close.  It’s more like…

Fix Your Body, Change Your Life!

            Everyone alive has an energy field around their body.  Some would call it an aura.  I think that’s only part of the story.  Energy comes from within every living thing because we are functioning, consuming and converting energy; we burn and exude this energy.  In fact, anything moving exudes energy such as a train, automobile, and even a computer.  But…if the energy is not circulating correctly, it WILL cause problems to any human, animal, plant, or even a piece of machinery.  Eventually it’ll stop working, either in part or in whole.

           My point?

           If you’re body energy is out of sync, you’ll always have problems attracting what you want.  If your brain is out of sync with what you consciously want – mostly based on bad patterns from negative experiences, behaviors, programming, habits, etc. – then no matter what you try to do, you will keep sabotaging yourself on a subconscious level and you’ll never achieve any of the goals you have for yourself.

           Your brain controls everything from your bodily functions to how you act and react to everything that happens.  It also controls your thinking and behaviors.  When your brain is broken, your life is broken.  Fix your brain by changing some of those brain pathways and you will change your life.

          The good news is that you can make significant life-changing progress in just 3 short days.  Yes, a long 3-day weekend can kick off the brain “rehabbing” process that will change your life. 

          Here’s how the 4 days will play out:

Day 1:  Getting to the “root” of what’s holding you back.

Day 2:  Healing from the ties that bind.

Day 3:  Reprogramming your body and brain to achieve super success

Day 4:  Getting your "NEW" to stick and creating a POWERFUL 30-Day Action Plan!

           We will first find what’s holding you back, especially in relation to success and anything else that’s important to you (including relationships).  Yes, we will have to go WAY BACK to your childhood in many cases.  After all, you can’t clean out the closet until you open the door and look at all the dirt, grime, and garbage that has to be removed out.  Right?

            The next thing is that we’ll start HEALING!  A lot of these “micro” instances in your life happened in only seconds, minutes, or hours of your life that ended up being responsible for such devastating obstacles, pain, and trauma in your life.  Time to lift out those experiences OUT of your body’s energy system and OUT of your brain’s programming so that you can prepare yourself for an extraordinary life of success and happiness!  And we’ll be using some unconventional yet highly effective ways to quickly heal so you can finally let go of the ties that have been binding you for most of your lifetime.

           And finally, we’ll be reprogramming your body and mind for success and happiness.

           What I love about brain pathway and body energy “rehabbing” is that it’s based on pure science and not some hokey-pokey metaphysical concepts about meditating under a banyan tree to have the universe somehow start floating you million-dollar checks from the clouds.  We all know that “rules” of how the earth plane works, especially when it comes to capitalism and commerce.  And as far as I can tell, you kind of have to follow those “rules” to get what you want in life. 

           Additionally, we’ll be getting into making vibrational shifts, some of which requires the use of quantum physics, to allow for making things happen much faster in your life than you ever thought possible!

Yes, By the FINAL DAY There WILL Be a TOTAL Transformation and Breakthrough for You!  GUARANTEED!

             The final day of the retreat will consist of a very unique yet highly effective and groundbreaking transformation secret.  This is a hands-on session where we will work deeper on those internal ailments that need a full throttle breakthrough.  This is when we will get to work in a hands-on workshop format where the healing will take place.  I’m not going to go into a lot of detail about it because it is unconventional and needs detailed explanation first before you would say, “Of course I should do that!  I need to do that!!”

              If I were to try to explain it in a paragraph or two here, you wouldn’t get the entire gist of how and why this unconventional healing technique is so imperative to getting the entire concept; I don’t want you to chalk it off as something a little odd when, in actuality, you’ll be blown away at how freaking powerful this is.  But, again, it’s not for everyone.  If you believe you’d feel uncomfortable with unconventional healing, this is definitely NOT for you.  (No, I’m not having everyone strip down to run around naked in the room or subjecting you to crawl through hot coals…nothing outrageous like that.  And no one will be putting their hands on you either.)  Just know that you’d physically be safe and there’s no personal humiliation to worry about but it is, as I’ve said, unconventional

              But powerful!  Very powerful!

              But it doesn’t stop there.  Healing is only ONE part of it.  The other part is THIS

How the Lost Chapters of Think and Grow Rich Tie Into All of This…And How They Were the Purposely Left-Out Chapters that ARE the REAL SECRET to Getting EVERYTHING You Want…And More!

         The final 2 missing chapters of Think and Grow Rich that, as the story goes (as it was told to me), were literally PULLED from the final manuscript as it was going to press.

         How do I know of these missing “lost” chapters of this classic book?  After all, nobody ever talks about these.  Ever!

        Someone by the name of R.C. sent me an email in late 2017 talking about how he had something he wanted me to look at and that it would blow my mind.  He said he knew of 2 “lost chapters” of Think and Grow Rich and that he would send them to me in the weeks to come.

        I deleted the email with no response.  If someone sends me something that seems sketchy or weird, especially offering no question that I need to respond to, I generally delete the emails.  I didn’t expect to hear from this R.C. at all and treated it as a hoax.

        On the last Saturday of 2017, there was a thick manila envelope on the floor in my office (where the mailman would dump my mail when nobody is there on the weekend).  It was from a guy named Roy Chamberlain.  I thought, Was this the R.C. who sent me the email only weeks ago?

        I ripped open the envelope.  It had a short note in it about how this Roy Chamberlain came across these lost chapters.  He stated that his step-father worked for The Ralston Society back in the day and said that these chapters were pulled from the final manuscript just before press.  And that an ending piece of Chapter 15 was also removed and shortened right before printing the book.

        He never stated why this was (or what his theory was about why).  He just said that he had planned on doing something with these lost chapters, never did, came across them, and decided to send them to me because he said that I’d know what to do with them.

        How I’ve met him, I don’t know.  He seemed to make me think that he saw me speak somewhere or that I had met him.  But I don’t recall ever meeting a Roy Chamberlain.  (This is, of course, no surprise, since I’m very bad at remembering people’s names.)  I searched my database to look for a Roy Chamberlain but found nobody.

        Of course, we did lose part of our company database back in 2014/2015 when we had a hacking incident occur.  Further, when people bring guests to seminar events, their names never appear in the database; only the principle seminar or workshop registrant will appear in our records.

        I could have met this guy anywhere at any time in the past 20-something years of my life.

        And who knows if Roy Chamberlain is this guy’s real name or if it’s merely a pseudonym?

         I’ve tried verifying these chapters – after all, they do look REAL enough – but those at the Napoleon Hill Estate claim they know nothing about these missing chapters.  (Roy only sent me copies of what looks to be the originals; he kept the originals to himself.)

         But you’re probably wondering, what DO the missing chapters – Chapter 16 and 17 – say?  Do they finally REVEAL The Secret that everybody has said for DECADES is missing in the original Think and Grow Rich?  Yes, in fact they do.

         I would show you copies of these actual missing pages and give you word-for-word content…but at this present moment, I can’t.  I’m in negotiation on a book deal for The Lost Chapters of Think and Grow Rich...

         I’ve been told by my agent that a publisher will want the first “reveal” to be in the book and not anywhere else otherwise I risk losing the book deal.  But…

         I can tell you the gist of what these missing chapters say to give you a sprinkling of just how powerful they are!

        The first of the two missing chapters (Chapter 16) talks about how the common man can transcend above the rest of the population by using all the strategies he outlined in his book.  So, he uses this chapter to kind of tie everything together in what I’d describe as more of a linear plan on how to do this, mainly through focus, tenacity and grit while keeping vibrational levels high as to “ward off” doubt, negativity, fear, and other things that promote failure and lack of success.


         It’s the SECOND of the two missing chapters (Chapter 17) that really gets to THE SECRET that everybody thought Napoleon Hill never wrote in Think and Grow Rich…or rather the secret that almost everybody cannot find in the original (or subsequent) prints of the book!  The fact of the matter is, Napoleon Hill DID write The Secret in the original Think and Grow Rich.  But it was PULLED right before press time for reasons that I can probably quite accurately guess: they were too powerful and the elite thought that giving this much power to the common lower-echelon man (or woman) would oust out the elite while making the commoners wealthy beyond belief.

         And they couldn’t have that.

         Another theory is that it seemed a little “disjointed” or maybe slightly far-fetched for that time.  (Remember, the original book was published in the spring of 1937 so people weren’t nearly as open-minded back then.)  Or, perhaps, maybe they had space constraints and a publishing budget for paper.  Who knows?

         But this final chapter does delve into some quantum physics that I haven’t read anywhere else.

         Whatever the reason for the deleting of these 2 chapters right before the book went to press, we will never know but I’m about to share with you the “gist” of what this final chapter talks about…

         And how it changes EVERYTHING!

         So, what exactly did Chapter 17 say?  It begins with Napoleon Hill talking about a thought that he had when he awoke.  It was the thought about a single small particle, one that isn’t visible by the naked eye.  And how all things are made from a compilation of particles.  If you think about it, this is 100% true.  All the “stuff” that you have, all the “stuff” that exists – take a quick look around you right now – it’s all made from millions of particles including molecules, atoms, and the sort.

         When you have a thought of something in your mind – less the negativity associated with NOT getting it (including fear, doubt, etc.) – what is to stop your thoughts from CREATING the thing that you want using the stuff (particles) that already exists in the universe?

        Nothing can stop it provided that you can hold a thought – a pure, unbridled thought – WITHOUT doubt, WITHOUT fear, and WITHOUT negativity surrounding it NOT being part of your life.

        And to “amp” this up even further, you hold this thought in your mind with great desire and heated intent (with keeping your vibrational frequency at a higher level) along with a deep KNOWING that, no matter what, this thing you’re holding in your mind’s eye WILL come to you…WITHOUT A DOUBT.

         THAT is what the final chapter of Think and Grow Rich is about.  This would be – to be clear – the chapter that was pulled before press-time.

          And yes, this IS the secret…the secret that so many have complained didn’t exist in the original manuscript.  People were and are very observant.  No, they didn’t “miss” Napoleon Hill’s secret.  It was there.  It just wasn’t THERE for the final printed version of the book.

         THIS is what we’ll be discussing on the final day of this retreat so that you fully understand how to make this secret work so that you can create or mold whatever life you want for yourself.  This is powerful stuff and is NOT for everybody…only for those truly meant to understand, know, and to use this highly powerful secret.

My 100% Risk-Free Monica-Is-DEFINITELY-Cray-Cray Money-Back Guarantee

         If by the end of the second day you’re not 100% convinced that this will change your life for the better, just pull me aside and tell me that you want to leave…and when I get back to my office, I’ll make sure I give you a 100% refund.  Guaranteed!  No questioned asked!  No hassle!  That’s my promise to you!

        I have a feeling you’ll stay because by the end of the second day, you’ll start FEELING the changes happening within you.  You’ll start to feel different right away.  You will BE different.  You’ll want to stay to finish and to make that final breakthrough into a realm of success and happiness you’ve never seen before!

         Listen, if you’re meant to be at this event, you’ll make it.  I’m not here to twist your arm to come to this, even though I know deep down inside how life-transformative this WILL be for you.  But, I can’t make someone do something they’re not ready for.

         But…if you’re thoroughly sick of running on the treadmill of life and getting nowhere no matter how hard you pray, how many affirmations you recite, how many “good deeds” you do just to find yourself broke, frustrated, and miserable then you NEED to find a way to be at this event. 

         It has the ability to totally and completely TRANSFORM YOU over the course of a single weekend!  And only you know how badly you need this transformation, this total breakthrough that will finally allow you to have, be, and accomplish everything you’ve ever dreamed of!

         See you there!

P.S.  We're keeping this as a VERY SMALL GROUP!  I'm not interested in trying to help people one-on-one when there's 100 people there.  We're keeping this group to a MININUM of a number of people, MAXING OUT at 20.  I may even decide to cap it off at a lower amount, like 15.  This way we can offer personalized attention to each and every one of you individually to ensure that you get your transformation and breakthrough.  So, if you're serious about registering, I strongly suggest that you DON'T WAIT!  My events -- as most of you know -- fill up pretty quickly!

P.P.S.  Questions?  Give us a call at (661) 295-5050 from 9am to 5pm Pacific Time!  We're here to answer any questions you may have!

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