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Multi-Unit Cash Flow System

My Latest and Greatest Unveiling...

How You Can Get Your Hands on Dozens, Even Hundreds of Single-Family Homes, Duplexes, Triplexes, and 4-Plexes ("Quads") and Make the MAXIMUM Amount of Money Possible in Passive Income Cash Flow...Using Marginal Credit and NONE of Your Own Cash with My 100% LTV Money Secret!

My Latest  and Most Powerful REO Foreclosure Real Estate Secrets Revealed!

Dear Investor,

I'll bet you thought I already had a foreclosure course.  And you're right.  I do! of last month that course has been "retired" forever since many of the elements are outdated and do not apply in TODAY'S real estate market.

As I discussed in my Detroit Underground Secret Seminar last year, the real estate investing rules are changing...almost by the day!

And there's something a little "different" going on out there.  Actually, it's not just "a little" different.  It's A LOT different!

Here's what's going on...

Foreclosures Are Still Topping the Charts Every Year...Last Year We Had 1.2 Million and This Year We're on Course for 1.5 Million OR MORE!  Thought the Economy Was Getting Better?  Think Again!!

There's something strange going on...

Manufacturing is up.  Consumption is up.  Retail spending is up.

So why are home foreclosures still going up?  Why aren't they going...down? 

Shouldn't this be the part in our "economic recovery" when consuption and retail spending goes up while foreclosures start to go down?  After all, "recovery" suggests...well, recovery.  It suggests things getting better.  And foreclosures continuing to increase...that's WORSE!

Why?  What's going on here?

It's simple.

Imagine you having purchased a home, say, 5 years ago.  Maybe longer.  You're new neighbors from across the street pop over. 

The conversation goes a little like this:

YOU:  "You just bought the Tindley place across the street.  They have the same floorplan that we do.  Just out of curiousity, Neighbor Joe, how much did you buy your house for?"

NEIGHBOR JOE:  "We paid $62,500 for it.  Why?"

YOU:  (Sweating, blood pressure rising):  "We bought our house here 7 years ago.  We paid $129,000 for it."

NEIGHBOR JOE:  "Well, sorry about your luck.  Guess that's the way the ball bounces with the way the economy is these days.  Glad I could get a deal when I did."

YOU:  "So that means your mortgage payments are around...what?  Maybe $320 a month with taxes and insurance?"

NEIGHBOR JOE:  "Yeah, it would be about that if we had a mortgage.  Except we paid all cash."

Meanwhile you're thinking about your mortgage payment is $750 per month including taxes and insurance.  That's more than DOUBLE what your neighbor would be paying if he had a mortgage, which he doesn't.

And you quickly realize it will be about 15 - 20 years before your house is worth the $129,000 you paid for it.  In the very least...maybe 12 years if you're lucky.

Of course, YOU specifically aren't the mass "sheep" as many other Average Joe's are out there so you probably wouldn't find the need to walk away from a perfectly good house that you are financially able to make the monthly payments on because you don't want to destroy your credit.  After all, you have to live somewhere, right?

So, what if the conversation went a little differently?

Like this...

YOU:  "I see you just moved into the old Tindley place.  How much did you buy it for?"

NEIGHBOR JOE:  "Oh we didn't buy it.  We are renting."

YOU:  "Oh really?!  What are rents going for in our neighborhood these days?"

NEIGHBOR JOE:  "We're paying $600 a month!"

YOU:  "Wow.  That's less than my mortgage and I got a 6.5% APR."

NEIGHBOR JOE:  "Times have changed, haven't they?  Almost doesn't make sense to buy anymore."

YOU:  "I'm starting to see that now." 

(This is about when you start thinking about a neighbor down the street who is in an adjustable ARM mortgage and is paying DOUBLE what you're paying on the same house and he's on the verge of foreclosure.  You promise yourself that you won't dare mention what the new neighbors are paying for rent across the street when you know they are paying about $1,400 a month for the same exact house!)

The "American Dream" Has NOTHING to Do With BUYING a Home Anymore!

Post-Depression the "Depression Babies" (parents of the Baby Boomers) no longer saw fit to have absolutely nothing to pass down to their children.  The Depression was a major financial hardship for many during that time frame and had the greatest impact on those who never owned a stitch of stock, property, or other valued assets.

So naturally they thought the answer was to buy a house in the suburbs (since the cities back then were mostly industrialized), have a nice green yard, raise children in a safe environment, and live the "good life."  The perk was to have the home paid off over time and ultimately passing it down to their adult children after their passing.

This was a nice dream to have back then.  Property was affordable and actually matched the budget based on the income of the middle-class during that time frame.

Things were good.

Of course, all good things must come to an end.

Prices began to inflate, exceeding the middle-class income threshold.  Recessions came and went until we had a doozy in the 70s coupled with removing the Gold Standard during that time.

Yet the same old "American Dream" belief was already part of our brain chemistry, pounded into the Baby Boomers' heads, then the Gen Xers, and now Gen Y...

Buy a house in the 'burbs, have green grass, have a steady job, pay off your house one day...retire.  Live the "good" life.

Whatever the hell that means anymore!

"But It Just Doesn't Make Economic Sense Anymore?"

How does getting ripped off make good economic sense to anyone right now?

How does overpaying for something that may or may not be worth the same in 5 - 10 years from now seem like a smart financial move?

How does being deceived about the "appreciation lie" make anyone feel?  After all, buying about isn't like buying a car that loses value the moment you drive it off the lot...or does it?!

It's almost as devastating to believe the whole work-for-someone, retire, live-the-good-life lie...

Wait a minute!

This is all starting to sound really familiar.

All these lies (or "misconceptions" rather) are starting to stem from one era...from ONE set of people! 

The Depression Babies (as I call them since the Baby Boomers' parents never got an official "name").

Okay, I'm not faulting anyone.  These are our parents and grandparents.  And for some of you youngin's...your great-grandparents.  These well-meaning people found a system that worked...BACK THEN.  It was the ONLY system available to ensure that hard-working people could get on top in life. 

There was nothing else except to follow this: go to school, get good grades, go to college or a trade school, graduate, get a good job, get married, buy a house, have children, work for 20 - 25 years, retire, get a nice pension and Social Security the good life till you die.

That system is far from relevant today.  In fact, it's SEVERELY BROKEN!

This system doesn't work anymore.  None of it does.  Well, maybe the whole part about getting married and having a family works.  But then even that part doesn't work for more than 50% of the population anymore.  (People only stayed married in the 50s because it was unacceptable by social and religious standards to separate or get a divorce.  I would imagine there were probably many "unsolved" cold cases where a spouse died under mysterious circumstances OR a lot of miserable married people back then.)

"Okay...What the Hell is the Point, Monica?"

In order to understand what's going on now, you have to back track and remember a bit about history.

We're working off of a well-meaning plan that started during the last Great Depression...and the plan is broken.  It doesn't work.

And people are starting to understand that it doesn't work.

This is why foreclosures are continuing to increase while the economy is actually beginning to stabilize.  And it will be another 2 - 3 years before we start to see the foreclosures taper off to a significant degree.

This means there is OPPORTUNITY for you!  Major opportunity!

Higher Tenant Demand for Single-Family Resident (SFR) Properties Than Apartment Units!  Even Better...Cheaper Cost-Per-Unit for Foreclosure SFRs Than for Apartment Units Right Now!!

I've been doing a lot of investing in the greater Detroit area since that's where my husband, Ron, lives.  This is where I discovered this little SFR investing secret.

Naturally one would think that the Detroit market has no profit opportunities.  This is NOT the case in the "greater" or suburb areas of Detroit.  In fact, this is one such area that I was referring to. 

People who have foreclosed on their homes are moving into a like home they just moved out of but for a CHEAPER rental rate.

Or...people are just paying all cash (or getting a low-monthly payment mortgage) because they saved up as renters and now it's there turn to buy a home.

This is NOT just going on in middle-class Detroit metro but rather in all medium (and even formerly considered "depressed") sized cities across the nation.  This is the new trend.  Walk away from a high-mortgage home and rent the same house for 1/2 the price OR stop being a renter and buy a home with saved funds because prices are basement-bottom right now!

Take the apartment building in the picture above.  This is a 7-unit building in an eastern suburb of Detroit called Garden City.  The seller (who I've spoken with several times) wants a ridiculous $57,000 a unit (down from $64,143 a few months ago) for an apartment building with mostly 1 bedroom/ 1 bath units.

Meanwhile...take a gander at this...

As you can see, you have a bunch of foreclosed homes in the same area for 1/3 of the cost per door as for the apartment building.

And even better, look at the unit mix!

You have a bunch of 2 bedrooms, a 3 bedroom, a 4 bedroom...only a single 1 bedroom in the set of listings above!

People that lose their homes to foreclosure WANT to move into a house, NOT an apartment unit.  And if you can get a bunch of SFRs CHEAPER per door than you can for an apartment building while charging MORE for rent per unit...why the hell not??

This is what I constantly talk about with our ever-changing market.  People will cite me on my 2007 Apartment Building Cash Flow System audio..."Yeah, Monica.  You said [INSERT WHATEVER] and..."

Hate to break it to everyone here but stuff I said 6 months ago is mostly irrelevant in today's real estate market.  That's how FAST it's changing.

All of you know that I started with single-family homes.  Most of you know I never invested in single-family homes since I started in commercial investing almost a dozen years ago.

Now I've come full circle and I'm back investing in SFRs.


Because there's MONEY in it now! 

And there's money in it for you too!

"Financing is Difficult Enough to Get...But How the Hell Can Anyone Buy a Bunch of REO Foreclosure SFRs with NO CASH and NO CREDIT?  Who Wants 50 Houses on Your Personal Credit Report?"

Financing seems to be getting harder and harder to get as time goes on.

Now there's some relief.

First of all...some rules you need to know on how Multi-Unit Cash Flow works:

Single-Asset Thought Process

When you get a portfolio of SFRs, usually several at a time from a single bank or mortgage institution, you treat all of the properties as a SINGLE asset.  So, instead of thinking as these SFRs being, say, 10 separate houses...think of them as being a SINGLE asset of 10 units.

This falls along side of my methodology of multiple units.  So...NEVER think of buying a bunch of individual single-family homes.  Think of buying a SINGLE ASSET containing SEVERAL units.


Getting Foreclosures (REOs)

Banks have pretty much given up!  Their original "plan" was to hang onto homes, let the market turn around, then sell them for top dollar.

Except...they can't do that anymore.

You see, most properties that have been sitting are in complete disarray.  They are trashed, copper wiring stripped out, no HVAC system left in place, appliances gone...completely worthless as the shell of its former self.

Selling a property at "top dollar" in a few years from now when the market does a full 180 degrees isn't realistic because it's doubtful that many of the homes will still be standing.  Without a house in some reasonable acceptable condition, they can't sell it for anywhere near its former worth.

So, naturally many of these homes have hit the auction block.  And they didn't sell.  Most auction houses aren't attracting the same amount of people as it had before.  People aren't falling for the "feeding frenzy" auction-style set-up anymore where they end up paying more than what a property is worth.  So they don't bother showing up at all.

Most homes you see as foreclosure listings online have ALREADY BEEN ON THE AUCTION BLOCK and they obviously didn't sell.  Some have been on the block several times and still didn't sell.

And the prices keep dropping...

But it gets even better!

Commercial Loan Programs for SFRs "Lumped" Together

There is a BRAND NEW commercial loan program that allows for several SFRs to be balled up into a SINGLE commercial loan provided that there are at least 5 units (or homes) and they are in the same area.  A "long" time ago (less than a year ago), commercial loans could only be under a "blanket" loan if they were on touching parcels or APNs.  Times have changed.  Now the properties have to be in the same "vicinity" (as in a 10-mile radius) to qualify as a "lump" commercial loan.

Last but not least...

100% LTV Method Can Be Used

My 100% LTV Method was first introduced last month.  And it's a topic at my March 2012 Apartment Building Cash Flow Boot Camp Seminar in Los Angeles.

This is where you can buy any property anywhere for 100% cash without credit or income verification using something called "wet" funds.  Nowadays you can get wet funds for longer than a 1-day close.  And I have a special strategy where you can buy property and turn around to "refinance" it without using your own money.

And it works EVEN BETTER with SFRs because many wet funders LIKE SFRs BETTER than other higher-priced properties like apartment buildings.  They are used to smaller deals like SFRs, duplexes, triplexes and "quads" (4-plexes).  Instead of them having to fork out millions for an apartment building or other commercial property, they're shelling out pennies in comparison for a set of SFRs.  This makes getting the money easier and much less expensive (in fees, paid at closing).

This method is spelled out step-by-step in the Multi-Unit Cash Flow System, particularly in how to use wet funding then convert it into a commercial loan within a short period of time WITHOUT using your own money!

You Can Use My 100% LTV Strategy for a No-Cash-No-Credit Deal OR You Can Become Part of My Investor Partnership Group!

I first presented my $25-Million Opportunity in Detroit, Michigan during my Secret Underground Event.

The $25-Million Opportunity was only meant for those who attended the event.  And that's it.

Except...I've come across a tad of a problem.

I actually expected to have gotten a lot more property deals done by now.  Truth is, we've only done 3 total portfolios (closed), we have 1 going into contracts now, and we have 2 more we're on the verge of putting under contract as soon as my student investor partners give me some additional due diligence we requested.

Reality is, we only have 152 homes in the portfolio because I cannot count any that we "are on the verge" of getting under contract.  Remember, a bird in the hand is better than 10 in the bush.  I've learned that a long time ago in real estate.

So now I'm in trouble.  Less than $4 million of my pre-committed $25 million has been used so far on this SFR project that I committed myself to this past October with my international investors.  They're pushing me for more deals, won't accept any of my apartment building opportunities, and want MORE SFR portfolios.

And they don't care where the deals are provided that you can get them for LESS cost per door than an apartment building while getting MORE per unit for rent (than apartments) in that same area.

And I can't give them anymore!  I simply don't have the amount of properties they want!

(Silly me:  I actually thought I had a motivated and solid group of people in my Detroit seminar that were going to produce for me and I made a promise stating that I'd hold the opportunity open for THEM ONLY...but I've had so few of them actually produce anything worthwhile!  Most have produced NOTHING AT ALL to date!  I figured for sure that I'd have all $25 million sucked up in deals by the end of February.  Here we are and I didn't even make a DENT in the overseas investment money considering that they wanted to add another $10 million into the pot!  So...was it me who failed or them?  I don't know.  All I know is that I do have a committment to my students who attended the Detroit event but I also have a committment to my investor partners in India.  I gave my students AMPLE TIME to provide deals for me since the November event.  They've had 3 months and didn't produce what I needed.  Therefore, you can use this now as YOUR CHANCE to get involved in this RARE opportunity!)

The $30-Million Opportunity:  I NEED SFR REO PORTFOLIOS!  NOW!!

I was initially promised $25,000,000 by my international investor partners.  I was also promised another $10,000,000 once I absorbed at least half of the initial amount.

After speaking with my Indian investors a couple of weeks ago, we're still on our original track except that they are disappointed that we don't have more properties in our portfolio.

So, we used up about $4,000,000 on acquisitions and about another $1,000,000 is going into rehab.  We have $15,000,000 left from the original "pot" and another $10,000,000 that will be comitted once I can get another few porfolios in escrow.

What does this mean for you?

My investor partners are looking for people who are willing to oversee an entire "mini empire" of properties in their area.  You CANNOT do this from out of state.

So, if you live in Texas, you're expected to find properties within a 100-mile radius of where you live.  If you live in Georgia, Montana, Colorado, California...where ever; you find properties WHERE YOU LIVE and you will oversee everything about the project.

What does "overseeing" the project mean?

You find the portfolio, deal with the listing agent and/or bank, we will handle the partnership and money part of the deal, we all close, and then you oversee rehab and lease-up of the units.  You will also handle managing the property.

Mind you, none of us expect you to be the go-to guy (or gal) who gets to run a snake through a toilet at 4am at one of the houses.  You will have maintenance people to call for that type of stuff.  But you'll be managing everything else.

For this, you will earn 50% of the GAINED EQUITY and 50% of the monthly cash flow.

All of the homes will be liquidated in 5 years.  No exceptions.  You will not be able to buy out the investors.  They will not buy you out.  The homes will be sold.  When they are liquidated, you will get the proceeds of the gained equity within 30 days after the close of escrow.

You will also not be able to move away from the area in which you are overseeing the day-to-day business operations of the property otherwise you'll be disqualified from earning your share of the proceeds.

If this seems like something you want to do then I recommend getting involved in this project.

Like I mentioned, I need people...NOW!  I gave my Detroit Underground Secret Event group (of over 80 people) ample opportunity to present porfolios to me and too small a percentage succeeded in presenting me with any deals.

Now it's your turn!

How You Can Get Involved In This Opportunity Now!

There are several ways you can take advantage of my latest and greatest Multi-Unit Cash Flow System.

Here it is...

Option A:  System WITHOUT the 100% LTV Money Sources - This would be for those of you who took advantage of my Blow Out earlier this year and have the special 100% LTV Money Strategy + Money Sources Resource Directory.  Perhaps you already attended the Detroit event and you still have the ability to submit deals on the $25-Million Opportunity (in which case, get on submitting some deals to me) because this option DOES NOT include this Opportunity.

Option B:  System WITH the 100% LTV Money Sources - This would be for those of you who DO NOT have the 100% LTV Money Strategy + Money Sources Resource Directory.  This option DOES NOT offer the $25-Million Opportunity so if you'd like to do this on your own (which would be MY personal choice because I'm big on getting 100% of the deals to myself including 100% of the cash flow and equity...but that's just me).

Option C:  System WITH the 100% LTV Money Sources + $25-Million Opportunity + Choose Between Attending the 2-Day ABCF Event (for 1 Gold VIP Attendee) OR Getting the Videos (Post Event) - This includes the "whole enchilada" meaning that you'll be getting Option B (above) AND you can participate in my $25-Million Opportunity (which ONLY my Detroit attendees were able to do) + you'll be getting to attend my ABCF event as a Gold VIP for 2 Days (March 24th & 25th) in Los Angeles OR getting the videos after the event is over.  You can also choose to attend (or get the videos) for any of my other upcoming Los Angeles events (Mobile Home Park Cash Flow, Personal/Business Credit Building, or Raising Capital with Private Investors).  You'll just have to call my office at (661) 295-5050 to choose these other options.

Please note:  I'm not looking for a set of deadbeats to "participate" in the $25-Million Opportunity.  I sort of already got that from those who attended the Detroit Event this past November.  So, if you don't think you're going to produce, consider getting property for yourself using my 100% LTV Strategy + Money Sources with Option B.  This is what I would personally do, by the way, just because I have major issues wanting to do all the work for ANYONE while splitting the proceeds in half.  It's not my style.  Of course, you have to do what suits you best.  I'm just issuing a warning.  If you want in the program, you have to work for it otherwise don't waste my time.

Last Chance to Get Into the $25-Million Opportunity!

I was supposed to offer this opportunity once.  And I did already.  In Detroit.  This past November.

Now I have an impatient set of Indian investors, not enough property deals to absorb $25,000,000, and all they want are SFRs so I can't "sell" them on the idea of buying anything else right now.

I'm not going to be offering this $25-Million Opportunity again.  And I mean it.  If I don't get enough investors this time around, I'll tell them to be happy with what they got and inject their funding with another investment group.

Why?  Why would I just walk away from something like this?

As you know, since I have direct access to these invest partners, I could just use all the money myself for my own investments and screw the rest of you.


I like doing my OWN deals.  I like getting 100% of the profits myself on EVERYTHING I do.

But mostly, I don't like the 5-year "deal" my investor partners have set up.  They require that all assets be liquidated in 5 years.  I'm a "buy-and-hang-on" type of gal.  I don't like giving up my properties.

That doesn't mean you can't get rich off a deal like this because you can.

Let's present a scenario for you.

You get, say, 15 SFRs.  They are each, say, $25,000.  That's a $375,000 initial investment.  Say rehab is about $10,000 each unit.  That's another $150,000.  That is a total of $525,000 in investment costs for my investor partners.

In 5 years, those homes will be worth approximately $800,000.  This means you'll split the GAINED equity of $275,000.  You'll get $137,500 or more depending on market conditions.  And that's after 5 years.  That's only $27,500 per year, average.

But who cares about that?  That's not where the money is.

The Big Money is IN THE CASH FLOW!

Do you remember the sample homes I showed pictures of (above)?

The average apartment unit shown goes for about $550 per month in that area.

The average 2 bedroom/1 bath home goes for about $950.  (Hence, why you wouldn't waste your time paying 3 times the price per door for an apartment unit in the same area to get a lot less rent?  Doesn't make any sense, does it?)

Your average 3 bedroom/1 bath home goes for about $1150 per month.

Most properties in these "old school" middle-class middle-America areas don't have more than 1 bathroom unless they've been rehabbed or rebuilt.  So many of these homes will have 1 bathroom.

So, say you have a nice mix of 10 2/1s and 5 3/1s.  This means your GOI or Gross Operating Income per year at a 100% occupancy would be $183,000 with all 15 homes.  Your operating cost (or expense ratio) is MUCH LESS than your typical 15-unit apartment building (which would be between 45% and 55% of your GOI).  For these homes, it will cost about 20% to 25% in expenses of your GOI.  So, to be conservative and on the "high" side, we'll go with 25%.  This puts us at $45,750 per year in expenses.

Your bottom-line cash flow is $137,250.  You get half...or $68,625 per year.  Or $5,719 per month.

Okay, maybe that isn't enough for you.  (Remember, this is based on a NO CASH, NO CREDIT transaction.)


Instead of getting 15, get 30.  This will DOUBLE your cash flow to $11,438 per month.  Or DOUBLE it again and manage 60 homes, getting $22,876 per month.

You don't have to "settle" for the low side of things.  You can get as many homes as you want in this program.

And after the 5 years...?

Take the money and invest yourself!

Take your monthly cash flow NOW and start investing it in your own homes!

What One of Our $25-Million Opportunity Students from the Detroit Event is Doing

One of my Detroit Event students hit it out of the part by closing on a portfolio of 54 homes within 5 weeks of the seminar.  (Initially it was 56 homes but 2 were sold before we could go under contract with them; this goes to show that you may have homes "sold out" of your portfolio before we can latch onto them but it's not a big deal because we can either replace or eliminate them from the portfolio.)

About 1/4 of the homes actually needed rehab.  The rest needed cosmetic work done, new paint, new carpet, and new appliances installed.

Out of the 50 homes: 13 are being rehabbed right now, 31 were leased since December, 8 are still getting "rent ready" (with new paint, tile, and carpet), and 2 are "throw aways," meaning that they are in such poor condition, they won't pass a building inspection and they have to be torn down.  One of the properties is on a large enough lot where we can possibly build a "quad" or 4-plex.  (We'll deal with this at a later time.)

The cash flow split so far for our Detroit student (as of January 2012) is just under $9,000...and we don't even have 21 of the 52 rentable homes ready or rented yet.

Imagine his cash flow by this summer!

He's looking at about $20,000 a month!  Not bad for putting together a portfolio of SFR REOs.

Limited Time Offer...Yes, I Really Mean It!

This is it for the $25-Million Opportunity!

You either want in or you don't.

If you want in, get Option C.  If not, I recommend Option B to understand how Multi-Unit Cash Flow works, how to make a ton of money with it, and how you can clear a huge cash flow using this unique 100% LTV Strategy (including getting the 100% LTV Money Sources).

If you have questions, call my office at (661) 295-5050.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

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