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"How I Make $170,000 a Month in Real Estate Using an Iron-Clad, Bona-Fide Investing System Without Using a DIME of My Own Money and With the WORST Personal Credit in History!  And NOW I Want to PARTNER WITH YOU in Doing a Very Niche Type of Commercial Real Estate Investing in Your City!"

Andrew Shaw, Commercial Real Estate Millionaire

"But I Didn't Stop There!  I Also Made
$1.36 Million CASH Last Year by
Flipping Properties!"

Dear Real Estate Investor,

Have you gotten tired of being ripped off by those loser real estate "gurus" yet?

I know I was tired of being bled and sucked dry by people who claimed to know everything about real estate investing but didn't own one single piece of investment property to speak of.

OK, so I can't say that all the gurus out there are losers because my mentor turned out to be someone I met (by chance) after getting hooked on the idea of making lots of money in real estate.

I was able to learn how to go from having not a penny to my name to raking in a consistent real estate passive income of over $170,000 a month and making $1.36 million in cash last year in property rehabbing and flipping.

I think it would be better if my mentor, Monica Main, told the story because she does a much better job at it...


Discover How My "Rock Star" Student -- Andrew Shaw --  Rakes in a Passive Income of $170,000 a Month!

Finally, After Thousands of Students Have Been Asking for It...It's Here!  Andrew is FINALLY Revealing ALL of the Nitty-Gritty Details of EXACTLY HOW He's Been Able to Acquire Millions of Dollars in Commercial and Apartment Building Real Estate with NO CASH and NO CREDIT...and He Barely Only Started Only a Few Years Ago!!  AND...He Wants to Do a RARE Investor Partnership Deal WITH YOU in Your Local City!

(Seriously!  And I STILL Can't Believe It Myself!)

Here's the thing about Andrew...

He's incredibly shy, told me that he'll NEVER do a seminar with me, and didn't even want to share with me the fine details of how he's been able to acquire millions of dollars in real estate AND get a monthly passive income of over $170,000.

But he owes me.  BIG TIME!  I'm the one who is (mostly) responsible for his success because ALL of the techniques he knows is directly from what I taught him!

And this is the ONLY reason why he agreed to create a complete course for me.'s taken me more than 8 freakin' months to get the course from him.  I just got the final audio recording last week!

Why?  Because Andrew is a perfectionist.  He has a trained radio voice, initially got into radio several years ago as his career choice, and he WILL re-do EVERY voice recording a million times until he gets it down perfectly.  This is why it took so long for me to get this course!


Here's the real kicker! 

Andrew Has Been Holding Out on Me! 

He's Been Hoarding a Secret Funding Source from Me This WHOLE TIME!!!

I found out last week that Andrew has been using a special source to get 100% funding on his deals...and NOT for bank-owned REO deals either because that's just not doable anymore!  The only "catch" is that at least a portion has to be owner financing.

And you know how easy that is to get in THIS market!  Most sellers will offer AT LEAST 15% owner financing WITHOUT YOU EVEN ASKING!  (By the way, this won't last forever.  Expect partial owner financing to last for about another 18 months and that will be it!)

Even worse...Andrew didn't want to share this source with me because he had this fear; he told me this, "If I share this source with you then you'll tell your students.  If your students know, they'll through my name in the middle all the time and I don't want to burn my bridges with my lending source."


At first I didn't know what he was talking about.

Then I got it!  I tend to go through this with many of my own students who contact various people in my resource directory and they ALWAYS tell these brokers and lenders this: "Monica Main sent me."

Some lenders know who I am and some do not (because they have either done business with my LLC or haven't done business personally with me at all).  This causes some of these lenders to get a little irritated with me because I send so many students to them...some of whom waste their time chatting but have no real deals to get funding for.  So...this obviously makes me look bad.

Andrew doesn't want the same thing to happen to him.

I asked Andrew..."What if I make my students PROMISE to not mention your name when they call?"

You don't want to know what his real response was.

But I did get him to break and agree to include this new resource in his new course.

However, I am NOT allowed to use his source in any of my other resource directories.  He made that very clear to me.  I cannot add the source to my updated resource directories for the Apartment Riches System, No-Cash-No-Credit System, or the Motherload Directory...or ANY of them!

And I have to abide by that agreement.


How Andrew Was Able to Start from NOTHING to Having a $170,000 Monthly Cash Flow!

Now, back to what Andrew Shaw is about and how he makes so much money as my star commercial real estate investing student...

Andrew started with nothing.  When I say "nothing" I mean NOTHING!

When first counseling with Andrew about 8 years ago, I first thought he was like some of my new students who tend to whine with the Whoa-Is-Me Attitude.  I tried to reason with him but it seemed that he liked to focus on all of his obstacles and the odds being stacked against him.

Then I didn't hear from him for about 6 months.

All of a sudden, Andrew emerges with a success story.  He closed escrow on a commercial building that netted him several thousand dollars a month in cash flow.

And he started without a dime of his own money!

"How did you pull it off?" I asked!

He told me that he was able to get the building by getting 30% seller financing on a 2nd position private mortgage contract while getting a conventional lender to lend 70% as a 1st position fully amortized loan with a 5.9% interest rate.

Of course, he praised me as being the best guru ever and blah, blah, blah...(I don't take compliments well, unfortunately.)


One Deal Down...Then Another and Another and Another...!

I hear plenty of success stories from my students but no one blew me away like Andrew because he kept getting deals left and right.  He was ON FIRE and it didn't seem like it would stop.  (Remember how I always say that getting that first property deal is often the hardest?  It's true.  Then it's like falling off a log.)

Then Andrew went on a "Monica Hiatus" where I didn't hear from him for about 9 months.  What happened to Andrew? I would ask myself.

I called him on the phone and he filled me in on how many properties he had acquired which total $170,000 in monthly passive income.

But that's not ALL he did!

Here's what else Andrew has been doing...


"I Made $1.36 Million Last Year in CASH Selling 2 Abandoned Rehabbed Properties Along With Other Flip Deals!"

Okay, everyone knows what my methodology is on buying and HOLDING property.  So, what is this business about rehabbing and flipping?

Apparently there were a couple of deals that Andrew couldn't pass up in Texas where there were 2 bank-owned VACANT properties that he got bank-direct financing for.  This goes against everything that I tell my new students.  Except that Andrew isn't "new" anymore...

Andrew is a sophisticated "seasoned" investor now and he can do tricky things like this.  Let me tell you what he did which is much like a project that I'm doing right now in Houston, Texas. 

He took 2 empty properties that were boarded up, got BANK-DIRECT FUNDING on the bank-owned REOs, turned around after escrow and borrowed against the equity from a hard-money source (since he bought WAY BELOW appraised value), then rehabbed the buildings.  Within 6 months he filled up the buildings to over a 90% occupancy then CASHED OUT BIG!

This is a new strategy that I'm doing in my own investing "career" so I guess all great minds think alike (as my assistant Rose always says).

Let me break down his 2 deals:

  • Deal #1:  60-unit apartment building purchased for $480,000.  (This is WAY BELOW appraised value for the area.)  After the close of escrow, he borrowed $250,000 for rehab.  Total loans = $730,000.  After filling up the units to 90%, he turned around and SOLD IT for $1.6 million.  This gave him a $770,000 profit! 
  • Deal #2:  43-unit apartment building purchased for $290,000.  (Again, WAY BELOW appraised value.)  After the close of escrow, he borrowed $180,000 for rehab.  Total loans = $470,000.  After filling up the units to 92.5%, he relisted the property selling it for $1.1 million.  This gave him a $630,000 profit!

That totals $1.36 million in profits over the course of about a year (since he didn't get both properties at exactly the same time).  Pretty good as an annual "salary" PLUS his $170,000 monthly income.  This means that in 2009 he made $2,248,000.   (And that was waaaayyyy back in 2009!  Last year he cleared almost TRIPLE that amount!!)

Not bad.  Not bad at all!


Now, He's Ready to SPILL THE BEANS on All of His Investing Secrets AND Reveal His 100% Lending Source AND His Source for Down Payment Cash (Something He Hasn't Shared Before)!

Okay, I had to twist Andrew's arm quite a bit, hound him for 8 months, and then basically throw a guilt trip on his shoulders last week by making him feel obligated to allow me to tell my students about his 100% funding source.

And now I have all of his secrets for you.

But...let me warn you ONE MORE TIME...

By getting his 100% funding source (which works with conventional funding and partial owner financing ONLY), you CANNOT potentially burn Andrew's bridges by mentioning his name to his source otherwise they may stop working with him because of my students burning up their phone lines!

And I don't think Andrew would ever forgive me for that one; especially since I pleaded with him last week by telling him that I have good students who LISTEN TO ME and WON'T MENTION "ANDREW SHAW" when they call.  (Don't make me look bad, please!)


Another Juicy Secret that Andrew is Willing to Share...But It's a Little Risque!

One of the things many brokers ask for, especially when there is partial owner financing involved, is your FINANCIALS.

And what do you do when you have a bank account in the red showing your balance of -238.27 Who will possibly take you seriously then?

Here's something that Andrew started doing in the beginning:

He started "faking it" until he "made it."

How does that work?

He told me that since he didn't have any money and wanted brokers and sellers to take him seriously, he "made up" financials just to get his foot in the door.

Now, you're probably asking..."Isn't this illegal?"  The answer: NO!  It's not illegal unless you are defrauding a lender.  If you are showing financials to a seller or broker (who shouldn't be looking at them anyway because it's none of their damned business...especially if there is conventional funding involved) then who cares what you show the people?

Andrew suggests that you show somewhat impressive financials (but nothing unbelievable) just to get the ball rolling on your deals and get your offer(s) accepted.  You won't be going so far as to present these to the lender (unless you have proof of funds or down payment assistance in place and can show that you have a bank account with some cash in your name, as these services can provide).  You are only showing these to those pesty nosey sellers and brokers who have no business looking at them in the first place!

He is going to show you the exact financials he used to get his deals rolling in the beginning when he didn't have a pot to...well, you know.  This got his foot in the door, allowed him to get his first building with partial owner financing, and the rest is history.

You don't have to use this method but you should at least take a gander at what Andrew used to start off with and if you change your mind later, you'll have the financials for your own use.  You can add or delete.  They are on fully operational Excel spreadsheets that have formulas to add and subtract automatically as you change key numbers.

Again, you don't have to use this method but you should have these on hand in case you want to really make a deal work and you can't seem to get it to second base!


The "$170K Secret System" by Andrew Shaw Revealed for the FIRST TIME EVER!

Andrew meticulously outlined his exact investing strategies including secrets and strategies about how he got started with no money down and some "credit challenges" (as he put it).

He also painstakingly recorded HOURS of audio in his most perfect radio voice (which is the reason why it took so long for me to get this course from him) detailing how anyone can make money like he does by using his specific investing methods.

But, that's not the best part...


Andrew is Revealing His SECRET 100% Funding Source And...He's Accepting "Property Scouts" to Pay Up to 5% Referral Fees to...But That's Not All!  He's Looking for PARTNERS to Do Property Deals With in Major Cities All Around the U.S.A.

As you know, I just started accepting bird-dogs or property scouts for my bird-dogging opportunity program and I already have 19 deals under contract; one student will be getting more than $600,000 in finder's fee payouts from me for 3 different deals he has found!

But, I don't work with commercial buildings like office space, retail strip malls, etc.

Andrew works with ALL of those properties.  In fact, he prefers those property types over residential-commercial deals.

You probably also know that "commercial-commercial" properties (as I call them), have MUCH HIGHER purchase prices than most residential-commercial properties.  This means that instead of having to limit your searches to $4 million, you can get a deal in one fell swoop for $20 million; you could possibly get a finder's fee payout from Andrew of up to 5% of that final purchase price or $1 million!

Imagine making a $1 million finder's fee on ONE COMMERCIAL DEAL!! it stands now, I'm not allowed to promote this property scout opportunity for much longer as per my agreement with him!  (He can  demand that I pull the plug at any time!)

You would have to be CRAZY to pass on this opportunity!  You're not crazy, are you?  (I didn't think so!)

But that's not all!  He's looking to do DIRECT PARTNERSHIPS with my students for the FIRST TIME EVER!  He has a very unique property niche and he wants to open offices all over the country.  As long as you live in a major metropolitan area (or live at least 50 miles from a major city) then you can participate in this program.'ll gain DIRECT ACCESS to him to submit your deals too!  How awesome is that!


Here's What You'll Be Getting:

$170K Secret System with Andrew Shaw:

  • Manual
  • Audio (Over 2 Hours)
  • Report:  What to Do When They Ask for Financials
  • Andrew's Simple Man's Cash Flow Evaluator
  • Andrew's Forms Including Financial Spreadsheets
  • Report:  The Secret Niche of Making Massive Cash Flow with Office Buildings
  • Source for 100% Funding
  • Source to Get Downpayment Money
  • Partnership Opportunity


You'll Get the $170K Secret System Will Be SHIPPED TO YOU!

Now available as a download for a FRACTION of the cost! 

The value of this course alone is $997.  The 100% financing resource is WORTH THOUSANDS by itself!!


I'm giving you ALL of the above INCLUDING Andrew's secret 100% funding source AND his property scout opportunity AND the new DPA source (never before revealed)!

What's this basement-bottom price?  

For a LIMITED TIME ONLY, you can get it for an INCREDIBLY LOW PRICE WITH the Funding Source AND the opportunity to do deals WITH Andrew Shaw Directly.

See below!

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main


Get the Commercial Cash Flow System PLUS the Andrew Shaw Modules PLUS the NEW Financing Source PLUS the Ability to Do DIRECT PARTNERSHIPS WITH ANDREW SHAW...Something He's NEVER Done Before!  All for ONLY $797

Get the COMPLETE System PLUS the Extra Money Source PLUS Partnership Opportunities with Andrew Shaw

ONLY  $797 (Plus $20 Shipping/Handling)

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