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If You’ve Ever Wondered If There’s a “Missing Link” in The Secret and Other “Law of Attraction” Techniques, You’re Right!  There IS a Missing Link That No One Else Has Ever Told You About…Until Now!

“How a Little-Known 2,000-Year-Old Secret Can Allow You to MANIFEST ANYTHING You Want in Your Life…But You MUST Use This One “Lost” Technique FIRST Before Doing Anything!”

WARNING:  You’ve Been Sold an Ill Bill of Goods By Most EVERY Self-Help Book, Video, Seminar, and CD In Existence Because They Never Bothered to Tell You the TRUTH About EXACTLY HOW to Manifest the Things You REALLY WANT in Your Life!

Dear Friend,

If you’ve found yourself frustrated and throwing in the towel on all that “New-Agey Self-Help Clap-Trap” like The Secret and others like it that promises to teach you how to get what you want…only to find that most of it DOES NOT WORK…you’re NOT alone!

Reality is…giving people hope – even false hope – is a big business and makes a lot of money for these “gurus” and other people trying to make a fast buck.  But did you notice that with many of these “secrets” and “techniques” that you’ve tried, MOST (or all) of them DO NOT WORK?

There’s a reason for that.  They’re NOT designed to work for you.  They’re designed instead to bleed your pocketbook dry while making the book publisher, seminar leader, or DVD producer rich while leaving you frustrated with deflated confidence and still in the same boat as before…except in a much more dangerous position before because you’re now lacking the belief that you once had before.

I’m here to show you something ground-breaking because it works on tried-and-true hard scientific universal methods that ALWAYS WORK when applied correctly.  Yes, this stuff is so powerful that it was routinely used and widely accepted during the Renaissance Period (16th Century B.C.) among wizards, witches, and other powerful entities.  Yes, people were able to turn lead into gold while getting everything they wanted on command.

But what happened to this “lost” art of manifestation and attraction?  Well, over the years these powerful entities were sought out and driven into the underground where they secretly and quietly kept practicing their powerful manifestation techniques.  Some of their texts still exist where they have revealed specific details about exactly what they did to manifest their hearts desires.

Even If You’re Not Planning on Turning Lead Into Gold…You Can STILL Use These Powerful “Lost” Manifestation Techniques to Manifest ANYTHING You Want

Did you know that there is a KEY DIFFERENCE between the “law of attraction” and “manifestation”?  Most people will loosely throw both terms around like they’re the same thing: except they’re NOT the same thing at all!

Here’s the key difference between the two:

LOA (Law of Attraction) is when you simply ATTRACT things to you based on matching energy frequencies, even though it’s typically not taught this way.  This is the ACTUAL way to attract things is by matching energy frequencies of what you want.  The problem with his is that you’re not exactly creating exactly what you’re looking for.  Instead you’re just drawing things in that are on that same energetic vibrational frequency.  You will probably get some results and some things that you “kind of” want but it won’t be EXACTLY what you’re looking for, in most cases.

Manifestation is when you CREATE exactly what you want.  This is different than “attracting” as if you have some kind of magnet and you’re trying to extract change from a flood drain.  Manifestation actually allows you to CREATE EXACTLY WHAT YOU WANT…or something better depending on how you phrase your desires.

You want to do manifestation over using LOA because you have more control over getting exactly what you want but…you must be careful.  You will probably get EXACTLY what you manifest for yourself.  And is it what you REALLY want?

How An Old Alchemy Book Showed Me EXACTLY How Manifestation Works

I was shocked to discover how REAL manifestation works and, once I understood and mastered it, I suddenly felt bamboozled by all the nonsense that people where throwing out there.  I was ESPECIALLY upset about the movie and book The Secret because they have it ALL WRONG!

How can this be?  After all, there ARE some people who have had success with The Secret, right?  Yes, that’s true.  But that’s because they accidentally bumbled into the REAL secret that I’m about to show you.

Take a look at this illustration that I stumbled upon below:

If you’ll notice, it shows the energy pull upward based on the principles of cause and effect.  If you’ll notice, the manifestation occurs as the vibrational energy goes higher and higher.  Again, this was found in a VERY OLD BOOK on alchemy; strangely it talks about manifestation in a book that’s all about hard science.

Now, you’re probably wondering, “What does all this really mean?”  Good question.  If you don’t really know what you’re looking at, it’s kind of easy to get confused about what all this means and how it relates to manifestation.  So, here’s what all this means:

Bring Up Your Energy Vibration to a HIGHER FREQUENCY and You’ll Start Pulling In the Things of That HIGHER FREQUENCY

There is no freaking way you can manifest or attract ANYTHING that’s considered “good” when you’re vibrating at a LOW frequency.  So, no matter how many “positive affirmations” you repeat over and over again, you’ll find ALWAYS that you’re actually attracting the “low vibration” things that MATCH your energy output.

Even worse, it makes you believe that “being positive” never works when you find that you’re consistently attracting low-life things in your life after each positive affirmation.  The real issue is that you’re doing it wrong.  You must LIFT YOUR ENERGY whenever affirming anything that you want in life.  And if you don’t know how to do that, I strongly suggest that you STOP all of your affirmations until you fully understand exactly how the true laws of manifestation can be used to work for you.

Now, as a little “disclaimer” here, you cannot control everything.  There are certain elements to this that you cannot circumvent which includes what we call “destiny.”  Yes, there IS such a thing as destiny.  We were all sent into our lifetime here with a specific “mission” that we sometimes don’t quite “get,” especially when challenges arise that seem out of our ability to handle.  This is part of your Destiny Map which you cannot alter in any way. 


You DO have something called “free will” to work with that can make your life – especially attaining your true purposes via your Destiny Map – a lot easier to do.  Many of us have already known our purpose here since we were in elementary school and have since swept it under the carpet because it isn’t doable, doesn’t make enough money, or maybe we’ve forgotten all about it.

Changing your energy vibration from LOW to HIGH will start pulling in ALL KINDS OF THINGS from the higher vibrational frequencies than you have EVER imagined.  Everything you’ll be pulling in, of course, is on the HIGHER vibrational level.

But, what if you have something VERY SPECIFIC that you want to pull in?

Your vibration STILL has to be pushed to this higher level FIRST and THEN you can and must begin a very fine-tuned and specific set of exercises that are LIKE NO OTHER when it comes to manifesting exactly what you desire.

A Brand New Way of “Visualizing” Allows You to Manifest ANYTHING That You Want…Within Only a Matter of DAYS!

Yes, that’s right.  This new twist on “visualizing” can manifest anything you want within only days.  But there are a handful of RULES here that you MUST abide by:

Rule #1:  You should only work on ONE desire to manifest at a time.

Rule #2:  You need to allow for at least TWO daily manifestation sessions to speed up this process.

Rule #3:  You must suspend ALL disbelief, past law of attraction attempts and “failures,” and to basically abolish everything in your mind that you thought you knew about manifestation and the laws of attraction.

Rule #4:  You MUST use the energy vibration raising exercise FIRST before you can start the manifesting exercises.

Rule #5:  At the end of each session, you MUST let go after stating that “This or something much better will come to me.”  This way in case you’re desiring something that’s not good for you, you end up getting something that’s much more in tuned with what you should have been desiring in the first place instead of manifesting a complete and total nightmare unbeknownst to you.

How to Get ANYTHING You Want in the Shortest Amount of Time…Using a VERY UNCONVENTIONAL Never-Before-Seen Set of Manifestation Exercises!

This system is BRAND NEW for 2018.  This was created out of a new miraculous breathing meditation that I recently discovered through a friend of mine that literally turned my entire life around.

A little background on this: A few weeks ago I was struggling with a major soul-crushing emotional debacle that I’d rather not go into detail about.  Out of the blue, this friend called me on the phone and without knowing anything about my specific heart-wrenching emotional episode, was able to walk me through a deep-breathing meditation that took me from being completely emotionally despondent to highly elated.

But it didn’t end there.

I started experimenting with this deep-breathing meditation with some of my EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) tapping exercises and I made a startling discovery as I kept putting myself into these incredibly high-energy frequency states.

I noticed my entire world became different.  Not only was I happier and much more joyous but I found myself living a much more effortless life.  Things were not only easier but my business picked up without me doing any extra work or putting in any additional effort on my part.  People were nicer to me.  I was attracting some awesome people into my life.  And I was basically attracting in – like a magnet – all of these “higher frequency” people, happenings, and things that don’t exist for those who remain on the “lower energy planes,” if you will.

So, I notched it up even further to see if I could start manifesting what I wanted.  And it worked!

Without going into detail about exactly what I manifested (because it’s kind of personal), it was through this ONE PARTICULAR TECHNIQUE that I used AFTER raising my energy levels that made all the difference.  And no, it’s NOT about simply visualizing what I wanted or throwing out a bunch of “positive affirmations.”  Nothing like that at all, in fact.

This is a “new twist” on visualization.  It’s visualization WITHOUT the visualization.  And if you don’t know what I mean, that’s okay.  It’s actually EASIER than visualization AND it’s much more effective, works faster, and gets you EXACTLY what you want…unlike the result of typical clunky visualization techniques that take forever (IF they work at all).

Introducing the BRAND NEW Success Sync System

This is a BRAND NEW system for 2018 that will give you ALL of the tools you need to manifest anything that you want in your life UNLIKE anything else you’ve ever used.

In this system I include CDs that will bring you into this high vibrational state through very specific detailed breathing exercises.  There’s also a video that shows you how all of this works.  And you’ll get a journal that you’ll need to help you work through all of this.  It will allow you to manifest anything and everything you want in what I call the 4 Major Life Quadrants that looks like this:




Family & Relationships

Each Life Quadrant is important.

Health is everything encompassing health from getting the body you want to curing cancer to anything related to feeling good physically.

Wealth is pretty obvious.  This includes successful businesses, investing, winning the lottery, or even manifesting that BMW that you’ve always wanted.

Love is connected to your significant other or what we call finding that soul mate type of Big Love that “they” like to talk about.

And Family & Relationships is about everyone else from children, family members, friends, associates, etc.

These are your 4 Major Life Quadrants and one of the first things you’ll be doing when you go through your Success Sync Journal is by filling in what changes and manifestations you want to see in each of these Life Quadrants.

Now, to be clear, you are manifesting ONE THING AT A TIME.  You cannot start manifesting a ton of things at once.  The good news is that many of these things take a few days and up to a couple of months depending on WHAT you are manifesting.

Remember, after doing each manifestation meditation, you MUST let it go and let it work in the universe.  You essentially put in your “order” of manifestation and you have to let the universe do the work for you.  If you don’t give up the order, it cannot process and fulfill your order for you which is why letting go is ESSENTIAL after you state, “This or something much better will manifest itself in my life.”

Easy, isn’t it?  Yes, it IS that easy.

So, the most essential part in all of this is BRINGING YOUR ENERGY LEVEL UP and THEN completing a specific set of exercises (all taking between 15 and 20 minutes to complete from beginning to end) to start manifesting a specific desire.  Remember, ONE desire at a time.  Ideally you’ll be able to do this TWICE a day to make the process work faster.

Are you ready to do this?

If so, time to order the Success Sync System RIGHT NOW!

Sometimes life just “happens” to you.  That is true.  But you CAN control and manifest MUCH MORE than you think.  Why let everyone else have the things that you want when you can have them too?  Time to manifest EXACTLY what you want.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  Don’t let life just keep “happening” to you.  You have MUCH MORE control than you think!  Time to finally take the bull by the horns, zero in on what you REALLY want…and then MANIFEST IT.  It’s REALLY that easy?

P.P.S.  Don’t believe me that the Success Sync System really works that well?  Then try it for 60 days!  If it doesn’t work, return the package to me and get a FULL REFUND (less shipping/handling costs).  That is how CONFIDENT I am that this WILL work for you…but ONLY if you do the work, do the meditations, do the exercises…and do them CONSISTENTLY!  If you do, this WILL work for you.  Guaranteed!

The Success Sync System

Here's What You'll Get:

  • The Success Sync Journey Journal Workbook
  • Bonus Success Sync MANUAL
  • Full Color Chart Showing How to Manifest Using Breathing and Tapping Exercises
  • Video Showing You How the Success Sync System Works
  • Success Sync Audio Seminar:  How to Manifest Your Heart's Greatest Desires
  • Meditation CD #1
  • Meditation CD #2

All for an Introductory Price of $997 $597 (plus shipping/handling)


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