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Grant Writer Pro Software - This software is a two-fold program for Windows.  It is a tutorial program to assist an investor in locating the latest grant opportunities through the government and it also guides the investor through the process of writing and submitting a grant application.

Real Estate Cash Flow Analysis (RECFA) Software - This is for the serious investor who wants to move one step deeper into the cash flow analysis of a prospective real estate deal.  This is another tool to help an investor properly, effectively, and quickly analyze a property deal.

Real Estate Proposal Pro Software - A serious investor who hopes to raise private funds and/or impress a lender to approve conventional funding on a deal needs to write a property-specific business plan.  Using a boilerplate business plan software is not going to cut it.  An investor needs a software that will allow for the details of a specific property to be highlighted.  This is unlike anything that is currently available on the open market for software.

Offer Writer Pro Software - Sometimes beginning investors struggle with writing out a professional-looking offer or LOI that will get a response from the listing agent or seller.  Any mistake in the structuring of the financing, legalese, or lingo will not get a response or will be rejected without further consideration.  This could mean the difference between winning out in a battle for a multi-million dollar property with a huge monthly cash flow or losing the property while becoming the laughing stock of the entire listing agent's real estate office.  You shouldn't take that kind of risk.

Real Estate Organizer Software - This business is a numbers game.  This means that you will have tons of deals you are working on in varying stages from doing a cash flow analysis to gathering income/expense numbers to writing/submitting offers to following up.  And when you have 20 - 30 "live" deals going on at any given time, it's impossible to keep all of your deals organized unless you have the proper software to assist.  This is where the Real Estate Organizer Software comes in and is a required tool for the serious investor.

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