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How Powerful Would It Be for You to Pitch Your Project to a Panel of Investor Sharks and Get an INSTANT OFFER to Fund Your Deal?

This photo is for illustration purposes only.  None of the Shark Tank members will be participating in or endorsing this event.

October 2nd, 3rd, and 4th in Detroit, Michigan

Because Without Cash or an Investor Partner, It’s IMPOSSIBLE to Become a Profitable Investor & Entrepreneur

Dear Investor,

As an investor, you don’t have access to cash for your deals or business ventures, you’re DEAD in the water!  Yep!  DEAD AS A DOG!

But you probably knew that already.

How many deals have you found yourself having to pass on because you didn’t have an EMD (Earnest Money Deposit), down payment money, due diligence funds, or acquisitions and rehab cash?  I’m 100% certain that you’ve found yourself passing on millions of dollars in deals because you just didn’t have the money to follow through with your deals.  Am I right?

Even worse…if you’re a “little guy” (or gal) in this wild world of real estate investing, the likelihood you’ll be able to access hundreds of thousands of dollars – or millions of dollars – for your latest real estate deal is slim to none.  That’s just the reality, folks. 

But it doesn’t have to be the case anymore and here’s why…

There are several options for you as someone getting your feet wet as a profitable cash flowing real estate investor.

The 4 Ways to Get Start-Up Cash for Your Real Estate Deals and Business Ventures

             I’ll lay it out for you in a way that nobody else will.  I’ll give you EVERY POSSIBLE WAY to invest in real estate if you’re starting with NONE of your own cash:

             “Secret” # 1:  Borrow the Funds from Friends/Family or Other Controlled Assets:  You can borrow the money from Mom, Dad, Aunt Birdie or other family and friends.  You can drain your 401K or other controlled assets (if you have any).  Or you could get a bank loan.  I don’t recommend ANY of these solutions because (a) you won’t get enough money scraped together to do a highly profitable cash flowing real estate deals, and (b) it’s never recommended that you tap out friends/family or your retirement (or other controlled) assets you have.

             “Secret” #2:  Build Business Credit and Borrow from BLOCs:  While I do recommend that everybody build business credit, it’s NOT the best way to leverage loans through BLOCs or Business Lines of Credit.  The interest would be too high on the borrowed funds and, even still, the likelihood you’d be able to borrow, say, $200,000 or more the first time out is pretty slim unless (a) you have a well-seasoned corporation that has healthy corporate tax returns (for the past 2 to 3 years) on a gang-load of company cash flow, and (b) really good personal credit (800+ FICO).  Even still, I don’t like the high interest on these kinds of loans and borrowed credit which will heavily eat into your property cash flows.

             “Secret” #3:  Doing Creative Financing and Seller-Carry Deals:  You can abolish the need for cash altogether if you can work directly with property sellers who will allow for seller carry, LLC take-over, and other creative financing deals.  This is how I got started in multi-family real estate investing.  But, back when I got started, it was a different time and a different economic environment.  We’re at a market peak (and slowly slipping) with little inventory to be had.  So, sellers who may have been open to creative financing options in years past certainly are NOT open to it now.  Truth be told, if you’re going to bark up the “creative financing” tree, you’ll be expending A LOT of energy and personal resources with very little fruits for your labor.  This is NOT the recommended strategy for right now.

             “Secret” #4:  Start a Cash Flowing Aggressive Income Business:  This requires you to start a brand new business from scratch if you don’t already have one up and running.  There are a couple of types of Aggressive Income Business Strategies: (1) Flipping real estate for profits which is usually NOT recommended when we’re at market peak (or close) like we are now because nobody wants to be left holding the bag when the music stops (and it’s slowing down quick), or (2) Starting a cash flowing business such an online marketing or something else that is equally profitable.  And unless you’re really digging the idea of changing your entire focus to now having to start another project from scratch, it’ll be hard to get a new business going AND to focus on investing in passive income real estate investing.  It just adds more things to your plate that you may not be able to handle right now.

             So, where does that leave you?

             It only leaves just ONE option left for you:

             You need a private investor, a private lender, or someone who has access to cash to bankroll your deals.  That’s the ONLY way you’ll ever be a successful investor if starting with little or no cash.

“It’s Best to Start with 32 Units or More…Otherwise Investing is a Total Waste of Time!”

             Somebody sent me a YouTube interview of Grant Cardone recently and asked what I thought of him and his message.  Well, first of all, I don’t follow other real estate gurus.  Why would I?  I’m my own “guru” and I don’t need to follow anybody else.  It’s not that I think I know everything but the people I learn from are real investors and not people doing cheesy YouTube videos about real estate investing.

             But…I checked the interview out and listened to what Grant had to say.  In a nutshell, he said that it’s a waste of time to invest in property deals that were fewer than 32 units.  But is this accurate?  Is this really true??

             I did understand his point.  He was talking about an 8-unit and what a management pain in the ass it is for much less cash flow than a 32-unit.  That is true but all investors must start somewhere.  And, if you think about it, a 32-unit would be considered a pain-in-the-ass to someone who owned, say, a 320-unit apartment building.  So, one could argue endlessly on this issue.

“Just Get the Money Together!”  Because If You Can’t, You’re a Deadbeat!

             But then he said something that kind of irritated me.  He said, “Take a 32-unit apartment building.  If the purchase price is $2.4 million, you’ll need a $600,000 down payment plus fees.  So, get the $600,000 together and do the deal.”  And that’s all he said about it.

             And my response what, “How, Know-It-All?  HOW do you just simply scrape $600,000 together?  How do you just ‘get’ the money?”  He acted like “getting” the money was as simple as collecting cans for a day, running down to the local recycling machine, and throwing the cans in to just “get” $600,000.  (Maybe in 200 years from now it’ll be that simple but, then again, $600,000 will only be worth $600 in the future.)  This is not exactly the kind of money you’d find hidden in your couch cushions or anywhere else for that matter.

             But that’s his “big secret,” folks.  Go out and buy apartment buildings of 32 units or more and just “get” the money to do the deals.  Of course, there’s no explanation as to where or how to get the money from for the EMD, down payment, due diligence, closing costs, etc.  Nor is there any mention about how this is the most important part of buying your real estate: having the CASH for your deals.  But your typical “guru” will tell you, “Just go out there and do it!”  Well, Einstein, I don’t need someone to just tell me to just “do it.”  I already know that!  But a REAL guru worth his or her salt will tell you HOW to do it.  (Clearly that’s not him.)

Armando Montelongo: 

“Here’s the SECRET to Getting All the Cash You’ll Ever Need for Your Deals!”

             A student and really good friend of mine, Tori Weber, told me about an experience she had at a very expensive Armando Montelongo event years ago where he promised to tell everybody the secret to getting unlimited cash for your deals.  At the end of his very expensive $30,000+ 3-day bootcamp, he told everybody to stand up.  Once everyone stood, he told everybody to look around.  And he said, “That is where you get your cash for your deals.  You get money from the people around you.  People in this room.  From friends, from family.  They have savings.  They have a 401K.  They have assets.  So, ask them for the money.”  That is the big $30,000 secret!  Get money from the people around you!

             This is when I realized that all these real estate “gurus” could talk a good game but…could any of them actually put their money where their mouth is and actually HELP PEOPLE GET MONEY FOR THEIR DEALS?  The answer:  NO!  Not a chance in hell.  NONE OF THEM EVER HAVE OR EVER WILL!

             “Just go get the money,” they all say.  But…from where exactly?

The ONLY Way to Get Large Amounts of Cash WITHOUT Bank Red Tape is…

             By using private investors and private lenders.

             But, how does the Average Joe and Jane gain access this kind of capital?  After all, aren’t private investors and lenders for the bigger “mover and shakers” in the real estate business?  Isn’t private capital for those who have connections in a super-wealth or elite way?  Aren’t investor partnership deals for investors who have a lot of experience in the business?

             All these things are misconceptions!  It’s a mindset problem that many new investors have.  They think they cannot compete with other more experienced and seasoned investors in the world of real estate investing.  So, they don’t even try.

             But you CAN once you understand HOW to compete.  And the ONLY way to compete is to get CASH for your deals.  Then you’re playing the game with the biggest and best of them!

“Your Students Are Clowns!”  Teach Them to Be Better or Get Out of the Game!

             I had worked with an investor partner for many years.  He was one of my oil tycoon Texas billionaires.   (He’s since passed away this past fall and because of confidentiality I cannot reveal his name.)  During our last partnership deal, he told me one very significant thing about the deals he’s done with me over the years.  He said this:  “The only reason I keep doing deals with you instead of directly with some of the clowns you’ve brought to me with deals is because I trust you.  You never lost me money and you never let me down.  But, unless you teach these people how to present themselves better, it would be a cold day in hell before I’d ever entrust my money with any of them.”

             I was insulted when he told me that.  It was like he slapped me in the face!  And it stung for a while until I could analyze exactly what he was telling me in its deeper meaning.

             I’ve worked hard to cultivate my investor partners over the years.  And I started off with THIS strategy:  Fake It Till You Make It.

             I always presented myself as being a seasoned experienced professional even when I was brand new in the business.  I never let anyone know that I was inexperienced and didn’t know what I was doing, especially when I was first starting out.  So, it floors me that some of my students will whip together these unprofessional-looking business cards that they print up on their home printer, lame-looking websites, and property investment business plans that look like an 8-year-old slapped them together for a classroom project on entrepreneurship.

             And this is what he was talking about.  He just couldn’t believe how some didn’t see the value in presenting themselves as professionally as possible, even if they did lack experience as real estate investors.

             “Professionalism is everything.  I can’t begin to get out of the gates with someone if they start the conversation in an unprofessional way.”  And this means starting the conversation or business relationship with the right tools, the right deal, and the right presentation.

             You have no idea how many business plans, business cards, and presentations I’ve had to fix just to be able to send in a property proposal to my investors to look at.

             And frankly, it’s exhausted me over the years!

             It’s exhausted me to the point where I basically QUIT doing deals between my student investors and my investor partners.

             Yes, I QUIT!  (Did you notice that I haven’t been doing much with real estate and my students lately?  THIS is the reason why!  You guys and gals wore me out!)

But Then It Hit Me…

And I Suddenly Knew EXACTLY What I Needed to Do to Get You Money for Your Deals!

             My purpose in life has always been about helping people build business and investing empires.  But when I felt my back up against the wall, unable to help my students in the most successful ways possible, I decided to call it quits on the real estate side for a while.

             And I’m glad I took a break.  Why? 

             Because it gave me a perspective I’ve never had before.  And I suddenly understood what I needed to do to help my students in the best possible way.

             It was when I realized that my students need ONLY ONE THING to become real estate investors is when I discovered EXACTLY what I needed to do to assist my students in maximum success.

             What is that ONE THING that all real estate investors need?  MONEY!  And LOTS of it!

             So, then the question became this… “How can I help my students access a bottomless pit of money at their fingertips to use for their investments including real estate deals and business ventures?”
             And the answer was LOUD AND CLEAR.

Time to Reveal My Most Highly Regarded SECRETS Behind How I’ve Been Able to

Raise Hundreds of Millions of Dollars Since 2003 for Real Estate and Business Ventures

             The secret itself is fairly cut and dried.  I’ll tell you what it is right now:

  1. Find a hot deal or business venture that has the potential of making huge amounts of money within a 3- to 5-year period.
    1. This can be a real estate deal or business venture…ideally it would be a combination of both!
  2. Make sure this deal is something you can personally oversee and manage from beginning to end.
  3. Put together a highly professional kick-ass business plan offering the prospective investor partner anywhere from half to three-quarters of the deal.  (Yes, you read that correctly!)
  4. Create a video presentation using what I’ve recently started calling “the stack” to outline the deal to the prospective investor(s).
  5. Put these elements (the business plan and the video presentation) on a special-designed website for prospective investors to see; this website MUST be SEC Regulation D compliant!
  6. Place ads in financial magazines and newspapers to drive traffic to the website.
  7. Mail out a “shock and awe” business plan package via FedEx to the prospective investors.
  8. Follow up with the prospective investors via email, mail, and phone.

          And every single time, several things have happened…

I Get So Many Prospective Investors Flooding Into My Investor Funnel That I’ve IMMEDIATELY Had to Pull Down My Ads to STOP THE TRAFFIC!  And This Has Happened Every Single Time!

             Now, this may seem like a problem you’d want to have, right?  Who wouldn’t want droves of people with lots of money coming into an investor funnel, ready to write checks for deals, right?


             While on the surface this may seem like a really grand idea, the problem when you get too many prospective investors and you do such a kick-ass job selling the real estate deal or business venture to these people, you then have A LOT of PISSED OFF INVESTORS who didn’t get to do the deal with you (because you can only take so much investor cash to complete one deal…the fewer the investors involved in a single deal, the better and it’s best to use ONE investor partner ONLY when possible).

             And when you have another deal come along, you’ve already started your business relationship on a negative note so many won’t want to see what you have next.  They’ve already run off to greener pastures.  And sometimes when you come back to them with another deal, in the back of their minds you’ve already positioned yourself as Mr. (or Ms.) Bait-and-Switch, leaving a bad taste in their mouths.

             This puts you in the unfortunate position of having to start over again when looking for more cash for another deal or business venture that crosses your path.  (Not that it’s difficult to do: wash, rinse, and repeat!)  Yes, over time you’ll have your own “collection” of investors who will eventually invest with you repeatedly.  But this will take time.  They’re going to want to see what happens with the first deal they’re doing with you.

             When you’re brand-new to investing, this is how this whole raising capital business will work for you:

             Deal #1:  You’ll find an investor partner through placing an ad.  After several people respond to the ad and get your “shock and awe” investor package, you’ll get at least one investor wanting to do the deal with you.  The rest of the investors who were cash contenders are either still on the sidelines (waiting for your next deal) or they’ve moved on.

             Deal #2:  You’ll probably be in the market for cash again on your next deal in another few months or so.  But because you just started a new deal with your first investor on your first deal, you’ll have to go back to the exact same method you used in getting the cash for the first deal again for this second deal.  This means setting up your website, your investor package, your video presentation, and your ads.

             Deal #3:  Wash, rinse, and repeat.  Over and over again.

             You’ll do this repeatedly for at least the first two or three years before your very first investor on your first investor partnership will trust you enough to do another deal with you.  By then, you’ll either have built up to doing some sizeable deals or you’ll have outgrown the need (or desire) in using investors altogether because you’ll be in the financial position of doing deals 100% on your own.

How You Can Use the $6,000,000 Letter to Access MORE MONEY Than You Could Ever Imagine!

             J.C. Staindt was up a creek without a paddle when he contacted me in a panic in the fall of 2018.  He had $180,000 that “went hard” in a deal.  The moment he was to lose this EMD (Earnest Money Deposit) on a $6,000,000 building is when his only financier backed out of the deal.  Yes, he had someone in place to fund the deal and the rehab but this guy backed out right after J.C.’s deposit turned non-refundable!

             I felt bad for J.C. because he borrowed this $180,000 from his parents on a home equity loan and I didn’t want to see his mom and dad lose out because of a poorly executed decision on their son’s part.

             Not but a year before I had used this really powerful letter to get an investor on a partnership I ended up doing with Andrew Shaw.  It was a repurposed office building deal in the L.A. area.  Since it worked for that deal, I decided to dust off the letter and rewrite it just a tad to be tailor-made for J.C.’s deal.

             Long story short…within 2 weeks he had the money to do his deal which totaled $6 million when everything was said and done!

             Not only will I introduce this letter to you (at this event) but – before I’ll allow you to use something so powerful – I’ll first have to show you HOW to use this letter to get you money for your deals.  You can’t just add your deal into the letter and start mass mailing it to prospective investors.  No.  That won’t work.  It has a specific purpose and it must be used properly to be successful for you.

             So, then, where does this letter play into the entire business plan package schematic?

             It replaces your normal boring Plain Jane cover letter to the business plan and turns it into a powerful tool in and of itself for raising the money for your deal.

How You Can Gain Access to Endless Amounts of Private Investor Cash by Simply UNLOCKING the Secret Vault!  This is ONLY for Those of You Who Are EXTREMELY SERIOUS About Using a Secret Weapon to Getting Money for ANY DEAL at ANY TIME!

The "old school" days of raising money for your real estate deals are LONG OVER!  And in case you don't even know what those days were like, it included a lot of pavement pounding, mailing out letters to investor lists, gathering a pile of people into a hotel conference room, and live-selling your opportunity within an incredibly nerve-wracking environment.  

And if you looked nervous or sucked at your single-chance live presentation, not a single person in the room would write a check for your opportunity or deal.  And all your expense, time and effort to get them there were wasted!

Technology Changed the Face of Raising Funds - Turning a Painful, Expensive, and Time-Consuming Effort into a Seamless, Easy, and INSTANT Process!  

So…Why Aren't You Cashing in Yet?

         When I have students of mine calling me and telling me about some "somewhat famous" raising capital expert giving them tired old advice about raising money for their real estate deals, it makes me cringe.  Then it makes me sad because you have these old dinosaurs still peddling the "Tupperware sales mentality" of raising money.  And this, my friend, is a complete waste of time and money!   Especially in today’s day and age!

         Here are some myths about raising funds that you need to know about:

  1. "It's hard to raise funds through private investors and equity partnerships unless you know a lot of wealthy people."  This isn't the case. Although it would help if you had a rich Uncle Bob, it's definitely not required by a long shot.  As long as you understand HOW to raise the money, you can get it instantly whether these investors know you or not.  They are looking for a highly profitable OPPORTUNITY and not a cool drinking buddy.

2.     "It's better to get a pool of potential and prospective investors together in one spot so you can pitch them your business idea or real estate deal all at once."  Who the hell would want to do it this way?  Unless you are a professional public speaker, used to getting up in front of audiences (regardless of whether it's 12 or 1,200 people), you're not going to do a good enough presentation unless you’re properly prepped first.  You will fail to get the funds you are seeking unless you happen to be a dynamic speaker who can sell ice cubes to an Eskimo.  (Which most people can't do.)

3.     "Why would they want to invest in my deal or business idea?  I have no cash, no credit, no experience [insert additional excuses here], so I don't have a chance of being taken seriously!"  The investor partners I've been working with for the better part of the past decade all tell me the same exact thing:  "We don't care WHO we are dealing with.  We just want to know that they are serious about what they are doing, they have a well laid-out plan to make it happen, and they are willing to give it 1000% of everything they've got to execute the proposed plan."  And that's it.  No, you didn't have to have graduated from Harvard.  No, you don't have to be an expert in international global investment strategies.  You just have to have a serious deal that you are enthusiastic about and the willingness to execute it to the end no matter what!

The "New Age" of Gaining Access to Millions of Dollars for Real Estate and Businesses is…

ALL in the Matter of Understanding HOW to Pull It Off!


         Within the past few years, my entire strategy for "hooking" my own new investor partners has completely changed.  The rules have changed.  The media to lure them in has changed.  And everything is a hell of a lot easier now!

         More than a dozen years ago when I started pitching my initial investor partners, I didn't have YouTube to help me create a presentation video.  I had to sell my ass off to them over the phone, sweating bullets as I stammered over my "pitch" to them, and pretty much blew it almost every time as my verbal stammering turned into creating doubt on their heads.  Then I had to work like mad to convince them that my deals were the best thing since an oversized umbrella on a rainy day.

         In early 2009, I had two (2) very important, super wealthy investor partners (who I had "acquired" several years before) stop investing in my deals.  One stopped investing with me because of a major screw up in miscalculating the Phoenix market (months before the market completely collapsed) that lost both of us quite a bit of money.  The other stopped because of a severe heart condition (and he's since passed away).

         I went back to the drawing board in search of more investor partners to invest in my deals including non-real estate related projects I was working on.  I had tried a few of the "old school" methods of churning out a physical "package" after doing mailings.  Those didn't work AT ALL.  (Not like they used to.)  I tried setting up meetings and presentations.  No one was interested in putting their busy lives on pause to sit in a conference room to watch me flap my jaws about whatever deal I was seeking out funding for.  I even tried the cocktail party approach.  Other times I tried free steak dinners.  Neither worked!

        A college kid neighbor of mine was talking to me about a school project he was doing about a YouTube presentation.  I knew nothing about YouTube and never considered the concept for anything.  He was explaining how he had to "embed" HTML into a web page to create a video on his website.  He was also telling me about a software that allowed him to record audio and video of everything he was doing on his computer screen.  This is about the time my eyes were glazing over (and I could have been possibly drooling) because I understood next to nothing that he was talking about.  (This was at least 5 or so years ago.  Since then I’ve become quite proficient with the Internet.)

        But it gave me an awesome idea.  What if I could do the same presentation on my website that I would do "live" in front of a handful of private investors?  This would cut down on the stress of making mistakes and being nervous doing the presentation in front of an audience.  Not to mention the miraculous parting-of-the-seas efforts I had to make in order just to get these prospective investors in a room with me.

I Learned How to Create My Own Online Video Presentations, Websites, Etc. to Attract Investor Partners and It Worked MUCH BETTER Than I Would Have Ever Dreamed!


            I'm a control freak.  I have tech guys who can do things for me.  I technically don't have to do much for my websites or videos...but I still do.  I don't like people having passwords to my stuff because if they ever get pissed off at me, they can swap out my sites for porn or forward my domain to an offshore gambling site.

            When it comes to creating and uploading online video, I do all this myself.  I have bought my own domains, created my own websites, embedded my own YouTube video links, and drive my own traffic to my websites.  I do this for control, flexibility, and the ability to get things done in days rather than weeks.

            And it's been this way since Day One.  This is why I've gotten so damn good at creating powerful and enticing websites to raise capital.  Even recently I sold an Independent Film idea to an investor, getting $250,000 right off the bat to do the movie...and I don't even have a script yet!  And that’s just the starting dollar amount to do “pre-production.”  That's how good I got with this online raising capital process!

            Most people are shocked to know that I'm a closet Internet nerd in disguise and it is mind-boggling just how much I know about the technical online world.  (Of course, I don't know everything, but I know a hell of a lot more than most!  I know how to get money from investors.  That's all that really matters!)

            So, back in the day (or a few years ago), I started putting together my first investor website including video recorded presentation on backlinks of my website.  I also had a means of capturing investors into my "web" by promoting a report on the "Four Biggest Mistakes Investors ALWAYS Make!"  This pushed them to "opt in" to my email autoresponder system to get the report.  This also allowed me to send my newest investment opportunities to them via email as I got them.

But I Had to SHUT MY SITE DOWN for More Than a Year!

 And Here’s Why…

            Between understanding the "lingo" that I had to use in my investor posts (to drive investors to my site), PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, and being high on the organic searches through the search engines like, I had way too many people hitting my website.  I had too many investors and not enough deals!

            Now, that's a nice problem to have!

            My problem was this:

            Whenever I research a deal out, I do extensive due diligence, area research, and grind the numbers several times over every which way I can to fully understand the current and future potential (proforma or projection) or a deal or business opportunity.  I create a fully developed business plan.  Then I create a well-researched, perfect video presentation to interest prospective investor partners.

            But I'm very strict on the deals I'll do (because they MUST be highly profitable AND a deal I thoroughly like with a great sense of passion!).

            So, here I am with anywhere from 3 to 5 solid real estate deals (and every so often I'll have a business opportunity) with 4- to 5-dozen solid prospective investors wanting to write checks for the deals.

            Within a short week all of my current, well-planned deals are already invested in. AND I HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO OFFER!

            Then, I have to go out, execute the deals, and start over with a new set of deals to draw in new investor partners.  Again, this is an awesome problem to have.  And it'll be a problem YOU'LL soon have too!

"So, Monica, How Does This All Apply to Me?"

            I have to say that I'm a little disappointed in my students.  Here's a little fact that I want to clue you in on having to do with my company, formerly Global Success Strategies and now called Success For Life.

            The seminar I've done with the lowest attendance EVER was my Raising Capital 2-Day Boot Camp Seminar event in July 2011 in Chicago, Illinois.  And by then I'd been speaking for 12 years to that point.

            The course that did the least in sales was my Raising Capital Complete System.

            Yet the raising capital event and the course system are the MOST IMPORTANT for any real estate investor.  Hands down.  After all...

The ONLY Reason I'm As Successful as I Am is BECAUSE of My Investor Partners!

            I'm really not that smart.  If I took an IQ test today, I'd barely be at the "average" level of intelligence, if that.  I barely earned my B.S. degree which I did 100% online by some school not on any important "rating" system.  I even had to "delegate" some of the assignments in my accounting and math classes…especially math….because I had failed Finite Mathematics TWICE!  Later I earned an M.F.A. degree…only because I knew I’d never pass the math requirements of the GMAT to get into an M.B.A. program.

            But one thing I do know is this...

            Communication, negotiation, and presentation skills are ESSENTIAL if you want to be successful as a real estate investor, especially when using investor partners to raise cash for deals.  If you don't have these skills, learn them or delegate them.  Or....just be the man (or woman) who hides behind the golden curtain of your computer desktop while doing presentations online and drawing people to write fat checks for your deals!

            And, most importantly...

You Won't Make It ANYWHERE in Real Estate If You DON'T Have People Financially Backing You! 

          I have money.  And a lot of it!  But I DETEST using ANY of it for ANY type of investment.

          And, in most cases, I simply don't.  Of course, I have that option BECAUSE I have investor partners.  I have people who can invest MILLIONS of dollars at the drop of a hat.  And no, I didn't find these people because of who I am (a "mini" guru).  (If anything, that has destroyed more potential deals and investor partnerships than promoting me to getting more money from these people because it makes me look like a fake fly-by-night "investor.")  It's because I have unlocked the "code" and understand how to drive these investor partners in for any type of project I want to do.

          And you can too once you understand how to harness the power of a simple website to funnel hundreds, even thousands, of potential investors into your lap in a matter of just a few weeks!

One of Two Things Are About to Happen in Your Life:  You'll Gain Access to Endless Amounts of Investor Partner / Private Investor Cash OR You'll NEVER Make It As a Real Estate Investor


         There is a third option.  You could invest your own money, borrow it, make it, or whatever.  But this requires some risk and a lot of time.  Why do that if you don't have to?  Do you think Donald Trump uses his own money?!

          No matter how small or big you are as a real estate investor or entrepreneur, you'll always come across deals and opportunities that you'll need quick cash for.  If you don't know how to quickly raise this money, then you'll miss out on so many lucrative and highly profitable opportunities.

          In our new technological age, raising funds has NEVER been easier, cheaper, and faster.  It's never been as seamless and instant as it is today.  Long gone are the days of beating the pavement and begging for money while sweating your ass off in a hot room among judging, peering eyes.  Now you can complete a power-packed video presentation in minutes, uploading it to YouTube, embedding it into your site, and driving loads of investors to your backlink all within a couple of hours!

But You First Need an “Investor Funnel”... And That's Where I Come In!

         Since I know how to do all this stuff (because I do it for myself), I want to show give you the first and only opportunity to work with both myself and my highly rated tech guy to get your raising capital investor website up and running in no time!

          Here's what you can expect from this event...

* Go from Having NO Site to Having a Fully Functional Investor Website in No Time!

* Create a Video Presentation in a Matter of Minutes Including Uploading to YouTube

* Create "Back Links" in Your Website to Drive Prospective Investors Directly To

* Set Up An Autoresponder with a Free Investor Report to Capture Your Investor Leads

* Write a Compelling Posting About Your Deal and Tell You Where to Post Them Online

* Show You How to Create a "Mini" Business Plan within 60 Minutes or Less to Upload Online

Imagine Having ALL of This Done Inside a 2-Day Event!

             I’m doing a 2-day Get Money For Deals Bootcamp Seminar on October 2nd and 3rd in Detroit, Michigan.  During this event, you’ll be shown EXACTLY how to set up an entire system to attract endless amounts of investors for your real estate deals and other business ventures.  Your entire investor cash sucking infrastructure will be 100% complete by the time you leave the event!

             Yes, that includes all of the stuff listed above!

             Now, there may be a little bit of “homework” for you to do within a couple of weeks before the event starts to ensure that all of your stuff will be set up on time (at the event).  So, be on the look-out for your short list of stuff you’ll need to have prepped so that you’re 100% ready for class at 9am on October 2nd in Detroit!


I Have a Handful of My BEST INVESTOR PARTNERS Who Want to Meet You on October 4th to See Your Deal!

             Not only am I going to set you up to be able to set you up in the ultimate Operation Investor Cash Grab infrastructure but I want you to meet my best investors in a way I’ve never allowed before!  I’m going to bring them to this event for you to meet them one-on-one and, if you purchase a Pitch Ticket, you’ll be able to pitch a real estate deal or business venture to my investors live on the third day of the event (October 4th).

             What’s awesome about this whole thing is that everybody who attends this event will have the ability to meet these investor partners.  Yes, just by BEING THERE you can meet these powerful and amazing people.  You don’t have to do a live pitch to get the benefits of this event.


             Why not take the shot if you have a project that you need funding for…NOW?!

             I know – it’s a NO BRAINER, don’t you think?

             Now, here’s the deal:

             Only a HANDFUL OF YOU will qualify to get a Pitch Ticket.  We “max out” at about 12 pitches.  So, that means only 12 of you will be able to pitch your deal live in front of our investors to potentially get a YES on the spot! 


             You can just get a Voyeur Ticket which means you can participate in the entire event, rub elbows with the investors, and introduce yourself.  Maybe you don’t have a deal yet or maybe you’re not ready to do a live pitch just yet.  And that’s okay.  I get it.  As a Voyeur, you can stay to watch the live pitches and learn from what you see.

             But, I strongly urge you to at least consider getting a Pitch Ticket if you have an important deal or project you need funding for because there are additional benefits of this level too.  In addition to pitching your deal LIVE on the morning of October 4th, you can also go out to dinner with us for all 3 nights of the event, one of which will be with our investors so you can chat with them one on one about your deals, your plans as an investor and entrepreneur, and to get to know these people on a personal level.  And that’s a huge game-changer that I’ve NEVER offered to my students before!  It’s also going to be your only chance to ever meet these people, so I highly recommend that you attend no matter what!

Can You Afford NOT to Miss This ONE-TIME-ONLY NEVER-BEFORE-DONE Event?

        Too many of my students make the wrong assumption that I’ll repeat certain things through time, whether it’s next year or five years from now.  While that’s true sometimes (and not always), this is one of those events that will only come around ONCE!  I’ve never done this before, and I’ll never do this one again.


        Because to corral my top investors into one room on one specific morning is not an easy feat.  They’re busy.  They don’t like opening themselves up to new people.  They are apprehensive because they’re not sure how professional you are (or aren’t) and none of them are sure what to expect.  So, it’s taken a pretty brazen sales job on my part to talk them into doing this ONE TIME ONLY event!


         This means that on pitch day, you MUST wear a suit or business clothes.  No exceptions.  You don’t have to wear business attire for the first two days (October 2nd and 3rd) but it is recommended that you wear business casual clothes.  But on the final day, you MUST look professional.  You MUST present yourself as a professional investor and entrepreneur.  Even if you’re not pitching, I strongly advise you to look professional because you never know who you’ll bump into on your way to the bathroom, on breaks, or at the bar after it’s over.  LOOK PROFESSIONAL!

        I’m looking forward to doing this ONE TIME ONLY event for you so I can pass the baton to you and you can make potentially lifelong connections with my investor partners.

        Yes, you read that right: I want to pass the baton to you.  Because after this event, I’m retiring out of all real estate investing training.  Sorry.  But it’s time for me to move on.  And I want you to get the most out of what I have to offer to you as I near the end of my tenure in this business of real estate training.

         Questions?  Call my office at (661) 295-5050 and we'll answer any questions you may have.  Remember, this is ONE TIME DEAL.  You’ll either make it…or you’ll be kicking yourself later if you don’t attend this rare event!

See you at the top!


Your mentor, 

P.S.  This website service can be a tax write-off against your future investing and business profits!

P.P.S.  You can start raising money within mere days after your investor partner funnel is up and running IF you follow my precise instructions on WHAT TO DO to access millions of dollars in unsecured cash for your deals!  Investors will be bombarding you with requests about your deal, watching your video presentation, and may even write you a check within days of discovering your deal!

P.P.P.S.  It’s now harder than ever to walk into a bank or to go to a traditional lender to get money for your deals now that our economy has slowed down.  Why waste your time doing it that way when you can simply “turn a dial” to access as much investor partner and private lending cash than you can possibly imagine?!

P.P.P.P.S.  This is the FIRST and LAST EVER event of its kind.  I am no longer going to be doing any real estate training after 2020.  This is it!  If you think you can just wait for the “next” event like this, think again.  This is the ONLY one!

Voyeur Ticket

For Only $2,997  $1,497 and $997 Per Guest

This Ticket Allows You to Attend for All 3 Days of the Event (October 2nd, 3rd, and 4th) But You Can Only Watch the Live Pitches on the 3rd Day

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Pitch Ticket

For Only $4,997  $2,497 and $997 for ONE Guest

This Ticket Allows You to Attend for All 3 Days of the Event, to Pitch a Deal LIVE on the 3rd Day, AND to Enjoy 3 Dinners and Nights on the Town!

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“I’ve Known Monica Main for Many Years and She’s the Very Best in This Business!  First of All, Her Knowledge Has Helped Me Make MILLIONS in Real Estate Over the Years and She’s the ONLY One Who Has Taught Me the Required Skills Needed to Do Really Well in This Business.  Second of All, If You DON’T Come to Any Monica Main Event, You’re a Fool – And Face It – You’re Just NOT That Serious About Meeting Investor Partners or Being Successful If You Don’t Come…Only Those Who Are SERIOUS About Making Millions in Real Estate and Business Will Attend This Event!”

Sorry to be brash but I’m a brash and honest guy.  After too many years of making my own excuses that ended up getting me nowhere, I was able to stop crying in a corner and start making great strides in both my personal and business life when I STOPPED MAKING EXCUSES.  A quick background about me: I was homeless for a time after I lost everything right after the crash of 2008.  I always had an interest in investing for as long as I could remember but I just didn’t know how to go about it.  I started doing research and ended up getting involved in real estate, thanks to a lady named Monica Main.  Within only a couple of years, I went from living in my car and suffering through a degrading job as a grocery bagger to owning millions of dollars in cash flowing real estate in just a couple of years.  The key?  I FINALLY got off my ass, finally stopped making excuses, and finally just went for it!  Maybe it’s time you did the same thing!  Don’t you think? (I really think so!)

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