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Money Funnel Mentorship Modules 

How Much Would It Be WORTH to You to Have a COMPLETED Money Funnel AND a Full Marketing Campaign Ready to Go to Start Making MILLIONS of Dollars With...IN ONLY 9 WEEKS?

NOW AVAILABLE:  9 Full Weeks of the Money Funnel Mentorship Modules for the Step-by-Step Hand-Holding to Help You Build Your Money Funnel Business FROM SCRATCH!  And You Can Now Do the Entire 9 Weeks At Your Own Pace With the Money Funnel 2.0 Mentorship Group Modules!

Many of you have been part of my mentorship groups before.  But starting this year, ALL of my mentorship groups are being conducted differently.  WAY DIFFERENTLY!

How are the mentorships different now?  They’re going to consist of weekly webinars (where attendance or video playback is REQUIRED) with supporting course materials and “action sheets” that MUST be completed each week.

How is this different than the old mentorship mode from before?  It’s quite different, actually.  The weekly required live webinar trainings will SHOW YOU exactly WHAT to do.  The weekly “action sheets” with very concise step-by-step “things to do” for you to complete BEFORE the next training will keep you on your toes and FORCING you to keep moving forward with completing your first money-making money funnel.  

Now You Don't Have to Wade Through an 9-Week Group...Because the VIDEO MODULES Are NOW AVAILABLE!

But here’s the really cool part in all of this.  You can now participate in this 9-week group by working through the 8 weeks of "modules" (videos and action sheets) at your own pace.  By the end, not only will you have your first completed money funnel in full functioning order, ready to take people’s credit card information BUT you’ll also have all of your marketing materials in place for you to pull the trigger on starting your business the moment this 8-week session ends. 

I’ve never offered this much of a comprehensive 9-week training session and I recommend that you do it.  There’s only so much you can take in by going through a course, watching videos, or attending an event.  But to have someone walking you through setting everything up WITH you over the course of 9 weeks, helping you through every element?  That’s freaking PRICELESS!!

Get the Modules NOW!

Since this type of training is VERY INTENSIVE, time-consuming on my part, and difficult for me to do, I've limited this group to only ONE go-around.  All that's available are the modules from the first and only event I had done.  Get them while you can since this is a LIMITED-TIME offer!

Here's what you'll get with this exclusive, very rare done-with-you incredibly intensive mentorship group:

  • 9 Weeks of Webinar Video Trainings
  • Weekly "Action Sheets" with Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Complete Your Things to Do
  • Money Funnel "Clones" Including a Successful Affiliate Ready-to-Go Money-Making Business
  • Headline Templates
  • Course Materials As Applicable to Your "Action Sheets"

Get the 9 Weeks of Money Funnel 2.0 Modules INCLUDING 9 Training Videos (Approximately 90 Minutes Long EACH), 9 Weekly Action Sheets, Presentation PowerPoints, and Other Materials

For Only $997 $797 (plus shipping/handling)

The Modules WILL Be Shipped to You.  You'll ALSO Get the Bonus Money Funnel Clones!


I Have a LIMITED "Mini" Affiliate License for a Highly Profitable Skincare Affiliate Business for You.  Normally a Full Affiliate License Will Cost You $997 (If We Had Any Spots Left Which We Don't At This Time).  But You Can Get a "Mini" License for An Additional $500 (Added to Your Money Funnel 2.0 Video Module Order). 

Here's What You'll Get With This "Mini" Affiliate License:

* 50% of All Sales of the 7-Day Facelift (Through the Affiliate Link)

* A Postcard to Drive Traffic

* A Facebook Ad to Drive Traffic

* A Yahoo! Ad to Drive Traffic

* Link from Your Domain to Our Site (Via Your Affiliate Link)

* A Short Action Plan on How to Market Your Affiliate Domain

This is LIMITED TIME OFFER to Get This "Mini" Affiliate License!


Money Funnel 2.0 Modules with Loan Resource to Get Up to $15,000 in Unsecured Credit

For Only $997 $797

(Plus $10 Shipping/Handling)

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Everything for Option A (Modules + Loan Resource) PLUS the Skincare AFFILIATE MARKETING License

For Only $1,497 $1,297

(FREE Shipping and Handling!)

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There is a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee on This Product!

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