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Choose From These Upcoming Groups:

Multifamily Apartment Building Mentorship Group #6 Starting August 19th (ABM-6)

100% LTV Mentorship Group #3 Starting September 2nd (100-3)

REO Foreclosure Mentorship Group #8 Starting September 23rd (REO-10)

Personal Credit Building Mentorship #6 Starting September 9th (PCM-7)

Business Credit Building Mentorship Group #9 Starting October 7th (BCB-10)

NEW! Ultimate Wealth Attraction Mentorship Group #1 Starting September 16th (UWA-1)


My Super Hot, Highly Educational 100% Online Mentorship Groups That Have Up to an 85% Success Rate with My Students!

Starting on Wednesday, August 19th is my next signature group called the Multifamily Apartment Building Cash Flow Mentorship Group and has my HIGHEST success rate among my students.  This is the group you want to partipate in if you want to get an apartment building under contract in the next 8 weeks of your life!  (All of my groups are 100% online.)  If there is such a thing as a "signature" group, this would be it.  You'll discover everything you need to know to start investing in apartment buildings, assuming that you're a complete "newbie."  A second group starts on October 28th and will be the last of the year.

My other super successful mentorship group is called my 100% LTV Mentorship.  It's short and sweet, only 6 weeks long and starts on September 2nd.  This is a powerful group for those of you who want to learn how to get your 100% LTV deals going by using a very unique strategy in doing this.  This will show you how to use lease-option and land trust strategies to secure your property deals.  You'll also learn how to use the 100% LTV (144) Bond Funding Program.  A second group will start on November 11th and will be the last one of the year.

I'm doing a BRAND NEW GROUP called the Ultimate Wealth Attraction Mentorship starting on September 16th and it's only 6 weeks long.  Last year I did a mentorship called Change Your Life! that had created some incredible success changes in the students that participated in that group.  This group is different.  It will focus on building yourself from the ground up, understanding all of the success and wealth attraction principles that you need to come to understand if you want to be successful in the world of business and real estate investing.  Many students start off the wrong way.  They try jumping into a new business or investing just to find that it's an uphill battle.  You have to change somethings INSIDE YOURSELF FIRST if you want to be successful in the business world.  And this is where you start...with this mentorship group!  This will change your life!!

And, I have my REO Foreclosure Group (NEW AND IMPROVED for 2015) which is a kick-ass group for those of you who want to take advantage of the last few REO opportunities out there...and no, it has nothing to do with buying properties from banks since that inventory is long gone.  You'll learn a new strategy called acquiring "second-hand" foreclosures.  This is a very powerful strategy and incredibly profitable for those of you who are interested in working with properties that need rehab and lease-up.  The last 2015 REO group starts on September 23rd.

In the "money" and "credit" aspect, I have Personal Credit Building (starting September 9th) which is only 4 weeks long and my signature Business Credit Building Mentorship Group (starting October 7th) which is 13 weeks long.

Here are some suggestions for you:

Personal Credit Building and Business Credit Building


Multifamily Apartment Building (Starting August 19th) and 100% LTV (Starting November 11th)


REO Mentorship Group and 100% LTV (Starting November 11th)


Multifamily Apartment Building and Ultimate Wealth Attraction


100% LTV and Ultimate Wealth Attraction

Those are just suggestions.  You can choose any 2 you'd like.  Or take HALF OFF one mentorship group.

If you have any questions, need a special payment plan, or don't want to register online, call my office at (661) 295-5050.



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