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Apartment Riches Mentorship 

The BRAND NEW 8-Week Multifamily/Apartment Riches Mentorship Group Will Guide You Into Owning Your FIRST APARTMENT BUILDING By the End of 2021!

Are You Finally Ready to Get Off Your Ass and Get Your Very First Cash Flowing Income Property?

If You Follow My EXACT Step-By-Step Mentorship Program, You'll Easily Put a Deal Under Contract Within 8 Weeks!


I'm taking a total of 25 people into my one-on-one mentorship program.  AND THAT'S IT!  This mentorship program will last 8 weeks and, if you follow the step-by-step instructions, you will very likely close on an apartment building!

This is my BRAND NEW Apartment Riches Mentorship Group.  It's conducted 100% online.  There will be 8 weekly webinar trainings that will each be betwen 60 and 90 minutes long.  If you cannot make the live webinar training, each will be recorded then uploaded onto a special members-only web page that you'll have access to throughout the entire duration of the 8-week group.

This mentorship program is PERFECT for procrastinators, or those who are "lost" and don't know where to start, or those who need to be held accountable because in this group you'll discover ALL of the ins and outs of getting into the apartment building real estate investing world.

Let's face it!  When getting started in a new enterprise we sometimes don't feel confident with the process or don't know what we're doing...and we need a little hand-holding.  There's nothing wrong with that!

After all, if you were a novice brain surgeon, don't you think you would have a skilled doctor standing right by your side during your first real surgery?  I HOPE SO!!  In fact, it's REQUIRED that you would have to have a "mentor" or senior skilled professional helping you along for (1) confidence/security and (2) guidance/help.  Right?

I've created an 8 week super intensive mentorship program that will get your ass moving with live weekly trainings to show you step-by-step how to do EVERYTHING you need to know how to do to secure your first apartment building.  I think the reason most of us never do anything is because we feel alone and insecure...and we don't have all of the pieces in which to do them with.  Time for all of that to change!

Time for you to get your ass in gear, get out there and get a property (or two or three) and start making some money!

Here's MY goal for you:  To secure your first apartment building within the 8 week program by getting it under contract...And if you follow the program, you WILL get your first deal under contract!

Each of the 8 weeks will require intensive focus from you.  You will need at least 1 hour per day (excluding weekends) OR put aside part of a Saturday or Sunday to do this.  You will be given specific assignments in the form of what I call an Action Sheet that you'll receive each week after each respective webinar training that you are REQUIRED to complete before you're allowed to attend the following week's training session!  These assignments will range from finding your real estate empire farming area, analyzing deals, doing legwork to do numbers on a property, putting together an offer, coaching you on talking to an apartment building owner, getting your financing together, and much more!

This class is conducted 100% online.  You will receive a WEEKLY Action Sheet checklist that you must start doing after the conclusion of the webinar training.  You will have IM sessions or call-in blocks with me personally.  And you will be able to submit up to 3 deals to my investor partner within 30 days of the conclusion of the group.  (This means you must FINISH the group FIRST before you'll be allowed to submit any deals.)

Anyone with an Internet connection and a telephone line can participate in this program.  But please note, this is a KICK ASS program and NOT for those who are lazy, don't have enough time, or think they can "skate" through the class by devoting 10 minutes a day to this.  NOT GONNA HAPPEN!

Please be able to allocate a MINIMUM of 1 hour daily OR devote an entire weekend day (like Saturday or Sunday) if you are a "weekend warrior" to be able to successfully complete this class!

That's why I'm limited to taking only 25 of you!  I cannot handle anymore for ONE-ON-ONE attention because this class is SUPER INTENSE for BOTH of us!

PLUS, you will still have access to me AFTER the program is over for a FOLLOW UP so that I can see where you are in the process and make sure that you are sticking to your action plan.

How is this different than my signature Apartment Building Mentorship Group (that I just recently "retired")?  I no longer do groups like I used to in my 2009-2015 "era" with daily assignments for 8 weeks.  Instead I now do weekly live webinar trainings (that are recorded and uploaded after the conclusion of each training session), weekly Action Sheets, and IMs/call-in blocks to guide you along the way.  And we will be focusing on both multifamily and small apartment building acquisitions!

It's not advisable to go after just ANY type of apartment building in our New Economy.  In fact, if you just go after anything as if you have on a blindfold while aimlessly swatting at a pinata, you'll end up failing miserably!

Yes, you can still invest in apartment buildings and other multifamily assets as our economy shifts yet again.  But…forget about trying to fight with other investors over medium- to large-size apartment buildings otherwise you’ll find yourself overwhelmed and frustrated to ultimately throw in the towel altogether.

Most of my students know that I’m focusing on SMALLER Passive Income Strategies quite some time.   I strongly believe that multifamily investing is still a very strong and lucrative opportunity in real estate investing that won’t disappear as the economy changes, especially if you understand how to structure your deals and where to get funding for them.  In fact, there will be more opportunities in multifamily that you can get your hands on with a specific set of multifamily properties – 24 units and under to be exact.

My students have kept asking over and over again if I’ll be keeping my signature Apartment Building Mentorship Group.  Sadly, the ABCF Mentorship has been officially retired as of 2 years ago.  The good news is that I’m completely reinventing my most successful mentorship with this new Multifamily-Apartment Riches 8-Week Mentorship Group where I'll give you 8 very intense 60 - 90 minute training sessions to show you everything you need to know to get started and ultimately become successful as a real estate investor for apartment buildings.

Over the years, my personal investing strategy has changed.  I started with smaller buildings then traded them in for the larger ones.  I’ve found that, in addition to competing with larger investors while dealing with “corporations” rather than individual sellers, my expense ratio was much higher…up to 85% in the case of one property we had!!  I’ve also found that changing my strategy almost 4 years ago to investing exclusively in multiple smaller buildings in any given area, my overall investing profits have dramatically increased due to the lower expense ratio which dropped to an average of 36.4% collectively.

When I first got started in residential-commercial real estate years ago, I started with a couple of 12-unit buildings from an old man who wanted to retire while giving me a chance.  He gave me 100% seller financing on those buildings…and yes, it was during our real estate market “good times” (and not a recession).

Then I “graduated” into my most frustrating years of commercial investing that nearly killed me.  I started dealing with larger buildings, competitive investors, jerk-off real estate agents, and – worst yet – ridiculous expenses including super high property taxes and insurance requirements on these larger assets.  I couldn’t go on like that!

I went back to the basics and have prospered more than I ever imagined in real estate and have gotten farther along on my road to riches than if I would have kept beating my head up against the wall on my frustrating dead-end path to secure larger buildings.

When my new students come into the picture, they want their first building to be huge.  They want a 200-unit building for their first asset.  I try (painstakingly) that their best opportunities are by having a ton of smaller properties!  Very few listen.

The students who do listen have taken this very simple strategy and have acquired numerous smaller multifamily properties.  Not only have they stayed emotionally sane in the process but they are prosperous from this incredibly intelligent undertaking.  And it was through these students who have led me back on the right path to real estate.

As our economy starts to slip, more and more investors will start scrambling for the income-producing properties that are left but they will always leave alone smaller properties.  Prices will drop and the foreclosure freefall will begin again.  And you can be fully prepared for exactly when this happens...which is just right around the corner!

You see, one type of property always falls through the cracks during ANY type of real estate market…small multifamily properties.

Why do these fall through the cracks?

Because “serious” investors don’t want them.  They’re too small for their liking.  They don’t make “big money” in their eyes.  So they leave these properties alone.  They always have and they always will.

And because almost no one is vying for these properties, you can still get great deals on multifamily properties of 24 units or less.  You’re not dealing with “corporate” to negotiate your deals (which can range from dealing with a board of directors to a pile of partners who hate each other).  You’re dealing with “mom and pop” business people who, in most cases, will agree to a win-win deal on both sides including partial seller financing!

So, what will this new mentorship group cover and how will it be completely different than the signature Apartment Building Mentorship Group that I’ve had going since early 2009?

This group will focus on 24 units or less INCLUDING "residential" properties of 1-4 units.  Yes, you can go for larger properties if you happen to find a killer kick-ass deal on one but your "sweet spot" is targeting the smaller buildings.  

This group will take you through the entire process of buying apartment buildings including finding a farm area, finding your properties, structuring prospective financing, then putting together real live offers.  Yes, this is what we have done in my signature group.  But…with this group we’ll be structuring our financing differently.  (No, we won’t be going after 100% seller financing deals anymore but rather only “partial” seller financing deals which you’ll learn how to negotiate with sellers.)  We’ll also be going after bank-owned properties that have low occupancy levels (and working with bank-direct funding options).  If you’ve taken the other group, you’ll be pleasantly surprised that this new group will have a completely different curriculum.

This mentorship is 100% online and 8-weeks long.  My hopes are that I’ll have even a stronger success rate than I had with my original signature group which hovered between 65% to 85% of students who completed the group putting a property under contract within the 8 weeks.  (This didn’t include students who put properties under contract within the weeks of their respective group ending.)

This will be my best group yet and I’m looking forward to putting a much more powerful and intensive curriculum for a much higher success rate.

Ready to join me for this LAST EVER 8-week real estate investing mentorship group??

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  For everyone who is paying in full, you'll get a BONUS worth $397!  What is this $397 bonus?  Legally I cannot tell you WHAT it is.  However, I can tell you about it and how it is integral to real estate investing and you can "read between the lines" and probably figure out what it is!  When investing in real estate, it becomes VERY HELPFUL to have a V.O.D. (Verification of Deposit) Letter from a bank.  Many brokers, listing agents, and sellers won't even look at your deal unless you provide a V.O.D. or a P.O.F. (Proof of Funds) Letter with your L.O.I. (Letter of Intent) or Offer. Imagine having both at your fingertips.  And that's all I'll say about this bonus!  Again, READ BETWEEN THE LINES because I pretty much spelled it out for you already!


Get Into This LAST EVER Multifamily Apartment Riches 8-Week Online Mentorship Groups Including 8 Intensive Live Webinar Trainings!  Each Webinar Will Be Recorded for Later Viewing on Your Membership-Only Page for All Mentorship Group Students!  You'll Also Get a $597 Bonus SHIPPED TO YOU After You Register (Bonus for Full-Pay Only) AND You'll Gain DIRECT ACCESS to My Investor to Submit Up to 3 Deals AFTER the Conclusion of the Mentorship Group (Bonus for EVERYONE Who Registers)!

Only $1,497 $997

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Mentorship Group Dates:  August 18th - October 6

SPECIAL BONUS:  Submit Up to 3 Deals to My Investor Partner DIRECTLY for Up to 30 Days After the Conclusion of This Group!  All Deals Are Due by Midnight Pacific Time, December 31st!  Only Those Who COMPLETE the Group Will Be Given Access to This Investor!


Pay in Full for the 8-Week Mentorship Group for an INCREDIBLE Price PLUS You Can CHOOSE Your Free Bonus System to Shipped to You Via USPS Priority Mail!  Pay the BLOW OUT DEAL DISCOUNT of Only $997! 

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Terms and conditions:  There are no refunds on this mentorship group.
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