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Bird Dog Mentorship Modules

Discover How YOU Can Earn $50,000 to $500,000 Per Deal Using a Specific Step-By-Step Fail-Proof Method that Can Virtually GUARANTEE You'll Succeed as a HIGHLY PAID Bird-Dog!

Dear Property Scout,

Since I first released my bird-dog course several years ago with the opportunity to do deals with my investors, I've had hundreds of property deals go under contract where my bird-dogs are getting paid up to 5% of the final purchase price of the property at the close of escrow.  (The "norm" for bird dogs is anywhere from 1.5% to getting 5% was a really nice bonus for some of these students!)

It's phenomenal how successful so many of my students have been.

Then I have my "lagger" group who can't seem to get their head around how to work the process, how to find properties, how to build a business plan, or how to negotiate deals.  They just seem to get "lost" in the process somehow.  Maybe they're overwhelmed in their daily lives...with too much on their plate.  (I know how that is.)  Or maybe they lose confidence along the way.  Or in most cases, these students are missing a couple of elements that they somehow skipped over in the course...or certain mechanics that they couldn't quite figure out.

These are the types of students who need some hand-holding.  After all, bird-dogging -- especially for commercial deals -- is not all that common and not many people have been introduced to this profitable opportunity let alone actually finding anybody who is teaching people how to do this.


Because the other "gurus" don't know anything about bird-dogging or property scouting.  (And they haven't yet been able to rip off my system yet.)

What Makes or Breaks Your Success as a Bird-Dog is...

...your ability to quickly assess a property deal and create a strong property plan!

One of the biggest complaints that I have heard from new bird dogs is that they don't understand why they simply can't email in a commercial MLS link for a listed property deal and get paid 5% of the purchase price.  Excuse me?  Anybody can go to a place like or and get a listing of properties.  Because you have a computer and Internet connection doesn't mean you are due a commission because you went online to find a property.

Trust me when I say that investors go online to the MLS system REGULARLY and they have seen many of the deals that you see.

Being a successful bird-dog isn't just about finding a property deal listed online.  It's about digging into the deal, creating an assessment, finding the opportunitity, and selling that opportunity to an investor.  That's how you get paid BIG for finding deals.

Most investors are way too busy to do a thorough analyses of a property deal.  That is what a good highly paid bird-dog will do.  They lay out an analyses and show a prospective investor what's "in it" for them!

Let me tell you something: anything worthwhile isn't going to be super simple otherwise everyone would be doing it and no one would be making any money.


Just by you acquiring the SKILL to understand how to quickly analyze, find the opportunity, and sell the deal will allow you to make an untold fortune scouting out property deals for investors and investment groups!

It's Like Finding an Uncut Diamond...

Most any deal out there, especially bank-owned properties, can be sold to an investor if the opportunity angle is captured.

What is the angle?

You don't focus on what the deal looks like now.  You focus on what the deal WILL BE in the future.

And that's the whole secret!

Investors get excited about opportunity and cash flow potential.  They don't get excited about a 98% occupied property where the seller has bumped up the purchase price because he wants to be compensated for curing a former vacancy problem.  They don't get excited about a deal where someone has already rehabbed a property and is selling it for top dollar because they put in all the work already.

They want the RAW properties that your typical woosy investor won't touch with a 10-foot pole.  But they don't want just any raw property.  They only want the ones with huge potential.

Even if it looks like it's in shambles right now!

And that is the link most new bird-dogs are missing!

Many of the bird-dogs that are currently working for me don't understand that I want to see HUGE UPSIDE POTENTIAL and I'm not paying top-dollar for the work that some other seller is trying to get compensated for; whether that work is filling up the building with tenants or doing major rehab.

Most other investors who are in my shoes also feel the same way.  They don't want to pay top dollar for a 100% occupied property that the seller just dumped $450,000 of rehab money into and has the property listed for AT appraised value.  In fact, I don't know one investor who would consider that scenario something they would invest in.

Those types of deals are for new investors, busy executives who are haphazardly trying to diversify their investments, and inexperienced wannabe commercial investors who are too lazy to do the work themselves and are willing to foolishly pay top dollar for someone else to have done that work for them; usually those people end up buying at break-even then losing the property to foreclosure within a year or two anyway. can't buy at appraised value and you can't pay for someone else to have done the elbow grease that YOU should have taken the time to do...and expect to get maximum cash flow.  That's just stupidity across the board.

In Order to Be a Successful Bird-Dog You Have to Think Like an Investor!


Isn't that what you want as an investor?

It's like looking at one of those old English tutor mansions from the 19th century that's run down to the ground...but you want to buy it anyway.


Because you see THE FUTURE of what the property WILL BE LIKE and you DON'T SEE the ramshackle of the place that sits before your eyes.

And that's how this business of investing works for real life investors who do this day in and day out.

You have to start thinking like them if you plan on being a successful bird-dog (and ultimately leading to you being a successful investor yourself).

You have to get REALLY GOOD at convincing someone of the potential of a run-down, non-performing asset and how it can really kick ass financially if the right steps are taken.


You have to outline what those steps will be so that the investor can see the entire picture clear as day...

It's like making them see that old run-down English tutor already completely rehabbed to pristine condition -- and even imagining that they are having their first evening cocktail party out in their perfectly manicured sprawling backyard with violins playing, fountains bubbling, lightning bugs blazing -- even all the while the "real" place still looks like an overgrown rotten calamity of a garden with trolls living in the bushes.

As An Investor, I Know What Investors WANT! 

And I Can Show You How to "Sell" ANY Property Deal to ANY Investor!  You'll Be Soooooo Good that You'll Be Able to Sell a Toyota to a Down-Home, Gun-Totin', Chevy-Drivin' Country Boy!

If you plan on making $50,000 to $500,000 per deal, you have to be a good bird dog.  And I mean really good...

You have to know what investors want, what makes them salivate, what commands their immediate attention, and what their idea property scout should be doing.

You'll have to be able to quickly assess properties, put together a basic demographics report to "sell" the area of the property, be able to put together a solid proforma to "sell" the future potential while minimizing the current condition or faults of the property.

Once you understand how it works, you'll realize how incredibly EASY it is to do this.

You just need to first understand what ALL investors want and how to give it to them.

And I can show you how to do that!

You'll discover...

  • The types of properties that ALL investors are after
  • Which areas of the country investors are actively seeking property deals
  • Which areas to AVOID like the plague including areas that YOU probably think are "hot"
  • How to quickly assess a property to see if it has "investor potential"
  • How to write a demographics report that with make any city mayor proud -- and you only have to do this ONCE
  • How to create a realistic proforma that will maximize the future financial potential of the property
  • How to lay out a step-by-step recommended management plan to make an out-of-state investor feel comfortable with following through with the deal
  • How to get the REAL numbers from sluggish and unresponsive real estate listing agents
  • How to work the numbers on a bank-owned REO foreclosure, even if it's completely vacant with NO prior numbers to go on
  • How to find pocket listings that are not part of the MLS system to have the ultimate advantage over everyone else looking for deals
  • How to find high-paying investors who are actively seeking deals -- even if they never though they would have use for a bird-dog, you can quickly convince them otherwise with a secret method
  • How to get property sellers to "bend" on partial seller financing as an incentive for your investor to purchase the property
  • How to use a special transactional funder to give up 100% cash on your deals so you can "flip" them to your investor for higher profits
  • How to "flip" a property deal to your own LLC to cash out on the profits in the middle -- without using your own money!
  • And much, much more!

Many of these secrets and strategies have never before been revealed because bird-dogging is SO NEW that the information is coming in as time goes on!

Even Better...I'll Be Holding Your Hand During the ENTIRE PROCESS!

Since I'm an active investor constantly looking for "diamonds in the rough" but my time is extremely limited to "flesh out" deals, I know exactly what I'm looking for in a good bird-dog.

And it's the same thing that EVERY investor is looking for!

Every investor is looking for someone to find rough and raw deals, show them the future potential and outline a basic streamlined management plan.

I even have a template of how the perfect property plan looks and you will be able to use this template for your own plans to sell to your investors...making this completely effortless!  Once you get it down, you'll be able to whip together the perfect property plan within 15 minutes on any property deal.


You'll Even Be Able to Scout Deals for DOZENS of Investors Who Will Be Beating a Path to Your Door!

I have a method for you to attract new investors...investors who never considered using a property scout before.  Once they know what you are going to do for them, they will be blowing up your phone night and day.  I have a means of getting your information out there to attract new investors who will pay you for your property deals.


Why do that anyway?

Why not buy the property YOURSELF with 100% cash and turn around and sell it for MORE MONEY?  This takes out the legal guesswork of whether bird-dogging (using the referral fee method) is legal in your state (because it does vary).  This eliminates the worry that maybe the investor will "steal" the deal from you or whether you will get paid after the deal closes.

Instead, you buy the property with 100% transactional cash.  You will have NO out of pocket money because closing costs are included in this one-day transactional loan.  You don't do the appraisal or the building inspection because that is what the "end" buyer is supposed to do.

And, of course, you don't need to use your credit, show income verification, or worry about having access to the money.

Here's how it works:

Essentially you are doing the EXACT same thing as you would being a traditional bird-dog getting a finder's fee except that you are pulling more cash out of the deal!

Why get a 5% finder's fee on a $1,000,000 deal (getting $50,000) when you can pocket $100,000 or more on the SAME DEAL doing it this way?

Once you commit to working as a bird-dog doing the back-to-back transactional funding method then you can attract investors to you with your deals.  I have a slew of tricks to rope in investors to buy the property from you so that you can make the maximum amount of profit possible.

This is a VERY UNIQUE Bird-Dog Group BECAUSE...

Both me and my most successful student -- Andrew Shaw -- will be teaching this class.

Maybe you missed that part...let me reiterate!

It's going to be me...AND most successful student, Andrew Shaw, will be working with you.  That's right.  Andrew Shaw makes $170,000 a month with his very unique, specialized types of deals that he does in almost ANY major city in the USA...and he's looking for deals which is WHY he wants to help me organize this work with YOU in helping to bring more profitable deals to the table for him and other investors.

Do you know how powerful that is?

Not only will you have me telling you exactly what investors want and how to put together a property plan but you'll also have my highly exclusive resource ready to give you money on any deal that you may want to do using what I call the "B Side" of Bird-Dogging (where you flip properties from A-to-B-to-C).  My NEW money source can get you up to $450,000 in UNSECURED MONEY for your flip deals.


I have ANOTHER money source that can get you money for your flips AND for any rehab on those flips IF that's the type of bird-dogging you want to do.

Now, you may just want to be a "Traditional Bird-Dog," meaning that you find deals and get a finder's fee.  And that's okay too.  There's LOTS of money to be had doing either type of bird-dogging and as we start the group, I'll explain to you how each works and you can decide which one to do...or you can do both, like many of my bird dogs will do.

How My 8 Video Trainings Can Fully Prepare You to Become a Highly Profitable Bird-Dog in 8 Weeks or Less!

I just completed my LAST EVER Bird-Dog Mentorship Group.  And if you weren't part of it, I won't have another.  Not ever again.

The good news is that you can get the 8 weekly video training modules AND all of the materials as if you were part of the class.  PLUS you'll be able to submit property deals to me so I can pass them onto my investors!

Let me remind you that the bird-dogging opportunity is NOT going to last forever.  As investors feel more secure with the market and start investing with confidence, they won't need a bird-dog to "sell" them on the prospect of a battered deal.  There won't be anymore battered deals to be had anyway.  They will all be gone!

If you are looking for a means to "build your pot," as I call it, where you are trying to raise down payment funds for your own property deals and don't feel good doing owner financing then you NEED to raise money quickly.  It's not a matter of having a Saturday bake sale to raise a few bucks for the kids' PTA.  You need to raise HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS for a down payment on a commercial property.

And that requires some MAJOR STRATEGY to get your hands on that kind of dough.  It's nothing you can get by taking a part-time gig delivering pizzas, collecting cans, or selling your old Star Wars stuff on eBay will get you.  You may be able to raise that kind of money selling crack but even will take some time.  (Just kidding about the crack!)

You need smart strategies in place and you need to IMPLEMENT those strategies quickly, effectively, and to the right investors.

If you want to raise money quickly then you need to become a bird-dog and you have to do it right otherwise you will fail.

This 8-week mentorship group will leave no stone unturned as we quickly progress through ALL of the fine details you will need to know to make huge sums of money seeking out property deals for investors (or for yourself).

If you have any questions, please call my office at (661) 295-5050 between 9 AM and 5 PM Pacific Time (Monday through Friday) and my staff can assist you further.

See you at the top!

Your mentor,

Monica Main

P.S.  All of my mentorship module training videos allow you work at your own pace.  You receive all 8 weeks of webinar video trainings and my weekly Action Sheets (to start working on once you watch the presentation) including attachments and materials to complete your assignments.  You can choose to "binge" and watch all 8 training videos in a weekend or take your time and complete them weekly or bi-weekly as your schedule permits.

Bird-Dog Mentorship Module Training Videos & Materials

Get All 8 Training Videos + Mentorship Materials & Templates

SPECIAL BONUS:  Get My DIRECT ACCESS Investor List with a Letter Template!

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This INCLUDES Being Able to Submit BOTH Partnership and Bird-Dog Deals to Andrew Shaw and My Other Investors!  PLUS You'll Get My Investor List and Investor Letter Template to Use to Submit Your Deals!

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