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"How You Can Literally Write Your Own Paycheck -- Make Whatever Amount of Money You Want to Make Per Month -- With a Simple Easy-to-Do Tested-and-Proven Mailing Strategy that Can Make You Millions Your First Year!"

If You're Truly Looking for the "Lazy Man's Way to Riches," It Doesn't Get Any EASIER to Make Money Than This!  Out of EVERY Opportunity I Have for AGGRESSIVE INCOME, This is the One That Can Generate the MOST MONEY in the FASTEST Time Frame Possible!

Take a Look at This "Money Spreadsheet" Chart Below:

What does all this mean?  If you take a look at the yellow highlighted section, you'll see that your typical low-level marketing campaign can bring you over $245,000 per year.  And yes, that's ALL PROFITS AFTER ALL EXPENSES!  If you're not pulling in at least $245,000 in PROFITS per year then you really need to read the rest of what I have to say!

Dear Entrepreneur,

Years ago when I was first "dabbling" in entrepreneurial endeavors, I instantly had an interest in "mail order." Yes, I'm dating myself because this was wwwaaaaaaayyyyyy before the Internet.  I started out studying the likes of Melvin Powers, Russ von Hoelscher, Jeff Paul, Gary Halbert and even picking up some tips from the infomercial guy Don Lapre (remember him?) with his "placing tiny classified ads" strategy.

For some reason, I've always been fanatically obsessed with this business to the point where it didn't matter how many failure I had, I kept going with it until I hit on pay dirt.  And yes, I hit on pay dirt many times over to the tune of tens of millions of dollars.  And many times from one single marketing campaign.

Then, like everyone else, I decided that I liked the "cheap" way of doing business online and converted to Google Adwords and other PPC (pay-per-click) online campaigns, completely abandoning the tried-and-true tested-and-proven direct mail marketing strategies that have made me millions over the last 15+ years.  It wasn't by 100% choice that I abandoned my old direct mail friend but because of necessity.  Since all of my competitors (who I purchased mailing lists from) converted to online marketing, there weren't any good mailing lists to be had anymore (since about 2007-ish).  So I was forced to join the Internet herd around that same time.

Yes, I did extremely well online.  Any "real" marketer will always do well with any type of marketing platform they're thrown into no matter what it is because the reality of marketing is the baseline of successful campaigns which is good copywriting.  (And this is something I've always been good at.)

Internet Marketing is Dying a SLOW Death for the "Average Joe" Marketer

Google killed AdWords thanks to a bunch of nerd computer guys who wanted to "transform" the search experience into their little nerd search eutopia-land.  Since AdWords accounted for just under 100% of Google's revenue, I'd imagine that they're sinking in quicksand right now.  (If you own Google stock, sell it NOW!)

What the hell happened with Google AdWords?  Well, they decided that they were allergic to money, I guess. They were making BILLIONS through Google AdWords which were those annoying little ads that would show up to the RIGHT of your Google searches.  Yes, you'll still see the ads show up but not nearly the amount that you saw many years ago.  They basically got rid of your serious marketers to cater more to larger companies (like Allstate, State Farm) while robbing your mom-and-pop local companies (like Joe's Auto Detail Service, Sally's Flowers).

This forced a lot of your serious Internet marketers to take to different types of marketing.  They experimented with banner advertising, PPC on specific websites, etc.  But nothing could hold a match to what Google AdWords could offer.

Some of us (myself included) went over to Yahoo! (Bing/MSN) and used their PPC platform but they started doing much of the same of what Google was doing (disallowing certain ads and products) which is why I abandoned them before they decided to give me the boot (like Google did).

Does Anybody Really Care About SPAM Email Anymore?

At the same time (and remember, we're talking about only the past few years), people stopped reading their SPAM emails.  Most don't get opened at all.

Most of these Internet companies are getting more and more obsessed with "tagging" the habits of Internet users by installing better and more efficient "cookies" to basically sell you stuff that they've determined you're interested in (based on prior Internet searches for products and services).  The problem is that most people are starting to tune out these little banner pop-ups that show up when you're checking your email.  Just like how people "tune out" television commercials, people are "tuning out" banners now too.

And just like television commercials (especially in prime time spots), only multi-billion-dollar companies will be vying for that space while everyone else (the "little guy" marketer) will be opting for more affordable, trackable, and profitable means of marketing.

And that only leaves a handful of options left.  Direct mail marketing is one of those options.  In fact, it's the ONLY OPTION if you want to make MILLIONS from a single product campaign.

There Are Only a COUPLE of Ways Left to Make Money Online

There are only a couple of ways left to make money online these days and one of those ways INCLUDES using a "hybrid" method called offline-to-online marketing.  Otherwise, if you're just a mom-and-pop marketer, you're going to have to SERIOUSLY CONSIDER using offline marketing methods to make money, even if you do have a website (which is recommended even if you're totally "offline").

What is "offline" marketing?  This includes marketing strategies that aren't online such as classified ads in magazines and newspapers, "space" or display ads in magazines and newspapers, and direct mail marketing (including catalogs, sales letters, and postcards).

Your main ways of making money online are starting to evaporate, forcing marketers to come up with these "hybrid" offline-to-online strategies.

I know, I's so hard, isn't it?  After all, we've become such a disgustingly lazy American population that putting in any effort aside from clicking the "send" button on a mass email marketing campaign has become...unheard of.

The good news for those of you who are older than the age of 35...we grew up in a non-Internet world (remember those days?) when people had to become a little more creative while putting in a tad more effort when it came to selling people stuff.  While the young kids these days hang their hopes only on the technical broadband methods of marketing, we get to go back to Old School Marketing where we can make millions without flinching.

And they have NO CLUE on what that's about!

How ANYONE (and I Mean ANYONE) Can Make Millions in "Mail Order" Even If They've Never Written a Sales Letter, Know Nothing About Products, and Barely Know Where the Stamp is Supposed to Go on a Letter!

Yes, it's true.  ANYONE can make a killing on a spare-room part-time mail order business.  In fact, if you're ready and willing to commit to a mere 15- to 20-hours per week with your new business, you can make a minimum of that $245,000 figure (and yes, that's CASH in your pocket...NET profits) per year.

I'm betting that you're not making that with your current job or business right now!

Now, it's typical that something can sound "so easy" when someone like me (who has been financially successful at so many things) tells someone else (you) that something can be done.

But with this, yes, it CAN be done as easy as I say it can.

It's literally as simple as following these steps:

  1. Choosing one of the few hot products (that I outline).
  2. Putting together a mailing piece (that you can literally "copy and paste")
  3. Printing and stuffing your mailers.
  4. Getting the RIGHT mailing list (from my PERSONAL mailing list broker).
  5. Throwing the mailers in the mail.

And that's it!

Wait!  I forgot about the part where you get to take the orders and count your money!  (Isn't that the most important part??)

Yes, I've been doing "mail order" for many years now with the exception of the "gultch" period where I stopped mailing from 2007 through 2011.  Even when I started up my mailings back in 2011, results were "spotty" at best.  Things really didn't start swinging into action for me and direct mail marketing until 2012 when I noticed that we were "back in business" with this type of marketing strategy after it had been "dry" for so long.

And what did I start mailing?

I actually did 2 types of mailing campaigns (which I'm still doing to this day):

  1. Postcard mailing, driving traffic to my personal/business credit building download product.
  2. 4-page mailer (in a business envelope) selling a $200 health supplement "kit."

Both do extremely well do the same mailers!

And the results?

How I Make, On Average, 50 Cents IN PROFITS Per Mailer That Is Mailed Out!

Since I use the postcards to drive people to my side that sells a $97 download product, the cool thing about this strategy is that I have no "product" to fulfill.  People just download the product and I have to send them nothing in the mail.  I also have a $47 upgrade version and a $77 upgrade version that about HALF the people take (either one or the other).  I make, on average, about 50 cents in profits for each postcard I mail out.  So, if I mail 5,000 postcards, I'm looking at putting 50 cents each (or $2,500 total) in my pocket after all expenses are paid.

For the 4-page mailer, I make more.  Initially I make 50 cents per mailer (net, after expenses) within a week after sending out the mailing piece.  Total, I make about $1 per mailer (after expenses) in about a 60-day period.  So, when I put 5,000 mailers in the mail, I'm looking at $5,000 in total net profits from that mailing. This includes the back-end products I sell.  Again, it takes about 60 days for me to see the entire $1 per mailer.  But, as I mentioned before, I see the 50 cents right away (within a week) after dropping the mailing. And, again, this is PROFIT after expenses are paid (including printing, postage, product fulfillment, labor, etc.)

If you think making 50 cents per mailer is chump change, get a calculator and tell me that it's chump change then.  If you're doing 5,000 pieces a week, that's $2,500 a week (or $10,000 a month) IN PROFITS.  If you're doing 10,000 pieces a week, that's $5,000 a week (or $20,000 a month) IN PROFITS.  And again, this ISN'T including the REST of the money that comes in later with auto-shipments and back-end products!  All the rest of it will DOUBLE that 50 cents per piece to $1 per piece overall!

"Okay, So This Sounds Easy But...I Can't Write a Sales Letter and I Don't Know What to Sell!"

I'll tell you which Top 3 products SELL THE MOST and how you can quickly and easily put together the copy.  In fact, you'll have the opportunity to get a SWIPE FILE that will include successful copy and sales pieces, some of which you can ACTUALLY HAVE for your own successful marketing campaigns!

By the time you get through my course, you'll know which products to target (EXACTLY), what price point it has to be (EXACTLY), which mailing lists to get (EXACTLY), how to put together your mailing piece (EXACTLY), and a pinpointed swipe file that you can borrow from that's in a ready-made format for you to swipe and immediately deploy!

Listen, if you're truly looking for the ultimate home-based business, this is it!  This is AGGRESSIVE INCOME to the max.  You can scale yourself to remain small or go big with this.  You can mail only a few thousand pieces a week or tens of thousands per week (eventually).  You can go for an extra couple thousand dollars a week to supplement your income or completely replace your income by quickly scaling up within 6 months and be raking in millions per year, cash profits in your pocket!

Here's what you can expect from the Direct Mail Order Millionaire Complete Course (2017):

  • Step-by-step on EXACTLY what to do from scratch to being well on your way to a mult-million-dollar mail order enterprise!
  • What to sell and what NOT to sell via direct mail marketing.
  • Which disclaimers to ALWAYS USE in your mailing pieces to avoid any potential legal problems.
  • Why thinking about setting up an "online business" to make $20,000 or more per month (without using offline methods) is SEVERELY LIMITING your money-making abilities.
  • A "view in" on the most successful direct mail marketing campaigns that you can essentially "borrow" from.
  • How you can "drop" a mailing today and start making money in 3 days, getting approximately 70% of your orders within the first 7 days!
  • How to do your "numbers" on the "money spreadsheet" (provided in your course materials) BEFORE you even consider your first campaign; you will know ALMOST EXACTLY how much profits to expect...just damn near to the penny, that's how PRECISE this "money spreadsheet" is!
  • What EXACT price point your product MUST be for a 4-page sales piece and for an 8-page sales piece.
  • How you can do a simple postcard campaign for a SPECIFIC TYPE of product (and what that is) to make, on average, 50 cents PROFITS per postcard mailed!
  • What type of BASIC and easy-to-do website to throw up on the web (in 24 hours or less) and why having a basic website is REQUIRED to do this offline direct mail order business.
  • How you MUST set up your business from A to Z...EVERY ELEMENT is laid out for you to do so there's nothing left to guessing or chance.
  • How to "ramp up" from sending out initial 500-piece mailings (in the very beginning) to 5,000-piece mailings per week within 8 weeks...and how to get into the 10,000-piece threshold within 6 months for EVEN MORE profits in your pocket!
  • How to set up a "continuity" program to give you anywhere from $45,000 to $60,000 per month in "residual" income before your first year in this business is out!

​How to Decide Whether to Get the "Basic" or "Deluxe" Course

It seems weird that I'm offering 2 versions of this course but there's a specific reason in me doing this.  The BASIC version offers everything you need to get started in this business including a kick-ass swipe file for you to take a look at some very successful multi-million-dollar direct mail marketing campaigns that you can "borrow" from to develop your own.

For the DELUXE version, however, you'll be getting something a little more "specialized" and kick-ass that I'm not offering in the basic version.

And what is that exactly?

There are 2 key things I'm offering in the DELUXE version:

  • THE Swipe File...this would be the swipe file of all my competitors (including one of my own marketing campaigns) for the HOTTEST and MOST PROFITABLE product types for direct mail right now.  This swipe file could be worth millions to you and it personally cost me tens of thousands of dollars to GET in the first place.  How did I get this swipe file?  I had to generate hundreds of thousands of pieces of mail into my own direct mail campaigns, create a "buyers list" of my own, "sell" this buyer's list to my mailing list broker who, in turn, rented the list to all of my competitors.  When you "sell" your own list, you put in what's called a "seed" which is your own name and address so that you can keep tabs on how many times your competitors are using your mailing list (to make sure they are using it only ONCE) and this allows you to see their current marketing know, the same ones that are making THEM millions of dollars!!  Each mailing piece on this CD-ROM (approximately 30 total) is COMPLETE with the sales piece, inserts, order form, and even the outside mailing envelope!  That's how COMPLETE this swipe file is and no, there is NO OTHER SWIPE FILE like it ANYWHERE that you can get.  That's how TOP SECRET this swipe file is!  (This will be offered on a LIMITED basis!)
  • "Plug and Play" Files...these are 3 direct mail campaigns (you should choose one) where you literally PLUG IN your business name, phone number, website, email, and mailing address into the piece, print it out, and start mailing them out.  No need to create anything from scratch.  It's all done for you.  And yes, these are TESTED-AND-PROVEN SUCCESSFUL marketing campaigns that have ALREADY MADE MILLIONS.  But, since I cannot flood the market with this CD-ROM, it'll only be included in this DELUXE package and once I get to 20 students, I will no longer be offering this as an option for this course.

Once I get a select handful of students to get the DELUXE course upgrade, this will NO LONGER be offered. Just the BASIC course will be offered as I will REMOVE the above 2 elements out of the course as to NOT flood the market once I get my select handful of students into the Deluxe version.

Here's what you'll get in BOTH course versions:

  • Direct Mail Order Millionaire Manual - you'll understand the basics of the "mail order" business and how to get started from scratch to ultimately running a multi-million-dollar profitable business within your first year in business!
  • Million-Dollar Resource Directory - you'll get my PERSONAL RESOURCES on where I get my mailing lists (including my mailing list broker's personal name and contact information), where I get my printing, where to go to build an "overnight" website, where to go to get a cheap "automated" order-taking service (without breaking the bank) and every other resource you'll need!
  • Audio Seminar - an EXACT and PRECISE breakdown on how this business works and how you can get started with next to nothing; this will include all of the elements and details on how to set up your business, how to create your mailings, how (and why) to ALWAYS use the "money spreadsheet" first, how to do a "test," which mailing lists to get (and which to ALWAYS AVOID), which products sell the most (and which suck), and the ONLY way to make a postcard mailing work!
  • Video:  How to Become a Direct Mail Order Millionaire in 12 Months or Less
  • Video:  How to Find the Best Mailing Lists
  • Video:  How to Predict Your Profits Using the 2015 Money Spreadsheet (Tutorial)
  • CD-ROM - this includes a swipe file of successful marketing campaigns that you can "borrow" from, the "money spreadsheet" (Microsoft Excel), and other important forms you'll need for your business INCLUDING the secrets behind writing kick-ass copy!

​Why Direct Mail Marketing is the MOST PROFITABLE Method of Aggressive Income

I've started many direct mail order business from scratch...starting with only a few hundred dollars (because that's all I had).  It's been the Aggressive Income Business that's been the most consistent, dependable, and guaranteed to make me millions each time I decide to start churning out mailings.

Yes, this business DOES take work.  Yes, you WILL be REQUIRED to devote at least 15 to 20 hours per week doing this.  So, NO, this business is NOT for those of you who are lazy, who are looking for a 4-hour work week, or who'd rather watch television than build a multi-million-dollar empire.

Remember, all of these strategies that I teach for Aggressive Income are for one purpose and ONE PURPOSE funnel directly into PASSIVE INCOME ASSETS.  And in case you forgot what that funnel looks like, here's a visual for you:

Now, the bags of money represent your boatloads of Aggressive Income being funneled into your Passive Income real estate.  And NOTHING will raise your "money pot" of Aggressive Income faster than direct mail.

I understand that this business may not be for everyone and I further understand that you may be a little reluctant in getting involved because, God forbid, it may be "too much work" for you, right?  (Just kidding.  I know you're ready to roll up your sleeves and start cashing in on this!)


I'm offering you a guarantee that I've NEVER offered on ANY of my products before.  EVER!  Why am I doing this?  Because this is the MOST EXCITING form of Aggressive Income that there is just because I know how easy it is to generate ANY TYPE OF INCOME you want to generate for yourself.

The Monica Main ULTIMATE 365-Day Money-Back Guarantee

I've NEVER offered a one-year money-back guarantee before.  NEVER!  On ANY of my products under ANY circumstances.  So, why the one-year money-back guarantee on THIS product?

Because I KNOW -- without a doubt -- that you'll be successful doing this IF you follow the EXACT step-by-step instructions that I lay out PRECISELY for you!  The ONLY way you won't be successful with this is if you refuse to open the course materials, refuse to go through them, and refuse to implement anything I teach.  That's the only way you won't be successful.  But I know you won't do that...will you?

In fact, I know you're going to get this information and run with it as far as you can go!

Your 36-Month Plan

You're going to dump an extra $20,000 or more PER MONTH into your Passive Income Assets after you ramp up your business (in 6 months or less) and, within a year, you'll have at least one apartment building under your belt.  Within 3 years you'll have about 10 apartment buildings generating at least $12,000 per month in Passive Income.  You'll be about to dump your direct mail order business (if you want to).

If you're smart, you'll keep your income coming in while getting more Passive Income Assets.  In the meantime, you'll pay off your mortgages in 7 to 10 years.  Your rents will double in 15 to 18 years.  Your $12,000 a month in Passive Income will turn into $30,000+ a month (after mortgages are paid and rents double) and that's assuming you get no more buildings.

You can't freaking beat that retirement plan, can you?

This direct mail order business can put you into that track in the fastest way possible IF you follow the VERY BASIC and easy-to-do steps provided.

Questions?  Call at (661) 295-5050

If you have ANY questions, call us!  We're here from Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm (except for Federal holidays).

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main


P.S.  I wanted to show you one of my most recently started direct mail campaigns for a health supplement that I barely started at the beginning of July.  Here are the numbers on that campaign which is above what I predicted!  If you look at the yellow line, you'll see that this is where I'm at for the "front-end" part of the mailing (which doesn't include the "continuity" auto-shipment orders).  We started sending out 5,000 pieces of mail per week and we're making about $2,500 per 5,000 pieces that go out.  That's $10,000 a month, NOT including "continuity" or the auto-shipments.  About 80% of the people that order are going on autoshipments which is incredible!  We're about to INCREASE our mailings to 10,000 pieces per month which will double our profits!

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