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If you've been struggling to start or grow a real estate business, this may be the most important notice you will ever read...

The Foreclosure WINDFALL is Coming!  Take ADVANTAGE of This  RARE Opportunity to Get Some of These Below Market Value Properties During This VERY SHORT Window of Opportunity!!




There Are A LOT of Foreclosures and Short Sales Coming on the Market Each and Every Minute!  Every Minute You Are Not Taking Advantage of This Huge REO Windfall Opportunity is Just Another Valuable Minute WASTED Because the CLOCK IS TICKING...And Fast!  After All, This "Fast Real Estate Ride" is About to End VERY SOON!


Yes, You CAN Get Rich in Single-Family, Multifamily and Apartment Building FORECLOSURES and SHORT SALES!

Sound impossible?

Not if you have the right techniques, resources, and information!  None of those Real estate "gurus" ever told you how to really acquire millions in real estate, how to have a cash flow of $20,000 - $50,000 a month, and how you can buy/sell foreclosed real estate ANYWHERE in the country without a DIME of your own money and with the WORST CREDIT in history.

  • WITHOUT good credit,
  • WITHOUT money for a down payment,
  • WITHOUT any real estate experience or licenses, and
  • WITHOUT investing in a "big" city!

From:  Monica Main
Real Estate Expert & Millionaire
Monday -- 3:46 p.m.


Dear Future Real Estate Tycoon,

Imagine being able to see a huge income from real estate and being able to afford anything you want, drive any car you want, go anywhere in the world you want, live in an oceanfront mansion if you want, and never ever have to worry about money again!

Yes, you can FINALLY get massively wealthy in real estate and never before has there been a better time to CASH IN BIG from the incredible economic disaster that we're experiencing right now!

Do you remember the tsunami that hit Thailand in 2004 and wiped out more than 200,000 people and devastated the lives who were lucky enough to survive?

Imagine a tsunami 1,000 times worse that, instead, hit the real estate finance market!

And that, my friend, is what had recently happened to our real estate economy...but it's recently ended.  And now small- to mid-sized banks are STILL trying to get rid of their remaining bit of "toxic debt" left on their books...and they can't. Unfortunately, the US Government disallows banks with too much toxic debt to lend money with opening new mortgages. And if a bank can't open new mortgages, they can't make money on interest which is responsible for the VAST MAJORITY of their income!!

And guess what?

You can still profit wildly from this incredible phenomenon.

I'll show you exactly how you can make tons of money with foreclosures using NONE of your own money or credit.  But you have to hurry.  Banks right now are in a MAD RUSH to get rid of their last bit of inventory as our economy is careening quickly into full recovery!


Getting foreclosed properties is a goldmine but only if you know how to do it with no money down and no credit needed.

Can any Joe Blow acquire foreclosures?  Well, not "any" Joe Blow.  Only the Joe Blow who knows the right strategies, which I will reveal to you in just a minute.

But first, I want to let you know how critical it is for you to DO THIS NOW!

The last time in history when we've had such a huge real estate wipe-out as we have now was back in the Depression.  This was during the only other time in history when we had interest-only loans.  Just as we recently experienced, people couldn't afford the high payments of their homes and a sea of foreclosures became the result.

Since then interest-only loans disappeared until about the past seven years or so.  And, guess what?  History repeats itself...AGAIN!

Now what?

You can wallow in the fear generated by such extreme circumstances or you can GREATLY PROFIT FROM IT! 

I'm going to show you how to DRAMATICALLY PROFIT from the foreclosure crises.  

But the biggest opportunity is in APARTMENT BUILDING FORECLOSURES!  Why?  Because...

1)  Commercial (which include apartment building) properties have LESS competition.  With all the hoop-la surrounding residential foreclosures now, everyone and their mother is running out trying to get them.  However, no one is really looking into commercial foreclosures.

2)  Why get a single-family home when you can get a whole building with lots of units?  A single-family home can only give you one renter.  A huge apartment building can give you lots of renters.  It takes the same amount of work to close escrow on a single-family home than it does an apartment or commercial office building.  So, why not get more units?

3)  There is LESS RISK in renting to tenants in a multiple-unit building.  If you own a single-family home and your single renter loses his job, he will stop making his rental payments and you will either have to make the mortgage payments out of your pocket or lose the home to foreclosure.  If you have a 24-unit apartment building and one renter loses his job, you will still have no problem continuing to make the mortgage payment on your investment because there are so many other tenants there to cover the costs.


But, why would a building owner with a solid cash flow property be losing the property to begin with?

A few reasons...

1)  He got an adjustable ARM mortgage and couldn't refinance his property (because banks have tightened up on lending) so his mortgage payment doubled or tripled, taking him out of positive cash flow.  Now he is losing his building.

2)  He took out a second and third mortgage against his property when the market was HOT and now he cannot pay back the second and third mortgage payments because he is now upside down on his property and even if one or two tenants left, that leaves him in a bad cash flow position.  Now he is losing his building.

3) He has some commercial office space or industrial/warehouse space and lost his tenants because they went bankrupt.  Because his building is empty or less than needed capacity to cover his expenses, he is in a bad cash flow position.  Now he is losing his building.

And you can get these SAME cash flow properties for PENNIES ON THE DOLLAR.  You can make EVEN MORE MONEY than you thought possible because you are going to get these properties for LESS than appraised value...making even a LARGER cash flow than the previous owner of the property.

By the way, if you don't know what a "commercial" property is, there are two types:  commercial-commercial (business use only: office buildings, retail strip malls, medical buildings, industrial/warehouse space, etc.) and residential-commercial (apartment buildings, 5 units or more).

Commercial-commercial is a higher risk choice because so many businesses went bankrupt.  But residential-commercial (apartment buildings) are SUPER HOT because so many people are needing a place to live for many years after they lose their homes to foreclosure because their credit is SHOT for 10 years thereafter!!

Now, I think I'm getting a little ahead of myself here.

Let me break down this system a little for you...



What is my "NEW" REO Method??

No one else out there is teaching these incredible, powerful, and highly profitable foreclosure real estate secrets!

There is ONE WAY to acquire residential-commercial (apartment building) and commercial foreclosures right now: from the bank.  Period.  Yes, usually there's a listing agent who has the bank-owned listing but the seller is still the bank.

By the way, we're no longer dealing with "short sales" but rather foreclosures only.  There will be a few short-sale deals here and there but, honestly, they are far and few between these days.

Now...what to do with the foreclosure...

Technique #1:  Get your property and KEEP IT to rent it out for monthly passive income and you can later choose to sell the property when the market goes up or cash in with monthly rent profits for years to come.

Technique #2:  Get the property then FLIP IT for instant profits.  (Not recommended in today's real estate market.)

Tap into BIGGER profits...

Strategy #1:  Fix up the property before reselling it for BIGGER PROFITS.

Strategy #2:  Purchase multi-unit foreclosures (apartment buildings) and "convert" them for individual sale (i.e. "condo conversion").  THIS IS WHAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT HERE WITH APARTMENT BUILDING FORECLOSURES!

Now, I'm not going to boast that I "invented" the foreclosure investing process because I didn't. 

will boast that I created a highly effective TESTED and PROVEN system to streamline the process for huge cash payouts in your pocket.  

That's why I call it the New REO Method.  I've been able to polish and refine each step so that you can follow a simple "blueprint" and enjoy massive payouts from my simple step-by-step plan.


Let me explain a little about how this all works:

Foreclosures are extremely profitable.

And you can still get these REOs for LOWER than market value!
Banks MUST ditch the remaining balance of their toxic debts.  They've tried through auctions and by listing on the MLS. Many have failed to get the remaining last bit of inventory OFF their books.


Because they can't lend on new mortgages until most of the old toxic debt is gone.  Period.   Now that our economy is ramped up and going full speed ahead, people are buying new homes, investors are buying property left and right...and the longer these small- to mid-sized banks are out of the action, the more they are LOSING OUT on today's economic opportunities.


Banks are NOT management companies.  They are not prepared for or equipped to perform maintenance on broken toilets or collect rents.  They don't have the means to perform legally required services for tenants!  And many of these banks are SICK of dealing with this responsibility.

I've noticed that a lot of these banks are trying to get rid of these assets via auction.  At this point the banks lose even more money because they usually can't get even close to what they originally financed the property for.  If they financed a property for $1,000,000 and the market value is now $700,000 then they've already lost $300,000.  Say the property increased in value for a short time and the property owner took out a HELOC or a line of credit for $250,000.  This means the bank is out $550,000 right off the bat.

But right now...they DON'T CARE!  It's time for them to let these properties go so they can lend on new loans.

This means DEEPER DISCOUNTS on the asking price for you and a SUPER FAST CLOSING!


Why Getting "Lots" or Portfolios is NOW a Complete Disaster!!

The bank has deals where you can get 10, 50, 100, 500 or more properties in a "lot" (portfolio) for almost nothing!  But you NO LONGER want these!

The bank will sneak in their "rotten apple" properties into these portfolios, leaving YOU to foot the bill on extensive (and impossible) rehab jobs, ridiculous amounts of money in back taxes and utility bills, and usually properties that are boarded up with NO HOPE of ever being rented out.

Yes, years ago getting a "bank tape," "lot," or "portfolio" was a good idea.  In today's times...HELL NO!  You don't want these AT ALL!

And as I already mentioned, by law these banks HAVE to get rid of these properties or they are halted from lending anymore money on new loans!

You see, by government regulation, each bank and mortgage institution has to have a specific ratio of cash to lend vs. actual mortgages on properties.  When they are holding a certain number of foreclosures in their inventory, it messes up their ratio and they aren't allowed to lend antmore money until they dump the foreclosures.

And that's why these banks are dumping these foreclosures in "lots."  BUT YOU DON'T WANT A "LOT" ANYMORE!!

But you can get a property for 50% of market value!  Can you imagine getting a $500,000 property for only $250,000?  It happens all the time!  Just make sure that it HAS an occupancy level and that it isn't a vacant, abandoned boarded up property!


Negotiating directly with the bank!

That's right!  I said it.  I revealed the secret!

You want to deal with the ASSET MANAGEMENT department (usually THROUGH the listing agent).

That's all fine and dandy...but how does that work?

As I mentioned, banks and lending institutions holding title to commercial and apartment building foreclosures are NOT in the management business.  They make a QUICK and CONCERTED EFFORT to get rid of any commercial building with tenants occupying the property.

This means that when a bank is holding title to a foreclosed property, you can NEGOTIATE DIRECTLY WITH THEM to acquire the property.

And here is what will happen.  They...

  • WILL finance you 100% of the purchase price
  • WILL defer your payments up to 12 months after you purchase the property
  • They WILL offer some rehab money in some cases
  • WILL let you have the property for WAY BELOW market value

Because a conventional bank or lending institution will NOT finance ANYBODY for the purchase of an investment property that has LESS than an 85% occupancy rate, even in our "newly recovered" economy!  An investor would have to come in with 100% CASH to purchase a foreclosure since no bank or lender will lend on a high-vacancy property.  And serious investors would rather buy a performing property...not some "problem child" property with only a 50% occupancy or less!

And the banks who hold title to these commercial foreclosures KNOW THIS!

They also know that NO INVESTOR who has any brain cells is going to put 100% cash down on any property because there is NO LEVERAGE.

Think about it!  

If you have $1,000,000 in CASH in your bank account and you were going to use it to purchase an investment property, would you...?

OPTION A:  Put 100% of that money into ONE property that was DISTRESSED and had only a 40% occupancy level and was in a NEGATIVE CASH FLOW?


OPTION B:  Divide the $1,000,000 cash and put $250,000 DOWN on 4 - $1,000,000 properties instead...getting 4 cash flow properties (of 85% or higher occupancy rates) vs. getting 1 non-cash flow property with only a 40% occupancy rate?

Right, you and every other smart investor in the world would choose OPTION B...FOR SURE!

And banks holding title to apartment building REOs have NO ONE to sell these properties to because NO investor in his or her right mind will take 100% cash out of their pocket for one distressed property and no other lender or mortgage company will lend on a property below an 85% occupancy rate, which 99.9999% of the commercial foreclosures are!

And this is why a bank will negotiate DIRECTLY WITH YOU to get these commercial REO properties!

They will:
  • Fund your deal 100% with NO CASH and NO CREDIT!
  • Give you EXCELLENT loan terms, including low interest rates!
  • Give you the property for AT LEAST 25% BELOW market value and usually 40% to 50% of market value, giving you a HUGE CASH FLOW when you fill the building with tenants!
  • Defer your payments up to 12 months on very-low occupancy-level buildings until you can BRING IN PAYING TENANTS!
And this is a LITTLE-KNOWN SECRET that not many people know about.


There is ONE SECRET about doing this that I haven't told you about.  You can't just call a bank up on the phone and expect them to hand over an apartment building REO to you in a day or two.  That's NOT how it works.

There is a special type of form you have to complete in order to make these bank-direct deals happen.  

And in my course materials I tell you EXACTLY which form that is in order to guarantee that you can make these kinds of deals directly with banks to get these apartment building and commercial REO foreclosures!


And check this out...



This source specializes in getting you money for foreclosure deals.  You need NO CASH and NO CREDIT to purchase these properties.  This source can even get you an instant pre-approval letter so you can jump on a profitable short sale deal NOW, TODAY!  HOW INCREDIBLE IS THAT?  Bad credit is okay!  Guaranteed!

My NEWEST, HOTTEST resource can get you 100% financing for your REO foreclosure deals.  That means NO MONEY OUT OF POCKET!  Yes, pick up these properties WITHOUT YOUR OWN MONEY!  You can even get an INSTANT pre-approval letter so you can start making offers on properties TODAY!

"But...What if the Property Needs a Lot of Work?"

Here's the nice part about all of this...

No, you CANNOT get cash back at closing when the bank is giving you 100% financing on a foreclosure that's already at least 30% below market value.


After you close escrow and take legal title to the building, you can QUICKLY TURN AROUND and get an equity loan or line of credit against the BUILT IN EQUITY.  You can use this money for remodeling or even for CASH IN YOUR POCKET!

Think about it!  If you purchase a building for $700,000 that has an appraised value of $1,000,000, after you close escrow you have INSTANT EQUITY of $300,000.  You can usually borrow up to 85% of your equity in a CASH equity loan!

Why Apartment Building Investing is the Best Cash Flow Business! 

Right now the apartment rental market is booming because all the people who lost their homes need a place to live!  They may have been unable to afford their super skyrocketed mortgage rate that tripled with their adjustable ARM mortgage but they can afford a rental at a fixed price.

And that's how you will cash in big in this market...By providing rental property when people need it most!

Real estate will always be the best investment. 


Because everybody will ALWAYS need a place to live NO MATTER THE ECONOMY. 

Prices for real estate will ALWAYS GO UP regardless of the state of the market right now.  Imagine if you purchase 10 properties today and hang onto them for 10 years!  Can you imagine how much your net worth would be in a decade?  You would be a MILLIONAIRE just with 10 properties!  And getting 10 properties can be done in just a matter of weeks!

The best part?  You can get these cash flow properties WAY BELOW market value and this will allow you to CASH IN even BIGGER with the rental income you'll be getting from your tenants!  Why pay "retail" when you can get a HUGE DISCOUNT and make even MORE money in the process?

Now is the time to do this because in 5 years or 10 years prices of real estate WILL GO UP and probably DOUBLE!  If you wait then you'll HAVE TO PAY MORE!  And you won't be starting your real estate fortune.

Plus, if you are starting off with NO CASH and BAD CREDIT, you will NOT get a chance to stick your foot in the door into the investment real estate market when the market starts coming back.

Now is the time to get started before this short window of opportunity closes FOREVER!


Here's How You Can Start CASHING IN Now!

I created a proven step-by-step Apartment Building Foreclosure Cash Flow System for 2015 that I'm offering for a LIMITED TIME ONLY.  Once I get the first 100 11 people to look at the system then I will STOP SELLING IT.  And I'm very serious about this.  It isn't a marketing gimmick or a come-on.  If you want to risk losing out on discovering the REAL secrets behind making a fortune in real estate, then don't respond.

Why only 100 11 people?

This is highly sensitive information.  I cannot have everyone discover these little-known, powerful money-making techniques.  If everyone starts taking advantage of the real estate market with these secrets then I will lose my edge and, unfortunately, I won't be able to make as much money as I do now.  I figure if only 100 11 other people know about this system and use it, I will be safe from too many people knowing this powerful information.

You don't want to be left out!  Yes, this information is valuable but, with how difficult it is to get funding in today's real estate market, you DON'T want to miss out on getting the contact information to my secret funding source!

If you DO want to become a Real Estate Millionaire, then RESPOND TO THIS OFFER IMMEDIATELY.  I cannot go on selling this course forever.  No, I do not want to flood the market for myself or other serious real estate entrepreneurs like yourself.


So, what will you get in the system?  Check this out:

The NEW Edition Will Be SHIPPED TO YOU Via USPS Priority Mail!

Plus, one more bonus!

You'll get my BRAND NEW VIDEO that will show you EXACTLY how to find your foreclosures and how to start the process of dealing with the bank.  (I've never revealed that secret before in a video...until now!)  You'll also be shown how to create an offer and a proposal (that "secret form" I was telling you about earlier) that goes directly to the bank to get everything that you want in the deal...including REHAB money!

Now, how many "gurus" offer that?

Get this COMPLETE COURSE for a one-time charge of only $997 $497.  Am I out of my mind?  Probably.  Especially since we sold this course for $997 EACH and they went like HOTCAKES!  However, I believe everyone deserves a fair chance at making a fortune in real estate.  So, enjoy this incredible, power-packed course for a mere $497!

Paying only $497 is practically NOTHING compared to all the money you've already wasted in business opportunity scams in the past.  It's also NOTHING compared to having to re-invent the wheel and trying to make this work on your own.  WHY DO THAT?  Use my experience and knowledge and profit wildy from it!


Don't miss out on this amazing NEW REO Method for 2020...just released!

See you at the top!

P.S.  This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER.  Once this promotion is over then this course will be discontinued forever.  Since using this foreclosure method is one of the main ways I make a lot of money in real estate, I cannot risk flooding the market by having too many people finding out about and using this secret.  GET YOUR COMPLETE SYSTEM NOW!!

P.P.S.  Questions?  Contact me by clicking here!  Or call our office directly from 9AM to 5PM (Pacific Time), Monday through Friday at (661) 295-5050.

The Flip It Profit Foreclosure System

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